Mingles with Jingles Episode 417

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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00:00 Nordpass Sponsorship
01:57 Fort Jingles!
:03 The Funniest video I ever uploaded
13:05 War of Rights
1:25 Mingles with Jingles background footage
21:00 What does Condition Zed mean?


  1. Great place Jingles!!! Try a WiFi Mesh. I use an Orbi over wi-fi 6, is fantastic for my needs

  2. That Internet via power socket works for you?!? I have several friends and colleagues that had this shit. Always wondering why their Internet sucks so hard. Not being able to stream a single video with 50K Internet or playing WoT while talking on discord. And as soon as they had real WiFi, by installing an old WiFi router on the upper floor, connectet via ethernet with their main router, everything was fine. Suddenly everybody was able to stream their videos and whatnot.

  3. 2:50, I’d forgotten the Brits like to stick their washing machines in the kitchen, catches me off-guard every time

  4. For anyone who hasn’t seen the War Thunder video, when Jingles says it’s the dumbest thing he’s seen this year, you know he’s being serious, because Boris Johnson is his Prime Minister, and _this_ is still the dumbest thing he’s seen.

  5. You can just get your sparky to pull Cat5 cable through as he’s pulling the phone lines out. And then put a new face on the existing phone wall boxes.

    I use the Power Line adapters. To note they only work when on the same ring. Fine on my 1930s place with single ring mains, but I expect your place is multi ring.

  6. Have you had a look at Holdfast?

  7. It’s mangles with jangles!

  8. Jingles, will you continue the series of The Eternal Cylinder? It was too trippy for me.

  9. Jingles, dont use those power ethernet things. They’re garbage, just get a good wifi access point, it will be fine considering your internal walls are not reinforced concrete.

  10. Meanwhile in the background, our gnome overlord, whom is self admittedly the worst driver on the planet, shows off with the most expensive and least controllable car in Night city.
    Gotta work hard, those memes doesn’t make themselves.

  11. Wow Akizuki has gotten so big, she is gorgeous.

  12. Ubuiqiti for wifi

  13. Christian Schinner

    War of Rights is a good game, you missed the greatest debuff when you die outside formation -> Spawn Time is massive increased

  14. Civi passenger shipping have a similar set up to watertight integrity states, just a little less formal and odds are not ever getting shot at. There are specific doors and hatches(usually everything below pax areas) that are secure at all times while at sea. All access from pax cabins to vehicle decks are closed mainly for security but also because pax are less likely to close doors behind them and some of those doors are A60 rated so very heavy and very unforgiving spring loaded to make sure they close tight when not latched back. Top tip, if your a vehicle pax or driver, make sure you bring everything you’ll need for the journey from your car. Getting you back down for the forgotten meds or babies bottle is a ficken pain in the butt.

    Pax cabins are broken up into sections so if/when required entire sections can be isolated and closed off. On most ships that’ll be in the form of fire shutters or large double doors latched back and ready to release and these too are most likely A60 rated. On most ships those shutters and doors can be released remotely if need be and they will slam into place fast so if you see a rando heavy looking door latched back or what looks like a shop shutter in the middle of a corridor, best not to go to sleep there. Crew will know when to close them when General emergency is sounded(7 short blasts, 1 long on ships whistle and internal buzzer) or when a particular emergency type that is announced in code over PA to avoid panic in passengers.

    There are 3 main codes used(not telling because duh!). These are basically for Fire, medical or collision and security related. If there is a fire you should never hear the actual word FIRE as a passenger. You can ask all you want too, a good crew will not straight up confirm “yes we are on fire” even when there’s black smoke billowing out the back of the ship and it’s bloody obvious. Crew need you in an unsure state and relying on them for instruction. They tell you ships on fire you’ve gone from “What’s going on?” to “righto, how to I get out?” with no real clue of how and when to achieve that. A good crew will deal with the emergency, get you in safe and have you bitch and whine “they didn’t tell us anything!” 😂

    A60 rated is built to hold to intense fire for up to 60 minutes btw. Likely combustible areas like the engine rooms are rated far higher to contain fire if need be.

  15. We Canadians will only recognize one lawful mandate..the MANDATEING OF OUR FREEDOMS

  16. Mighty JIngles you will need a tplink plug with Internet cable

  17. I would go for cable channels on the wall for the man cave. It’s easy to install more power and ethernet outlets when needed and it’s easy to install. Btw. the outer walls looking like they have no insulation and the windows have no insulation as well. This is going to be expensive.

  18. Nice Jingles Happy For You!!!

  19. Someone f****ed up with those wood floors. Every seam is visible in from sun. It should be towards the light, not cross. Atleast that’s how its done if Finland.

  20. A navy guy retiring to army barracks, there must be some joke there!

  21. Jingles. I’m an internet tech In Australia. Easiest way to get wifi through a property that doesn’t have solid brick or concrete walls, is with a mesh wifi system. Preferably a triband system. My suggestion would be to go with the netgear orbi ax4200.

  22. Ignacio Joshua Ato Albarico

    Will Jingles play Dying Light 2 anytime soon? I heard it’s a pretty good game. Uploading every casual Saturday similar to Far Cry 6.

