Mingles with Jingles Episode 409

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Source: The Mighty

Day 1 – Is mainly Games, and Prizes
Day 2 – Is mainly Varity / WT Games.

Prizes on both of them

It’s in Support of BLESMA This year, which is a UK Charity for ex service personal who have suffered life changing loss of limbs and they support them in both the physical change – and the mental change as well.


If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like https://replayswows.com/

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Andys model and stuff

    (Shit Jingles this was a long video, my lunch break is not long enough for this. I’m gonna come back and complete this later)

    00:00 welcome to a Discord live segment (not on Youtube ofc, but still)
    00:40 Recap from last weeks mingle, representation in games: Jignels is proud of us guys!
    01:44 Akizuki trolls jingels by not showing up
    02:47 Swapping out Dave?!?
    03:34 Old navy friends
    08:57 Best usernames ever
    09:38 Arcane on Netflix, have you seen it?
    12:33 Helixfaust (I think, sorry in adcande for fu*king up you name!) gets a muffin
    13:36 Favourite music genres
    16:54 Why no Jingles gnomes?
    18:23 Do you still play WOWS/ WOT?
    20:23 Earl Gray chellenges WOWS?
    24:38 When do you buy a DLC?

  2. Jingles you’ve so gone up in my estimation Zodiac Mindwarp are bloody great

  3. I’d like to join the discord, is there a link anywhere please?

  4. jingles have you ever been to Pembrokeshire

  5. Got my booster and Flu jab and feel like crap today. You have my sympathy.

  6. Other great DLC is Civilization DLC. It adds so much and with Civ V and Civ VI in particular. It made the games great because without them they are just mediocre. They are almost different games without them. For example, in civilization V they added trade routes, religion, new nations with crazy game styles, balance changes, a completely new tech tree, and the list goes on. Civ VI is close to as good but not quite there yet.

  7. If they do it well? You poor innocent fool…. its Wargamming!

  8. Jingles ” Billy No mates” great mingles with Jingles. you have my sympathy for th tooth ache I went to dentist last week 1st time in two years he got me to change how I clean my teeth as it was not getting certain arera as well as it shoulds and use little brushes to clean between my back teeth, now been getting tooth ache in my back teeth a lot, so have gone back to my way of cleaning but got to wait for my teeth to settle down again. Always start acing just before bed time.

  9. Best user name I’ve come across? – “Thirdlegiswooden”

  10. HMS Brazen served the Brazilian Navy until 2015 as F Bosísio. Think it was her that came to our port once. Beautiful ship.

    Hope the vax works mate, God bless

  11. Could you play ultimate admiral dreadnoughts

  12. Leaving a like and comment to appease the algorithm. Love your stuff Jingles. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’. o7

  13. 9:40 I have to tip my hat to the Fubuki on the red team that manages to torpedo and sink the CV and then sinks a Nürnberg _with its guns_ before finally succumbing to return fire from the latter.

  14. What was the show Jingles was talking about when we was mentioning Arcane?

  15. I’m pretty sure WG didn’t reveal droprates due to any playerpressure but rather because several EU countries consumer agencies has a very hard look at loot mechanics and misleading advertising.

  16. Thank you very much for showing my World of Warships video in the Gneisenau. Made my year mate. Mikey

  17. Jingles, reading Red Storm Rising taught me about ASW if you haven’t (somehow) read it yet

  18. It. Came. From. China.

  19. YOU SHOULD SELL WEEKEND WITH JINGLE TOURS!!!! I bet you could sell enough tickets to pay for your expenses and have some to go home with. You could go places you know about or see new things with people who share your interest. Ask you community about it.

