Mingles with Jingles Episode 407

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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In which, amongst other things, Jurassic World Evolution 2 drives me to the brink of insanity.



  1. Andys model and stuff

    I’m back with timestamps:
    00:00 Welcome!
    00:05 Sponsorship from Nordpass, this is a good one
    01:54 Bussy weekend part 1: AoE 4
    02:44 Slight digression, english and french rivalry
    03:09 Back to AoE 4
    03:33 Bussy weekend part 2: Jurassic World Evolution
    15:39 Questions from the Salt Mine Discord server
    19:58 That’s about it!

  2. an AOE 4 and jurassic world playthrough for youtube would be awesome

  3. 1. How Google getting hacked has anything to do with passwords saved on a web browser?
    2. Actually Jingles 🙂 Age of Empires have been remastered, regardless of AOE4.
    3. Save scumming is legit depending on the BS of the game.

    • Because many people use Google Chrome as their web browser. Google can save passwords for autofill purposes, and since those passwords can be moved from PC to PC, they are stored on servers. Good hackin’ targets.

    • @Xander Wulfe I replied but for some reason the post is gone? wtf.
      Anyway, I will say it again.
      Does Chrome require you to be connected/online to your Google account and thus upload your passwords on their servers? Because Firefox and Opera I use for many years do not require you to do any such thing. You can save your passwords on the browser/your PC, without having to upload/share anything with anyone. If Chrome can’t do this then ok, fair enough.

  4. I got the last one for free…still ain’t played it….if this is free I won’t play this one as well…

  5. Morning old salty dude.

  6. Oh Jingles. Put the Ranger Station and feeder right next to the gate to the Raptor pen, the jeep will be in and out before the raptors attack.

    Increase the size of their paddock by extending the fences out and use multiple live feeders so they’ll be busy hunting instead of fighting.

    • You don’t need to…. You should only build two raptors and just make sure they don’t have the +30% chance to aggro.
      Then you have plenty of money.
      The issue seems like jingles is just being crap…

  7. Could you not just release all the Raptors regardless, and let natural selection do its thing?

    • As soon as you do, the game gets mad.
      Honestly it’s just jingles being crap.
      My guess is he tried to pre empt the game and overbuilt.
      In That mission it’s key to follow the instructions until you can open the park.
      At that point it becomes really easy

  8. Cold is one of the most frustrating things in the game because you keep having to task your mobile vets to keep their health up and most of the time it turns into pneumonia and it drains their health even more, with the added “benefit” that both of these diseases lowers their maximum health. I actually also quit the first challenge because of money problems, and went instead to the San Diego Park, which was way more relaxing, except for the minor problem that storms _always_ disable your power plants. Which, since they give you a T-rex at the start, is a little alarming.

    • The 1st mission is actually easy if you just follow the directions in game…
      It’s when we players think we know better and try to plan in advance that it goes very wrong.

  9. Since concealment is so easily negated in Wows with things like radar and CVs, it’s not really a worthwhile gimmick on the Tulsa. You’re totally right about the Salem though:
    Super heal, 50% more DPM, 30mm plating, more range and the fact that tier 10 ships are eligible to get supercontainers from their Christmas / anniversary events. The only benefit of tier 9 is the great matchmaking whereas in the Salem you’re always going to be facing 18″ armed BBs.

  10. How to fix the first jurassic park: Hire more than one IT guy!

  11. Will I guess that why it’s chaos

  12. That music in that plastic ball though… It’s like you are in an elevator

  13. Age of Empires 4 took everyone by surprise. Especially after the disappointment that was 3.

  14. Due to my very broad Geordie accent I can’t use anything like sirri, cortana or anything else like that. Still amazed that it can understand Russian and Welsh tho lol

  15. Trust me mate, as an Aussie, you will never be confused for one of us.

  16. Omg… the raptor making in first mission is designed so you only need TWO raptors….
    So you don’t need to worry about them….

    Just make the first two… don’t worry about them.

    Jesus jingles…. You truly are crap:..

    Never change.

  17. All glory to ‘Neighbours’ 😅 and Kylie Minogue.

  18. Everyone thinks I’m australian and I never lived outside of Brighton sussex lol

  19. Just watched a livestream and he got lucky. 1/3 in in the ‘first’ batch and 5/5 in the second batch were viable and no negatives. The storm seems to be a fixed start point, as he got in the same sequence. He did manage to get the park open before the storm hit.

