Mingles with Jingles Episode 419

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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01:45 Everything else



  1. Andys model and stuff

    Todays timestamps:

    00:00 Nordpass Sponsorship
    01:44 Warhammer Total War
    13:14 TV- license, setting things straight
    19:44 Horizon Forbidden West
    20:13 Do you read/ recomend fiction books?

    No jokes on my part today, got Covid yesterday so I’m not in the best of shape. Thanks for providing some relieve and entertainment Jingles, stay safe everyone!

  2. Best fantasy books I’ve ever read. The Name of the Wind. Seemed designed to be a 3 part but sadly only 2 books were published. Best

  3. Has anyone else noticed Jingles has started thank us for watching to the end? Wonder why.

  4. Is getting about time for a new tog video. it’s all about the party. Good luck in your new place when you get there.

  5. Here in Denmark, there has been the same model of a TV license. Including the guys that come and knock on your door to see if you own a TV and what not. With the propagation of the internet, they found out that they just weren’t going to get their revenue in. People were leaving for Netflix et al. Now it is called a Media License. If we have ANY device that can access the internet, we have to pay.
    With that said, our journalists are, as you say, not in the pocket of anyone, and quite reliable.

  6. My go-to Total War title is still Rome, and it’s expansions.

  7. Must admit i am the same as you Jingles, i do not have a TV license as i do shift work so even if i wanted to i could not see shows i enjoy ‘Live’ so i stick to Amazon, Disney and NetFlix where i can binge watch shows to my hearts content. Not had a license for 6 months so far and yet to have an enjoyable visit from an inspector yet but i will send them your regards when and if they show up 🙂

  8. The BBC is basicly the exact same channel as NRK in Norway. But in Norway, if you want to buy or own a tv it doesent matter if you just use it for streaming or gaming. We have to pay the lisence regardless.

  9. Jingles, The IT Crowd is great Site-Com. I like to see Moss as tank commander “Ooh! Fore! I mean “Five!” I mean “Fire!”

  10. New Zealand got rid of its TV licence in 1999. TVNZ is now funded solely by advertising.

  11. Meanwhile, here in Canada, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Is wholly owned and funded by the Canadian government. As such, for my ENTIRE adult life of 20+ years, they have been a paid propagandist for whatever party currently in power.

    Interesting exercise – Go to the CBC YT page, look what YT says about it, and compare it to what YT says about Russia Today (RT).

  12. hope the new place is working out

  13. Germany has the same TV system. Unfortunately the puplic ownened stations are utter crap except the news…

  14. Horizon:Zero Dawn was an amazing experience. It played like reading a book. The pacing was excellent, and the story was compelling.

  15. Jingles have you ever tried medieval 2 total war third age divide and conquer? Solid choice

  16. looks like the “big ginger chonker” is “ready for [her] close-up”

  17. Forbidden West!

  18. Unfortunately I don’t think we will see Horizon Forbidden West on PC for at least a couple of years. Because it’s one of SONY’s main exclusive titles they’ll be relying on it to sell PS5’s.

  19. Jingles extols the virtues of the UK licencing system and its independence, then in the next breath says he’s not paying for it

  20. The USA has PBS. It’s funded by donations. No ads, only between shows for other PBS programs.

    I guess people in the UK just don’t get severe weather broadcasts if they don’t pay the extortion fee.

  21. Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series is really good. Can be a bit slow at times but the World building is topnotch.

  22. I haven’t had a TV licence for 22yrs lol

  23. “Horizon Forbidden Dawn”… Jingles…

  24. Christopher Stringer

    The thing I was most like what the hell is when you where talking about needing lawyers to buy your house glad I never dealt with that buying my property

  25. Speaking of total war, makes me buy my first computer in a decade.

  26. so how do you handle the guy when he comes around to collect the license fee .. make a video about that

  27. HZD does haver about the best story of any video game, especially the thing that you STILL do not know what happened at the start (before the game itself takes place) when Gaia, the central control system rebuilding Earth, gets hit by a computer virus that causes it to destroy the network controls before the system destroys the Earth (again), but, like the Hobbit finding the ONE RING after it left Gollum, a genius, Silens, finds the “reset everything” program HADES and unintentionally restores it to health to destroy the world (a last-ditch never-to-be-used program if things somehow get really, really bad). Aloy, the heroine, is there because Gaia generated her from its human biosystems to fix the problem. Aloy does get rid of the major threat of that destruction system, but nobody still has any idea what sent that malware that blew up Gaia and its resurrection work.

    I hope that when we do finally dig our way through all of the game hurdles with Aloy, we find a fitting enemy who destroyed Gaia, so that when Aloy “removes the problem” it is something that deserves everything that it gets. This may require a trilogy or more to do so, so the new FORBIDDDEN WEST game is just PART 2 or at least 3, I assume, though maybe more. However, it IS necessary that we get the bastard(s) that caused that malware message as the cherry on the cake of this superb game series!

