Mingles with Jingles Episode 414

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The home-buying Odyssey continues, now with added expense and delays!



  1. Thats the good part here in Denmark you dont need a lawyer it can all be done with the real estaters @The Mighty Jingles.

  2. Jingles, oh this is why I love it in the USA. I am a Veteran and my went quick.

  3. Worry not… Not only am I buying a house right now I’m also selling my own. Double trouble and extremely expensive. One of the most stressful things in my life.

  4. I got a very nice couch for $100 from the habitat for humanity store. It was basically brand new

  5. Don’t worry Jingles, it’s gonna be worth it. I bought my own place in late 2018 (i was 30) and despite the stress of buying, furnishing, paying loans etc. it is worth it.

  6. Surveyors will find all kinds of things, most if which will be trivial but they have to list absolutely everything as if they miss something they are liable for it if something goes wrong.

  7. I have a wastebin you can buy for your new house, Jingles. Only $23,000 on sale!! 😆
    Yes, it’s very much worth it to own your home.
    Yes, it’s a pain in the arse to suddenly be responsible for everything that goes wrong. I usually tell my renting friends… if you ever decide you have way too much free time on your hands, buy a house.

  8. For those prices jingles it’d be 200x better to buy secondhand, either through ebay or local listings, where im from people leave furniture on town buy n sells on facebook. Havent bought anything in years as i make my stuff out of pallets and junk pillows lol

  9. Jingles, it took me one month to buy my first house which I thought was an eternity , but when I sold it and purchased the house I am in now, I retained the services of one conveyancer/solicitor who sold one house and bought another all in 2 weeks. The first is the worst. I am never moving again. No way sireeee.

  10. Homeowner here: It is going to worth it, just be patient, You will love it. Yes, there are downsides of it – already done a lot of renovation on my own, but it looks exactly how I wanted it to be, when I wanted it to be. At worst, you might rent a warehouse for the furnitures, is shit hits the fan, but it will not 🙂

  11. maybe you should go furniture hunting to a different country 😀 because holy shit that £4500 price tag, are you sure you were not buying apple sofas? 😀

  12. Best of luck Jingles! Hope you are able to move in sooner rather than later 😄

  13. Shame on you… they take all the Cat homes with them…you know what’s also known as carboard boxes? Cheap cat homes… and they often prefer them to the expensive ones anyway.as for the stuff you got? It was the best looking of all the stuff shown. Good bargin mr Jingles man.

  14. Don’t know if this works the same in the UK. But I was allowed to move in early and my most of the monthly rent was applied towards the down payment. That may be an option for you,

  15. Wait, really?!
    It takes that long to get a lawyer to look over property documentation in the UK?! Fuck, I love Danish lawyers <3
    Even during COVID, it was incredibly easy to get them to - at a day's notice - get them to evaluate the documents. We had multiple properties to look into, and it did cost a lot of money, but was expedient and totally worth it. After doing a ton of research and reading reviews, we found a specific lawyer to work with, which is ALWAYS WHAT YOU MUST DO - DO NOT JUST SIGN WITH AN AGENCY. They were amazing, and saved us a lot of trouble by finding undisclosed property tax statements and spotted potential illegal renovations that had been done to some protected properties in the past, but had never been reviewed/approved by the relevant trust, found discrepancies in the actual cost of heating compared to the listed estimates, etc. etc.

    I'm glad that you realize all the potential issues that a lawyer, surveyor, etc. can find, and are prepared to cut off the deal if it's a severe enough red flag. Best of luck, Jingles!!!

  16. The bench with hooks and shoe nooks is a “hall tree”.

  17. It will be worth it! 🙂

  18. Jingles, my first bit of wisdom- Chase your lawyers! keep calling them and they will soon get the ball rolling. Mainecoon cat trees. “the Cat Tree King” is worth every penny.

  19. Another option jingles is to go to consignment shops or estate sales. Really good quality furniture can easily be found in almost new condition for half or less of the original price. The catch being arranging for delivery. I did the exact same thing over the beginning of last summer. Some furniture I got new but you don’t want any “manufactured wood”, buy quality and don’t look back is my mindset right now. Here it is, 7 months after purchase, and I’m still unpacking and buying the occasional item to set the place up how I want. It will settle down but there will always be some kind of “project” it seems. Best wishes with all of it. My sisters did a lot of hand holding and talking about how fun the process is. Honestly, I joked about this being their “real estate porn” addiction. They seemed to enjoy it while I hated it.

