Mingles with Jingles Episode 421

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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00:00 Start
01:37 We’ve raised nearly $50,000
02:50 Logical fallacies – and why using them pretty much means you have no argument
04:56 Anyone can be both the Good Guys or the Bad Guys. We’re not special.
0:13 Why Russia invaded Ukraine – Military Reasons
16:16 Why Russia invaded Ukraine – Economic Reasons
23:57 – Why Russia is NEVER giving back what they occupied around The Crimea.



  1. The Mighty Jingles

    Go to https://nordpass.com/jingles and use code JINGLES to get 70% off a 2 year NordPass Premium plan plus 1 free month! It’s risk free with 30 day money-back guarantee.

    • I think with EU/NATO weapons and Russia’s failing logistics, you may be wrong on the retaking part, but otherwise – great outline.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      Jingles please make military video about Polish Mig 29 that Ukraine might get … cause Polasnd might made deal of the century , cause for 44 Mi29 Poland payed in courency … 1€ and now US will /there is offer exchange those for 28 F16V worth 2.5B$ … issue is that Poland would stay without fighter 28 fighter jets … so Poland will buy 4 F16 V & Lease 32 F16 C/D block 52 from US airforce (not crap from desert) … so in 6 years Poland might have 112 F16 .
      And about mig 29
      1989 Poland “bought” 12 new from soviets , but payed in goods produced in Poland as often those deals was made in soviet union
      1995 Poland exchange 10 Mig 29 from Czech republic for 11 Polish made W-3 Sokol helicopters
      2002 Polan “bought”/got 22 Mig 29 from Germany
      So from 44 Mig 29 32 best was chosen , of with 2 have been written off cause of fire damage on ground , and 2 have been lost in accdents (1 pilot died) … and allready Poland decided to withdrawn mig 29 from service to 2030 and Poland ordered F35A to replace it deliveried 2024/26-2030 , so Poland will gain a loot on that deal … of course if Putin wont decide that giving Ukraine those planes is act of war and start ww3 … and we all will blow in darkness , so I think that deal may be very important for whole world.
      (BTW 2024 Poland will get first F35 but those will be in US when pilots train on them , and 2026 they will arrive in Poland)

    • Russian doctrine after WW2 has always been to fight the next big war on foreign/”allied” soil.

    • I enjoyed the Vid i won’t lie Its always fun to hear others opinions on current world events and its Interesting as well thanks for the vid jingles as always

    • Hey jingles. Why aren’t you donating some of that money for me? (I’m being facetious) in reality I am too broke to donate unfortunately but I am so happy that you were able to achieve that. Wow. Im still waiting for a gnome abroad! I love hearing you tell us about your adventures. Not only that you tend to fly over in the flight simulator and point out where things were and that just makes it epic.

  2. Congratulations on your fundraising…however it was really boring listening to you justify it…surely it is easier to ignore the trolls? 🤔

  3. U forgot Norway, mate… Nr. 1 export is oil and gas… I do believe we are part of Europe still 😛

  4. game news the best game ever will release on early acces on steam next month its called prehistoric kingdom

  5. Try to put my head In their point of view? I’m sorry mister Jingles I’ve always been taught that I’m not to stick my dick in crazy so why would I put my head in it.

  6. There’s a good chance Putin thought Trump would win a second term, which would have neutered America’s response down to nothing. Just one more reason to thank the gods that that didn’t happen.

    • FFS. Really?! Trump has not been in office for two years idiot! Get off the “it’s all Trump” you liberal idiot

    • “If you go into Ukraine while I’m president,… I will hit Moscow”- Donald Trump to Putin. You’re a prime example of Trump derangement syndrome.

  7. Poison gas is not a weapon of mass destruction?

  8. wait a second …. is not Norway also an petro state?

  9. Sromotny Kobziarz

    Well, about Saddam and WMDs, he was gassing Kurds in the 80’s

  10. could we please have the half hour video where you analyse russian military blunders? pretty please?

  11. i think the war in iraq probably caused more death and suffering in that country than saddam ever achieved

  12. jokerspet karlsson

    and lastly. you should WISH for nato to take crimea back. ur powerbill and Eddies fuelprice will drop like a stone in the mariana trench if ukraine and Europe starts harvesting that.

  13. I enjoyed this.

  14. We do know for a fact that Ukraine has missile systems that could have nuclear tips on the border of Russia. I’d bet that if you overlaid the map of those missile sites with Putin’s advances you will find a surprise.