  20. It’s interesting – there must be a balance between developing and releasing the product, perfection is the enemy of good enough and if you hold it back forever it will be out of date/people will complain, share prices will tank because of the delay. If you release it too early, it will be unfinished/people will complain, share prices will tank because of it being too early. The pendulum seems to have swung firmly towards releasing things too early and fixing them later – I suppose this just represents the impatience of modern science and gamers in particular… Possibly there was a Black Friday factor involved too. It sounds like the people that did Elite Dangerous’s engineering got involved with the egg synthesis. To be fair viral infections can strike anyone – you’re just expericencing the stuff that can happen…

  21. About South African and Australian accents; with the ongoing under cover invasion of Western Australia by South Africa you are sure to find some interesting accents in Perth by now.

  22. I’m still not happy that you abandoned the Beast Inside series. However, I really want to know; what was it that scared you so much when you entered the mine as Nicholas?

  23. A few negative traits never given to raptors:
    – Apathetic
    – Lethargic
    – Vegan

  24. Hello jingles. I think you should read the book, instead of relying on the movie.
    The “chaos theory” name is the clue. The point of the book was that the park cannot work, it will fail eventually, because of chaos theory.
    So, the pain you experience is the point.

  25. hmm, what about cutting the cost and kill the sicks

  26. Google doesn’t get hacked all the time. Peoples private gmail account and Google password get hacked from lax security on their end. Big difference.

  27. So, even before I watch this, I predict this M&J will be yet another 20 minutes(minus the sponsor chat time) of Jingles complaining of how annoyed he is with wargaming, how much he doesn’t like WoT and WoW anymore but still continues to play them because of ‘reasons’ but, in order to satisfy his masochistic fetishes, he advocates ‘Oh wargaming, never change’. or he’ll just tell us about his new website, OnlyJingles!, where he does Hot Tub streams from his kitchen making various Naval delicacies from around the world.

  28. i had some trouple with allosaurus mission in the campaign

  29. Rather play the french then the English

  30. Dear jingles, is there a chance for you to reupload the part of MwJ 124, the story of Leo major?
    Sincerely, Boldi


  32. RNG not screwing you over?
    Oh Jingles, how long have you been playing games now?

  33. Buy, then find out negative traits? Sounds like loot boxes within the gameplay now.

  34. Discoverychannel level of history?
    Are they buying storage-units? Building hot-rods? Mining gold absolutley everywhere?

  35. You will probably hate me jingles but my first incubation 5 of 6 were viable and only one had a negative trait

  36. I think the intent of the horribly low chances of getting clean specimens from the Raptor eggs was the point: That you were supposed to eventually give up on perfection and make due with the negative traits. Much like Hammond probably did in the movie given how much of a bunch of unprovoked bastards the Velociraptors were in that movie.

    That could have been communicated to the player a bit better. Have Doctor say something like “Well we’ll make do”

  37. Will you be back on the “Armchair Admirals”?

  38. Don’t worry Jingles, save scumming is pretty normal in any Frontier game.
    Even in their multiplayer games somehow ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  39. in real rappters where the size of chickens

  40. If you need a short game for inbetween, I still recommend GRIS. I think you’d like it. (Short puzzle platformer with awesome visuals and music.)
    When you mentioned nail pulling, I had to think of Higurashi no NAku koro ni – When they cry. Do you by chance know that anime?

  41. *Local schoolboys manage to insult the Australians, South Africans, and Northerners all at the same time.*

  42. Jingles, have you actually tried just taking whatever crappy traits the raptor come with and just dealing with it? You are basically complaining you didn’t get the perfect gacha rolls and don’t want to play with the hand you were dealt and wasted all your resources to get good results and are left with no money to do anything else…. It could be possible it’s cheaper to keep the horrible raptors, i mean you say a jeep is 50k? doesn’t that mean you can buy 9 jeeps for 1 roll of the dice for more raptors? and you did it 5 times? that’s 36 jeeps after the first roll.

  43. Lord Runolfr Ulfsson

    (11:00) Umm… Laura Dern’s character thought the triceratops was getting sick from West Indian Lilac, which — as far as I can tell — is not a variety of ivy, so I don’t know what the game developers are doing.

  44. No-one else outside Geordie land in the UK can understand them let alone SA 😉😘

  45. Do you find ppl who have pets they feed live food to, odd?

  46. Check the Microsoft gamepass. I noticed AoE 4 there about a month ago.

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