Mingles with Jingles Episode 408

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I guess the moral of this weeks’ episode is that it’s okay to be different and being different shouldn’t be a big deal. It’s also okay to be uncomfortable with the differences, just as long as you remember to not be a dick about it.



  1. Andys model and stuff

    Timestamps are back:
    00:00 Welcome!
    00:05 Sponsored element, try out Nordpass!
    00:58 Weyhey, Gnome Overlord appears on camera!
    01:17 Diversety and representation in video games and media
    03:26 Example of how NOT do do things; 10 000 BC
    05:51 Back to main subject; how to successfully represent different people
    10:24 Jingles hot take: Representation is not a problem, terrible personalities is
    16:00 Stay safe & take care <3

  2. Jingles,

    I agree 100%, I don’t care what people do in their homes as well. Too many shows are trying shove an agenda down people’s throats or go out of their way to drive their ideas. And if you don’t agree with their view points, you are a bad person. Time for the show producers to grow up.

  3. Sneedserino Gamebreakerino

    Its good to see that jungles and I share opinions on diversity. And as a transgender person I can say that “post operation transgender” is.. dated as a phrase but nobody is gonna lynch you for using it. And also you’re perfectly entitled to dislike people for whatever reason, you don’t need to justify your opinions to us, we’ll love you anyway

    On another note though, that 1st replay you used for this video, with the kranvagn on cliff.. haven’t you used that replay already in an episode of mingles? Jingles you noob

  4. diversity i care is which parts of the cow im gonna eat 😅

  5. Turns out people can be annoying or endearing no matter who they are because they’re people who aren’t perfect with their flaws or strengths surprised Pikachu face

  6. Well, I do agree with you on we should not care about checking all the equality or diversity boxes. But if you spend all your time only worrying about checking the boxes then when are you going to have time to get a good story to fit your diversity cast of characters. I guess what i am trying to say is what so many people are saying about star wars and the 2016 Ghostbusters. Both are or where great movie franchises, but somebody wanted to “fix this movies” by only focusing on the diversity and not the story. You can have diversity, like you said. but it has to be naturel. Like you don’t care about all the characters been different because its about the story that the characters are in and not the other way around. One example, the new Ghostbusters movie. It has a diverse cast of characters that blends in with the story. So you don’t see all the characters as different from each other, but as normal people interacting with each other in the story.

  7. The peloponisian what now?

  8. Yeah, at this point I am just waiting for a movie which is about some people in the SS with a cast which is more diverse than Germany is today.

  9. In the defense of 10000 BC, its a 2008 movie. They didnt give a sht about racial and gender inclusion yet back then so it probably had more to do with poor movie setup. Also im turning 30 in 2 months and i can say i am familiar with Andrew Dice Clay because iv run into one of his comedy shows on youtube from back in the 80s or 90s

  10. My buddy and I were both saying how we enjoyed the way they fit the diversity in to the game and how it just keeps moving forward.

  11. Snowflakes always get offended, no matter how one tries to explain something 😉

  12. well said, better than i can put it

  13. The first WOT battle is already featured in Mingles with Jingles 406..
    anyway I pretty much agree with you on everything you said with a tiny addition..
    It’s that unless a character’s sexuality is fundamentally important to the story for legit reasons, (and i bet it won’t be for 90% of the games), it’s just revolting to even mention it, rather than make the whole character or even the game about it like some game developers do..
    It’s like a big middle finger to players that says „political correctness and mainstream propaganda has reached the very thing you like doing to (escape reality/relieve your stress/have a good time/make a living) and they’re gonna do it their way like it or not“
    In neither of those cases should that be ok..

  14. Far Cry 6 = Canadian Society. From a Canadian lol.

  15. Wokeism is a far bigger pandemic than the current “pandemic.”

  16. You know, it’s kinda funny how the diversity thing goes in media. I have two good friends I work with who are big gamers, comic book readers, and movie fanatics. They are the two biggest and loudest opponents I’ve ever seen against checking diversity boxes for the sake of checking diversity boxes. Now this is the point where most people would start in on how they are intolerant racists. Here’s the thing though, One is Black and one is Hispanic. Both moved to Canada from their home countries as children.

  17. Honestly I think the whole idea of trying to go out of your way to make a game/movie “inclusive and diverse” is a bad thing, a setting and the characters in the setting should make sense and feel natural. It feels tacky to have forced “diversity” and just feels weird when you have a game having a radically different demographic then would naturally appear in the depicted location.

