Mingles with Jingles Episode 415

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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00:00 Nordpass special offer
02:17 A funny thing arrived in the post
13:43 Also starring Akizuki
17:27 Danny Trejo really badass
20:05 Why I never learned to drive



  1. Spend the Tax, and then say sorry, I assumed you knew what your doing, Oh well, I’ll give ya back a fiver a week till it’s payed off….Think of it as a loan…

  2. Not an accountant
    If im not mistaken you only pay that 20% tax AFTER that first £12,750 tax.
    The basic rate of 20% £50,270
    Higher rate of 45% after £150,000 after that

    So say you earn £20,000/year
    You pay 0% tax on the first £12,750.
    You pay 20% of the remaining £7,250, So 7250*.2=£1450 you pay in tax
    your take home would be the original £12750+(£7250-£1450tax=£5800)=£18,550

    If you earned £40,000/year and entered the basic rate.
    First £12,750 is untaxed
    Remaining £27,250 is taxed at 20% (£27,250*.2=£5450)
    So that means your take home is £34,550

    finally if you’re a footballer and earn £200,000/year
    first £12,750 you keep, £187,250 left
    upto next £50,270 you pay 20% (50,270*.20=£10,054 tax) £177,196 left
    I get a bit fuzzy here because I’m not an accountant
    up to next 150,000 you pay 45% (150,000*.45=£67,500 tax) £122,446 left to keep???
    Maybe that whole £177,196 is taxed at 45%??

    But you can see why once people start earning millions they find ways to hide thier taxes by living in monaco etc, you can earn £20,000,000 but when you have to pay nearly £10mil to the government….
    Oh look the company gave me a super yacht as a bonus….because its not income.

    If you ever want help with your pc’s give me a shout, I know allot more about tech than I do finance.

  3. If you dont earn very much you qualify for Tax Exempt status in the US too, but its like 5 grand a year or something pitifully low. You pretty much need to be starving and homeless to not pay taxes here.

  4. Great MwJ episode again.
    One thing I’d like to add about the last point……

    Have you SEEN Jingles driving in games? Would you feel safe knowing he had a licence??

    Thanks for keeping me sane for the last 8 years Jingles.
    Keep up the great work.

  5. Ahhh the joys of getting older and wiser. When you see something good, you get suspecious. If you see something great, you get nervous.

  6. I’m guessing that tax return had a extra zero or two 😂😂

  7. My parents own a small business in India and because we are exporters we get significant tax rebates but the problem is the tax agency seems uninterested in giving us those rebates despite calling and writing to them several times, it is a pain they have quite a bit held up and they have not released it for 1 year.

  8. Spent all money on ye goody saltpowder, that was generation “NOFUTUR!” And why should i have a car, when you have one?

  9. Daniel J. Heinebal

    Yay i was the 1000th like

  10. Ah yes, money from the goverment. First december after I got a small pension after my mum died I got a couple of hundreds more than I usually did. I assumed it must be either a Christmas bonus or some kind of a end-of-the-year revalueation. 5 years later I got a letter urging me to pay up those 20k which the afore mentioned couple of hundreds snowballed into. Took a loan (well, my dad did, I was still at university, and students are forbidden from taking loans in my country), payed it right away, and even the lady at the govermental office congratulated ‘my honesty’ and said it’s all good now. 2 weeks later I got summons to court. And that’s how I got a criminal record for defraudation of public money. Turns out, you don’t need to wear a bespoke Italian suit to do that.

  11. theirs a really good documentary from 2019 named “Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo”

  12. Well trained dogs do as their told. Most dogs are NOT well trained. Just ask any Mailman in the US. Watched my neighbor get their unleashed pit-pull pepper sprayed multiple times LOL.

  13. Ah I knew it. The mighty “cocaine and hookers” Jingles had a misspent youth!
    Spill the beans mate! 😊🤘

  14. *Ahem* Correct Horse Battery Staple

  15. We like your house updates!

  16. Im sure all the homeless out there Jingles would be devastated about your new housing lawyers.

  17. Jingles your new place is on a bus route that has busses every 10 minutes so no need for a car

  18. Mies P61SleepyTimeGal

    What? Living alone? Don’t tell me Rita and you have seperated?. I sincerely don’t hope so.

