Mingles with Jingles Episode 402

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

This brought to you by my colossal cockup while not recording the Salt Mines Discord Q&A yesterday.



  1. Hehe, I hear you on the airsoft gear. I would say that just grabbing a South African assault vest is a good call though. It already has all the pouches you need so it’s vastly cheaper than most other options out there. A battle belt + H-yoke will set you back slightly more money then you need to buy pouches as well.
    Kneepads become a must though after the first time you drop down straight on to a rock and can’t walk for a while afterwards. Also get a poncho as a waterproof. It’s worth it!

  2. “Sweating like a PTI on a spelling test” lol

  3. Never fear jingles, No Time To Die did not do any of what you feared, actually theres alot of respect put towards the Bond series in it.

  4. Chi-Town Vic Da Man

    After 45 shit starts to slide sideways lol, I’m using postit for reminders to myself… thanks for your hard work and dedication.

  5. go as Lara Croft next convention Jingles! lol

  6. Saltmining is a real thing (*cough* the city of Saltzburg, or Hallstatt, both in Austria) and historically was a very hard occupation.

    Think coal mining, but with slightly less chance of fire and explosion – although gas build up is still a thing whatever you mine.
    Instead, imagine the dryest, least humid environment possible. Imagine breathing in fine salt dust, pretty much trying to dry-cure your lungs from the inside out.

  7. Oh Jingles forgetting to press record. Hehe, never change our Gnome Overlord.

    And I was just thinking, “wonder if he’ll do something for episode 404, like and error 404 theme. 🤔 Guess it came early. 😂”

  8. My definition of the saltmines is the gulag.
    Once your in you are not aloud to leave until death and even then your on probation

  9. all sounded good about the new Suicide Squad movie, up until you said John Cena was good in it. I will never trust one of you movie reviews again after that comment.

  10. just think that with all the $$ James Gunn gets nowadays, he could finance dozens of Troma films at a whim

  11. Jingles, in his Real Admiral guise, needs an “Aide-de-camp” for all those fiddly administrative or technical jobs .. like hitting record on audio sessions.

  12. Honestly, I don’t like the recorded Q&A’s. Prefer ya doing it like this like it has been done in the past!

  13. @Paul i think you would make a great Odin or Obi Wan Kenobi .

  14. Idris Elba is an amazing actor, but making Bond black is like casting the whitest actor to play Shaft. If one wants a black or female hero, write your own books or direct your own movie.

  15. You could just Cosplay as Captain Rex and recycle your storm trooper armour. As for airsoft and Cosplay – Milsim. Milsim players will invest literally thousands of pounds in “exactly” the right camo, the best possible gun, the SF issue boots, the latest gucci plate carrier and helmet all to make sure they look exactly like the real SF operators, just like Cosplayers, but with less humour.

  16. Critical Drinker has a review of the new Bond movie, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eBU98w7PGI&t=1s

  17. Jingles are you going to watch the movie Dune it really good

  18. As always a wide ranging Mingle. Thanks for some good news from Wargaming!

  19. Jingles, crap? Always! XD That’s why he’s beloved by all us Salt Miners! WG, coming to their senses? Never, unless profits are falling then they do everything in their power to get those profits back, even if it makes sense to us! Sadly, as long as greed holds power, profits will always win even if it don’t make sense to anyone.
    Good mingling with ya Jingles. 😀

  20. As one of the 135 that stayed for the after credits Jingles moment, I had to stop mid-construction of the bed because I was laughing so hard.
    The day will come where Jingles won’t be so crap.

    But today is not that day.

    Also, Drinker released not one, but two reviews on No, Time To Die. No spoilers here, but Lynch doesn’t put down Bond for the entire film.
    That however is some of the only good news available.

  21. 19:23 Miner asks can you not rant on about WarGaming. Jingles, rants on about wargaming saying how WarGaming has done something good and therefore is nothing to rant on about whilst ranting for 6 minutes. Oh Jingles, never change.

  22. Not recording a Q&A? That’s a paddlin

  23. Jingles, I have an idea for MwJ in two weeks; let episode 404 be a day late, and instead upload on Monday a 1 second black screen with title Error 404; Mingles with jingles not found

  24. Prop’s for calling out this ridiculous new genre of film/TV making where if it doesn’t contain a main cast of black people, preferably gay and in a relationship with a white person..it doesn’t get made! While “diversity” is all well and good, having a character in a book/film who is portrayed as a middle aged, white, Irish American (Willem Defoe – Rainbow six), suddenly turn into a young, African American for his prequel (Michael B Jordan – Without Remorse)…for instance, is getting ridiculous!
    They’re toying with the idea of the next James Bond being black now…and even more ridiculously..a woman! The mind boggles!
    As for “Free Guy”? – Good film only let down by the Mariah Carey – Fantasy, ear worm I’ve had ever since watching it!

