Mingles with Jingles Episode 410

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In this weeks' episode – Weird passwords, another month – another World of Warships bug, Cyberpunk 2077 is finally bug free and now also on sale, and why you should never rely 100% on other peoples' opinions, even if they have a track record of having opinions you respect.


  1. Ahhh, do we hav to lissen very carefully, cuz you vill say zis only wance?

  2. Circon memes. Good times

  3. well i did not watch the drinkers vid on loki nor did i watch loki itself, i am a little confused, you say that you disagree with the drinker dude for saying that loki is hiumiliated in his own show by getting his ass kicked by women, but than you continued to discribe scene after scene of the mc getting (A LITERAL FUCKING GOD) getting bitten into submision, and as for “well it’s women versions of himself and that is ok” i just see that as nothing more than gender swaping the character, i’m sorry but this is ALL writers of AAA movies have been doing lately, gender/race swaping original characters, and as for the falcon and the winter soldier, that thing was a race bait since the start till the end, the level of race bait preaching into that show was insane, especialy after ep 3 or 4 (i don’t remember witch 1 was when i just stop watching because i felt my inteligence was getting insulted)
    as for the wanda vision, everyone said it was great until it wasn’t, the same as you, when they reavealed what was ACTUALY happening and how Fed up it was everyone was anoyed why the hell are they portraing her as a hero ?! this was the perfect point to pave the way for her as a villan but they Fed it up, but if you don’t rly follow revies this change in the opinion of the show is easily missed so that’s an honest mistake
    but like i said i am a bit confused since you say that you disagree with his vew, than you say that he’s right about the event’s that he described, than you proced to describe the events that ARE in the movie witch are the reasons why he dislikes the shows, so that’s why i don’t seam to get it why you are surprised why the drinker did not recomend the shows when in his reviews the drinker mentions the reasons as to why he did not like them, and you yourself mention that yes this is how it happens in the show, i mean it’s not like he lied about how and why it happens, or am i missing something?
    again, the writers can say all they want that they are the same character but that is not rly true is it, they look different they talk different and they whole life experinces, habits and hardships are different, if that does not constitute the verry definition of different people than idk what does

  4. Wasn’t it a major thing when Hulk tossed Loki around? Wouldn’t it take a Hulk-level strength to toss him around?

  5. As much as I enjoy watching Critical Drinker, the guy’s got a serious chip on his shoulder about ‘The Message,’ and he sees it hiding in every wardrobe and under every bed. Sometimes he’s right, but a lot of the time he seems to forget that things can be shit for a myriad of other reasons too.

  6. That’s amazing! I have the same password on my luggage!

  7. My passwords always end up a bunch of cuss words. It starts out mellow, system tells me I have to change my pw, I pick something I think I’ll remember, system rejects it because it’s too close to something else I’ve used before. Okay.. I try something else, it gets rejected.. After the fourth rejection or so I write something like rottendickassmotherfuckercrap – which it accepts and then I have a month of trying to remember the right order of the swear words.

  8. As a 7th generation OHIOAN, I approve of the USS OHIO.
    And I also have the OHIO.

  9. French is quite useful for internet security. I use gmail in French, purely because I understand written French well-enough (who in Europe doesn’t?), but have no French-speaking mates. Therefore every e-mail with a French title can be considered spam without thinking.

  10. nothing wrong with the german language, but the internet is mostly english. If you read english, hear english you start to think in english and when you are asked to come up with a random word, its going to be an english one, isn’t it? I think the french are much wierder to be so obsessed with their own language.

  11. Allo, allo flashbacks!
    The lawnmower motor powered wheelchair for one and the way Leclerc was busted out of jail a close second, sitting on his iron bed with a piece of the wall being pulled down the street still playing his accordion!

  12. 21:15 Why are you so surprised, Jingles? Wanda is probably a “well meaning” and, more importantly, “enlightened” individual, and just wants to make sure that society is safe, and equitable – just like any good commie progressive could desire – individual liberties be damned.

  13. Imagine taking seriously the opinion of someone who unironically uses “woke” in their review.

  14. I.. don’t get the “Woke” movement. I ignore all reviews and try it out for myself. I am generally conservative, so I don’t even under stand the whole, “Woke” thing. I woke up this morning, not the same thing? Whatever.
    My world view is generally easy to figure out. Love who you want, live how you want and leave me the hell alone.
    So why worry about what your neighbor or some guy on the internet thinks about a show or movie. That doesn’t mean to not watch it. Just means that you go into a show knowing “Hey this might suck.”
    Let’s take Wanda Vision. Lot’s of folks hate it. I liked it.((Spoilers ahead)) Agatha wouldn’t have been my choice as a foil to the big bad Scarlet Witch. But she had her point. If like me you have read any of Marvel you would know that Wanda is one the more powerful folks on earth. She needed someone to try to stop her. This show made her into the credible threat that I know the character can be. However, I’m not sure I would have used Agatha as her foil. If you watch it again Agatha is always there in the background nudging Wanda. I just think one of Marvels demon lord’s if hell would have been more suited for a foil. I mean… Come on a witch or, Belasco?