  19. we have something similar here in Australia with our taxes

  20. Suffering from bronchitis atm, at work. Jingles is here to save me though

  21. Jingles arguing with Akazuki is one of the MWJ highlights.

  22. Joined the navy at 19? You could have been driving for two years before that Jingles! Everyone I know, my parents included gave me heaps of shit for getting my learners at 17 instead of 16-and-a-whatever.

  23. I wouldn’t use a word or series of words in a password to be honest. I used to but it’s now all over the internet as having been cracked. I now use a random password made up from upper and lower case letters, numbers and characters at least 16 digits in length.

  24. Always nice when you get back more than you were expecting

  25. Complete Randomness

    “I have some very good questions to answer” first question, “where does your car sit”

  26. When I was still working I used the payroll tax deduction system as a savings account. I would have my employer deduct an extra few percentage higher taxes. This generated a tax refund every year that conveniently arrived just before vacation.

  27. Jingles you say you live alone so where’s Rita ? and is she moving into your new house with you. Oh yes and congratulations on the new house.

  28. Was hoping you were going to comment on the announcement Microsoft is acquiring Activision

  29. When you said “I have an Accountant”, for some reason the British version of My Cousin Vinny popped into my head. Re: tax refund check- Deposit that thing! Even if you have to pay some back, you’ll get to keep the Interest you’ve earned in the meantime.

  30. next week: taxman comes back: the money we sent you was the wrong amount, you have 1 week to pay it all back with interest and a 100% penalty.
    Yup, had it happen.

  31. Ah the simplicity of the British tax system 😄 The German system is similar but with far more tax levels and far more complicated offset rules 😪

  32. Just an FYI Jingles if you earn below a certain limit in the US you don’t have to pay taxes either.

  33. Jingles me and you are in the same sort of boat when it comes to driving or why I don’t drive as a wheelchair User it is financially impossible for me to drive plus do to health reasons it doesn’t make any sense for me to even if I could but luckily for me my sister has a vehicle and isn’t afraid to drive me if needed and she’s able too but most of the time I just roll where ever I need to go I am very lucky that where I live is very accessible so I am able to live pretty independent

  34. MyCreativityIsOver

    Fun Tax Fact: In Poland, due to the recent tax reforms, acountants refuse to work, taking leaves, or buy out insurance, because the new legislation is so convoluted, that even the Ministry of Finance gave wrong guidance on it. Nobody knows how it works anymore, even the people who wrote those laws…

  35. Pavel Berky - Kerby23

    I like how your debt accumulation is a good cautionary tale for your younger viewers, it really is easy to spend money you don’t have..

  36. With regard to passwords – if you’re UK based, include the £ symbol in your password. Not sure if it’s still valid advice but I was strongly urged to do this a good few years ago by someone who knew what they were talking about.

  37. So Danny is praised as a hero and a badass because he “gave up on drugs” and all that.
    How about people who had the willpower to stay away from drugs and all that life.
    Isn’t it funny how people are praised for giving up their addictions and bad behaviour, whilst people who were behaving as one should are always left in the dust ? 🙂

  38. Indeed, Jingles, a good friend is family who choose you.

  39. Jingles please never get a car, a Jingles landing will take on a whole new meaning!

  40. Oi, Jingles! You going to write your memoires?

  41. 40 bags for pappa Jingles! 🙏🙏🙏

  42. Would love to have another cat video mate.

  43. Technically National insurance is payable below 12K (think its 8K) but – that’s splitting hairs

  44. The cost of the PC that you bought and are not using now would have been enough to pay for the lessons to get you through your driving test. With money to spare to pay for a Car Throttle type ****box and the first 6 months insurance…
    But then again the roads in this country are crowded enough and every adult that doesn’t drive is fine in my book.

  45. I’m crazy enough to take on Batman, but the IRS? NO THANK YOU! – The Joker

  46. I know that arguing with Akizuki is all in fun but at some point how are we going to be able to tell when you’ve just turned into a crazy cat person?😅

  47. One of the WoWs players is called Sasha grey fanclub lol

  48. jingles be like NEW FURNITURE

  49. I reckon you can easily leverage being a YouTube star with half a million subs into free training on a motorcycle courtesy of the MCIA’s ‘Get On’ scheme, in exchange for making videos about your experience… & motorcycles are both cooler & cheaper than cars.

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