Mingles with Jingles Episode 403

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This week it's mostly about people getting up to good on the internet, and also that massive, gargantuan, HUGE Twitch hack. You really should be changing all your passwords right now. If you can take advantage of my Nordpass offer to help with that, details below, but at the very least you need to change passwords and enable two-factor authentication because this one's potentially serious.

URL: https://nordpass.com/ Code: JINGLES


  1. Link is still active and working. Thanks your highness.

  2. Paul, would you consider not showing storydriven gameplay for Mingles with Jingles? I want to watch your videos but I dont want a game I want to play myself ruined.

    • The Mighty Jingles

      Which is why I didn’t show anything story related in that Far Cry footage.

    • @The Mighty Jingles Ok, maybe I worded that wrongly. In a single player story driven game I dont want to have seen any gameplay of it before i play it myself. Maybe its just me that feels so but it would be wierd if I was the only one.

  3. Oh f**** jingles, thangs for ruining my monday

  4. Henrik Frederiksen

    Jingles .. you always tell us to check our sources on info we get .. Let me give you the same advice….. The story about the scam transfer can’t be 100% correct since it is not allowed to have 2 toons on the same server from the same account and you can’t transfer money acros servers…. SO UNLESS he had a “friend” to help him out on that same server OR he had a 2nd account .. this simply is not true in any way or form …

  5. Theoretical Twitch should not have your password but just a salted hash of it. Theoretical.

  6. Wow has been shit for years BUT.. the shit blizzard did in china made sure i will never give them another penny.

  7. Every EVE Online Player: Caveat Emptor!

  8. Brian Korfitz Miehs

    Jingels mate. Give Guild wars 2 a go.

  9. Anthony Lautzenheiser

    Had to pause the video to go change passwords. First I heard of it. Fuck Twitch.

  10. The new world segment sounds like runescape darker side of the game.

  11. Laughs in GW2, what gear grind?

    Thats why I love gw2. U can grind for legendary gear but its exactly the same as ascended. Only difference is leggies look cooler and unique plus they give convenience of swapping stats for free. Furthermore u dont lose much by staying at exotic instead of ascended since its minimal diff. But if u want to min max u can work for ascended.
    Lastly level cap has been the same sinve 9years ago. Each expansion doesnt change the level cap hence no needless farming for gear for 9 diff characters, but i can actually enjoy the new maps and content which i want to

  12. I just read an article that guilds/companies are also mass reporting rival companies top players getting them 24hr bans just before territory wars….to get an advantage….

    On top of reading about new worlds having also had issues pre and post launch bricking gpus so yea….

    Pretty happy I just chill out on my single player games

  13. thanks for the warning.. cant believe that i didnt have 2f authentification turned on..
    i do that by default everywhere i acutally pay for something
    ah well, fixed now

  14. Whore gayming has corrupted my database 4 timez on my PSN

  15. Eh, point of order Jingles – FF14 didn’t tell you how to play, you just discovered that you didn’t like what it was. It is, always has been and probably always will be centred around dungeon runs for story and progression points as well as levelling. It has always been one of the core parts of the game alongaide mechanic heavy boss fights. But hey, at least they don’t introduce new gear every month to promote FOMO and keep you coming back like an addict for their daily fix.
    Personally I have days when I don’t want to do dungeon runs so I derp around with crafting, levelling another job, join hunt parties, fill in my sightseeing log etc. You know, all the other stuff 🙂

  16. For the lulz 😀

  17. You do realise that rep comes from more than just the daily quests? Right?

    Oh jingles, never stop being crap..

  18. I knew there was a reason I never got a twitch account.

  19. I’m glad ive stayed away for social media… I’m happier for it….

  20. If I were the owner of a pasword management company, these hacking attacks would be just the thing to boost business.

  21. @21:57
    Jingles: Like a glove

  22. Thanks Jingles. I’ve been living under a rock as far as Twitch is concerned, so I hadn’t heard about the hack.

  23. jingles, what are your thoughts on WoT PS4 Sturmtiger techtree line?

  24. I was going to try new world, but when I heard about it breaking people’s video cards… yeah may hold off on that like I will with windows 11…

  25. With out caching this episode Jingles i never would have known or changed my twitch pw…so for that i tip my hat to you sir! And thank you!

  26. Guerrilla Entrepreneur

    Mingles with Giggles
    Mingles with Babbles
    Episode 403

    Keep ’em coming.

  27. Yes Eve uses player drama to peak peoples interest in the game, but the difference between Eve and pretty much any other MMO is… Eve has the content to keep people busy, where as most new MMO’s or any new games for that matter focus too much on the visuals and not on the gameplay/content.

  28. WoWs and MWO have been my only multiplayer games – and i’m turning to single player again. Finished Horizon Zero Dawn, spending some time on Diablo 2 resurrected before turning to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Pay once and have fun.

  29. David Dragonhammer

    What is more scary, is everything has been taken in the real world, nobody is safe in any of your own data, the hackers have taken everything from us, govt’s have lost tons , credit card companies, even the reporting agencies of out credit have been broken into, what’s the point?, we aren’t safe, never will be….the poor get poorer, and rich are still rich.

  30. So, Jingles, if you’ve “had it” with MMO’s, will you ever be logging in to WoW to play the namesake character again?

  31. No mmo’s anymore? Then you have time for Deathloop, as the master of stealth. This would be entertaining… 😉

  32. Welp, time to spend all day changing my passwords and setting up two-factor authentication 🙁 Thanks for the notice

  33. I wonder what happens when mobile numbers start being reused?

  34. SO happy i made a throwaway password for it 😀

  35. I’m done with MMOs but more importantly I’m supporting Amazon any time I can help it

  36. There we no login info leaked in the Twitch data dump. But sure, it’s best to be safe.

  37. Excuse me I have a password to go and change……

  38. Hard truth of VR. Infinite worlds means infinite opportunities to con you. Sell your time and duckets dearly, kids.

  39. Mildly sad to hear on the FFXIV thing, but well, you pretty much need to want to play an rpg first and an mmo second for it, and if that isn’t what you want, that’s a rather large box it won’t tick. Maybe someday, if you ever end up in the mood for such. It’s always been fun to watch CCs react to the story. But if not? Oh well, no biggie.

  40. Jingles, the console world of tanks is getting a sturmtiger line with 1300 AP and 1700 HE.

  41. Bruh only 1 month after I made my twitch account.

  42. “Companies get hacked and will lose you data. Use our company to save all your log-in info!”

    Uh, okay then.

  43. Thanks for the twitch tip Jingles, not like I stream yet, but one day.

  44. Jingles, you should probably stop the Nord plugs ffs

  45. I can’t believe Jingles didn’t do an “Error 403” thumbnail on this one.

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