  15. What game is being played in the back ground?

  16. Oh you’re raising money for Ukrainian refugees? What about the PAWOWOWS fund? The Potatoes and Whales of World of Warships fund? Us whales and potatoes need our money to feed to Wargaming! (though I haven’t given them a single cent in light of literally everything lately).

    Jokes aside, this is an astonishing amount to be donated. Absolutely fantastic to hear.

  17. Tell the Ukrainians to vacate the Russian corridor and carpet bomb it to the Russian border.

  18. Alex Jackson-Smith

    I would not be surprised if the concern is your comment “Vladimir Putins’ unprovoked invasion of The Ukraine” and not the fact that money is for civilians in need.

  19. And you know what, I think killing Saddam might have been a mistake, I think he kept the all the other people in check, like the Taliban, ISIS etc, and once he was gone and his son’s were too, their was a power vacuum and more instability than their already was, or maybe that’s not exactly right,idk but it seems like that’s the way it went ✌️

  20. My question is: are there/how many are there of generals in the USA who actually want NATO to step in and relieve Russia of ‘their’ territory. Not because it’s the right thing to do, or because they think it will be simple, but merely because they’ve had it in for Russia since the Cold War and now they’ve got a nice gift-wrapped excuse to see just how scary the Russian boogeyman actually is.

  21. Like I get it but … that would mean that everyone in the Kreml combined has the mental scope of an average heart of iron player. That kind of mindset is so tribalistic, so medival, it’s hard to believe you’d know how to operate a hammer without having a mental breakdown.

  22. It’s no coincidence that most of the individuals raising “whataboutism” arguments against raising money for Ukraine are the same people who push the Big Lie that the 2020 USA presidential election was somehow “rigged” or “stolen.”

    It’s no coincidence either that at least half of said individuals are Russian trolls working in a troll farm, trying desperately to undercut aide for their enemies.

    They’re all on the same team. They’re all working together to secure power for themselves (“the enemy of my enemy”).

    Some people will call me out for this. Guess who those people voted for?

  23. Nothing against the help for Ukraine, still annoying that this amount of humanitarian aid was never an option for other refugees. This whataboutism shows the hypocracy of western nations as they help cristians but not Muslims and others. Thats the problem. Would be nice if Boarders were open for all refugees instead of only Ukranians.
    Hopefully all of them will get shelter food and medicine now that europe found the Human rights charta again

  24. Russia isn’t the only european country with oil in it…

  25. When it comes down to it, its about oil. Again.

  26. I suspected it was a land grab to protect the Crimean ports, but didn’t realize it was over water and gas. Poor Ukraine, they can’t catch a break.

    • Republic of Texas

      Yeah most countries would consider finding gas reserves a huge blessing. For Ukraine it might have actually sealed their fate.

  27. Interesting points and they do make ‘sense’ from a Kremlin point of view. I just hope that a peace deal Is signed soon so that we dont have to waste any more human lives.

  28. Sorry, I think you view this war a little too superficially. It is never that simple as you made it out to be. The Ukrainian current government is very much responsible for what’s happening now. Not just the Russians.

  29. One of the key things to keep in mind with the whole Ukraine situation, is no matter “which side” you think you’re on, theres a lot more going on behind the scenes is the mess of politics and deals and such that make up Eastern Europe and nothing is as cut and dry as it may seem

  30. The Jingles News Network, more informative then any media conglomerate. Thank you for the great perspective.

  31. I honestly dont care anymore. I just dont want anyone to touch my country under any pretext. Thats why i hate “great” powers…

  32. The thing about the “whataboutism” (and this is neither a criticism of the foundraiser nor a defense of putins actions) is how the west, on a larger scale, is contradicting itself.
    Russia illegally annexes the crimea and now starts an illegal invasion of the whole Ukraine; we declare them a pariah, put sanctions on them, exclude them from SWIFT,…
    Meanwhile Israel has illegally annexed the Golan heights, holds millions of Palestinians under illegal occupation and runs settlement/expulsion campaigns that (depending on which definition you use) qualify as genocide. What do we do? We declare solidarity with them and supply them with nuclear weapon carrying submarines…

    Nothing makes Putins actions any better, but it is rather hypocritical to punish Russia for the wrongs it’s doing while we not only tolerate but actively support what is effectively a colonial regime doing the same things and worse or in case of the US just straight up run illegal invasions ourselves.

    Either admit that the “western values” we claim to defend are meaningless and that we simply do whatever suits our interrests (although how exactly it is supposed to be in our interrests to support the israelis is still a mystery to me), or apply those values and the consequences for breaking them to everyone equally…

  33. In the event Jingles had to make due on his wager at 25min 5s, do you have to join the only fans… Asking for a friend LOL.

