Mingles with Jingles Episode 422

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I have some news, which is sort of also bad news.



  1. Andys model and stuff

    00:00 Howdy folks!
    00:13 House update, things have happened!
    05:30 Dumb shit Rita said
    08:09 Email from Dubai, sadly arriving 8 years to late :/
    13:30 Generation gap; shit talking

    Have a good one!

  2. As far as I’m aware Jingles, it’s actually the elderly that fall for the Nigerian Prince scam emails. As they get older their brains start deteriorating and they fail to notice scams as easily as they did in their youth.

    So how long before Jingles falls for the great Wargaming listening to their player base scam? Lol

  3. Psssssst , salt miners, start getting some party poppers and cakes ready the Boss is going to be busy for a week ! Way hey ! XD

  4. Congratulations Jingles, as a homeowner myself you don’t own anything until you pay it off completely with the bank, just say’n.
    Wait, so I don’t have a cousin iv’e never met in a Turkish prison who needs money for bond? WTF

  5. An Old Fogey's Fun

    C’mon Jings, all you really need to do is to schedule 14 or so of your crap warship games you’ve played daily without any edited chat to keep us happy while you’re busy – you know that would do us for a while . . . ! We can still then have a laugh at your failures while you’re offline . . .

  6. Buying a place and moving:
    Start the packing process now. Take your time and really think abut what you REALLY want to bring with you. Moving is a good time to weed out the excess of stuff we all accumulate. By starting the process now, you have the time to consider what’s important to you.

  7. Barry Wojciechowski

    Here in Canada it takes less than a week for the lawyers to finish the paperwork..wow, two months in the UK? That seems unnecessary…CONGRATS THOUGH!

  8. Jingles, congratulations on owning your own place. Don’t be scared, it’s not that bad, especially with a condo. The place looks very nice. Its been modernized and upgraded, which will make your life a lot easier after you move in. Enjoy.

  9. Congratulations jingles on the living the American dream. ,🤣 Clout Schwab says, we’re going to own nothing and be happy

  10. looking at those wood floors, the sparkie will love you long time…………………NOT.

  11. I love the variation of the Nigerian Prince who is stuck in Space and needs money to land!

    Congrats again on getting the house!

  12. Looks great. Congratulations.

  13. Dear Mr. Jingles.
    I have the solution for your problems to make sure we have a daily video and which does not impact your house move.
    Just request on the next WOT video for people sending KV-2 replays.
    Get the top 10 replays and put on youtube in advance.
    I can bet my salary nobody will get mad at you for watching KV-2s and as a side effect you continue with your income stable.

  14. Congratulations Jingles. We all know you will pre record lot if shit to bridge the gap but seriously take your time this shit is way more important and I bet people understand it to. Moving house ain’t fun but once it’s done fun begins. Enjoy it, you have deserved it. December 2012, I have signed papers for perfect apartment. Price was nearly 2.5 lower than way it is on today’s market. It was way bigger than needed and greatly priced to. Completely renovated to. I was sole financial bearer and that was approved by the bank. Though I was freshly married with a woman from my ex country. She was in the process of getting her residence permit. All went to the tax office for final check and they’ve denied it. Reason being if anything happens to me my dept is hers and she is not legal citizen yet. Only way was to divorce her with I have been to stupid to do. So I’ve missed out on perfect apartment on perfect location with even for that period perfect price. Well that was a period of me trying to have family and children with even not worth of the effort person. So 2015 I have divorced anyways. Best thing I have done, divorce that is. Plus if I have had the apartment guess what would happen. Anyways you never know what will bite you in the ass latter nor what will make you happy either. Financially if I was alone by now I would repay good amount of that apartment and would partially own something worth seriously money for me at least and I would be living in more than two times bigger place, with better location that is I could call mine. Said called not be mine while until you fully pay it is banks apartment. No matter what happens to you they will get their money. Anyhow it sill does makes me little bit sad remembering that. Life has moments that are just what they are. You make a choice and you pay for it. Sometimes it’s worth it sometimes it ain’t. If I’ve just knew she would not understand her good fortune and that I would divorce her anyways for sure and if I have divorced her right then and there my life would be so much better and I would have saved my self few years of living with such person. And some people still claim I am clever LOL. Well I’ve took a risk hopping to have children before it is to late. Knew it is most probably going to back fire but was to early to be sure. It still bothers me not having children. Though young enough women to still be able to have children are just to young and immature and woman around our age can’t have children so I do not even want to have relationship at all. Well I have had few to many relationships I guess. Never mind.

  15. Good on you shipmate! Looking forward to the house warming party!

  16. I didnt realize your bday is 3 days after mine 😀 march 7th here

  17. Just a ? Why is it so hard to buy a house in uk then in the 🇺🇸

  18. Congratulations on the new place Jingles!

  19. Congrats Jingles! I hope I will be in your position soon. A idea when you begin the move; post short little progress videos of what happened that day.

