Mingles with Jingles Episode 406

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Source: The Jingles

Another year draws to a close, another round of overhyped underwhelming Christmas games approaches.



  1. I play the old Delta Force games 1 to 3 from Novalogic. The first game came out in 1999.

  2. Cheaters gonna ruin both CoD and BF for sure.

  3. “Rockstar is trying to push more releases of GTA V than Bethesda’s Skyrim”

    Resident Evil 4: AMATEURS!

  4. Whatever happened to chrysallyd

  5. 12:36- World of Warships

  6. I played a bit of the BF 2042 demo and while I was kind of hyped for it actually, that’s done now. I don’t like the whole Specialist thing (they’re just trying to copy that from other games that have it), the movement speed is right out of Call of Duty, don’t really care for the on-the-fly weapon modification. I know there’s people that will like those things, that’s fine, but I don’t. I guess I can give up hoping they’ll return to their roots. I guess it was a stupid hope but hey, sue me. It’s not like I want a re-skin of BF2, but the series shouldn’t even be called Battlefield anymore IMO.

    The only thing that’s actually kind of cool is that Portal mode, it seems like ONLY due to that there might actually be some decent servers/rules.

  7. NoPenguinsOnKharak

    Dammit Jingles, you havent said anything new but it still hits hard. Ineitability of some events and having to cope with unavoidable. Pets as well. About games, if i enjoy them i cant tell they’re bad. They might be according to ratings and reviews but i still love em.

  8. Saint’s Row. They started off as a serious game to compete with GTA but then…evolved into a game with dildo bats, tentacle bats, Han Solo’s pistol and Freckle Bitch’s Burgers.

  9. Have you tried Crossout (on Steam) Jingles? It’s Car Wars in Mad Max world with BOT battles, PVP and a Campaign that badly needs a big expansion for. It’s kind of naff but playable at the same time.

  10. It’s when you can tell that the people who worked at something (game, movie, what ever) didn’t give a shit and would rather have been doing something else. They did it for the money and nothing more. I love Cyberpunk. It has so many issues that are still not fixed and will probably never be what was promised. But I feel that at the developer level some people put a lot of their heart and soul into making what they wanted to be something great.

  11. Jingles, I completely agree with you about the state of upcoming games and recently released titles. It is so bad in my opinion that I have started playing really old games again or hold on to your knickers, watching old movies as well.

  12. I know it’s not really your channel’s style Jingles, but Grand Theft Auto 5 as a casual Saturday would be a nice addition for a while. You’d probably have to break it up with other stuff because it’s a loooooong game.

  13. Can’t say I enjoy any bad games, I’m too much of a purist. Even Smash Ultimate was a bit of a disappointment for me and I have a love hate view of it to this day.

  14. That’s the thing you gotta remember about WASPs – they love animals, they can’t stand people.

    Gordon Gekko.
    WASP(White Anglo Saxon Protestant)

  15. A game I play that I know is complete shit is Holdfast: Nations at War. It’s basically a cartoony Napoleonic 3rd person shooter. Usually, it is just a bunch of individuals running around a map with a musket that takes 30 seconds to reload while mic spamming. It is ridiculously unrealistic and shitty, but for some reason, I love playing it, and I don’t know why

  16. Maybe have a look at War on the Sea for pc

  17. as far as game that are so bad they are good goes. you cant find better than the EDF series of game. its like corny and badly translated anime the videogame.

  18. @Jingles, Speak to your vet about glucosamine supplements. They can help animals with arthritic joints. Or they may be able to make some recommendations to try to help with the problem.

  19. Jingles, did you ever try War On the Sea? Would have thought that would be right up your alley.

  20. game called Bullet storm

  21. Nosforeatu: the wrath of malachi is a piece of junk held together with duct tape and spit. Its so bad, to the point of being hard to play but… i fucking love it, and am not sure why.

  22. Gothic,Risen,Elex…not dogshit…definitly not”good” either but i adore them deeply 😀

  23. Waiting for Total War Warhammer III, not much else interesting out there yet, still keep going bach to Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries, with all the DLC, much better than when it came out.
    Crash Dive 2 is decent but cheap sub simulator, just dont expect amazing graphics.
    Also going a bit old school and building a pc that will play some of those good games from the past, have an intel i7 2600k with a 580 GTX (though may put my 1650 in there, not sure yet), and going to bung windows XP on it and some of the classic games like the earlier Mechwarrior titles and a few others and see how they have held up over the years that no longer work on my much more modern 3900X/3090 RTX system.

    Also have to finish a 5600X/3060 RTX system for my mates 50th birthday, then add MSFS as its about the only thing he enjoys (or can) play these days.

  24. Hey Jingles. Would you like to try out Forza Horizon 5? I am having a blast playing it. The game has you driving around a somewhat compressed map of Mexico as you race, perform PR stunts, and explore in order to reach Horizon’s Hall of Fame. I am simply suggesting that you should try new genres of games other than first- or third-person shooters.

  25. Well I have to admit Destroy all Humans is a guilty pleasure for me as its hilariously fun but makes no sense really especially as the 2nd Remake will be coming out soon hopefully!

