Mingles with Jingles Episode 423

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which I emerge mostly intact from The Week From Hell.



  1. Andys model and stuff

    So, timestamps!

    00:00 Welcome fellas and fellettes!
    00:05 Humble Bundle “Stand with Ukraine” –> lots of good stuff
    01:31 Happy wedding anniversary Mr. and Mrs Jingles senior!
    01:43 Tiny Tina Wonderland, Borderlands 3
    03:07 Assassin’s creed Valhalla and Far Cry 6
    09:35 House update! House is here *if things are going to plan*. Also, video schedule might be interupted next week
    26:23 Take away summary from this episode

    Bonus: On this day in history, Albert Einstein published the theory of relativity in 1915. Don’t know why I mentioned that, but it’s kinda cool.

  2. Jingles, NEVER anticipate doing something when landlords or anything reying to moving house is implied. Wait until all procedures are complete because they are ALWAYS delayed by a reason or another…

  3. That’s wonderful news Jingles, hope the move goes well. Many years of happiness in your new home.

  4. You tried doing domains through godaddy? Been using them for my email and company website domain

  5. The 5 working days is normally the time the lender needs after receiving the certificate of title – Although this is not always the case

  6. use protonmail for personal email address

  7. Congratulations on the house, Paul. I hope everything goes smoothly with the move. We will all be here when you get back, looking forward to the stories of everything that didn’t go as you had hoped.

  8. NOOO! I love your Farcry 6 playthrough… Not for the gameplay, but your absolute brilliant commentary 😀

  9. Jingles, why are you trying to get an email by registering a domain? Just go get a Protonmail account!

  10. Ooooo we playing bad news Top Trumps? Can I play my sacked by a prerecorded message on teams after 27years service with no advanced notice courtesy of P&O Ferries card?

  11. Jingles, Tiny Tina’s wonderland isnt an expansion to Borderlands 3

  12. Love ya jingles but just letting you know Tiny Tina’s wonderlands is its’ own game not a BL3 expansion. Keep up the good work 😊

  13. now I know why houses are so damn expensive in the west… Lawyers, its always the lawyers and sometimes the corporate greed and stupidity but which would have never been as it is today without the lawyers…. So its the lawyers… :)))

  14. there is a reason why even moving from one apartment to another, i have 3 months worth of rent in the backhand to just… dont fuck myself up even more with that pressure of trying to lign up 10+ unconnected parties to a certain chain of events happening. 😀

  15. Good luck with the move Jingles 👍

  16. Has Jingles ever played Halo?

  17. Tension Boogie Woogie

    Why not just use outlook?

  18. you can’t create another gmail address as there is a limit to the number of gmail accounts you can have per phone number.
    It tends to be that way with a lot of online services, in order to prevent people creating hundreds of spam accounts using a throwaway phone.

  19. That’s quite a mess you’re in jingles man I hope things work out. Love mingles with Jingles every Monday.

  20. Jingles only having one choice of ISP, does that mean he’s now an American?

  21. That’s fecking hilarious mate.

  22. poor soul. My sympathies.

  23. Congratulations on your first and hopefully last home Rear Admiral Carlton!!! Where do we ship our “house warming” gifts? That’s a serious question. If Flamu has an address for his fans to send him random BS gifts, shouldn’t the Salt Mines’ Gnome Overlord also have such a thing? Seriously though, you have brought thousands of us, years of entertainment and with such a monumental milestone here upon you, you “deserveses” it! 🤪 Again, congrats sir! Well played, well played…

  24. The General - World of Tanks Replays

    Man makes plans – God laughs.

  25. Best of luck with the move mighty salt lord hope everything goes well

  26. Στελιος Πεππας

    WTF are y’all doing in Britain. I’m Greek, we are supposed to be the shit ones and yet you can get any ISP at any place. Not to mention that I (an average guy) has a faster internet connection than Jingles (a Youtuber).

  27. Bummer… I actually have been enjoying the Farcry 6 play through. The pants on head stupid and your reactions are great to watch.

  28. Good luck with the move! Sounds like you’re having an easier time than we did a few months ago if that’s any consolation!

  29. Holy shit, I was having a panic attack just listening to the clusterfucks that you were going through.

  30. If you get good 5G signal at your new house, you could get yourself an unlimited 5G router through EE or a similar company and use internet that way. 5G should be very similar speeds to fiber if you get good signal, the ping might be slightly higher but it may be better than this random company!

  31. Jingles Tiny Tina’s wonderlands is a standalone spin-off from borderlands you don’t have to re-download borderlands 3

  32. Just get outlook.

  33. I made a point of getting a domain for emails over 25 years ago for exactly this problem, now my Gmail just uses POP3 to read them and pretends to be my domain when sending emails, so it doesn’t matter when I change internet providers.

  34. I had exactly that issue with my email and virginmedia and ended up going with godaddy. It’s a bit clunky but it hooks in with Microsoft exchange and once you get it set up it works happily with pretty much any device. I don’t envy you the headache of changing emails again.

  35. Toe jam and Earl had the best theme song of any video game I’ve ever played

  36. Frankly, I wouldn’t watch anybody else play Far Cry 6.

  37. Lets Go! We gonna get that new castle for our Gnome Overlord!

  38. best of luck with the move jingles. double rum ration all round.

  39. Need my heart pills?

  40. Thanks for the heads up on the Ukraine Humble Bundle – bought and forwarded to my small sphere of friends and contacts.

    Nice one, Jingles.

  41. Verizon did that same shit to me. Called to cancel internet after getting comcast set up at my new house because verizon online helpdesk and their maps said we do not service the area I was moving to, but as soon as I called to cancel here is the early cancel fee we do service that area blah blah blah, maps still show 3 years later they dont service my area

  42. stefan kullenberg

    Jingles suffering makes me feel good about my living arangements

  43. Good luck with home ownership!

    As an aside, I do wish you would try Assassins Creed Origins. I know the Egyptian setting doesn’t do anything for you but I do believe that it has the best story of the three most recent Assassins Creeds.

    I also confess that I enjoyed the setting of Origins. When I was in the navy we didn’t stop in Greece, but we DID stop in Alexandria. There were a great many locations in Origins where I visited irl, and I enjoyed the virtual revisits.

    Anyway, I hope your move goes more smoothly from here on.

  44. Good luck with the big day on Tuesday. Hopefully the move day and new internet provider install days will go well!

  45. I’d just like to point out any product or service supplied by Virgin(insert alt name) tends to include bastard clauses and shitty service. Rant over. Good luck with the move.

  46. I hope everything goes well with the rest of the processes, Jingles!

  47. I’ve had hotmail since 98 with no problems.

  48. Jingles you should do a playthrough of The Long Dark after you finish Far Cry 6. It’s very well written, and should restore a few of your brain cells after FC6 rotted them all.

  49. *_SIR_* Richard Branson thanks you graciously for giving him your money, as he cackles into space on his personal penis statement.

  50. Welcome to the joys of buying a property. Garrotes and stilettos optional.

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