  20. The best DLC in history are Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine for Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Nothing comes close. Blood and Wine is big enough to be a separate game in its own right. They both add to the main game. They are totally integrated and choices have effects throughout. Hearts of Stone brings three of the best bosses out there in “The Frog Prince” “the Caretaker and “Iris’s Greatest Nightmare.”
    Blood and Wine introduces the Duchy of Toussaint, a brand new region. One of the best side kicks in Regis and dual villains in Detlaf the higher vampire and Syanna the dispossessed princess.
    Toussaint is beautiful. The Fairy Land is very clever. There are many layers to the DLC.
    In fact Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine are better than the term DLC. They’re expansions. There is definitely a difference.

  21. The Witcher 3 DLCs. Each DLC was like a separate game by itself

  22. Potentially, great DLC could be Odyssey for Elite Dangerous. Adding like a whole new game. If it would be done properly.

  23. Calling me a slacker?!?! Some of us actually have to go to work Jingles….

    Love ya anyways Gnome Overlord.

  24. Regarding the marriage thing, it is much, much wiser to stay single than to get married to the wrong person. As my dad used to say. “Marry in haste, repent at leisure”

  25. DLC for Fallout: New Vegas was pretty awesome, but I might be biased, being a mod author for the game. lol

  26. Best DLC? The Raising Hell DLC for Overlord 1. It added Abyss Dungeons that unlocked after beating the corresponding “Realm”’s boss.

    The cool thing is it changed the ending of Overlord 1 from an open ended RPG ending to an ending that answered a bunch of plot holes and bridged the gap between Overlord 1 and 2.

  27. I was working in a hospital at the time. Dealing with chest pain and respiratory distress etc. They had ARP’s so I should of let them die and go on break to watch in hindsight. 😀

  28. Gneisenau captain gets a single citadel: “Awww yeah, this is going to be a high damage match!”

  29. I don’t believe wagaming discolsed there was a shortlist last year until called out o it. they pulled the “We assumed you all new since we did every other year”. Also they’re required by law in some places to disclose the drop rates. And my god are those drop rates garbage.

  30. About a game to play.
    How about Star Conflict, it’s by Gaijin and it’s free to play.

    I recently returned to it and they added open world and a few PvE missions.
    it is a old game but it is fun.

    Have a great day.

  31. Good DLC?
    I dont know if Last of Us Left Behind Counts because its a standalone.
    The Forza ultimate editions are great (only for people who play a lot and I do)
    The ancient gods from Doom Eternal

  32. I blame Steve!

  33. 26:30 Say what you will about Mass Effect 3, the Citadel DLC was absolutely brilliant. Yes, it was pure fanservice, but it was fanservice well done, with a lot of great moments with characters you loved from all three games and a lot of stuff to explore.

    Other than that, I enjoyed the “Knife of Dunwall” and “Brigmore Witches” DLCs for Dishonored, but as standalone stories they didn’t add as much to the original game as Citadel did to ME3.

  34. Love listening to your Navy stories.

  35. No, you`re effin awesome!

  36. The helsinki sauna in the “McDonalds” is actually a burger king.

  37. Think about half a million people in the discord channel…..insert “plop-noice” meme.

  38. This was unusually entertaining, I loved it. !
    Um …. did i just diss everything else you’ve done? NOT my intention, at all !
    I’m a bit crap too. Love ya, MJ.

  39. Grandpa Jingles Tells his war stories to his Digital Grandchildren vibe in this video xD but hey that’s what I love about him

  40. ArmA3 Apex DLC

  41. So Jingles, WAS it recording? 😀

  42. Was War Thunder not implementing warships?

  43. In regard to great DLC, Elite Dangerous Horizons was so good that it was the reason i actually bought and started playing the base game. Without that DLC the base game was a pass me.

  44. Proud to be a Dave….

  45. “you slack asses where were you?”

    I do apologize almighty gnome overlord but I do work outside the mines an wasn’t made aware of this event

  46. Jingles you may not have cried, but I did 🙁

  47. Would have been there but I’m in USTZ and so I’m okay with being a slacker cause you’re Q&A’s are at 5am my time. Precious sleep 🙂

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