    • Wow when you say you don’t have a clue about the woke movement you really mean it. Keep trying to ignore it and pretend its nothing. It will eventually become the elephant in the room you can’t ignore not matter how much you want to.

  15. The actual point where Jingles realized that even though you can agree with someone on a few points, you wouldn’t agree on every points.
    You learn new stuff every day.

  16. Ferdie van Schalkwyk

    Hey Jingles, have you checked out Ultimate Admirals: Dreadnaughts that released in early access on Steam this weekend. Its like a Drachinifel simulator

  17. One of the problems I have with other people’s reviews is that while yes, there are some occasions where “wokeness” has been carried to silly extents, most of the time. people who make that accusation seem to primarily be curiously upset that people who do not look, or fuck, like they do* are allowed to exist and be acknowledged, and even – *clutches pearls* – be the good guys!

    *Especially funny in a geek-heavy fan community, which is full of people who don’t fuck at all, often for reasons that are obvious to everyone but themselves.

  18. Personally found with Wandavison that if someone reads the comics etc you can somewhat tell who the villain is but I completely agree that for 99.9% of people the last episode was pretty fucky wucky

  19. hey, Jingles have you seen The wheel of time? personaly I think it has become a shitshow only made to push a femenist agenda.

  20. Took 18k damage in a Fletcher, no saturation. GG, WG, GG.

  21. The “Top 200 passwords” is BS; the only way such a list could be compiled is if all passwords were stored on servers unencrypted, but they’re not. And when’s the last time you were allowed to make a password that’s all numerals?

  22. @Kholdan Staalstorm Good times , good times…

  23. I like wandavision but to me it feels rushed but oh well

  24. Oh and regarding the marvel shows… They did the same thing in Falcon and the Winter Soldier as they did in Wandavision. Carly, the bad Greta standin, was a murderous terrorist, had no problems killing any number of civilians, was never once regretful or remorseful in any way and yet still everyone treated her as a saint. “I don’t want to fight you”, sad music and all. She had no redeeming qualities other than (if you favour that) she was a radical open borders activist.

  25. I dare you to watch The Flash 2014 tv series!

  26. I woke up feeling pretty sick and queasy, but watching his gnomeliness makes me feel a little bit better

  27. Did you train Akizuki to mew on command for your videos? She seems to have impeccable timing!

  28. Greetings from Germany. I just had a look at he most common passwords myself. Austria for some reason will happily use “passwort”. I noticed just now that if you for whatever reason intnetionally want to set the worst password ever that the German equivalent isnt as good because in German all nouns get capitalised.

  29. Since you’ve finally subscribed to Disney Plus Jingles, might I recommend the Clone Wars. The show, in all honesty, single handedly fixes the Prequel trilogy.

  30. Rogue One is head-and-shoulders above any of the “new” Star Wars releases! I absolutely enjoyed that one! I have no idea what they were thinking with the follow-on episodes but, Rogue One is, out of the newer episodes, by far, the best ..

  31. Moin Jingles, what I am missing is an reflecting look at the Ccs leaving Wg and what impact their sacrifice had on Wg. If at all it can (/not) be summarized as just giving the ZAO 3k hp.

    Take my word. I quit World of warships the moment subs came to random even in sympathizing with the former Ccs by showing my disrespect to Wg just by stopping to give them money and playtime. As we germans say: “Nicht einen Pfennig.”

  32. I like the drinker but I find he can be a bit of a neckbeard at times

  33. I fully recommend you watch Emergency Awesome YouTube channel for Marvel every thing. He gives great back stories and relation to the comic books.

