Mingles with Jingles Episode 418

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In we talk about the latest in World of Warships, I address the “Pile of Shame” of unbuilt models on my shelves, talk about how tell when someone's being a dick in in-game chat, and explain why I don't have need a TV licence.



  1. Andys model and stuff

    Back from Home Guard duty, lets get timestamped:

    00:00 Hi all!
    00:12 New old bug in WoWS
    12:02 Questions from the Salt Mine Discord server
    12:22 Model kits in the pile of same what do you got? Also Workshop wednesday is returning confirmed! <3
    17:10 What degree of banter is OK in in-game chat?
    19:02 Do you watch "Warships: Life at sea", and birtish TV-laws
    21:30 That's all folks!

  2. Well Jingles the bugs and problems might disappear if WG invested in new servres and a new game engine because the one they have now is 20 years old.

  3. You could always tell the bailiffs “I’m thrilled you feel that way, however, sir/ma’am, you will need a warrant before you can step foot in these premises. [greeting of the day].”

  4. So, are weegee going to credit everyone with enough dubs or xp to swap out the skills on a half dozen or so captains, or do we just have to suck it?

    Thinking back though, they have made skill swaps free on more than one occasion…

  5. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    The day WeeGee cut Flamu was the day WeeGee has come most to regret! XD

  6. In my country they got that issue by rename the TV license “the media license”. If you own a pc or a phone that can connect to the internet you must pay the “licence”

  7. Your theory about the internal discussion that probably took place in WG regarding the bug might be correct. And to be honest, this estimation happens in all companies. One thing you missed is also the risk of making it worse if you start messing around with some parts of the network code.

  8. I spotted an Artel W box in the pile of shame. I love their stuff and the packaging they send it in. What did you get Jingles?

  9. So, the backfire of the HE spammers! GREAT!!!

  10. I’ll take WG’s side on this one. The reload deficiency server side effects a miniscule portion of the game and it’s audience, so it’s the literal definition of minor problem.

  11. Now here’s another question.

    You say you will have a dedicated video production room and a dedicated model build/paint room… But will your model room be equipped to enable you to video capture the process with lighting and such?

    I know you are a highly experienced YouTube producer and all, so I’m sure you’ve considered this.

    Just keep in mind, “What is your time worth”, when purchasing time-saving gizmos. If the cost is less than the amount of money you’d expect to be paid over the time you spend doing what the gizmo does, and the money/time saved will equal the cost of the gizmo in a reasonable amount of time, then it’s a wise purchase in the long run.

  12. I saw Maho Nishizumi in those shelves

  13. i used to get the TV enforcement guys at the door from time to time. they even call the oldbill one time and tried to push the door in. the copper stopped the guy. so funny seeing the copper called in to intimidate me then turning round and giving the TV guy an ear full.

  14. So THAT’S the guy who likes workshop Wednesday

  15. The “Bug” in WoWs doesnt surprise me at all:
    Its usually the case that a problem is noticed by someone, but the company/public only cares if a person with a large audence speaks about it.
    While I dont think that this issue can be resolved any time soon, I think that WG could/should have taken care of these issues a long time ago.
    Also, a server tick rate of 7/s is extreemly slow compared to to 64 or even 128 CS:GO servers have.

  16. Warships Life at Sea is definitely worth a watch pal. I don’t believe you need to sign in (prove anything) to watch channel 5 content(?)

  17. faster server tick rate=higher cost of service = less profit = GREED KICKS IN, ever wondered why your fps goes to shit on close zoom ins in Wows when u basically next to the enmey? Theres your answer.

  18. I’ve seen FPS games with this same issue. Especially with MG42’s shooting at 1200 rpm while the client maxes out at around 900~. It’s worse in those games though because balance is centered around DPS, HP, and recoil and when one gun has a low rate of fight but the bullets hit hard, and the other has a high rate of fire but the bullets don’t, quite hit as hard it can cause the latter gun to be totally obsolete. Players don’t know this however which causes anger when they learn the devs have kept it a secret for years.

  19. Wait, in the UK you need a license to watch public broadcasts?!
    When I was a kid we were not far from dirt floor poor and we only had a old TV and antenna stuck out the back to check public broadcasts and that’s was all you needed. Even now we don’t pay for cable we have a streaming service and a HD antenna on the roof to get local channels, mainly news.
    So it really surprises me that the UK does not have free public broadcasting.

