Mingles with Jingles Episode 405

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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  1. Oh that fanboy is in for suprise when karma comes back to him. Like wow my guy. Stay strong jingles.

  2. Jingles i just found out I lost one of my best friends today. Died to covid last Wednesday. I spoke to him. When he was getting treatment. He told me everything hurt, and that he felt like death. And I joked with him saying he didn’t have permission to die. And that he was stronger than this bitch ass disease. I heard his voice just say it was tough. I should’ve spoken to him more. At least before the end.

  3. Aldean Philip Dela Cruz

    Kinda torn between being glad hearing Jingle’s voice or worried that maybe him pushing out content this early. Personally I’m fine with him taking a month or two to fully recover. I’m here for his British humor and for the salts and maybe his hastened return seems a little concerning to me. Also may the person who shitted on boo realize the errors of their statement and do realize the pains of a passing loved one.

  4. Welcome back, we kept the salt flowing for our Overlord!

  5. Good grief, if bad karma befell everyone who’s said bad things about Wargaming, we’d be in the middle of the bubonic plague while asteroids bombarded the planet. Anyway, I bet it was Sub_Octavian.

  6. We love you, Jingles.

  7. Ahh the internet. Were you can be a doushebag to someone and not have any of the consequences. Jingles that person just has keyboard balls. In reality they would not of said that.

  8. Jingles! It’s your duty to adopt another pupper, for there are few things as grand as bringing comfort, love, and a full life to other creatures, great and small.

  9. Fuck that guy and hope your doing well welcome back

  10. Im sorry you lost your little friend..we get so attached to these balls of fur 😉 stay strong bro!

  11. Oh, Jingles…..sorry about Boo, great little fella. Yes, you can have it official: “ALL DOG’s GO TO HEAVEN” !!! He’ll be waiting for you there, waggling his tail…. Good to have you back.

  12. Welcome back, Jingles. Good to see you again.
    I know time will not heal the wound Boos departure left behind, but it will take away the sharp edges.

    Take care, and ‘see you when I see you’ 😉

  13. Welcome back, Admiral. Fair skies and tailwinds to the Mighty Boo

  14. Jingles give us the name of that one jackass. We all will give the prick some choice words.

  15. To the person/thing who said karma…May your Anus get infested for 1000years by sand fleas so you may never sit comfortably again!

  16. Pressing F to pay respects. Now that Boo has been struck down, he will become more powerful than ever. The force is strong with him. The mighty boo will truly be mighty.

  17. Some people,,,, if you gave them a million euro they would complain because it’s in 1’s.
    Glad to have you back.

  18. Sorry, not emotionally strong enough to watch after a similar experience. Take your time and all the best.

  19. Take care Jingles! all the best to you

  20. Stay safe buddy, really hope u r doing well, lots of love for u and Boo from the country down under(Australia)

  21. Hi Jingles! Boo was such a hilarious little dog. He definitely helped brighten up people’s days cause I know he brightened mine. When I was dealing with depression, would always give me a soft chuckle or laugh seeing him pop up on the game Fractured Space or in one of your videos. In ze future, if ya feel the need to take any days off, please do so. The pain comes in waves, and Id rather wait a day or two rather than see you try to struggle thru it.

    Hope your day is going well!

  22. Antonio Saavedra A.

    Our belove fallen dogs don’t matter the circumstances how they leave our world are here in other plane waiting for us to reach them. Boo is guarding you right now, you know that lovely rascal is there just you can see him. Pardon my language but fuck that Wargaming zealot shill!

  23. Dogs are angels sent to watch over us…

  24. <3 Jingles :) WB - and thank you for sharing from the heart. Pay no attention to people who clearly were either hit on the head with a shovel or have met the worst end of street pharma trials.

    Take care and stay safe.

  25. dogs are the best. that is all

  26. That troll, along with the 11 dislikes, can occupy a special place in hell.

    Welcome back, Paul. Take your time writing through this. Boo will be waiting for you on the rainbow bridge.

  27. Thanks for the Boo montage. such a cute dog that will me missed, the salt mines won’t be the same.
    “Death is that state where we live on in the memories of others, which is why its not truly the end, no goodbyes just good memories.” Tasha Yar

  28. While it is sad Boo is no longer with us, let’s look on the bright side. He lived a long and wonderful time, and was loved by many. A loyal companion, friend, and mascot, he will forever be remembered. Rest In Peace Boo. You were glorious

  29. Saw a comment about this awhile back, “He may have only been there for part of your life, but you were there for all of his.”

  30. Glad to have you back!

  31. Its little consolation but the pain of losing a pet is the price we pay for the unconditional love and joy they give us and while knowing this not ease the pain you are feelin hopefully it will help you remember some better times with Boo.

  32. Wellcome back boss!!

  33. ah yes the people who think karma is for everyone but them what an idiot anything you have said about war gaming was earned by war gaming being shit may that commenter learn the true meaning of karma

  34. Glad to see you back Jingles and yes when your pets die as ours did years ago. She was a German Shepard Female, we cried our eyes for days. We got her as a Pup and think about her often. Derek.

  35. jingles its good to know that you’re back, and again sorry for your loss and continue to work in how you see fit

  36. Only ONE douchebag below your video? Jingles, that only shows how much you (and Boo) are loved. Considering the average percentage of braindead people roaming free you were blessed with an extraordinary low amount of them. Let him live his little miserable life, I doubt we can save him from being the miserable little existance he is…
    Glad you are back! Take all your time to mourn you need, I don’t think anybody here (except… you know… but he doesn’t count) will be offended by that :-).

  37. I understand how you might feel. I lost my cat who was 16 around a year ago and I still miss him big time. I had him since I was about to go to year 2 of primary school (2003) when he was only 2 months old. Having lost a pet (no matter if its a cat or dog) after this long, may it be 16 year or 12, it hurts like a B for a long time. And I think one would never really get over it as I think it is almost like a long term relationship – you love them and they love you. I am sorry Boo had to go like this. A pet’s life is never long enough.

  38. I would sooner believe Wargambling assassinated Boo as some sort of petty revenge.

  39. Two cats? What happened with Cristalin?

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