Mingles with Jingles Episode 398

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Todays’ Mingles is again a recording of the Salt Mines Discord Q;A held on Sunday, featuring special guests Flambass, TCFreer and Masterchief1567. And yes, we’re discussing The Statement from Wargaming, amongst other things.



  1. Old man, Civ 6 lacks the first two letters of the RTS, its just a strategy game, its not real time.

  2. Thanks for reading out my question Jingles, DCS certainly has a STEEP learning curve with guides being 100’s pages long! I’ve spent far too much time and money on it myself!

  3. Operations:
    More ppl would play them weekly, if the rewards would be re-obtainable, and if there would be more operations in the rota.
    Rewards: after the initial rewards what currently available, there would be flags, camos, free XP, commander XP, coal and steel, doubloons, premium day – coming for the stars.
    Once a week obtainable.
    Also more ops for tier 7, 8, 9 and 10 ships.
    Also there could be a special game mode for tier 10 only to reduce their number in the queue for random battles – when that come to be an issue, so the tier 8- and 9-s has a better chance to be the top-dog.
    Just saying.

  4. It happened so that I bought Diablo II. Wooops, lol.

  5. Eh… if WG had done something like this to begin with, I could have accepted it. But now it’s too little, too late. I’m done with WG. I’ll take you whale money elsewhere. Think my Jeep Wrangler needs a new hood. Maybe some more pointless LEDs.

    Don’t worry jingles. I’ve watched you since before you were famous. I come for jingles, not any particular game. Keep on sailing, mighty gnome overlord.

  6. Another problem is they are pissing all over the Missouri’s deckfiguratively speaking.
    The Missouri is a legendary Iowa class ship where the WW2 Japanese surrender was signed and it currently guards the sunken Arizona grave site inside Pearl Harbor…
    They’re turning the ship into a toy in the bottom of a cereal box where if you buy enough lucky charms you’ll likely find one.
    There’s no way to distinguish among those of us who grinded to save 750,000 gold XP to *Earn* this ship and those that just got their wallet out.
    Seems Wargambling would put a price on their own mothers, I chose to believe they do until proven otherwise.

  7. They say they not a Russian game, but yet they follow the party talking points, nothing will change till all of us really stop playing , Only then will they listen and truly change, but got a piece land for you in china. They will always have a new CC in the wings.

  8. A year… world war 3 could come and go in a year

  9. CatLover JerryGarcia

    The miscommunication quote came from the QnA.

  10. I play Dota 2, they have treasures where you get guaranteed skins and usually have 1(or more) non guaranteed skin. In those treasures they show you what are the odds(understand here, how LOW those chances are) for you to get that skin and how they increase as you buy those treasures.

    Those items usually also become available for purchase in the community market for those who dont want to take the gamble.

    What I’m pointing at here is, the system is there, they dont have to invent something, and I’m pretty damn sure Dota 2 is making a lot of money.

  11. The Amazing Goldfish

    “HERE’s the PLAN”,
    To: WOW……..I play your game again in two years once you’ve made these changes……..🏹🤠👍

  12. Jingles: That 2fa issue you had in SWTOR… oh boy… i tried to play the game like 3 years ago again and had the exact same problem.
    By the time my issue finally got resolved i lost interest in re-playing it

  13. “Stay on their backs and hold em to their promisies?”
    And at what point did wargambling got back the shred of crediablity with their weak arse appology?
    WG: “shhh we promise to do better and you will get 1 new map within a year maybe 2!”
    F*ck em, the only updates the games gets are monoized ones, they have to do much more to get any turst back!

  14. I refuse to trust anything WeeGee says at this point. They could tell me the sky is blue and I would still look for myself.

  15. D2 was most definitely the better title. D3 was too friendly and colourful, and very easy even on the harder difficulty tiers. D2 however was dark, brooding and atmospheric, with an award winning soundtrack, and in general its just more entertaining.
    D2R is going to be superb, I loved the beta recently and cant wait for the final release.

  16. Cohen the Barbarian… a very old man in a job with a very short expected lifespan.

  17. ok…
    can we have mingles with jingles and not jingles with other discussing topics?
    please make that a different topic and upload it under a different name.

    i really like your sarcastic views on topics, i’m not interested in anything these others have to say – if i were… i would go to their channel :/

  18. I suspect a statistically significant number of WoT and WoWS players are now *former* players. And I have a sneaking suspicion that Jingles’ one-gnome instigated campaign to mail bomb the ratings agencies made Wargaming’s legal teams suddenly very, very nervous. I otherwise don’t see why Wargaming would make even these shifty, well-hedged statements. Doesn’t matter to me, though; I’m done with them and their games. See you on the UAMC Endeavor.

  19. Ah- Delicious arty play. It feeds the evil.

  20. Jingles, I keep up on most of your videos and don’t remember you talking about XCOM: Chimera Squad. Did you ever play it?

  21. Calico Jack Rackham

    4 years ago, WoWS was worth both my time and money. Now it’s worth neither. I’m gone from that BS and I won’t be back. I have better things to do with my time. Speaking of which, it’s time to wash my dog.

  22. How is wearing a mask stoppong you?

  23. While being sick and laying in bed this video is a saviour, many thanks!

  24. The biggest thing that I took from it was that our complaint campaign to the ESRB and PEGI boards were working. We need to keep it up.

