Mingles with Jingles Episode 401

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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00:00 Nordpass sponsored segment
01:29 Warhammer 40K Space Marine Anniversary Edition
02:49 Games Workshop abusing Fair Use law generally being a bunch of twats
09:11 The Advertising Standards Authority cracks down on premium game currencies
10:59 The search for a Pulse Rifle continues, and good for Workshop Wednesdays
13:20 Etsy – The best prop and gift website you never heard of. https://www.etsy.com/


  1. What happened to the “Welcome to Mingles with Jingles, the add free weekly upload”?

  2. that alien game looks cool

  3. I think at this point Jingles might just have to buy himself a 3D-Printer

  4. Bjørn Eirik Størkersen

    On another note, when do we get the ‘angry at the gaming industry’ collaboration with Sterling?
    Mingles with Jimgles?
    The Jingquisition?

  5. My wife knits and sells sweaters for cats (mainly sphynxes) in Etsy 🙂 we have 4 cats acting as models <3 had 5, but our oldest passed away recently... Ordered her an urn as the final resting place, from Etsy of course.

  6. Don’t get me started on gw’x nda cause they put wargaming to shame

  7. And yes, I’m familiar with the Games Workshop’s shittiness.

  8. Jingles for all your gaming news you should take a look at YongYea he has a channel here on YouTube and does excellent coverage of anything threatening to the world of gaming

  9. Im still mad about the time Jingles killed me in War Thunder many years ago. I don’t forget old man!

    • Well try playing Aliens Fireteam elite on higher difficulty public matches and hope to get matched with Jingles and you can get somewhat of a revenge (friendly fire is active on Hard or higher) XD

  10. Jingles, how’s Brexit treating ya? Heard UK have massive logistical problem. Hope you’re safe and sorted out.

  11. What? Timestamps on a Jingles video? I thought you were supposed to be crap.

  12. Wait to see the fuss about the NDA documents games workshop forces “contributors” to sign…

  13. “My Spice Marines ; – do love their Pizza Hud…” 😉 Author – Private Unknown Creator 🙂

  14. “Never any ads on a Mingles episode… But guys, you’ve gotta see these Alien props!” I don’t mind a couple extra ads if you can get yourself something cool. You do you, cheers.

  15. I like VPN’s but unfortunately they do not work with games that have anti-cheat.

  16. I love Etsy. I’ve spent more money than I care to remember on collectibles, and even nerdy shirts. I spent $300 on a handmade Geno plushie. Believe me, it was worth it.

  17. does that mean if the us spaceforce gets spacemarines they will get sued ?

  18. So much for never having sponsors on mingles with jingles as a thank you for all the patreon’s

  19. Whatever happened to free and no adverts for Mingles?

  20. 16:36 The Smartgun is for the most part a German MG42

  21. Jingles many of us came/subscribed to your channel originally becuse of when you talk about history stuff like the service history of a cruiser or how the Churchill was deployed operationaly. I loved the gnome abroad series with any and all history.

  22. I agree the market garden video was the powerful thing I’ve seen on you tube. If you get chance please do more like that.

  23. By now, to me, Games Workshop owners (not employees) consists of a bunch of greedy bags of excitement (norwegian term) who bought a universe they had no part in making and that they care nothing for except as a way to make money. It’s the same with Star Wars and Disney. Like Wargaming they are happy to use fans as long as they feel they need them, and then they start exploiting them and shutting them down.

  24. The problem stems from all the small developers and companies that made games, selling out to larger companies until like everything else, the gaming industry (and it is an industry) is controlled by three major corporations.

  25. “Rare as rockinghorse shit”
    I collect these gems and pass them on. Thank you, Jingles. 😀

  26. One of the best memes about GW is the amount of IP they indiscriminately stole from other companies or artists and now vehemently defend as their own.

  27. Btw, I heard the CEO of YouTube spouting off over the weekend on how she believes in freedom of speech and says that YouTube enables people to express it.

  28. @The Mighty Jingles – Is there a preferred gnomenclature for salt mines in No Man’s Sky.
    I am thinking of using a hexadecimal scheme based on the planet’s portal coordinates.
    But that could result “SADDADFACE” being a valid name so any advice from Our Illustrious Overlord would be Gospel.

  29. Any similar non-corporate product we can switch to?!

  30. images flashed across my mind of seeing Jingles in a Ripley costume..I think I may be damaged forever

  31. Jingles as a long time WH fan. Back in 2016 I noticed the power creep coming in. I started buying my models used. I cannot support a company that purposely power creep it’s own game just to make sales. I also cannot support a company that bullies, intimidates, threatens and harasses anyone who make WH community video’s on social media. RIP Astarties and If the Emperor Had A Speech Device.

  32. And GWs latest POS move is to use an NDA that is straight up illegal.

  33. Can’t remember the guys name on Etsy. Does beautiful blown glass work.

  34. Well I stopped buying anything from GW years ago , the price of even a basic squad of infantry has gone up 600+ % since I started , for unchanged figures , a TOTAL rip off.

  35. Using music sampling as an example doesn’t work. That’s because the groups or individuals who used sampling in their albums did it with the clear intention of making money, and making money from someone else’s intellectual property without licensing it is and always has been a violation of copyright. The samplers were hiding behind a fair use clause that said that up to a certain number of notes in a song could be used without licensing. That clause was intended for the use of music reviewers or other people who had cause to play examples of copyrighted music, and the samplers abused the heck out of it. When you get a copyright strike against your YouTube videos for including any copyrighted background music? The blame, at least in part, can be laid squarely at the feet of groups like Public Enemy, because their brazen theft of copyrighted music for profit ruined fair use for you and made them exactly what they call themselves.

  36. Umm – that’s evil going after Heinlein’s work, but there needs to be a technical correction: In Starship Troopers – those are Mobile Infantry. Just a minor nit.

    It appears GW have been drinking with WG.

  37. Some women do the same with dresses or shoes

  38. Looks like you are doing your daily mission of getting 300 handgun kills!

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