Mingles with Jingles Episode 420

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Here’s how you can donate to relief organisations helping Ukrainian refugees.

British Red Cross: https://donate.redcross.org./appeal/ukraine-crisis-appeal
#HelpUkraineEmergencvyAppeal: https://www.gofundme.com/f/helpukraine?qid=546c25e9bfc9c469b7f7a57691d3d7c4


  1. You deserve a Humanitarian Reward for this and I hope you start a ground swell of help not for politics but for humanity itself. I Salute you “Sir Mighty Jingles”

  2. Wayit, Polands fascist open their borders to Ukranian Refugees but those who come over the Mediterranian and other ways from Africa nad the middle east have to be forecefully pushed back, freeze or drown? What fucking hypocrazy is that?! Sorry, but ill continue donating to Sea watch for those who flee from the Taliban and war that america has waged over there.

    As to why Putin invaded Ukraine, I believe it was Chruschtschow who gave the krim penninsula to Ukraine. As those familiar with the second world war will know, its a stategic location in the Black sea and controlling the Krim you control the sea. Add to that that NATO expanded east with the baltic states, Poland etc even thoughafter the last cold war, they signed a treaty not to do that. Russia now feels a bit circled in on their western front and want to demonstrate power by annexing a former sattelite state of the USSR back into Putins tsarist empire.
    Though this security risk claim is true as Nato could position missiles there. The USA use the same logic to justify the Cuban crisis in the cold war and similar discussions were held over greece .
    Fabricating enough reasons for war is easy, especially when you learn form american secret service. Even though nato is a defensive allience on paper, it hasnt stopped it members from waging war on their own and get allies to join in. An example for that would have been Afghanistan, invaded purely by the US because of its connections to the Soviet Union. Now not unly Us troops but also german and other european soldiers had to withdraw. Just because youre not obliged to help Nato members when they start an attacking war, doesnt mean youre not allowed to.

    Since this is the internet, Disclaimer: All of this and jingles video makes sense why a war has started, but I still condemn it.

  3. I stopped buying premium accounts. It is helpful in advancing and getting into higher tiers but in the end I don’t play enough to have to worry about repair time and Bs like that

  4. Why?
    Putin wants to be the new Stalin.
    Instead, he has become the new Hitler.
    Not that there was much difference between the two.

    Also Jungles, Germany AND Russia invaded Poland in 1939 – as partners.

    Also Jungles, why do you keep saying “The Ukraine” instead of “Ukraine”?

  5. Link to the Canadian Red Cross: https://donate.redcross.ca/page/100227/donate/1
    The Canadian government will match Canadian donations dollar for dollar.

  6. You are probably correct that Putin was going to do it anyway. Its not an irrational move on his part. Putin knows that the big boy on the block (America) is ruled by an old man who cant string together a sentence without stumbling over his words, forgetting his words, slurring his words ect… and Putin knows that Ol Joe isnt going to do anything about him invading. This will, mark my words, lead to China invading Taiwan.

  7. Should one ask here how much of your costly natural gas comes from Russia? Have you, perhaps, considered asking your friendly, local, elected, national politicians why? I might have read about there being a great deal of frackable gas around the British Isles. Ifso, why are they sitting there?

  8. Hey Jingles, I am really sorry for Ukraine, but NATO had its time for aggressive and destructive behaviour… Remember 1999 when NATO attacked and bombed country in Europe, killing hundreds of civilians. There were no provocations. Please check your facts first (saying someone who had no conections with Russia). I am not on side of Russia, I feel like war is hell, survived one over my head listening to missles from NATO… I am only praying for poor people. I wil definitely donate to Red Cross…

  9. Putin succeeded in something incredible. Never the whole of Europe was so united. The Fins and Swedes are (very likely) to join NATO. And the push for renewables will be incredible in the coming future. The only downside is, Europe needed a bloody shooting war for that.

    On that cheery note; Slava Ukraini!

  10. If history is a teacher, it seems that the only way to get rid of a Russian dictator is by stroke, heart attack, or by the Russian people themselves. So, creating an economy where Russians are back to standing in lines for an hour for basic needs and paying incredibly inflated prices for those items when found would go a long way for Putin’s removal. That or a massive influx of fried cheese curds and pork rinds.

  11. Most of the time being poor is just a pain in the ass, but when I want to help others in need and I can’t even keep my own head above water is when it really sucks. All I can give is my thoughts and prayers for those suffering, my sympathy for those fleeing, and the utmost respect for those defending their homes. o7

  12. The invasion is really not akin to WWII. Notice what is not getting bombed: power plants, communications infrastructure, water treatment plants, and all the other critical infrastructure that gets bombed on day one of any invasion. You know, stuff NATO bombed in Serbia when they did their air campaign, or the USA bombed in Iraq when they invaded there. This is more akin to the US going into Nicaragua to grab Manuel Noriega. You skipping over the Donbas region is a pretty big tell how you aren’t really looking at the whole picture here.
    All in all, there’s more going on than just “Russia bad, Putin evil, Ukraine did nothing wrong” here. Not saying that war is the answer or Putin’s reason are good, it’s always civilians who suffer in war. But it’s a lot more complicated then then one dimensional picture we are being fed.

