Mingles with Jingles Episode 397

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which I do my very, very best not go and on and on about Wargaming.net again.


  1. Jimminey FingCricket

    What is this Aliens Jingles speaks of I’ll I see is Nids and a Imperial Guard fire team on a space hulk 😉

  2. Squirrels are fun! 🐿️

    Thanks Jingles, I’ve been offline for about 3 years and you just helped me get caught up on a whole thread of gaming news.

    The reason l was offline? I turned the fans down on my PC when doing some low demand non-gaming stuff… and then forgot to turn them back up before playing WoT. I believe the word is ‘derp’.

    Other things combined to make it difficult getting back and from what I can make out it’s still the same Internet slowly descending into glorious madness. 😊

    p.s. never taking my PC cooling off full tilt ever again; aside from anything else the fans help block out the sound of the neighbors.

  3. so reckon mr jingles is only proprietary to just PC version then well that’s bs and sucks

  4. WoWs is a beautiful game to watch. Just publish a few WoWs subs videos and see how popular they are. What we want to watch the big ships driving around, shooting massive guns, and exploding in a very satisfying manner. Not shooting at little smudges on the water.

  5. Fallout 4. Wanted to buy a physical copy so I could play it even if all download servers stopped offering the download (I have had games get pulled from platforms and they refuse to let me download the game I paid for after). I was PISSED when I got home and found out the physical copy of Fallout 4 is just a steam code with extra steps. 4gb on disk, and HAVE to download the rest of the game through steam to play it. That was the last game I pre-ordered, and now I wait months after release of new games to see real reviews and see how the developers improve the game after release. The upside? I have throughout enjoyed every game I have played for 5+ years now.

  6. well this is just me but mr.jingle,sir you could do other than warships or tanks videos, i mean you did do those games like EVE.online,Elite and Dangerous,Space battle,those warhammer 40k, and the most i enjoyed is your cats videos and your cooking videos. PS i actually tried some,and thank for the fried chicken recipe. i think you will do well sir,even if the video is not on warships or tanks.

  7. Is it basically the division but with different mechanics?

  8. ToughAncientSpark

    First characteristic of a good corporate manager is to be able to deny responsibility.

  9. I said it before and i say it again. The WoD garrison at least has some value left. I mean just the goblin glider meta makes them useful in each expansion until the ATC decide that you may fly your mounts again after doing some shenanigans.
    For me it still feels several times more useful than the Legion / BFA stuff. And the Shadowlands table will also become much less useful in the next addon as the WoD garrison.. at least if they don’t change things dramatically.

  10. On side note: I left wot 6 years ago, I left wt 2 years ago, I left wows a week ago. I cannot bear playing those games, yet love watching content regularly.

    If only these companies lowered their interest to profit by a little bit, and invested back into playerbase

  11. Jingles, how about some MechWarrior game play? Also, there are some good upcoming Open World games out there.

    Ships, still fun, yes.

  12. ToughAncientSpark

    Most of these CEOs are sociopaths and a lot of them are psychopaths, which explains a lot.

  13. From what I’ve heard in this video, I think that you Jingles should try Warframe! It is free, gameplay is kinda similar to this Alien game, there’s much more to it when you git gud.

  14. Ok except BFA was not parasitic. Azerite was the CORE system. Classes relied on certain traits that if removed wouldve killed those classes. Corruption was even more relied on. All of BFA and Shadowlands are systems that the whole xpac relies on and are shit. Legion was loved because artifact weapons were complimentary to the class, not the core class. Azerite was suppose to be equivalent to teir sets (laughable) and was annoyingly grindy and BS cause “engagement metrics”. Same now with Covenants, Conduits and Shards of Domination.

  15. Jingles! Video idea! Finish Alien: Isolation?

  16. Jingles we saw that hearted comment on JSS’s page, join the news game. You’d make a great gaming news show in podcast or voiceover gameplay style. All you need is a meme editor.

  17. I havent followed WG or Jingles in a long time. Can someone point me to an article or anything regarding what all this WG stuff is about?

  18. Jonathan Amsberry

    For $40 i am having a ton of fun with Aliens! Tons of content there despite how little there is in the game, which is weird. I guess i could get a tier 6 or bunch of flags in WOWs.

  19. Jingles please just aim a little higher. The auto cannon will work so much better for you. 60% of your rounds hit the ground. It barely auto tracks up to the shins of the xeno’s. Sorry my backseat gamer was triggered lol. Love the content.

  20. Will you ever finish your AC Odyssey series?

  21. I’m not a blizzard apologist, but the diablo mobile game was never passed off as diablo 4. it was bespoke diablo content for mobile. (but still shit)

  22. Don’t worry Jingles.

    Angry Turtle doesn’t have bad dreams because he’s just a piece of plastic.