  20. My wife and I had a similar response to buying our first house as we did having our son. Holy crap I’m responsible for this thing for decades!

  21. Jingles, have you heard of a book series called Dungeon Crawler Carl? If not you should look into it.

  22. START PACKING NOW! Anything you don’t touch daily. Pack, label box, and put what room they go to on them. Start sooner than later.

  23. I am happy for you Jingles ^^
    The Rooms looks nice.
    I wish you a good Time.

  24. About Collin Farrel, English, Scottish, Irish… same ish. If you ask I am French.

  25. the email is a filter, smart people laugh at the bad grammar/spelling, absurdity and lack of logic. and get filtered out, suckers get pulled in

  26. Scammers use poor grammar and obvious errors (like the 14 years thing) to weed out people too smart to fall for the scams (who are therefore a waste of time communicating with). They’d rather take the greedy and stupid who will overlook the errors.

  27. Congratulations on the new home, Jingles! And I hope that home ownership is everything that you ever hoped it would be. I have to admit, watching your video tour of the place, that I’ll never get over the size of European homes, and how happy that European people are to live in them. Here in the U.S., we aren’t happy unless our home is so large, even our thoughts echo! I’m in the process of getting a new home built myself, and am still looking askance at the 1700-odd square feet, wishing it was more. And it’s only me and two cats! Congratulations again, and I can’t wait to see the new Man Cave.

  28. Gerwin van de Steeg

    The nigerian money transfer scam relies on the gullibility of people and statistics. It is so successful due to the effort and cost of sending a million emails. These scams work on a ratio (generally) of 1 in a 1000 being successful, even at 1 in 10000 it is still worth it.

  29. Beautiful home Jingles. Congrats.

  30. Have a great day Jingles! We are looking forward to your adventures of the big move!!!

  31. Congratulations .
    Problems are to be solved internet access / do not Camera man/Cider producer have a some bandwidth that you can borrow / or Rita ? Live feed with The Mighty Jingles moving time ?

  32. Morning Jingles, took us 9 months so your solicitors are in beast mode!

    Incase you haven’t been warned your internet can take a while to transfer over, ours took 4 weeks …. Hope they’re as good as your solicitors with the transfer!

  33. Well I am officially a ” Boomer ” 🙂

  34. Happy for you Jingles, you’re finally getting something you very much deserve. Awesome that things are working out, and so quickly, hope the moving process all goes smoothly for you, best of luck.

  35. Salt Mines HQ looks like it’ll be fantastic Jingles! Congrats!

  36. Try to make a few videos and delay them on uploads over the time your gone so that helps. Ikea is decent I would advise a handyman since I noticed the floors are abit uneven and a decent handyman would be able to help quickly install and make sure they are really level and secured to the wall. I would ask the electrician who he would recomend. Also with Ikea you can plan your outlets since you are aware of the size. You could do updated via your phone but that data can be really costly so m best to keep it quick and simple.

  37. We may have disruptions to the upload schedule? That’s all?
    You’ve moving house man! OF COURSE there are going to be disruptions. We all expect it, don’t worry about it.

  38. Pity you never got round to at least having a driving licence, you could start moving the stuff you are not actually using. Rental van you never need to own one of the useless money sucks.

  39. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned or adressed before: I can clearly hear a fan whirring in the background for the entire video. Maybe this is something Jingles could fix or remove with some program from the audio?

  40. Man it takes 3 months in great Britain to get a house.. Took me less than a month to buy my house and will take about the same to sell it here in a month or so. Crazy how different things are between countries

  41. I know how you feel, Jingles. I’ve been in my own place for 11 years as of April. So far so good. Hang on for the ride and enjoy that first night in YOUR home.

  42. Congrats on the house 🙂

  43. Sromotny Kobziarz

    Henry is sooo cute!

  44. Never mind us jingles, you just look after your own situation, be safe and happy!

  45. Actually Jingles, good news for you is good news for us! Congrats! Enjoy the house; it’s well earned!

  46. Good luck on the move to your new place. We will here from you soon.

  47. Are you going to live in a converted fort or something? What’s up with those windows?

  48. No doubt it would be worth it, Jingles, I am happy for you. I can forgive the bad news situation. It means you are, or will be moving in, and it will be quite a challenge, making videos every day, when loading furniture around, packing down everything, to make sure it takes the minimum of damage during the transport from one place to another. I knew it would be that no videos would come up and I for one, am completely ok with it

  49. Oh Jingles, I don’t think fitting new electric and ethernet cables works the way you think it does.
    you will need runs chased out for the conduit to get the cables from A to B. then you will a plasterer to make good after the wiring has been installed, then you will need to decorate.
    you could also do with getting a plumber in to change your sink, so you can have separate taps. as mixer taps do not supply drinkable water, due to the hot water passing trough a boiler/hot water cylinder or instant heater. which will then contaminate the spout on the mixer tap.

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