  13. Jingles, nowadays it’s known as Ukraine, not The Ukraine. The ‘the’ was a mistranslation.

  14. Hi Jingles, I don’t ever really comment on your videos, but your rational discussion on what has been going on Ukraine has given me some respite and understanding. This has been particularly hard for me, since I have family in both Ukraine and Russia. Whenever I go to look for information on what is going on there, all of it, whether from family or news media, has contradictory information and often is very emotionally charged. With the United States my home, and Russia my ancestral home, I am very thankful to you for bringing me at least a little bit of sense in these times

  15. I am always horrifically surprised how many people quickly jump to the Defense of acts like Putins invasion of Ukrain. A lot of people to strike from the list of people you want to have anything to do with. I am also surprised about the amount of people calling for other people to get into this war and wage war against Russia, actual war. Because this would definitely not escalate. And no, I do not mean Jingles here.

  16. Well, there is also an Internatinal Volunteer Force forming in Ukraine, so if any of you feel like going to war then I guess you can support in this way.

    • There is also a less dangerous option: the Ukrainian National Bank has set up a special account that directs donations to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

  17. Donating through the red cross is probably one of the best things that can be done to help the people most affected by this … situation. Or if you’re really angry, donating directly to the Ukrainian Armed Forces through the special account set up by the Ukrainian National Bank is also an option.

  18. Good on ya Gnome, donated!

  19. Well said. Support the Red Cross!

  20. So do we say Ukraine or the Ukraine?

  21. just wanna point this out

    episode 420

  22. the only way to do any real damage to the Russian economy is to sanction their oil and national gas, unfortunately their is not a single western country willing to do that since we are all now dependent on Russian for oil and natural gas.

  23. I refuse to interact with anything to do with Russian companies and you should do the same mate. End of story. That woman killed in that botched hit in salisbury could have been your relative, or my mum or anyones kids and putin laughed about it. Fuck Putin yeah, fuck Russia yeah and fuck russian companies that put Putin where he is.

  24. Hi, im Estonian and we (the baltic states) have been preaching for years and years whats to come.. no one listened. We are grateful for nato membership from the day 1 we joined.

  25. Right now!!! The USA Is being invaded by president Biden, he is bringing in over 200,000 illegal aliens a month crossing our southern border. He brought in over 2 million illegal aliens last year. Add 30 trillion in debt and run away inflation. Anyone one not a Democrat is deemed anti-american/racist nazi. If you make donations to a cause they don’t like, you will be fired,, So for give me if I don’t give a shit about the rest of the world.

  26. Very good video jingles. Nicely explained background info.

    I joined the database offering a safe stay at my house for ukrainian refugees.

  27. Matheus Rondel Leite

    I have lost faith in humanity. Despite all the suffering that history has taught us, there are some (with all the power in their hands) who always want wash their bodies in blood. In all my 23 years of living I’ve never lived anything like this.

    Also, fuck Putin and his Winnie the Pooh friend

  28. Thoughts on WG finally giving Serb the axe for supporting this war?

  29. no Jingles. Thank you for always being a wise old humble man that I always love looking up too. its horrible with what the world is going threw right now but I also think it is so heart warming to finally see people from all around the world coming together standing up for each other and trying to keep the peace. Yes even tho Putin has decided this, its very nice to see russia and the hole world does not want this. Humanity does have hope and with that comes inspiration for the young generation like my self.

  30. It’s Ukraine not the Ukraine <3 SLAVA UKRAJINI

  31. I’m completely against the Russian attack on Ukraine, but NATO is not really only for defence. I’m from Serbia and I remember well their bombing campaign in my country in 1999. and how they carved out the part of our territory…

  32. JIngles you could hurt Putin if Wargaming and Gajin are still owened by Rusian Oligarchs, because if the loose money even outside the Rudsian exonomy they will act.

  33. At times like this, I do sometimes hope that fictional charactes like Saitama (One Punch Man) or Aang (The Last Airbender) would suddenly appear in our world and slap some sense to those crazy ass warmongering bastards.

    I hope too much, don’t I?

  34. The Ukrainian threat in regards to NATO may be concieved as follows: Ukraine joins NATO, calls occupation of Crimea a defensive case, bam Article 5 kicks in, and Ukraine drew whole NATO into war with Russia. Not that that changes anything now, just my 2 cents on why PTN saw the need to follow up in the crimean occupation as quick as feasible

  35. I totally understand boycotting these companies is pointless. Vlad the invader couldn’t care less. Non should anyone ask you tubers to give up their livelihood. Maybe as a symbolic action not feature any Russian tanks or ships. Just something to say fuck you vlad in our online world everyone shoots you!

  36. Well said, Jingles.

  37. Politics, like religion, is a minefield leading to a cesspool, guarded by snipers.

  38. I live in a country that has a bill of rights. The current administration is ignoring those rights. As soon as our rights are secure I will certainly consider helping a small country on the other side of the planet.

  39. Putin wants the Soviet empire back. He’s starting with Ukraine because large gas reserves were found there. His given reasons are just a BS excuse to invade.

  40. Thanks for the info jingles. I feel better educated now. Your commentary has always been well crafted and this episode was no exception.

  41. What would happen if everyone stopped their subscriptions to wargaming and Warthunder but instead donated that same money to the Red Cross or other aid service. Just a thought.

  42. If you want to affect Russia, replace your natural gaz heater by a electrical heat pump. Because selling natural gaz is Russia primary income.

  43. What about Nato´s bombing on Libya Civilians, was that humanitarian and defensive aswell?

  44. I have no inside track with Putin, however news reports are reporting that Putin is acting like Hitler out of Inglorious Bastard banging the tables with Urkraine’s defensive response. Maybe the Jewbear needs to visit him? Don’t go Putin in your pants.

  45. So far Russia appears to be winter-warring itself again. Lots of signs of major failings across their forces.

  46. mmmmmmmm 420………wink wink

  47. NATO is only a defensice alliance if you believe so and only as long as you don’t tell your population that it’s not.

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