Mingles with Jingles Episode 400

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

400 episodes later (technically 401) and I’m still just as crap as ever.

See if you can find the completely innocent lady in the extremely unfortunate position on the USS Kidd virtual tour:

Virtual Ship Tour

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  1. lmao nice! well done wg one bug after the other

  2. I hate to break it to you, Youve been the crazy cat lady for a little bit now. Nothing wrong with that

  3. Do I trust jingles opinion about a product when he is doing a sponsor episode?
    Answer. Nope.

    On a related note. Jingles once gave great advice I took to heart. That never trust and believe everything from one source. If you hear something and are interested in it then double check it with people that have an opposing opinion. After getting the info from different sources then try to make up your own mind about it.

    Sidenote. Jingles has had one “sponsor” that I “used”. Because of jingles, when i visited the UK for a week and my frirends asked what I wanna see then I said Bovington tank museum. And i loved it.

  4. vrchat (free and u dont need vr) might be fun experience to do a communitt meet-up in.

  5. You have to have a card to buy an air soft gun?

  6. 400 of those videos, who would have thought? This channel started in 2012, when the music industry was looking for ever younger faces to make famous but a certain portion of the internet said “We want an old man and we want him now!” Thus Jingles’ carreer took off. One day the bigshots in Hollywood will realise their mistake and Jingles look-alikes will swarm media-outlets all around the world.

  7. Out of these 400 episodes I’ve only had 2 questions answered. Here to two more.

  8. 2000th like on the 400 mwj

  9. Just reduced my RC pile of shame this weekend by completing a crawler. Glad I’m not the only one who has/had a pile of shame.

  10. What’s this about being too old and grey for airsoft? I can tell you, I teach the young bucks who all believe they’re the reincarnation of John Rambo a good lesson about camouflage and not moving a great deal, with claymores and a good sniper position a jolly fine lesson on a regular basis. I’m 49, and have 1000% more cunning than the noisy teenage toy gun enthusiasts that provide the best target rich environment imaginable. Oh, and BTW. I belong to no club, and have legally built myself a gas powered L119A2 as used by the finest special forces group on the planet, that just so happens to be the RN’s sharpest tool. Its perfectly legal to import airsoft parts from almost anywhere in the world. Oh, and my 460 feet/sec muzzle velocity hurts victims quite a lot. The yelps expose the welts. So none of this age nonsense. Gen X is the last of the great generations. 😉

  11. Jingles I must know, what does your pile of shame include? I have about 6 bolt action armies, star wars legion starter set, and the institute faction for fallout wasteland warfare lol.

  12. The term “cathouse” means something completely different here in the States!😀😀😀😀😀

  13. Happy 400 Jingles!!!

  14. The Midwest Model Shop

    Clothing brands!!!! I thought it was scams because my little YouTube Channel is….not that big. I kept getting hit up by a company in Russia and one in Eastern Asia.

  15. Jingles, you should feel free to take any sponsorship you want, 99% of people watching a sponsored video skip through the sponsored portion, might as well take the money!

  16. LOL! 1:27 Jingles, you are just now realizing this?!?

  17. That photo is a hidden jem lol sure looks like she was giving someone a good blow..Door Bell companys need to start to look Jingles up….. LOL..Glad to hear your still getting to take care of Rita’s kitty, can’t you turn her room into the model room or is that now your man cave?… Oh don’t forget the new pan-asain line is going to be a bunch of solemesk sounds like it going to be a AA and and anti sub ship ontop the HE spamming.

  18. Congrats my favourite Brit, your videos are always nice to watch

  19. Most despised ships aren’t ships, they are BOATS. The subs (boats) shouldn’t be in a game called World of WARSHIPS.
    If they are, it should be renamed “The boring World of ASW”.

  20. if bluetooth ear buds have audio lag they are not good :>

  21. Bethesda didnt do any fk ups for a while because Microsoft bought them lol

  22. Been here well before 400. Wish we could watch all of them. Sadly, I know a lot of them are privated cause of copyright

  23. You still need to fix your fan curves in the bios settings, Jingles. I hear those fans blowing a mile away.

  24. 400 how fast time goes

  25. Hi Jingles congrats on 400 mingles lol. Just thought id reccomend a game you might like. Wasteland 3. I just picked it up myself yesterday and I mean. Its like Fallout nv had a baby with XCOM tbh. Have a good one =)

  26. I remember watching your airsoft videos. Kind of sad that the site is gone.
    I also joined this channel thanks to your wot videos and have enjoyed watching mingles with jingles every week.