    • Yep. They used to scare people by saying they had trucks with antennas on top, that would drive around to triangulate your position, and then they would move in on ‘unlicensed over the air TV viewers’ like SWAT… 😉

  20. Then they will have a problem with the supercarriers coming, those planes are to fast for the server…

  21. #DBAD
    A life lesson for all

    Excellent video and the added bonus of how to interact with bully boy bailiffs spot on 🙂

  22. Jingles talking about reloading vs the ability to fire, reminds me of a “bug”? In the fallout games that only applies to a few specific weapons. If you speed up the in-game time, hence making everything in the game happen faster than normal. Your reload animation for all guns increases naturally, and most guns can fire as soon as that reload is done. But for instance, if you have a rocket launcher and fire. The reload animation plays, and you will be unable to fire for X amount of time (how much you have increased the in-game speed) until an invisible timer is up (presumably the base reload animation time) it’s very noticeable if you’re at like. 170% normal game speed, because you’re getting shredded in a fight due to your inability to fire back even though your rocket launchers reload animation is done

  23. LOL, a license just to watch TV…. how dystopian…

  24. 14:15 holy moly Jingles. Thats a healthy stock of Marihuana or at least it looks like it xDD

  25. thank you jingles. i appreciate you a lot

  26. So, the bug is that World of Tanks and World of Warships is made for 14.4 or 28.8 Dial-up modem connections.

  27. well my car broke soooooo fuck

  28. wargaming you need a new engine for warships. wargaming- nah its fine

  29. I just did that Tamiya Chieftain Mk 5. Great kit. Inspired me to buy an airbrush.

  30. Don’t watch that programme Jingles, its so full of dramatized crap it’s annoying.

  31. Hey Jingles are you going to continue to support Putin when he invades Ukraine?

  32. As an American I was about to go all ‘freedom!’ on the television license BS. Until I realized it gave you a quarterly excuse to tell a govt employee to go pleasure themselves. Now I’m disappointed I’m missing out on that fun!

  33. Not one going to mention what one the shelf at 14:22. Jingles has a “plot” figure.

  34. Sorry, but I’m contractually obliged to say “imagine needing a license to watch TV”

    But then again I’m in the same boat, I pretty much never watch TV. I just don’t have the pleasure of being able to tell BBC goons to go home for a little five on one every few months.

  35. or they say “simple things amuse Simple minds”.

  36. Wait, do you need a TV license? Is that a thing?

  37. well finally +1 for the good ole usa. broadcast tv is in fact free to all still.

  38. Maqywhaq【マッキーワック】

    I don’t have a pile of shame… At this point, it’s pretty much a small warehouse…

  39. Lol, random Maho.

  40. Maybe they will fix the border humping exploit.

  41. Keep telling them off! When I lived in Germany, the TV Police would knock on my door every so often and ask to see my TV and radio license. As an American working for the government I did not need the license. Typically I would get a knock at the door and some guy would start running off in German at me. While I spoke and understood enough German to survive I had hard rules. I would always attempt my German in shops, village, trains, or Oktoberfest. Anytime I spoke with the German government types it was a butchered version of German to get them to speak English. Eventually they’d try to tell me I needed a license and I would explain to them I was exempt. If they got snotty I’d remind them who won the war and gets to make the rules. Now to be clear, most of the guys knocking on my door would see and hear me and go, oh, you’re American, never mind, have a good day. But every so often I’d get a guy who I swear was raised in the East and would then push and trigger my response. I miss living in Germany some days. I miss the German people, the culture, and the my German neighbors always looked out for me.

  42. I am in the minority. My stash of unstarted models is not that big. About 20 models. I have about 90 finished models on display.

  43. Does this affect autoloaders?

  44. Survivability expert – a skill which was most helpful for DDs. Bugged to make their ships LESS survivable.
    Rapid firing guns – Most commonly found on DDs, and thus most affected class.

    I’m beginning to see a pattern here. If we see a bug with speed boost I’m gonna laugh. Oh wait, we technically have that already, but only with a BB.

  45. About the refresh rates for WoT, you’re telling me an ebr spotting me at max distance, zooming around the map isn’t invicible because my aim is shit or his wheels are made of stalinium, but because he isn’t where the game client says he is? For a game with fast tanks you’d think they would work on that. 2 seconds is really slow. Hoping Flamu’s video also leaks its way to the WoT devs. Maybe if one of the big contributors speaks up about it?
    Also what is that weeb heresy on your shelves? The emperor would be thorougly dissapointed brother! (jk,jk. Recently started watching black lagoon. Awesome series! Don’t know if you’ve heard of/watched it, but I thoroughly recommed)
    PS: Akazuki looked very nice in the box from yesterday. What a fine box and even finer cat.

  46. Holy crap…. That’s GOOD paint work

  47. So… basically WG servers have the same role as the lawyers involved in real estate purchases.

  48. Started watching the “Mingles..” episode on Monday, finishes on Tuesday. -That’s a very long episode! (Other things have come in from the side line, frequently, so I had to pause the video)
    Regarding smilies and emojies… very good topic to bring up. I have a friend, who has banned an emote on her channel. And that has purely been based on the way this emote has been used. It would be good, if people could be more attentioned as to how they use the language in chats. I once had a battle on Tundra, where I was doing my best, to say: “be attentioned to this flank, they might come from here” -and the player who was still in play at the time replied in chat “ok”
    By using terms like most have used; “moron,” “retard” etc. -bet most could continue the list, makes most people block from listening. Because they can’t use it for anything. The only one who can use it, is the one who says it, to vent for some of their own rage. But that doesn’t help others to play better a single bit.

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