  26. Battlefield 1 had a good single player I thought…

  27. Biggest pile of hot steamy trash that I love to play that I don’t know why? (Well I do, and that’s because it’s so unimaginably broken that it’s suprising to me that it was even released) WWE 2k13, when I first got it. I almost stopped immediately after the first match, 2k10 (the only one I’ve played before that, and I love but it’s a finished game) has a character creator, and created wrestlers can get stronger. 13 though didn’t have that, no create your own finisher either. But a few weeks of not playing it after I got it, my cousin wanted to play it with me. So I warned them, got into a match, and holy fuck. Brand new disk no scratches, and the referee goes fucking wild. Shouting random numbers 1-10, scolding for various rule breaks, being pinned, etc. I fucking lost it right there, but regained composure. Not even 2 minutes later as I was being tossed into the ropes, my character stumbles before hitting the ropes. So he just walked through them instead, and was floating outside the arena and could still walk. I joked to my little cousin and was like “hey, I’m gonna take a restroom break. Bet that they can’t pin me to end the match” and yeah. 10 minutes later, our opponents were just walking around in circles outside the arena under me

  28. GTA 5 for the “newest and bestest” of consoles ain’t even a remaster in the first place. It’s getting a mild visual improvement over the previous gen consoles which we already got when GTA 5 was finally ported to PC and i bet i can still run the game looking better on my currently 9 yo PC than the current gen console XD

  29. about the stupid game question. War Thunder

  30. What about Elden Ring?

  31. Also, Forza Horizon 5 is set to release tomorrow on Windows, Xbox Series X, all Xbox One consoles, and Steam, despite premium pre-orderers having played the game for a couple days. Just want to let you know when the official release date was. Game costs $60 US, but it is worth the money.

  32. 4:41 Never mind LOL.

  33. “Animals never steal from you…” Oh Jingles, you clearly haven’t tried to keep you food from being eaten by a Laborador or a Spaniel 😂 Also are you and Rita still on good terms?

  34. I`d nearly forgotten about STALKER 2, until jingles mentioned it, gonna go redownload and play the stalker games from steam now

  35. I would say that XCOM 2 is the game that I cannot bring myself to stop playing, it isn’t a bad game per say, it is just *SO INFURIATING* to watch my soldiers miss a 95% shot from point blank range. But hey, I suppose that’s part of the charm, and no matter how angry I get at the game I always end up laughing at the ridiculous missed shots. As they say, *That’s XCOM baby*

  36. Relentless: Twinsens Adventure. Is also known in its native France and the rest of Europe as little big adventure

  37. I’m looking forward to Endwalker though~

  38. same i also have somewhat ‘lost interest’….even with all the incoming games nowadays…there something missing, i dont feel ‘that’ anymore. from world of tanks to just pc games i dont really feel anything anymore. i dont know what ‘that’ is…so i thought that im missing people interaction due to covid…jump in MMO most are dead or everyone is a soloist, jump in battle games like WoT,BFV, thats not talking,its just people speak out in the moment, so now im here watching just youtube…just youtube and occasion reading online mangas and doujins….i dont know why but i think im growing out of my gamer self. trying to get back what i lost…i DL any games i encounter and playing it…still im not really feeling that when i used to play a game that makes me feel really excited,fun,immersed in the enviroment…to me its just not there anymore…idk why.

  39. Submarines, CVs…..chased me away from WOWS. I used to really enjoy playing DDs It was challenging and you had a chance to be a sneaky bastard..lol. In axe it one component (Subs) they nullify another, and the AA issue swung way to far the other way.

  40. None that I know of. Don’t worry that was funny in my head to, and I have 2 kids….lol where do I send the medical bill to for falling off my chair?

  41. AC Valhalla is one of those games that is bad but good at the same time

  42. ApproachDiverging013

    Oi, I had my cat Blue for 17 years. Right about when she turned 8 I noticed the same thing about her mobility and after a vet visit we found out she had arthritis. However a baby aspirin a day helped her live on for 9 more years. She was happy and comfortable until the sun set on her. We still haven’t found a replacement for Blue but we do have a loyal rescue dog and he is every bit loving and kind.

  43. Jingles there’s dying light 2 coming out on the first week of December

  44. Beyond 5he wire looks good.

  45. I think I like pets more than I like most people. Jingles there is a treat/supplement that has cosamine for animals (not just for people). It made a huge difference in my dogs ability to get up and run. Let him live a happier life. I would look into that for your kitty cat 🙂

  46. You could start adding a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement to your cat’s food to help with her joints. I think some of the fancy expensive food brands may include it in their “senior” formulas, but you can buy it separately, just a question of how convenient it is to administer. I used to know a fellow that bought the equine grade stuff for himself as it was half the cost of buying it from the pharmacy…..

  47. Baboons tried to steal from our bergans in Kenya! We had to fire schermullies at them

  48. Regarding the children and parents thing. I can only say what goes around comes around. My father was absent almost all the time, inattentive, condescending when he was paying attention and even joined in the bullying when my ‘friends’ started up. I haven’t spoken with him in 15 years and I’m fine with never saying anything again. My dog, on the other hand, I miss every day even though he died 20 years ago.

  49. The Amazing Goldfish

    “FIFTY ONE” WoW that’s really,…….oh wait I’m about to hit 57,………. you’re really “YOUNG” Jingles. 🏹🤠👍

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