  27. Sorry, I had a little chuckle when I pictured in my mind Jingles wearing some fancy clothing, walking down the runway, as a model. Lol

  28. Jingles, I’m sure it will come to your horror to know that you have basically raised me on the internet, kinda like a cool uncle. I found you in about 2011 when I was 8 and had just found World of Tanks. Through the years I’ve basically inherited parts your personality and they’ve become part of mine, along with getting addicted to almost every game you’ve shown (a crippling War Thunder addiction since 2013). Well here it is nearly 10 years later and I’m still here at nearly 18 years old. Thank you for a decade of laughs and enjoyment Jingles.

    My favorite video of yours is “Where Eagles Dare” with good old Wes- I mean Wrighty. Sorry, force of habit 😉

  29. I remember long ago you mentioned getting lawn chair ads 😄😂

  30. Now Jingles, you say that you’re no fashion model but i think we all know what some people would pay to see you in a pair of skin-tight jeans, bending over to pick something up. Don’t sell yourself short, old man!

  31. pnutz 2 - fmr. capnazrael

    yeaaaay ep 400

  32. pnutz 2 - fmr. capnazrael

    I’ve been watching this channel since 30k subs and enjoyed every day of it. keep on truckin’ jingles

  33. Congratz with your 400th video jingles

  34. It’s the trust part of the equation, why many of us have been subscribed so long.

  35. That’s a great cat right there.

  36. Gratz Jingles! 400.. I knew you were old,but not this old.

  37. Here’s the deal: you take these clothes offers and do a catwalk eyery Sunday. It’ll be a cure for people with serious hangover.

  38. Ahhh yes, The Curse. I have about 80 model RR car kits, and buildings…oh and the layout structure itself, the 4 other modules I have to build for club layout…yeah. So time management has become a factor. As for the gardening tools…this is what you get for building that terrarium.

  39. Happy 400 Mingles, oh gnomliness!! I’ve been watching you since maybe the 100th Mingles! Glad to hear from you every week. Cheers!

  40. “I’m not a site member, so I can’t buy the airsoft version” … I mean… if it was an M16 that’s true, but I’m pretty sure the pulse rifle doesn’t count as a RIF because it’s not based on a real firearm. I’d have to confirm with my local airsoft shop but I *think* you should be able to get that one. Especially the kit, which Actionhobbies still has.

    Not that I’m trying to be pushy, just not sure about the specific point you made. You could always get some fan with a 3d printer to do something for you. Heck, this Colonial Marines game is Unreal based, right? Someone could easily export the models from it directly, I’m pretty sure… (oh, and I already found the printable files both on Cults and Thingiverse. I should price out the filament for my printer, shouldn’t I?)

  41. Terrible shame about combat south, new world development…

  42. Pan Asian DDs. What a waste of XPs. People seem to forget their torps go under DDs.

  43. @jingles if you wanna do panting and stuff even with pets, get yourself a or a thick plywood board, (just figure out how big of a area you need ) but for a sake of clarity get a plane of 80cm X 90cm and thats your work surface, and then have a box that is 75 cm x 85 cm box with an open face, and the 5cm are bent outward, so now that you do your painting on the table on the work sufrace and you need to stop you just pop that box on the work surface and clap it down, so its secured, and now you can move it and its pet safe

  44. MS Live automatically creates names and it drove me nuts when I created an online account for the xbox – even though I don’t play it.

  45. Thanks jingles

  46. Jingles needs a cheeky keyword or something he can say so we know he and the product he’s reviewing is full of shit, so he can get all the benefits and not lead us astray.

    It’s already widely known that RAID is shit and Raycons are shit, so I really don’t think you “endorsing” them would be a serious game changer for them or us, and something like Simplisafe is neither here nor there.

    I’m in no way trying to shit on your integrity and self worth, it’s refreshing that someone would turn down such money who isn’t entirely loaded just because they don’t believe in it. Although I’m sure if you streamed more, we’d more than make up for the sponsorships you don’t take.

    I’m still going in the video, just got to the Levi part, everyone knows about Levi Jeans, fuckin’ take the money. It’d also be better to see someone wearing clothes that’s not physically fit and not in the prime of their life wear something, more realistic for the other 98% of us.

  47. 23:15 not sure whether to laugh or laugh even harder

  48. Awww your a good un really arnt you bo jangles ….makes me feel guilty for al the trollying I’ve subjected you to over the years …..nah 😉😉

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