  28. So what you’re saying is….. That next mingles with Jingles is episode 420?

  29. Adding to the sci-fi and fantasy books, there are a HUGE number of older books that are top-of-the-line. I like Space Opera (STAR WARS type stories) and humorous stories. E.E. “Doc” Smith created the space opera in the 1920s and his two major book series are THE SKYLARK OF SPACE 4-book series (the villain “Blacky” Duquesne, is, in my opinion, one of the best villains I have ever read about — kind of like Darth Vader who, if faced by a really bad enemy, would call up Yoda and ask for assistance in solving a mutual problem) and the LENSMAN multi-book series.

    For humor, we have the L.S. De Camp and Fletcher Pratt INCOMPLETE ENCHANTER trilogy about a psychologist who finds that some of his patients are REALLY seeing things and that the Multiverse (as we call it now) is real and can be reached by some sorts of mental self-hypnosis methods, Things go wrong in the books, of course, for various reasons, but they are all very funny. Similarly, ROBOTS HAVE NO TAILS was written by the sci-fi writer Henry Kuttner and his wife C.L. Moore under their humorous short story pen name “Lewis Padgett” (lots of good short stories here, including the ancestor of THE ADDAMS FAMILY and THE MUNSTERS called THE HOGBENDS) as a series of 5 short stories in 1941 and later combined into this book (the title has no meaning at all, as intended). They are all about a very unusual inventor Galloway Gallegher who only can invent things when dead drunk and can never remember doing it the next day. These stories are very funny, but they also predict a number of future topics ALMOST EXACTLY: A HOME PAGE on a video phone lawyer telephone receiver site — GOT IT! Cable TV and how it works, including its possible effect on the movie theater franchises — GOT IT! Etc. Amazing!!

  30. I’m not going to lie I’m now thinking of getting Warhammer 3 just cuz the Slavic faction have bear cavalry

  31. reasons to have a Telly License. Back in the day, my family where the dependents of my father who was active duty U.S.A.F Stationed at R.A.F. Bent waters. One night, mommy woke up sissy and myself with the admonition to “come and see” “come watch this”. It was the first landing of men on the moon Jingles, and yeah time laps for satellites back in the day but, we saw it “live”. Oh, another one, I knelt on the floor in front of the Telly …. with a stainless steel bowl on my head and a tea towel around my neck as my mother followed your queen in making their sons “The Prince of Wales” with my cheeks burning red and tears running down both ladies cheeks, we shared it live. Would you like to know about M.L.K.? Perhaps Gandhi? Perhaps a Buddhist monk in Viet nahm who set himself on fire and the world learned why nobody interfered. That one not live. (shrugs)

  32. I’ve watched a few things on the BBC iPlayer and don’t have a license. They are going to have a bit of a drive (and swim/sail) if they want to get me as I live in Western Australia and use a VPN to access the player.

  33. Brags about how great the BBC is because of how it is funded. Then explain why he gets it for free.

  34. Read Conn Iggulden’s book series about Julius Ceasar and Ghengis Khan. Historical fiction both series have around 5 books and take both figures through boyhood to death. The key words here are “historical fiction”. Give them a try Conn Iggulden is a fantastic author

  35. The units are beautiful, aren’t they?

  36. I’m like “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah POLAR BEAR CAVALRY!!! blah blah blah” 😉

  37. All these things you list as “problems” suggest that maybe the game is rich and varied and will reward long play, consideration, and deep thought. That it may be … a good game. Maybe, yeah?

  38. As an American, I am always so interested in this TV Licensing thing you Brits have going on. I always understood it that if you had an antenna capable to picking up the UHF/VHF broadcast you’d have to pay for a license as that’s how the BBC fiscally operates and unlawfully receiving the broadcast would, in essence, be pirating it. Now I am just more confused.

    Here in the States we have PBS or Public Broadcasting Service. It’s a publically-funded nonprofit that focuses on educational content and is funded via donations and fundraisers. In addition to PBS we have locally broadcasted channels that are subsidized through taxes and news affiliate channels that air shows of that affiliate (CBS, CNN, FOX, ABC, etc). Those channels are obviously all funded via advertising (more viewers = more profitable advertising) so are free to receive via the OTA broadcast. If you want any other TV service you’d have to pay for cable or satellite.

    So is the BCC the only publically broadcasted channel in the UK? Are there no other channels that broadcast that are funded via advertising or local municipalities?

  39. I would recommend reading some Neal Stephenson to you then Jingles, particulalry Diamond Age and Snowcrash. Greg Bear’s Queen of Angels and Slant are also good reads. Then there’s pretty much everything by Peter F Hamilton 🙂

  40. Jingles, would love to see you do a bit of Empire TW or Shogun 2

  41. 420 Next Week Jingles, it would be funny for the whole vid to have a smoke overlay

  42. HAH Laughs in Austrian because of GIS Broadcast Reception taxes that start with a radio not even TV.

  43. i would take the BBC model over the DR (Danish version) anyday cause the Danish one will charge you just for owning a device that can watch theire channels or listen to theire radio programs dosent matter if you dont they wll charge ya and soon it will go over the tax instead …. so yay for paying for something that consists of 84%+ reruns 😀

  44. Yeah we have those in Sweden too, it used to be TV-licence funded. Now its tax-funded. But the channels have worked as left-party propaganda machines for as long as i can remember.

  45. This has more Lord of the Ring feeling than the Amazon TV series.
    Alastair Reynolds: i got only his Revelation Space series, did not like it.

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