Mingles with Jingles Episode 416

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In which I struggle to think of anything to talk about, luckily I can always rely on Wargaming doing something to make one of their games worse.



  1. Ah such a great weekend, yea right, whole last week i had fucking diarrhea (NEVER AGAIN WILL I EAT SUSHI!). But its new week, so moving on.

  2. rule of thumb….. you will never have enough power sockets

  3. Noneya Damnbusiness

    funny he talks about all these things he wants to do when he gets the house and doesn’t realize how much time will be sunk into maintenance of it.

  4. Jingles u soo crap. jets used to be in game already on tier X CVs back in the good old days of RTS.

  5. Its WIP ffs and currently far from what you have described.

  6. Maybe that “avoid AA fire” for jet is intended to not use them for recon?🤔

  7. Up next, Soviet CVs and BBs with tactical nukes!

  8. Jingles, being jingles! Please do never change! (spoiler, if experience tells anything… i think jingle will managed to pay 2 times the loan of the house xD)

  9. Draxis Stormshadow

    next up SSBN’s

  10. I’m glad I play world of warships legends and world of tanks on console game play seems to be a lot better than pc.

  11. You might be mistaken Jingles with this one… AA fire is a separate action to main gun firing. I don’t think you can have sailors on deck manning the AA guns while 16″ guns fire next to them …

  12. What’s next, “Tier 11” submarines? Are we gonna see the Albacore or Foxtrot?

  13. I am not getting notifications

  14. Jingles: I am going to “measure” all the dimensions and “mark-out, where” the power sockets and internet sockets need be… Oh my, oh my, oh my! What I see is a massive comedy potential. Believe me!
    Marking the sockets is the trickiest task there is. I’ve overseen (or is it overlooked?) works at four places where I lived. All measured and designed by diplomed architects. The bloody fkers (sockets) would allways turn up at wrong places!
    Do yourself a favour and allow at least 5cm (or 2 inches) saferty margin if you don’t want to end up with your most desired socket right behind a massive bookshelf.
    Been there, done that… four times! Good luck!

  15. Anyone in Scotland wanting to see a Buccaneer up close can now see one at its new permanent home at the Scottish Deer Centre in Cupar, Fife.

    Millionaires who like planes and animals are a thing, who knew!

  16. I was in the closed beta (2015) and I’ve only just started playing CV. I’m finding them very unrewarding so far. Playing in the Parseval against T9/10 is frustrating. Of course I’m new to CV so maybe I will get better.

  17. less than 20 minutes? really?

    >nothing prepared for this week
    so as in everyweek

  18. Happy New Chinese Year from Korea!

  19. Never change Jingles only you could pay ther taxman 3 times!!!!

  20. RAAF had Canberra’s too, I remember as a 16yr old looking though a few at East Sale Air Base.. mid 70’s 😉 I would suggest Vampires, we had them too.. RAN had Fireflies and Gannets too at HMAS Albatross home of the Fleet Air Arm…

  21. You really should know how to do your own taxes Jingles, so you’re not so clueless about the process,

  22. People shouldn’t of bitched and moaned about the rts style of carriers….

  23. Let me guess; WG things that F-16s are going to be launched from the US Carrier? Because that’s completely realistic, 100%.

  24. Oh Jingles, never change

  25. I miss your war thunder videos I wish you would do some naval ones of those. They can be quite intense

  26. Matheus Rondel Leite

    More War Thunder Videos please

  27. Just you wait until the introduction of super-submarines. The russian sub will probably be able to launch nukes but don’t worry, they will have a “long” reload

  28. Maybe WarGaming needs to arm the HMS Eagle with Blackburn Blackburn aircraft

  29. Carriers are the reason I stopped playing wows

  30. So glad I quit playing both WoT and WoWS years ago now. The more idiotic news I hear the happier I am because I DONT HAVE TO CARE.

  31. Jingles you fool! The holy Spreadsheet says you enjoy Aircraftcarriers, so stop pretending otherwise 😛

  32. Patch 0.17.2 introduces hypersonic surface-to-surface missiles

  33. Oh, joy! Jets with built-in invulnerability to go with Cancer Vehicles with (wait for it) built -in near invulnerability. Ye gods, I hope whatever project iEarlgrey is teasing comes soon.

  34. 11:08 World of Tanks Blitz Would like to introduce you to ATGM mechanics. Though due to nearly the ENTIRE playerbase saying remove them. we went from two tech tree tanks that had ATGMs to them removing the mechanic from those two tanks but giving a replacement collector vehicle that still has the mechanic but its only useable in speciality game modes

  35. I think the only way Wargaming is going to pay attention to how broken aircraft carriers are is for everyone to only play carriers. “Is this what you wanted!? Is it!?”

  36. Jingles Just saw a vid and it featured your action in The 1st Gulf War…. I was the Ops Chief with I MEF US Marines. 🇺🇸

  37. Me wearing earphones and going around the house smiling and laughing listening to jingles

    My family: you ok?

  38. Llwellyn Cuhfwarthen

    One suggestion, be sure to run Ethernet to every room (Or if you are on the Coaxial, BNC) that way every room has an accessible hard line point.

  39. People need to boycott the game for a day or two or something because we’ve told em and told em we hate CV’s and they know we do and yet here we go getting more,I mean what the hell? They do the exact opposite of what we say,we need to put a stop to it somehow but that’ll never happen

  40. Where is Rita?

  41. What Jingles doesn’t want to tell us all, is that he pulled a Jimmy Carr!

  42. Besides the Blackburn Buccaneer, the Supermarine Scimitar would have been an excellent choice as well. Becuase one, it’s a early jet naval bomber, two, it’s a bit older than the Buccaneer so it might fit the game better, and three, it was used on HMS Hermes. Yeah, it was used on the ship we are getting in the game, as an actual naval bomber, yeah I also don’t get why weegee went with the canberra.

  43. Hi jingles
    why did you stop the Beast Inside & UNCHARTED 4 vid’s ? they were great.

  44. Maybe they get cruise missile or nuke tipped one ?

  45. Exocet missiles, that is what is needed. Canberras, I don’t know much about these things but my first thought was, they don’t fly off carriers. Then you mentioned Buccaneers, yes they were!

  46. The taxman hates overpayments, as it has a compound interest element upon return, no one has ever used the taxman as a high rate savings account ofc…

  47. Ooh… that means Harpoons and Exocets are just around the corner!

  48. Jingles gives new meaning to the term “Triple Threat”.

  49. Jet aircraft.. so cruise missles next followed by nukes

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