  23. Would LOVE to see War Of Rights gameplay!

  24. Gerwin van de Steeg

    Don’t get a sparky (electrician) to do structured cabling if you can avoid it, you want a specialist cable monkey for that and if you can afford it get yourself some Cat-6E structured cabling and have them centralise the connections in that utilities cupboard for getting stuff out of the way, that should see you through for the next 10+ years for wired connectivity. The connector in the hallway and above the kitchen bench looked to be standard BT6 (thanks British Telecom) phone jacks. Hard to tell what the one in the corner of the lounge is without a closer image but looks like a line filter/convertor from BT6 to RJ11. Man-cave on the left, BT6 phone jack again. Guest room behind the bed is a BT6. Master bedroom, BT6 with what looks to be an ADSL splitter/filter, would need close up to confirm. Also looks like a bunch of Coax cabling in each room for your TV if they still use that stuff, you’d have to check the roof to see if it has an aerial or a satellite dish. Not sure what kind of wireless gear you’re comfortable using or setting up, but a single Ubiquiti UniFi AC Pro/HD set to low or medium power would cover that pretty well from the ceiling of the top floor central to the property, and if you don’t like your neighbours set it to High power. Alternatively most high speed mesh units would be fine there with either a single unit, or one per floor.

    Although, in theory it is possible they had a 10Base2 wired network running over those coax panels considering the number of rooms with dual connectors (if it is, laugh and rip it all out or cover them up to hide those sins), but most likely just Coax for TV.

    For the ethernet over power (aka Powerline) if you have some existing adaptors they’ll be fine, but they have some limitations related to fuses and how your electrical stuff is wired. Generally the power points for the kitchen are on a different fuse to other rooms, and you may have each room on its own fuse or some other setup.

  25. better to run your own ethernet cables jingles. cheaper, and you have more control over how it’s ran.

  26. Jingles immediately points his camera towards an open window with a clock…
    Me: /pol/ now knows your location…

  27. Just one question about nordpass Jingles. What happen to your passwords and stored info when your subscription run out or company decide you are too “toxic” for use of their services for any reason?

  28. suprise, its dial up

  29. I Love that house! *You Know you’re going to have to do some adjustment to the slanted window edge so Aki can bask there without sliding off.

  30. I am envious to be honest, i’d want my own flat as well one day! Thx for inspiring me Jingles!

  31. If it is solid brick or concrete it will be a pain to run Ethernet. Drill a series of holes, cut rebate, run cable and conduit, and seal. Electrical wiring is not great for internet if it is a common line. Interference is a pain in the arse. A repeater network may be better. It still needs power and Ethernet between each hub/ node. You might be able to swap out the TV socket for the cabling if the electrician can do it. Just thoughts for you.
    As for cabinetry. if you want to save bit of money and get better quality try contacting a men’s shed, community old folks program or similar. They often have older, experienced people who can do the job but just don’t have the physical ability to make a living from it any more. They will give you good quality work for a lot less than a carpenter who is trying to run their business.

  32. So, the other day I visited HMS Belfast (a bloody good time, definitely can recommend), and now condition Zulu seems terrifying to me. The sheer number of compartments and hatches and door that would have to be shut while in a damn hurry seems mind-blowing to me.

  33. Another interesting Mingles! Like hearing your ideas for the new house!

  34. Another good Monday

  35. Hey Jingles, I have War of Rights and can 100% recommend it to anyone who is interested in the era. The proxy chat in the game makes it a blast to interact because you can get to a point where teams are hurling good spirited insults at each other because there’s a wall they can’t shoot through. I also have a question about Nordpass, if you don’t have the WiFi password for a new device, how exactly are you supposed to install Nordpass to get it?

  36. Have you seen the game called replaced? It is supposed to come out some time this year and the art looks amazing!

  37. To this day I cannot fathom why some countries have washing mashines in the kitchen 😀

  38. I’d propose to go for at least 2x ethernet per room…

  39. Fredrik Lagerström

    “That’s all we have time for”???
    You usually waffle about for half an hour more than this!!

  40. Dislike ratios don’t mean anything. A lot of people simply do not click dislike anymore because it is hidden. I am not saying the video was bad or anything but I do want to caution people not to put any value in like/dislike stats anymore.

  41. Isnt War of rights just remake of Nations at war ?

  42. U have I right it CBRN aka Cburn: chemical biological radiation nuclear

  43. Ahh, Henry vacuum cleaner. Still can’t get out of my head this porn video with a lady and Henry vacuum cleaner. He seemed really happy about that stuff.

  44. I moved into a new house last year and I had planned on getting ethernet ports installed in the needed rooms, but a friend talked me into using mesh wifi instead (eero in my case due to a timely sale, but there are a few good options). The mesh system works incredibly well, to the point that getting an electrician out to run an ethernet port to my office/desktop hasn’t even been needed; the high speed wifi has been perfect for work from home, video, gaming, streaming, the works. And it was a damn sight cheaper than getting an electrician to run all of those lines!

  45. What are the service charges like? There may be a FB or Whatsapps group in your building where you could be able to get important info about WiFi etc.

  46. About the pipework and wiring below the boiler in fort jingles, perhaps a wooden box could be made up to fit that and cover it all up?

  47. Ah im so happy that switzerland moved away from gas cookers and these days mostly has electric heating, either normal heating plates or induction. So much easier to use, less danger AND much much much much easier to clean. Especially the glas plate ones you can have since the late 90’s / Its very interesting and funny to see different country customs in terms of how you outfit a house “usually” and where certain stuff is put. Washing machine in the kitchen? Every swiss goes LOL wat? 😀

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