  20. Having bought and sold a number of houses over the years, the most stressful part for me was always the home inspection; something always needs to be updated or repaired. Keep the faith in case the move in date keeps getting pushed back, you’ll eventually get there.

  21. Tell me about it 🙁 it took us 20 months to finish buying a house

  22. What happens if the company goes bankrupt before it is delivered?

  23. It’s going to be worth it 😉

  24. Its gonna be worth it. I bought a house in August last year, im still decorating and buying furniture but it’s the best thing ever.

  25. Don’t look at furniture as something that you will use for the rest of your life, because you almost certainly won’t get it right the first time. I’ve been living in my own place for 4 years now (btw, buying property in Poland is waaaaay less painful process than what you described, you basically go to notary, give them all the info and required documents, they write a contract, read it to you out loud, you sign it and it’s done – property is yours) and I’d like to replace most of my furniture except maybe the couch and little cabinet that hangs under my TV.

  26. It’s going to be worth it!

  27. Congrats and it is worth it.

  28. Just wondering: how did you manage to survive so many years in the Royal Navy and still not get the general idea/feeling how to assemble/disassemble things? And yea as far as furniture: IKEA is the way to go.

  29. Big government eh!

  30. It’s fantastic, well worth it Jingles. Especially when it’s all paid off, got mine done , I’m also 51 now. so good luck.

  31. It will definitely be worth it Jingles. You’d just rather put cocktail sticks in you eyes then go through it ever again. Solicitors are completely useless, ‘oh you wanted us to send that document you posted to us as we requested and pass it onto the sellers solicitor? No problem Sir, that’ll be £150 and take 3 weeks’.

    ^That, a lot of that.

  32. Don’t worry, Jingles. It’s going to be worth it.

  33. Eddy is ‘da Man’ for helping you

  34. Jingles, how much spare space does Rita have in her mansion or Eddie’s garage ? Have a word with the Naval Dockyard and see if they have a spare storage shed ?

  35. Hey Jingles,

    Hav you considered applying for a Provisional Driving license? It acts as ID without required you actually needing to drive (though it’s a prerequisite to learning).

    It would be for a fee, but last ten years. Just a though for the future 🙂

  36. 11:55 let deliver them to Eddie 🙂

  37. While the prices of furniture can indeed be quite high, if taken care of properly they will last your whole life, so i think it is worth it!

  38. I have to say you have good taste in furniture.
    My only advise would be, buy only things that you like. I have furniture that is over 25 years old and I still like them. But to be fair, I don’t have any cats 🙂
    The best of luck to you and I am sure you will not regret any of this…

  39. You guys still have businesses closed due to Covid? I haven’t seen that in a year and a half. I assume with all y’all’s extra precautions you have very few Covid cases now right?

  40. Don’t worry, Jingles it will all be worth it !!!

  41. And that’s why we just went to Ikea. Also yes, conveyancers are slow bastards. I’m sure they spend 90% of the day at the golf course or enjoying liquid lunches and then maybe look at one case before going home.

  42. GingerMormegil Turambar

    You won’t know yourself Jingles. 🙂

  43. You almost start to sound like Jeremy Clarkson’s “Allergy to manual labour”. Just treat it like an exquisite dish. And cook it with Love and time. You know you’ll like it . LOL

  44. Maqywhaq【マッキーワック】

    Uhh… Jingles… you do realize Ikea has an onsite assembly service, yes? As in you pay them a flat rate and they put everything together…
    Where I live, it’s actually pretty cheap, but I’m relatively handy, so I don’t pay for that unless I’m too busy to get around to it…

  45. Hey my lawyer lost my down payment check for 30k. Couldn’t be bothered to drive it 5 mins down the road. No he decided to slap a stamp on it, throw it in an envelope and send it in the mail. I asked him to prove that he sent it, since he didn’t get tracking or priority mail(because a 30k check isn’t important) so he couldn’t do that. His solution? Wait it out till it expires then write a new one. Sorry but that’s not a solution.

  46. Bite your nails, in nerves. Wish it was just a bit easier, to travel these days. I so much want to help anyone in trouble and issues

  47. You can always check if there are garage boxes for rent (cheap of course) if things take longer.

  48. Buy a water pipe/electrical cable detector BEFORE doing any drilling!
    My brother-in-law was a solicitor and did the conveyancing for our first house as our wedding present. His opinion was that the best person in a solicitor’s office to get to work on your paperwork was the office junior/tea boy, as he was likely to do it the quickest.

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