Mingles with Jingles Episode 411

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00:00 Nordpass sponsorship
03:03 Eddie's annual Cider failure
07:27 Proper beer!
09:41 T-shirts! Also… The Expanse!


  1. why no 4 K?

  2. I wrote a comment that to much sugar can lead to exploding bottles, which is dangerous for home brewers, but youtube decided thats good enough to be removed

    also check temperature, pick other type of yeast (experimentation advised) and enjoy

  3. Brittan is there to pick up the slack? Try looking Poland. They are on another level.

  4. Although you aren’t wrong about Boris becoming PM after Theresa’s resignation, there was another election in late 2019 where he DID win while leader. The same thing happened for Theresa after Cameron’s resignation.

  5. No wonder you don’t talk about politics, you know Jack Shit!!!, Boris did have a general election, to regain the majority, taking many seats in the North East.

  6. i broke into laughter at “budget trump” 😀

  7. Cheers mates! Its been a great year. Here’s to the next.

  8. I have always felt I was missing something by not liking beer.
    Have at me, I have plot armor.

  9. Have a great Christmas Jingles, Rita and Eddie. Stay safe.

  10. Why do people want to go to these office parties so badly? If anything you finally got a perfect excuse not to have to go to the office party

  11. We need more Business meetings from You and Edie ! Have a nice day mete 🙂

  12. Damn Jingles, Have you moved to Russia and still calling it England?
    But, yeah. If you want to laugh and cry at the same time, try reading about Romanian politics over the past 2 years

  13. Themistocles Nelson

    Nice to see you guys together! Are you going to do another with Rita?

  14. Actually Jingles, Boris did win an election, in 2019. Jingles?

  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the both of you.

  16. Merry Christmas Jingles

  17. Grand Admiral Raeder

    Jingles, I’d just like to add that probably rhe REAL reason why the Met Police won’t investigate is: there were Met. Police officers GUARDING THE DOOR TO DOWNING STREET, and the police therefore ALLOWED these parties to go ahead.

  18. Whoa amber is the color of your energy !

  19. I think the way Arcane did it is best. Release 3 episodes at a time. It’s enough that the binge-watch people can be satisfied and not so much that people forget what’s happening week by week. I found that most people tend to remember stuff better when they’re entertained for a good long while. When you’re talking about an episodic series like old-school Star Trek each episode is a full story in and of itself you don’t have to remember Minor Details from week-to-week period each episode is Standalone essentially Street but now shows are more into the Epic story where if you miss one episode you will be completely lost as so much happened in that one episode that you missed that you need to know about. This is where having weekly releases for a show can lose a lot of people because by the time the next week rolls around but they’ve forgotten a lot of the Minor Details. But if you have three episodes dropped then you get enough context among those three episodes that you don’t feel lost by the time the next three episodes drop. I have a similar complaint about series where it will go from one season to the next with absolutely no catch up or summary of the last season. So The Witcher season 2 just started and I’m lost for the first half an hour because the only thing I really remember for sure is that he ran into Ciri. There is absolutely no summary of events for season 2 kind of catch me up to prepare me for season 2 and so I was lost for awhile.

  20. For the expanse latest news I had heard was he was fired for alleged sexual misconduct but no victims had come forward. Meaning he was basically fired for rumors.

  21. I just can’t take british politics serious. The parliament is a bunch of toddlers yelling at eachother while the teacher screams ORDERRRRRRR. I guess I’m just too german to see the intellectuality in it…

  22. true, if you ignore all the racism, chauvinism/sexism, harassment, lies, etc, Trump was indeed a source of entertainment….

  23. I’m a Trump supporter and I do agree the guy is endlessly entertaining. I think he’s funny as heck, partially because he’s blunt and says what he thinks and doesn’t care what ppl think (which I find refreshing and wish more weak-spined politicians did), and partially just because of his mannerisms and speech patterns.

    But I wouldn’t call Boris “budget Trump.” Boris ain’t much like Trump, other than I guess a populist.

  24. Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year to you and Eddie and Rita


  26. Happy Christmas boys 🙂

  27. Merry Christmas one and all. Stay safe, have a good one and raise a glass to the Jingles!

  28. Ya want your God Given Freedoms? Answer to that is 1776.

  29. stay away from politics, religion, and ……………………………….covid

  30. Jingles, the state of your political system is down right stupid. I would know because we used to be a colony of Britain. So the same shitty system carried over along with some Victorian laws which remin to this day in some way. But hey, look on the bright side. It could be worse. Could’ve been French.

  31. Sitting here, watching not a vinegar success. You are opening your backup – hold on a minute, this looks similar to what I have right now.
    And indeed it is. I will not expect to catch the same brand of beer in Czechia/Slovakia.

    Cheers guys.

  32. Back again and up-close inside and just in time for another Pandemic wave. Huzzah.
    I’m sure Coac-Cola won’t mind you borrowing their bottles for a good cause. ; D

  33. All the best for Christmas and the New Year, Jingles. You sir, are geet canny!

  34. System Shock 2 is utterly amazing. It was always the psyonic monkeys that scared the crap out of me!

  35. Jingles, evidence is needed to do an investigation. Something has to be credible to start looking into something. If no evidence was needed, the police could look into any of your personal affairs to see what dirt they could dig up. Now if there are some photos or what not of the “business meetings” then I would think that would be plenty of evidence. That’s why police don’t open murder investigations without there being a dead body. If there was no body then how do you know someone was murdered? Now eventually they can because of other evidence coming to light that leads them to believe foul play occurred. I’m sure the levels of evidence and what not are different between the UK and the US but you need something to start from and not just the word of a political rival. I’m sure that is also part of the police’s problem, they don’t or can’t look biased one way or other. I wouldn’t be surprised if in Britain they have some special rules about investigating crimes involving the parties competing for power in parliament. I saw someone else posting about the same idea of opening an investigation to find evidence and had to bring this up. They need some bread crumbs of something having happened to start their work. And hopefully that leads to bigger crumbs that then take them to enough evidence to bring charges.

  36. Their voices are so similar…

  37. Kerbal Space Program for 7.49 is an absolute steal. If you’re into Sandbox/Simulator games or have even a slight interest in space exploration or aerospace in general, I can’t recommend it enough. Your Jingles landings will be legendary.

  38. Happy Christmas to ye Jingles and also To Eddie, may his rise in the brewing steaks continue

  39. I hope its not piss

  40. Please don’t talk about politics – the situation is bad and watching your videos is a relief from all of that. Plus, you will inevitably annoy some of your viewers.

  41. I used to make apple cider from concentrate and champage yeast, it’s very dry and the taste improve over a couple of years. Same might happen to your’s so save a bottle or six until next Christmas, and try it again.

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