  25. All talking aside, I get reminded of world of warcraft and the expansion with Jaina and Kul Tiras, with these pictures. Probably having inspiration from the universe to this game, and a serious graphical upgrade. Another thing, making “fun”, with people you haven’t met before. If any misunderstanding happens, is it then at fault of the one who doesn’t get it, or the one who started, and doesn’t recognize the signs and marks to just stop?
    Just because books, movies/films and series get recommended, it’s not 100% guarantee that everyone are following those recommendations and watch or read the material. Therefor, neither certain that they know all the memes.
    You expressed some firm dissatisfaction with Blizzard, for their creation of the latest expansions for World of Warcraft. Is it then a good bye for good, for you, in that universe? Or would your characters still be found on the realms?
    I missed the Q&A because it was on a Sunday. I am awake overnight, with a friend of mine on her livestream on twitch every Saturday.

  26. Well piss… I thought it was because your a old salty bastard like myself. Mr Jingles, enjoy your day sir.

  27. Jingles, you could easily cosplay the elder Doctor Jones as acted by Sean Connery

  28. !. don’t forget my favorite “Surf Nazis must die”- 2. Yes Idris ELba was a little better than Will Smith but can we all agree John Cena is shit? He is shit in everything.

  29. Could we see you in Star Trek NG first season outfit. You know the skin tight Spandex gear that nearly crippled Patrick Stewart? Try unseeing that image.

  30. being dirt poor kept me sensible on my starting airsoft kit – just an MP5A2 that I got for £60 because it didn’t have a foregrip. Kept me honest, that did.

  31. Space Marine! Nice.

  32. Do you stream jingles?

  33. Space Marine, remains the best Warhammer game ever made in my opinion- captures the movements etc well. Only topped graphically by Astartes I’d say. In other news, new James Bond is as you fear, and wholly terrible. Never gets going. Thank you Jingles for being the voice of reason as always.

  34. Daylight panel ring lighting is not expensive. Though setting up will be an issue.

  35. Suicide Squad was average at best…

  36. Well, I suppose it was inevitable the Salt Mine overlord would show gameplay of the “grim and dark future” game of “Spice Marines”. Mayhap’s this is a possible future vision of the mines rioting, and the gnomes overlord sending in his enforcers to renew operations?😂

  37. Note to self…dont ask jingles about wargaming if you want him to answer the rest of the QandA

  38. HOI Jingles , thanks yes i had a good one, played lots of MSFS2020 with my Fiat G91 (and started to think about getting back into Warthunder RB again, have a french tree that wants the mirage unlocked) and lots of Diablo 2 Ressurect too !

  39. for the sake of my mental health, please consider using executions every once in a while when playing warhammer 40k Space Marine xD at least on bosses. I usually don’t backseat but it really makes my finger twitch 😀

  40. Well technically you can eliminate the cats and dog?

  41. jean-marc gruninger

    out of interest, what is the game being played in the background?

  42. Perhaps I’m a little behind in your news but, couldn’t you turn Rita’s old room into your cat-free workshop? As for lighting, those 4ft LED shop lights are pretty cheap nowadays and provide plenty of light, (obviously from my channel I don’t do any low light filming, other than a few darker bus builds).

  43. A good idea for a good light source for filming when natural light isn’t available, is a ring light.
    A few buddies who do a lot of filming that I know, swear by them.

  44. Imagine what Jingles will be like in his later years. 🙀

  45. Jingles, check your history. Salt is not a worthless commodity. These days, it’s readily accessible and cheap to purchase, but that’s a modern convenience. There have been times and places in the world in which salt was worth more than gold because it’s something everyone needs. The human body can’t live without sodium. It’s needed to transmit nerve impulses, contract and relax muscle fibers (including those in the heart and blood vessels), and maintain a proper fluid balance. In a fantasy world based on medieval technology like WoW, salt is something people might conceivably fight a war to obtain.

  46. Bet my gnome wizard in EQ2 is more crap than your Warcraft warlock. 😂

  47. Ah, Space Marine. This game aged well. Definitely one of top 3 WH40K games.

  48. “it [salt] is not a particularly valuable commodity”
    well Jingles has never lived in a desert.

  49. Jingles, the new James Bond movie is far worse than you think it is. Don’t waste your time and money on that shit!

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