  34. I was hoping someone would have put Putin down by now! Sniper anyone?

  35. Sorry, but the 1st Gulf War DID finish the job it was meant to. The UN mandate was to get Iraq out of Kuwait and eliminate its ability to project power beyond its borders, which is exactly what happened. There was no mention of removing Saddam from power. And Tony Blair may have been a slimy little git, but AFAIK, the lie about WMD came from this side of the pond.

  36. Jingles as far as 911 goes most of us Americans know that it was some B’s that our politician won’t own up to the rest seem to be complete zombies that believe anything the government tells them

  37. Congratulations on the fund raiser and thanks for the lesson in geopolitics.

  38. From fantasy warships to real life geo_ political education???the ruler of the salt mines has really deversified? Thanks jingles, perhaps the most educational and explinanitory discussion on the web so far!

  39. TallLeprechaun13

    Military Aviation History did a great video on the issues with the Russian Air Force that you all may want to watch. It was highly informative

  40. ToughAncientSpark

    Food, water, prescription medicines: It’s amazing how fast the basics of every day living can become scarce in an instant.
    I know that I would not survive a prolonged disaster as I take 9 prescription drugs every day and there are a lot of others just like me.

  41. Addressing the points in order:
    1) I am not against the fundraiser. Struggling to keep my own heating on enough that I can’t spare much but not against it. We’re also donating any goods that we can from that requested. I object to the millions being sent by governments as arms which dwarf what we are capable of doing in scope and transportation.
    2) As a member of a nation that has historically been invaded a lot, paranoia and going out and founding an Empire doesn’t help.
    3) Economically Russia have screwed themselves both historically and presently. Doesn’t matter if they have all the oil and gas if no one’s buying it. I don’t see any of the sanctions being dropped soon owing to the threat of a renewed Iron Curtain (“Well, we got away with Ukraine. Who’s next?”) and while the planning tends to be longer term I reckon they’ll see less benefit than if they’d made Ukraine a trading partner. Funnily enough though, the West only got involved after the oil companies started investing in Ukrainian infrastructure. Odd how that keeps on happening…

  42. The Amazing Goldfish

    Mr. Jingles, I still believe Bush Jr. Went into Iraq because Saddam Hussein had an hit out on Bush Sr. however. I have seen Iraqi videos of the gassing of animals and if you Will remember he gassed the Kurds. One of his generals declared that several commercial aircraft were filled with these weapons and shipped to Syria. 🏹🤠👍

  43. ToughAncientSpark

    Don’t worry about the minority, they’re just Russian trolls.

  44. ToughAncientSpark

    @6:25 You don’t suppose that politicians are all basically the same? Making shit up to justify what’s going on is just one of the qualifications on the application form.
    (Yes, you can use that!)

  45. Spare me with that logic bs jingles. you know what disqualifies you? calling “good” people out for often doing bad things and vice versa. that would make them rather the oposite. so, before making an argument youself, choose your words wisely.

    • The Mighty Jingles

      Comments like this are what happens when you get your entire geopolitical worldview from watching Saturday morning cartoons. And also the reason why it’s useful to keep popcorn handy before you dive into YouTube comments.

  46. ToughAncientSpark

    Btw, very few people here in the colonies believed “W” about the whole WMD’s, but just like the Russian people currently, there wasn’t much we could do about it.

  47. Romania is a petro state Jingles, and those deposit, are in romanian teritorial waters ! So just off the coast off Ukraine is NATO and EU teritory. That’s why Russia can’t stop JUST AT UKRAINE !

  48. Great news about the fundraiser!

    If the Kremlin were concerned about their economy going tits up, they have certainly expedited the process now all the sanctions are tightening. Despite all their protestations to the contrary, they cannot weather the storm and even China are dubious about dealing with them given the current world climate.

  49. ToughAncientSpark

    – Russian leadership is paranoid. Always has and always will be.
    – Russian Empire has more or less included Ukraine, in part, one way or another since the 10th century.
    – Putin is currently expanding Russia’s borders because he can and no one in the West is going to stop him.
    – The Russian military is being tested by Putin for weaknesses right now.
    – Most Russian people don’t want war. They just want to lives their lives uneventfully just like the rest of the world.

  50. Admiral Tiberius

    Iraq did have WMDs, what do you think they gassed the Kurds with in the 80s and 90s ??
    An utter twat waffle like Hussain isn’t gonna suddenly be like yeah no I’m done using nerve gas I think.

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