  25. I can only speak for xbox, don’t know how the “loot boxes” work on PS…anyway WGCB doesn’t have to display drop chances on Xbox, we might get lucky and WG might feel generous telling us the drop chance. But generally us Xbox tankers are left in the dark just like you PC tankers. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  26. I’m expecting no real changes from wargaming, but if there is any kind of change at all I’ll be surprised. I’m 99% sure it’s just lip service, only time will tell.

  27. Pleeeeeeeeeez do a video on Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought! I need to see what kind of Frankenship the HMS Jingles would look like.

  28. About the PEGI rating a lot of players after your links posted in one of your previous Mingles with Jingles Episode reported WoWs and I think that’s why they make some adjustment to the rating age .That’s my guess.

  29. I found an exaptable reason to play WOT lately, because otherwise I would had time to go out and find the heartless person who layed out rat poison and killed my dog that way last week. So thank you wg for preventing me becomeing a potential murder!

  30. And this is how I start my Birthday!

  31. The hardest thing to change in an organization is its culture.
    It comes from the top down and until the top is replaced, nothing will change.
    Unfortunately, in the corporate world, the evil you know is better than the evil that you don’t know.

  32. It’s a game, play or don’t play it’s ur choice these guys are so anal regarding the details ide hate to be the developer of the poxy thing lol

  33. Hmm, I didn’t find DCS that difficult. Needed to look up some tutorials and manuals but there are a lot out there that cut out the real world proceedure stuff like Chuck’s guides. I don’t like flying the props though- the torque is mental. I have the spitfire and to date haven’t managed a takeoff where I haven’t immediately rolled inverted after the wheels get off the ground. I also just win+home to start most of the planes if they aren’t set up as a hot start which knocks out most of the complexity (the harrier and F-18 notable exceptions though where just pushing buttons is faster than the auto start because it skips all the usual checks and safety stuff).

    I found the su-25 a bit of a pain with a very basic joystick (because you can’t click anything in the cockpit and need keybinds) but stuff like the Mirage, Harrier and F5 are good for them. Although I now have a Warthog and it’s great mincing around with fourth generation jets. Also helicopters are amazing but that’s a whole different set of skills.

    If you download the game through the Eagle Dynamics website you can get a two week trial on any of the planes so you could hop in an f-5 for example and take it for a spin. Or the F-14 if you feel brave.

  34. I wasn’t paying attention to the background battle till 13:52.

    Is that Pearl River map??

  35. Total Annihilation was much better than C&C 😉

    loved the get together format Jingles!

  36. Really liking the Q&A’s

  37. No, WG has been a perfect example of your typical sociopathic company. This is just a better refined PR statement designed to get people to quiet down so that they can protect their loot box profits. If people believe them they will turn around and go right back to business as usual.

  38. There is no way wargaming is going to do _anything_ that warrants being optimistic.

    Good for you Jingles that can afford to stay out of the contributor program, even if you continue to market the game for them. Remember that for every whale you probably need and want at least ten nonpaying players to work as cannon fodder, and the churn rate on nonpaying players is high because of the pay to win aspect.

    But as long as wargaming gets new players they will be able to get money.

    And if there was actually a working boycott, they would just cancel the game because they don’t make money.

    So how do you keep a game like this going? Is there another solution than to disband the company and create a new game?

  39. Am I the only one who remembers the old Close Combat series from Atomic Games?

  40. To the point of remastering C&C Generals, there is currently a mod for Red Alert 3 worked on that wants to achieve exactly that. It’s called Generals Evolution.

  41. Wow. Blitzkrieg. I still have the original game CDs and most of the mods on an old hard drive sitting in a drawer. The beauty of that game, to me, was the level of modding one can do to it. The publisher even included the relevant programs with the CDs and the game’s start menu was already set up to load and play player-generated campaigns and single battles. There WAS a huge community of modders adding new units, vehicles, skins, weapons, maps, campaigns, etc, including one guy, Major Pain, who obviously had the MAYA software and had all the game mechanics figured out. At the time it was possible to buy a license from the publisher and I’m thinking he had since there were some things he’d not tell us. He also had a graphics program and would create beautiful and functional 3D models for the game which he uploaded for free downloads. Which all of them did. That was a great community while it lasted.

  42. I feel that WG are behaving a lot like the Spaceballs. With the meme “When will then be now? Soon..”

  43. Hi Jingles, have you thought of hosting similar discussion with WoT CCs? It will be interesting.

  44. “I’m kind of hopeful” – hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

    Besides – with WG… I will believe when I see it, no sooner.

  45. I mean even if I wanted to go back I cannot transfer my account from asia to na

  46. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Well, when it comes to RTSs, my best memories were the Age of Empires games, (except 3, wasn’t really a fan of that one) and I’m looking forward to Age 4. Was also a big fan of Age of Mythology.

  47. My suspicion on the lootboxes is that they are not the same in different regions, or that the drop is not a raw chance but more algorithmic based on how likely they believe it is that you will keep spending. And they don’t want to redo any current content, so their distant timetable is more of a promise to move towards raw chances that are even across all servers going forward.

  48. C&C Generals: GOAT

  49. Number 36 here

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