Mingles with Jingles Episode 413

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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03:33 Offer accepted! Spend, spend, spend!
15:51 Another miserable old git
16:58 The Mighty Jingles – Rock Star! Apparently.



  1. Yep. When you are buying a home, it costs a grand every time you answer the phone. But I found decorating my place more stressful than buying the place because the costs were so unexpected. “Curtains costs How much ?!!” etc

    • For curtains I advise Ikea (provided you can do part of the work yourself), to keep costs down. It may still end up in the 100s, but the more specialist shops easily charge 2.5-5 times as much.

  2. Always helps listening to you on tough days. Thanks Jingles!

  3. Hope it all works out don’t forget until you exchange contracts be cautious with spending as it is potentially wasted money. 32% of all house/property sales fall through leaving you paying some money without any outcome.

  4. And I thought buying a house in the states was a nightmare with too many hands reaching in my pockets. Thanks to you for reminding me why we had a revolution.

  5. Why have you chosen a house without a garden? (Thought the cats liked to go out)?

  6. Jingles, you are aware than extension leads are thing, right? You don’t have to make changes immediately.
    You’d be better off moving in and living with what’s there for a few months or a year. You’ll have a much better idea of the exact types of changes you want to make after living there for a while first.

  7. Get THREE quotes for any trades that come into your home. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you.

  8. Welcome to grownup landlord league, Jingles.

    You probably have to sign various agreements with utility services on your property.

  9. I’ve always suspected that scams are intentionally dumb, because if they hook someone who’s way too clued in, they’ll come in and absolutely wreck their house business and lives.

  10. “We know he was French because his name is Pierre”…. He was born in San Biagio di Callalta Italy.

  11. Maybe the cat hears the tank battle, and knows Daddy will be still, and in one place for a while? So comes to say hi

  12. Plus the your alive tax

  13. Imagine Jingles sporting a full Pierre Cardin getup.

  14. I am not sure if mortgages work the same way in GB as in the US. That said I found a useful trick years ago. In the beginning when you pay the mortgage for the month put a bit extra on top equal to the amount of the principal that month paid off. Ex: $1000/month payment 1 $950 for interest and $50 principal. Putting and extra $50 on top eliminates one full $1000 payment on the end of the loan. As time progresses the extra amount you have to pay to do this increases but you can pay it off faster doing this.

  15. Damn that property-stuff is weirdly complicated in the UK…

  16. It cost me about $7500 to close on my house, which was only $70,000. A month later my AC and water heater both died.. Hate this house lol

  17. You could always get a stair lift for the stair if it gets to much to walk up.

  18. hello jingels! yes i am awaiting your next video of workshops wednesday!!!

  19. Actually Jingles, Pierre Cardin was born in Italy and, according to le internet, passed away a year ago at the ripe old age of 98. His brand was French though, which led credence to the age old adage that scammers skimming Wikipedia will likely fail.

  20. I truly wish you good luck with the purchase of your new property. I myself would not be comfortable purchasing a structure on which I didn’t own the land. To me it seems you take on the responsibility of the building and it’s maintenance, plus all the other cost, but are still under the control of a landlord or association who owns the land and any future actions they impose. Unless it is the only option for the area you wish to live or can afford.

  21. As Jingles himself said: “The Mighty Jingles, rockstar, brain surgeon, pirate, horse-thief, evil genius and noob gamer extraordinaire!”

  22. Moving house? Lots of small boxes are easier than a small number of big boxes! Clearly number, label and/or colour-code the boxes, so that the removal people know what rooms to leave the boxes! The extra time spent making it idiot-proof will save you time and hassle later on. Good luck with it Jingles…

  23. David Dragonhammer

    So move to the USA, your money would be well invested in a mortgage here, we don’t have the stupid laws over there, or cost as much as here, some may differ, also depends where you go as well, buying is only part of the issue, paying all those silly fees that’s what kills you in the long run, no matter where you live, the biggest part of life is, the truth. Death and Taxes are guaranteed

  24. I think once you get all of the upfront costs with your new home behind you then you will able to start enjoying things. It is a stressful time of buying a new home a getting it just the way you want it. Also, thanks for the recommendation we’ve order Danny Trejo’s cookbook. I had no idea he was a cook and giving back to the community in this way.

  25. I saw your Facebook post about getting your new place so congrats and thanks for just being my Monday routine.

  26. Pavel Berky - Kerby23

    Why don’t you just start streaming on Twitch apart from youtube videos, some donations, some subs might just make the difference and make you the cash you deserve for holding the community together..

