Mingles with Jingles Episode 399

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And, amongst other things, the Wargaming shitshow just keeps on rolling.


  1. I like how Wargaming is bringing back Macross missile launch for the torpedoes in WoWS. Example: https://youtu.be/nxnC6jkJyEM Does anyone know anything when will the shortfall gunnery bug be fixed?

  2. The media showed their true colours when Trump was elected.

  3. Jingles! The pre-order is for October 2022. I’ve also preordered it as a nerf person, so I was suprised to hear you mention it. But they won’t take your money till it’s ready to ship

  4. The Torpedo bug must be PvP only because I have not encountered it in PvE where I never launch torps outside of 2 klicks

  5. mr jingles may i suggest you use krylon aerosol paint for your paint job as it bonds to plastic far better than most other paints, its the preferred paints for doing things like camo paint jobs on both replica and real modern firearms and by the cosplay guys and gals not only for its bonding advantage but also its hard wearing as well.

  6. That first story reminded me of the Facebook post by a science page that showed a GTA V video of someone ‘missing a terrorist placing a fuel truck’ on the runway, in Nigeria.

  7. Hmm free offer for far cry 3 ended on friday

  8. Not another dime to Wargaming!

  9. Adam Savage might be a good reference point for your nerf project. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=adam+savage%27snerf+gun

  10. The media lying to us? Yep, they’ve been doing that for a while. CNN called the Ivermectin that Joe Rogan was taking a “horse dewormer”. I guess we all take “horse hydration fluid” which is commonly known as water

  11. Jingles there are alot of attempted internet censoring/ media bills going around different countries. I don’t blame you for been suspicious.

  12. I mean this with all honesty and no tongue in cheek, but there are too many business people running businesses these days. Companies of all stripes need more people from the coalface in upper management to keep things _real_

  13. Buy two of the rifles and paint one bright orange just to piss people off

  14. While working in the middle east I was in touch with a domestic woman which worked for the official state news agency of her country. Dear lord, did she have stories to tell…

    Just one example, she was with her team filming at the frontlines when her side clashed with the neighboring country. It was clearly visible that the forces of “A” attacked “B”. In the evening she saw her footage in the news and the narrator explained “here you see how armed forces of “B” are attacking “A”.” And that such twisting of truth is normal and the regular citizen just listens to the blabla, sees some guys on screen shooting, and moves on with his life without really understanding what he just saw. In the end it didn´t even matter.

    I gave up TV in the 1990ies, it really just exists to keep us busy fighting over some made-up “facts”.

  15. Ive been enjoying Aliens Fire Team as well, though ask Redberen about our recent exploits and never give Hub a shotgun….
    I think thye both out did you with friendly damage….

  16. Can you use Mouse and Keyboard in flight Simulator 2021 like you can in War thunder or is it really Joystick Dependent?

  17. Hilarious about Arma 3 being used for “news.” Does it really look that realistic? I’d think I’d be able to spot that immediately.

    As for not believing everything the news tells you, well, that’s not tinfoil conspiracy BS. I once read the news and took it as fact but that was years ago and I thankfully grew up and much less naive and gullible. I think I get more distrustful of the news each year I get older, because I follow politics (probably couple hours every day I’m into it) and see how much BS is peddled, and I’m not the type of person (any longer) to just believe something because someone in “authority” told me.

  18. Adam Savage from Mythbusters is working on a Colonial Marine cosplay and uses Brown Bess. you can check it out on his channel Tested. It looks really good.

  19. aQuestionableQuestion

    I’ve pre-ordered one of those Pulse-rifle nerf guns…But i’m gonna keep mine as it is

  20. first three minutes: great atleast this time jingles wont speak just about world of warships this time, min 5:20-16:41, half the video. I am growing tired of mingles with jingles becoming world of warships bash time with your one and only angry semiold man. jingles if you despise wargamings world of warships company so much you aint gonna solve anything by bitching every 4 to 7 days about the company, the only thing you are doing is alienating your audience by slowly boring them with the same topic. more so you aint gonna harm wargaming with negative publicity, the only thing to do, in case you do want to harm them, is to stop advertising their products. you need to get over your love for warships and actually ask yourself is it worth alienating my audience so i can just satisfy my desire of being heard complaining about a decaying industry.

  21. In the US, CBS or some other moron news network took footage from a machine gun event in the US and said it was Syria XD

  22. Psssst, Jingles. Matrix airsoft company still makes working replicas of the pulse rifles and there are even some in stock right now, 360 USD on Evike and they ship to the UK. Just out of the OD green at the time I post this comment, but you still have black and a battle worn version you can get.


    i happily choose every time NOTHING, nerf is for pussies.

  24. Good to hear Workshop Wednesday is back

  25. the pulse rifle is often available on patrol base airsoft site its made by snowwulf there is alot of other sides who have it too . i have this item and its awesome ammo count and so on .

  26. As we say in Germany in these circumstances: “Ein Fisch stinkt vom Kopf her.” meaning “A fish stinks from his head.” which is supposed to mean the highest boss has to be held responsible.

  27. I don’t trust mainstream media since 11 September 2001. They showed the Twin Towers collapsing and in the next scene they showed a Palestine camp with people singing and dancing in joy. Two weeks later, they admitted that the footage from the Palestine camp was some months old and was filmed during a distribution of food and medicine.

  28. Aliens: Fireteam Elite looks great, but I’m holding out for a couple of open world games, that are supposedly coming soon. Only so much online gaming dollars available!

  29. According to Indian people, Indian news channels are garbage at best.

  30. As an actual editor – radio/audio – I HAVE spliced together complete sentences from a LOT of recorded audio. Bare in mind, that you have to take into account the way people speak, their pace, their tone, etc. But it CAN be done. Anyone remember the movie “Looker” from 1981? It was about a company that was digitizing actresses so that they wouldn’t have to pay the actual actress for a movies, tv, commercials – whatever. And that was back in 1981!!

  31. Still have my airsoft pulse rifle never fired. Just bought it for display. Great weight on it. Nice piece.

  32. Would love to see the nerf conversion as a Wednesday video.

  33. Jingles you fool!! everybody knows the pulse rifle from Alien was bright pink! its the set lighing that makes it look different…

  34. Jingles do you need a license for that Nerf gun?

  35. “If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper you’re misinformed.”
    -Mark Twain

  36. Alphabet agencies and agendas, Orwell correct,,

  37. Is there going to be a Cosplay of Colonial Marine Sergeant Jingles now?

  38. I mean, they just straight up fired a dude under him for a bullshit reason without even giving him any say in the issue. He had no choice but to walk if he had a shred of dignity. Huge props for that.

  39. Good luck getting your free copy of cry far 3 to actually work or even update.

    4 days and still trying 🙁

  40. If you want a pulse rigle 3D print one, i just did it and it was like making a big plastic scale model.

  41. Not only that on torps, but in scenereo the forts and icons remain solid red after death, even worse the health bar keeps bouncing a single line of health.

  42. Ever see dirty Mary and crazy Larry? The 69 Charger color changed between movie versions, as well… between the movie version and the tv broadcast versions… of censored and uncensored. So… it happens.

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