  34. I think the issue with Critical drinker that you are mentioning is a combination of cognitive bias, brain psychology and simply put, different tastes. It starts from an effect, the name of which I forgot, that goes like this: ‘You might never notice a red Toyota in your city. Then you buy a red Toyota and you suddenly start noticing dozens of them’. When it comes to The Critical Drinker (who’s actually a writer so he understands some of the processes that go behind putting a story together) and others similar to him, the Market has been showered with this kind of ‘red Toyotas’: Female Dr Who, the ‘Hey, I’m a black lesbian female’ companion of the 12th Doctor, completly unneccessary ‘female power’ scene in Avengers: Endgame, Wonder Woman 84, Batwoman, Amy in the Last of US, ‘white people trash’ stereotype in some cartoons or videogames etc. etc. You know, legacy material that were hugely popular due to certain aspects and then were turned into woke trash, just to check diversity boxes. And sacrificing good legacy material just for the sake of diversity without putting an actual effort into storytelling is bad, and I don’t believe it’s necessary to say why that’s bad. And when you see those ‘red Toyotas’ crashing and burning enough, every time you see a red car you will first think it’s a red Toyota that’s crashing and burning. That’s how biases are formed. And those biases are not always wrong. And if they seem they are at times, it’s not that the other person is straight up wrong, just because you do not see it his way. He (general person, not Drinker specifically) might say it’s trash because he has seen the same pattern of storytelling over and over again and with the red Toyota on his brain, it turns into seeing ‘Loki’ as just another piece of trash..
    And, honetly, it’s not that hard to see everything that way. I mean, I gave up on Western shows long ago. First I gave up on TV live action after the ending of Game of thornes or perhaps after the ending of Supernatural S14 or S13, since they were obviously turning into poorly fed cashcows. Shows like the Expanse, for all it’s parise, lost me when the first thing they deceided to show was not an immense space station, or a space battle or whatever, but people banging in zero G. Yeah, that’s exactly what I needed to know about in a Sci-Fi story. And then I gave up on Western animation because, well, it kinda turned into trash (though, it still has some potential here and there). However, I’ve switched over to Japanese Animation. And, I have to say. Jingles, you should really give it a big look. I might change your view on how stupid is the status of Western story telling right now. Like seriously, I see so many people complaining about ‘spoilers’ and how they ruin a story. Well, let me tell you. If a story or a show or anything is ruined by some spoilers, it’s either bad or it wasn’t for you. Seriously, give some of these shows a try: Code Geass or Legend of Galactic Heroes (Move over Expanse, you were outclassed in Sci Fi before you were ever born). Or, if you want something sweet to watch over your usual Christmas break, you and Rita could give these nice Romcoms a try: Oregairu, Horimiya,Toradora. I mean, you can see the main relationshp and the end girl from miles ahead, like from episode 1 of season one out of three. But the way the story is told, makes spoilers irrelevant. Or, if you feel like the current world isn’t giving you enough depression and you need a show for that, try this experiment: Go to youtube, search this: Your Lie in April AMV, click whatever video you want, look through the comments for those about a girl Kaori. And then start watching the show. And you shall see that spoilers are meaningless. Or, actually, might be the exact opposite, as you will need to buy tissue boxes much earlier.

  35. GoT was a very very good show…up until the last season !!! So WandaVision is spot on ! :))))

  36. Skip the add at 2:30


  38. You have way too much free time mate lol. Paint some more warhammer sometime. Do a dreadnought or a rhino. Cheers for the vid.

  39. CommanderDarjeeling

    “Germans are just a little bit weird”

    This is an understatement. I consider Silent Night in German to be Klingon Opera.

  40. I am jealous, your cat is awesome. Sitting there, closing her eyes as you talk, perfectly content with herself and the world around her. PurrrrFect

  41. Sure wish jingles was a halo fanboi

  42. I fucking hate how Marvel is turning a profit from bastardizing and butchering my Gods.

  43. Imagine the soothing voice of Jingles as the radio operator on a UK ship. I would snore before i could repeat coordinates, LOL

  44. Don’t let all of last year’s killjoys stop you from playing Cyberpunk 2077. With over 550 hours played as various V characters, it is without a doubt the best RPG I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been playing them longer than Jingles. While there is a main story line that keeps you focused on a “single” objective (getting Johnny out of your head,) there is no compulsion or pressure to pursue the story line whatsoever. You can simply enjoy what Night City has to offer. There is a point at about 140 hours of gameplay where you could literally run out things to do except the randomly generated crime incidents, but you can always just start another V character and pursue a different path. Many gigs and missions have multiple possible outcomes that persist throughout the game. The three Vs I’ve played they are all unique individuals with different experiences. And even at 550 hours I still find things in Night City I’d not seen before. If you can get it on sale, you’d be a fool not to get it.

    As for where the expansion goes, I have a theory about why they put you back at the start of the final mission with your gear and levels intact once you finish an ending. You could take any V from that point, and continue working on getting Johnny out of your head. There was a bit of spoiler given some months about. When you look V’s attributes, there is a sixth unused slot at the bottom between Intelligence and Cool. In the semi-Spoiler, CDPR had replaced the graphic for that slot with one that said “Relic.” There is also a very interesting document in the cabin on Ebunike. That and a few other pieces of information gathered throughout the game lead me to believe there is a way to live, or at least extend V’s life, with the relic still slotted. That’s where a follow on would continue, I think. Time will tell. I’ll be starting another playthrough in the next week or so because there are a couple things I’ve still not done; including two endings. If the next story does include a continuation of V’s stortline, I’ll have four unique level 50 Vs from which to choose. Cheers!

  45. In regards to the Marvel stuff, I do find that often certain people will get upset about “wokeness” simply because there are characters that are women/people of colour/lgbt, etc etc etc. If you actually watch the content they are just another character who also happens to have this trait. But for some the mere existence of different types of people automatically upsets them.

  46. I have two theories on the German issue….
    1. American service personnel
    2. When creating a password, the dialog box usually says “Enter Password”…..so they do exactly that. Germans are very good at following orders.

  47. Ende der Fahnenstange

    We germans are very proud of our “Denglisch”. You know what a “Handy” is in Germany? XD

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