  18. Or you could get Bitwarden 😀

  19. Love the philosophy. But it’s the same gameplay from 3 weeks ago(At least the kranvagn game) 🤔🤔🤔

  20. Yep, words to live by… Don’t be a dick.

  21. Apparently, game developers nowadays find it crucial that the player knows what reproductive organs each character likes to suck, before even having the chance to engage in the so-called „playing the game“

  22. Well said, sir!

  23. I think maybe you’d hit the nail on the head there Jingles without tying the knot. Because we’re all different (even if you’re not taking race, gender, skin colour and religion into the equation) how we each experience the world around us is entirely subjective, based on our own values and ethics. I personally could not care any less about other peoples race, sexuality, personal-expression, skin-colour or religion, what matters to me is people’s actions … how they behave, their strength of character … but navigating todays so-called “entertainment industry” for a little escapism is almost impossible. Be it television, movies and video-games you as a customer is constantly being assaulted with ALL the diversity under the sun, it’s being crammed into everything and it is getting a little tiresome. I mean nobody in their right mind continuously bring up their “special group-membership” in every single conversation or situation because it isn’t necessary, if your entire identity and well-being is based on continuous confirmation, applause and special considerations you might very probably need some help.

  24. You hit the Nail Square on the head Mighty Jingles Keep up the good Work

  25. I agree, it’s almost more insulting by promoting diversity over actually making a good product. It’s just using people to promote crap. Doing something well, while including everyone is more rare than it should be. Changing history and reality just to include people doesn’t make sense, just like the hey look at us being inclusive. Doing it well and including more groups of people is better. it’s like saying people didn’t like the 2016 ghostbusters because they were sexist because the all female cast, when it wasn’t a good movie.

  26. You look well, old man, also are you planning on handing out presents to lucky kids soon?

  27. Some decent points made – we are all different, but with a lot of similarities. I don’t find Alan Carr that annoying, Tom Allen on the other hand…

  28. I think they spend to much time and effort making every race and color or people feel included

  29. Jingles have you ever heard of ESG score? Or anyone else? It gives you free money for this kind of subject. So all schools in America have ESG scores and it’s for this kind of subject, the higher their score the more funding they get to push more of this crap. Even Hollywood movies have ESG scores and if they check all the boxes they get money for their movies budget. That’s why all of the new Superhero movies suck so bad lately. They are more worried about checking these boxes than making a good movies. So here comes gay Superman or gay Venom. Movies suck now because of this ESG score crap.

  30. To throw in my worthless 2 cents to the representation stuff;
    I’m a queer woman and I think it’s great to have more diversity in media, but I find it frustrating when it it’s doesn’t make sense (like in the movie example you gave) or when the character is so 2 dimensional that they add nothing to the story other than “Look guys we have a gay!”
    A lot of people seems to have a problem with minority characters taking lead roles, all the people complaining that they don’t want to have to play as a woman or a black man or whathave you and they say things like “Why can’t she be a man?” or “Why can’t he a white? This doesn’t represent me.” and I think a better question to ask in turn is asking why does the character have to be white or have to be male?

    At the end of the day minority characters can add a lot to a game, it opens up lots of new themes to discuss and explore if done well but the problem is that too often it’s not handled well or they barely qualify as characters with it being obvious they were just there to tick a box.

  31. Ford Fairlane, Gods yes that character grinds my gears so hard. (and yes i’m straight white and male ) That character is a prototype overcompensating, insecure, i could go on and on so lets keep it at that character grinds my gears too. 😒😒

  32. Yep. Too many people try to force diversity where it doesn’t belong and too many people on both extremes of sexuality and try to force it upon everyone else.

  33. People have the right to ‘be offended’.
    Just like I have the right to not give a shit.

  34. Andrew dice clay made a lot of Americans angry too.

  35. Your not alone jingles 👌

  36. As Sean Connery once said in Highlander “B A L A N C E balance” it’s true in sword fighting and in life.

    Jingles you perfectly put into words what I have been thinking about these last few years. The far right and far left on any issue needs calm down and see the middle ground.