  27. i for one , as a dedicated 50ish history buff and nutcase can tell you all this. JINGLES is the real thing, he actually knows more or less what he talks about.Ive tryed “so-called” historical gamers, and let me tell you..they all suck ballz and dont have a clue what they spew…nothing but clueless children. I have been die hard jingles fan for …8 yrs now? love your shit content..lol..kidding

  28. You can make a deal to compensate investments to the property in you rent. Like if you make renovation and you get compensation in rent for the value of the work done, but that should always be agreed before you do anything and always in black and white writen agreement.

  29. Ground rent? You bought the house right, then why do you have to pay rent? That makes no sense.

  30. I bought my first place 10 years ago at age 44. The money tossed around is mind numbing and it was scary but in my case, it was cheaper, and still is, to own my own condo rather than rent. So I’m still ahead plus ownership (ie equity). The somewhat scary part is interest rates going up and my mortgage going up

  31. I have the same issue with my cat. As soon as my voice changes to “business” tone, she is all up in my face. Makes phone calls interesting

  32. HOLD UP! Jingles an Opera Singer??!!!!!! WE NEED TO HEAR THIS!!!!!!

  33. Jingles it is absolutely terrifying to own your own home. I do and the process is draining and stressful but it is very well worth it in the end. And remember to tell yourself this. I DESERVE IT, AND I’VE EARNED THIS. Congratulations old gnome your going to love it.

  34. 50% down? Is that normal for the UK? It’s like 20% down in the US. Doesn’t the UK have Veteran’s mortgage loans like US does?

  35. Florian Piers de Raveschoot

    I can’t wait to watch videos 10 years from now… “where was I?… Oh yeas the uh, the hatsu.. hatsuharu.. oh now wait here, this isn’t world or warships.. uhh.. ah, the o-i prototype 3… another one of those things that never existed”

  36. People trusting a gnome? What has this world come to…

  37. Evil genius plan: Get the Raid money to pay for new house, then organize a 2 hour long event over the salt mines where everyone is to talk shit about Raid. You get money for your house and you conscience is clear that you benefited very little to that god awful pest of a game

  38. Jingles write “The life and times of the Mighty Jingles” I am sure it will sell like hotcakes.

  39. The Mighty Jingles sounds like it could be a death metal band name.

  40. Congratulations on the house. We built our first two houses and that adds several new levels of stress and difficulty.
    Surveys are worth their weight in gold. Stops problems in their tracks. Ensure you check your property lines at least yearly (visual inspections) to avoid encroachments.
    Before hiring a workman, ensure they are licensed and insured. Talk to some of their previous clients. Don’t be shy about asking. Projects should be sorted into immediate, (prior to move in) priority (within 6 months) important (2nd 6 months) and eventually. Owning a house means that the house will change your priority list for you with little or no notice.

  41. I’d have to have someone explain why owning the structures and renting the land is is a good thing. Sounds like you’re still renting and get all the drawbacks of owning a home without the biggest benefit.

  42. This has become a Monday morning routine for me. It’s wonderful to hear the real talk from a YouTuber I’ve followed for coming up on a decade now. It’s so refreshing to hear someone genuine.

  43. With all those costs, it might be time to reveal that Jingles Only Fans…

  44. Can’t wait for the housewarming party! Everytime I ever moved our family bought a new coffee pot for the new place.

  45. RE on having the mortgage paid off in a few years: Jingles, do keep in mind that a mortgage works a little bit differently than an ordinary loan where you can just at any time make extra payments to shorten your debt period. Most often you can’t do that with a mortgage. You are obligated to pay the dues every year for the listed duration of the mortgage, which (here in Denmark at least) is usually 30 years, no less, but certainly no more either. If you have some surplus cash you wish to spend on reducing the debt of your mortgage, you basically have cancel the mortgage and make a new one, with all the associated fees, which can easily run into the thousands of pounds – it’s usually not worth it, unless you have a huge amount of surplus to deposit, or you can get a significantly better interest rate.

    If you at any point wish to sell your property your mortgage of course gets cancelled and any outstanding debt is deducted from the profits of the sale – so best hope your property does not decrease in value faster than your agreed payment of your mortgage – we only need to look back to 2007 to see what happens if it does

  46. Jingles, I recommend to put empty tubes into the walls and then put ethernet cables into them with a plug socket on one end and a patch panel on the other end. I know, It’s quite elaborate and not cheap. But for me it payed off when I was forced to temporarily move my mancave inside my house to another room on another floor in order to get some critical repairs done in my mancave. You are way less dependent on WiFi, and you can place your WiFi access points more freely with higher performance while connecting them via cable to your router.

  47. Remember to pay any profit-taxes for the fund immediately, so you don’t end up in debt for taxes!

  48. Labbretto? is that an Italian moped? 😀

  49. The British realty system seems needlessly complicated and expensive

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