Mingles with Jingles Episode 412

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Welcome to 2022! Couldn’t possibly be any worse than 2021, right?
2022: Hold my beer!



  1. Andys model and stuff

    New year, new timestamps:
    00:00 Welcome to a new episode and a new year!
    00:08 Calling 2022, and big news!
    04:13 House tour
    05:29 DID I HEAR MODEL WORKSHOP!?! Wednesday Workshop might return, what a time to be alive!
    05:30 Back to house tour
    08:09 The reality of housing market and financial situation for ordinary people
    13:44 Sponsorships, and short recap of the adpocalypse

    Good lock on the property Jingles, wish you all the best!

  2. If you get it replace that tiny fence around the stairs with something taller. Don’t want you falling over the short one 🙃

  3. great vid. Very excited for your new home, may the great landlord in the sky bring it to pass. Thanks for all your efforts regarding adverts and sponsorship.

  4. debit free is the place to be. i bought my house about the time you started doing youtube videos. i have probably 2 years more to pay it off. every car i have had since has been cash up front. i am on my second job in 20 years. i have 1 credit card for emergency home repairs only and the last time i used it was 6 years ago when my water heater went out. i make less then most the guys i work with and yet live more comfortably then they do, mainly because i dont have $500-$700 a month in car payments. so hats off to you jingles, keep up the good work.

  5. michGPAA Webwrangler

    Congrats on the home!

  6. Good luck with the new home. I hope you get it. And thank you for your words on millennials and the market we are swimming in. It’s not something I or any of my peers really hear. I’m lucky not to be in any debt and I’m keeping that way. A lot of my friends and acquaintances are going to be paying their college debts alone for 15 to 20 years. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  7. you’ll love having your own place

  8. smart man

  9. Wait a second…did you clear the new house with the cats? Terror may be an understatement

  10. you getting rid of stress by tell the good news

  11. Oh boy, time for Reddit to triangulate the address based on cloud patterns, local fauna, and estate agent’s face mask

  12. Jingles i would rather have a sponsored videos than see a youtube add as i know you get the money from the sponsor and youtube/google don’t get it

  13. Good look’n place and if you are out of the mortgage in only 5 years thats amazing.

  14. yeah its like here renting cost way more than owning a house. mortgage aside the only thing you have to pay over here is council taxes( quarterly I think),utility bills and if you own a lot of land, then you got land tax( most citizen wont even see this). after all that its still cheaper than rent lol. As for me im just freeloading in my dads house lol, nah we share the bills soo all good. as you said owning a house is crazy high.

  15. ‘Integrity’ Our favorite Admiral has what the ‘Public School System’ left in the dumpster 25-30 years ago, thank you Sir.

  16. I don’t mind the in-video ads. So long as you get paid.

  17. Congrats Jingles! I’m so happy for you! I’m the same age as you, and I’ll never forget the stress, joy, and terror of buying my 1st home. My wife (now ex) was so overwhelmed by it, that the day we moved in, she had to go into the bedroom closet and hyperventilate for a bit, lol. But in the end, it’s so, so, so worth it.

  18. Good luck with the house jingles and happy 2022

  19. If jingles is able to buy a property at 52yo what does it mean for us the young folks

  20. You are very much right about privat economics. Never spend more money than you have. Only buy what you can afford. Sometimes it may seem hard but there is no other way. I am a farmer, my income is modest, nevertheless there is always a way. Often you can have things a lot less expensive if you do them yourself (eg cooking from scratch). Your video should be sponsered by britains department of education. Imagine all the suffering that could be avoided, if people followed your advice.

  21. Good luck, Jingles! I hope you get the new place!

  22. home ownership is getting to be a dream only for alot people here in Tasmania as well

  23. If we have to watch a couple of ads so you can pay for the other half of your soon to be house faster, then let the ads roll.. we are here for you our Salt king. Thank you for the many years of great videos and to the many more to come.

  24. i do not mind sponsored sections as they may have stuff that i could use and i know the money goes directly to the creator and some of the sections are quite well made (i’m an adblock user and not ashamed of it)

  25. I don’t mind when a YT content creator plugs a product in their video, as long as it’s clearly marked as an ad. If it’s entertaining, I’ll watch it, if it’s boring, I’ll skip it. YT ads though, can fuck right off.

  26. Damn you have set yourself up pretty good imo, but now you will see what you got to pay to the government that you dident have too think about when renting ( depending on your rent agreement). Either way great work and congratulation 😀

  27. Very happy for you mate! Hope you get it!!!!

  28. Good luck Jingles with the house and new year

  29. Holy crap. Thats one cool flat o.0

  30. Congratulations on your offer. I just had mine accepted on Nye. I know how terrifying it is

  31. Best of luck. It will work out.

  32. I was in the same situation as you and only bought my first house 12 years ago when i was in my 50’s.

  33. Hi Jingles. Finger crossed for the new property. Looks like a very nice Factory/Mill type conversion. Well done with 50% deposit and short mortgage term, too. My wife and I had to struggle through 25 years of mortgage and finally cleared it about three years ago. What a relief it was, when it was all over !

  34. And? Do we have to get our shovel’s and make an realestate agent disappear?

  35. Little Red Riding hood

    interesting walls in the building

  36. well jingles you don’y have raid shadow legends hahaha… & congrats on the place ( hopefully) . saving to buy a house in australia is a little more scary median house is over 1 million in a capital city & regional is around 500K to 750K

  37. Dearest Jingles, as a person who already moved 6 times by the age of 24, i wish you good luck as i know the feeling of landing a sweet house/apartment and sitting anxiously waiting for the company that rents it/owns it, to make up its mind about weather to give it to you or not. I wish you nothing but the best if everything goes to plan and have an easy moving process with as few furniture pieces broken as possible. Also happy new year you not so old, but yet still old looking, old man.

  38. Congratulations, it’s terrifying to start but quickly becomes normal. I’m still worried the boiler is going to crap out.

  39. That’s a reheeeally nice looking place. Gl getting it!

  40. Hey Jingles,
    Congratulations on taking such a big step. I hope that you get that home of your dreams. May you enjoy many wonderful years in it!

  41. Good luck and grats !

  42. Hi Jingles, Hope you get the house and everything goes smoothly. 🙂 On a side note would you mind looking at a game called Ultimate admiral Dreadnaughts, I have a feeling you might like this game. Anyways always enjoy the content, cheers!! 🙂

  43. Thats a pretty sweet place.

  44. congratulations!! Nice place!

  45. I hope your offer is accepted and thet you be very happy in the new house. Looking forward for the tour.

  46. If I like a product, service, or entertainment, I will watch ads. If I love it, I will find another way to support them, whether that is through Patreon, or for yourself Floatplane. I still watch the video’s on here cause I’m a creature of habit. BUT the time and effort that goes into something like editing videos, even just a commentary on a replay is far more than I would do myself.
    I wouldn’t try and watch a movie at a cinema without paying. Shit has to be paid for somehow.

  47. Good luck for your Estate-Project!

  48. older gens giving millenials and older gen z shit, but yet its boomers and gen x that are the cause of millenial and gen z’s problems but are usually too dumb to realize it

  49. Good Luck I rented for 20 years and have 3 kids, for the last 4 years I have my own house.No no landlord to fix stuff.

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