  37. I remember seeing an interview with the screenwriter of Alien and he said that when he wrote the first few drafts of the script the characters had no sex/gender assigned to them. He reasoned it would allow casting to put the best fit actor into the role, and then in re-writes, they can assign the actor’s sex/gender to the role. I was always told in writing the story is key, then character, everything else is secondary or unnecessary. Write a good story, then have good characters, and only put details in that service the story. Kind of like the concept of Chekhov’s Gun, ie “Remove everything that has no relevance to the story. If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it’s not going to be fired, it shouldn’t be hanging there.”

  38. I couldn’t have stated it any better Jingles. Imagine my surprise to listen to someone that makes perfect common sense seem as if it should be common…

  39. So, checking the boxes while making a movie without caring about quality of product is BAD, but running a tech gaming business that DOES NOT emphasize checking the boxes over quality of product is BAD. I see….

  40. Jingles, I’m offended, offended I say, Offended. Please more videos and please keep offending me.

  41. I’m a conservative, and I don’t have a problem with diversity, but diversity for diversity’s sake is stupid and just woke garbage. There’s nothing *inherently* good about diversity, despite what you’re told by the screen people. I’d like to hear good arguments about why it’s such a great thing. Example: hiring “diverse” people over those who might be more qualified for a position. Example: A TV show cast that purposely tries to be as “diverse” as possible, or a TV show based on a book that changes characters to be more “diverse.”

  42. Totally agree with you,Jingles!!!!

  43. I agree. There are some traits that have become so required to include because if not the small percent of will be offended if not represented. A person has the right by choice to be (be it right or wrong) but don’t shove in the faces of every person they come into contact with. I don’t wear my beliefs on my sleeve, it is no one’s else’s business. But I do believe of being honest and respect a person because they are a human being. But not to judge in public shaming or behind their back. But that does not mean to be ignorant that their life choices is wrong or bad, just avoid their choice to become not your own. It is obvious as we are the human race, we mainly lost a direction (by choice) in providence, it is not good.

  44. 2:11
    Jingles: Let me know in the comment whether you agree, disagree, dont give a shit
    Me: Ooh, I like that last option

  45. If games/media etc wanna be Diverse the story MUST support it, they can’t take a bunch of characters we already know change gender or race just because “must be diverse!” its a crying shame when “black woman” is a part somebody has to play in games movies/tv that person should be playing a character and most of the time the race shouldn’t fucking matter, nor the gender.

    Diversity has become a joke and a sure fire way to know whoever is making the product is fucking simple, you can make great media without worrying about diversity, just look at harry potter and game of thrones.. the red head was meant to be ugly as was the dwarf but their actors.. and maybe the little girl growing up not to be ugly was just luck.. but she wasn’t cast as an average looking girl to start with.

    Characters should be characters first and political tools.. last every other purpose a character can serve should be served by the person before politics get shoved into it.. most us “gamers” want our gaming without the politic shit.. saying….

    “oh everything is political look at starwars” as a kid.. or an adult playing Tie fighter and X-wing i am not sat there thinking.. OH NO the republic fell the empire is so evil.. and its based on america in the 70s… I was engaged with the gameplay which had very minor politics besides the in universe stuff.

    Alex the kid, Sonic the hedgehog… all these fucking games i can list without political shit shoved into them.. but now days qoutas and games urinalist’s who wont review a game unless its utter and complete trash. (or they get paid for it) but Gamergate got binned because it was making too much progress.. can’t take the money out of the news how’d they make bank.

  46. Extremist of all stripes are irritating, by design…
    …fence sitters would be far more plentiful without them though and growth as a race of beings would be even slower than it already is.

    If only children could be properly provided with the life lessons of their parents, maybe we could already be out traveling the stars, killing all the nasty xenomorphs as we should be.

    Seriously though, having to train each new batch of humans on how to be reasonable and thoughtful each generation, really is quite a millstone to be dragging around.


  47. Jingles. I’m worried about your editing. the WoT’s Battle you show in this episode I swear was used in a pervious episode of Mingles with Jingles. Never change old man.

  48. Couldn’t help but notice the stormtroopers in the background. Are you a empire man? If so I can only say “the empire’s time has come!” Lol

  49. Jingles is right about inclusivity. The best way to define a character is to use an extreme of the stereotypical actor. But once its a self aware trait, it ruins it.

    If you keep making that trait something obvious, it will never solve the problem. You just have to tolerate it enough that make it a problem. Its almost like of you do not make it a problem, somebody has been raised to feel its a problem.

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