  23. A hundred thumbs up, at least 😀

  24. I would tune in every time it you tried out a strategy game like total war or hearts of Iron

  25. I had to stop watching this to watch the Diablo announcement, WOW!!

  26. If we are honest here, Blizzards decline started when it became clear that Activisions “Business Model” starting impinging on games like WoW. When the “old” Blizzard released an expansion for WoW – it was ONE price and you got the whole thing (unless you wanted the “Collectors Edition” – which had a whole load of PHYSICAL extras like books, Soundtrack CDs, mousemats, etc to do with the expansion). Then as Activisions “Business Model” started encroaching, you started getting the Basic Edition of the expansion for one price and the “Improved” version with DIGITAL add-ons (mounts, pets, sprays, banners, insignias etc) for all the Blizzard Games (D3, SC2, HS etc) at an increased cost. Now the latest expansion has THREE price levels, Basic, Improved, Extreme Editions at the price level of an WHOLE new AAA game – not forgetting a player is STILL having to pay a monthly sub. This, plus the obscene bonuses being paid to Activision appointed Blizzard CEO, Bobby CoDICK, at the cost of employees jobs and you have a really bad taste in the mouth of the whole “Blizzard” experience. The loss of the founder Mike Morheim, was just the topping on the shit-stuffed cake that is Activision, as it meant that the “Blizzard” of old, no longer exists.

  27. Roboticus Prime RC

    You forgot the guy that asked if the diablo mobile game was an “out of season April fools joke.” lol

  28. 15:07 You have that reversed Jingles. Vivendi was never acquired by Activision; Activision was acquired by Vivendi Universal (alongside several other gaming firms, including Blizzard, and Sierra Entertainment) and then forcibly merged with Blizzard into a new IPO called Activision-Blizzard.

    Vivendi owned a majority stake in Activision-Blizzard until 2013, when they had to sell their stock in the company to pay off some rather large debts elsewhere. The main purchaser for that stock was the ownership of Activision-Blizzard itself, making both companies fully independent for the first time.
    So it can be said that everything they’ve done since then is entirely their fault.

  29. Teh Mighty JIngles should seriously consider creating an annual award “Scummiest Game Developer of the Year,” though the field apparently will have a lot of companies contending for the race to the bottom….

  30. For somebody who hasn’t followed the Blizzard stories I found it both entertaining and informative. GG rear Admiral

  31. Crowed fund me, I will make a clean game studio…

  32. Jingles, you summed it up perfectly. WG’s current business model has sucked the fun out of the game that’s why I have uninstalled WOT & I don’t miss the endless stupidity/ toxicology. I’m not going to reward them with a cent neither will l spend anything that’s a Blizzard entertainment title. Diablo was fun but alas I’m a PC gamer. Meh to both companies.

  33. Vote with money. These people keep complaining about WoW current state and yet they still play their game.

  34. The game is fun, but the bots are as dull as spoons. They don’t function properly for an AI that should be covering each other. They are always focused on you, rather than incoming threats. Many times I got hit in the first campaign with swarms that really didn’t need to get that close if anyone was paying attention.

  35. You should do some videos on Ultimate Admiral Dreadnaughts… might be a good way to get some ship content without giving WarGambling inc attention.

  36. Challenge Crads remind me a lot of Heroic Deeds in Vermintide 2, those are quite nice.

    I find, with games like this, it´s the following.
    Either: You like the Gameplay and you´re not bothered by the Stagnant Progression.
    Or: You can´t cope with the repetitive gameplay and drop the game.

    I have played Vermintide 2 for almost 1700 hours now, it has three campaigns and a Final Mission, and some DLC missions that are quite nice but very few (3 Levels per DLC) but that´s it.

    And i still love playing it, even the new Roguelike gamemode with a ton of new levels and perks i haven´t played a lot.
    Because the main game is not dead yet, as far as my fun factor is concerned.

    I feel like this game can be similar

  37. Hey Jingles, how about you start reviewing kit whilst playing too? Don’t sell out, just do your usual “this is complicated, this is overpriced, this one is ok” thing? I’d love to hear your thoughts on a ‘Woojer’ for starters.

  38. just a correction, diablo mobile . or whatever it is the name edit : immortal , was never announced as diablo 4 or supposed to be diablo 4, was more of a bridge to an upcoming diablo 4. Weeks later they admitted that there was a diablo4 but either preffered to save the announcement to a future convention or the footage they had at time was not that relevant give the early stages of development. I could probably find the statement via google but too tired to go looking for it

  39. “If you don’t watch the content, there will be less of the content.” Too bad WG doesn’t go by this maxim (ie for CVs and subs.).

  40. Keep a stiff upper lip my friend love your videos as always!! Stay the coarse full speed ahead!

  41. Very much appreciate the transparency on the financial dependency on WoWs Jingles. At least one former CC is honest about why they keep posting these flicks. I am taking my hat off

  42. kitten videos are pretty successful on instagram, maybe give it a try 🙂

  43. War Game on Brother, I uninstalled a few months ago, I still follow a few of you WoW content creators… I like the game too, I just refuse to play it

  44. Continue with the great content Jingles.

    Haters will hate. Nothing you can really do about it.

    I, like many others, love your content regardless of the game you play. For me it’s not THE GAME .. but more how YOU, as an individual, present the content.

    Keep it up! Your objectivity, your colourful comments regardless if I agree with them or not, are always refreshing and funny.

  45. Could we have another Cold Waters playthrough? Was easily my favourite series from you

  46. Reminds me of Gears Of War.. just not a fan of the alien franchise.

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