Mingles with Jingles Episode 424

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Source: The Mighty

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  1. Andys model and stuff

    Timestamps are here!
    Hey, there was a Mingle wih Jingles episode thes week atfer all, what a pleasant surprise!

    00:00 Howdy folks, and Nordpass sponsorship with clever passwordmanager (this becomes relevant later)
    02:00 Moving house!
    04:08 Worst thing about moving, worse than war!
    06:11 Packaging is on the menu, tomorrow might not have a video
    08:32 Management company welcoming package!
    10:49 Connecting to the internett
    14:20 Gotta get the cats back!
    15:11 Changing email adress with the world and important passwords
    19:46 Summary of moving day and preparations
    20:53 WOWS: Support carriers

    On this day 80 years ago British Commandos raided the Normandie dry dock in St Nazaire. Watch Jingles video on the story of the raid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CthP4Wa2gHM

    • Bold Persian Immortal

      The hero we need! 💯

    • Still waiting for that Sabaton single.

    • 103 metres is longer than the maximum length permitted by the ethernet spec, I hope that’s a fibre run…

      And why are you still using a provider email? I’ve been using a yahoo email for some 20 years now for that very reason. These days the pain is switching phone providers because of two factor authentication….

      The last artillery re-work was the final straw for me in WOT. It wasn’t the only reason by far, but WG finally sucked the last bit of fun out of the game and I de-installed it. Sounds like I should give Armored Warfare another try tho.

  2. Imagine CV players taking advantage of the support CV’s stun mechanic by platooning up with a player who has a support CV. Then, in a random battle, the support CV launches its planes first. Those planes spot an enemy ship, and prep an attack run. If any of those stun bombs hit the ship, the CV player can take advantage of this and farm damage on the ship via fires and/or flooding. I am expecting mostly the battleship players being frustrated with this strategy; however, I can also se destroyer mains being angry as well because stun bombs hitting them also temporarily knocks out their smokescreen (if the destroyer has one). This results in the ship being constantly spotted by enemy planes or ships, and them just constantly shooting you while you are trying to dodge everything instead of actually playing the game.

  3. Good luck with the move! Just recently rediscovered your channel after about 5 years and thoroughly enjoying your content!

  4. That’s why you NEVER use an ISP email account as your main email address kiddies. Not only can you lose it when you change ISPs’ .. ISPs’ change hands and/or get taken over/go bankrupt.
    Oh.. and get a password manager. Bitwarden is free but you do all the work. Nordpass has HEAPS of support and there’s plenty of help if you get ‘lost’. Just ask Jingles.. he’ll tell ya 😉

  5. Jingles, hope that you’re moving goes well and you Truly enjoy your own home. Iookung forward to the tour of your home when you have it set up.

  6. Does Aliens Fireteam still have a solid population? I’ve been considering buying it.

  7. 103 m? That’s more than a football field LOL

  8. Gonna be moving next Monday myself Jingles. Not going to my own place, but moving out of the grandparents basement, and moving in with a friend from work. Thankfully, don’t have much to move, but gonna be a definite life change. It’ll be an excellent opportunity to mature, learn to better manage resources, and become more independent. Best of luck with everything

  9. So you need to pack not just your kit, but the whole kaboodle!! GL

  10. “we’re in a 10 ft fall, there’s no time for *OOPS!*” is it that kind of thing you mean, Jingles? (the line is from an episode of Kim Possible, where, I think Kim is on a date, with a guy she likes from the school, and her arch enemy Doctor Draken, has hired some embarrasment ninjas, or something, to get Kim to disappear. It sounds far out weird and totally crazy. Watch the episode, that explains far more.
    So as of today, when playing artillery you get nothing from damage done, when playing artillery. It all comes from assistance on the stuns you do. The stunning themselves, aren’t enough. You HAVE to have your allies shooting at the targets you have shot at and stunned, and allies now a days, couldn’t care less shooting at stunned targets. Not only has the artilleries been nerfed to I don’t know what, they have also been left to the mercy, not of their enemies, but of their *allies*. Because the HE was nerfed out of function some patches back weren’t they?
    Sorry my raging here, but top players, know everything because of high stats? Yeah right! More like a bunch of spoiled small rich-man’s kids, used to get everything they point their fingers at. Never mind what the consequences to others may be, it’s not the fault of the top players, and there for, not the worry of the top players. Respect you, guys in the top? Sorry, but the way you have been treating others, with your whining and complains, doesn’t give me a reason to.
    My apologies, but this had to be said out loud -or at least wrote down black on white!

  11. SurpriseBlue Viana

    I remember when you said you are NOT A CAT MENS…

  12. Jingles there is a joke when you hear a worker swear loud it isnt a big deal, but when there comes only a whispering swearing, then there you know sh*t hit the fan and its going down.

    Another joke is when a worker says “oh-oh-oh” that means for every oh he says you have to pay extra.

    They arent as funny since im not even average in anglish but i hope i could anyone smile.

    Still wish yall a good start into the week, and jingles a peaceful as it can get moving in

  13. I foresee a lonely Jingles facetiming his fur babies tonight. Maybe a bedtime story for them?

  14. Unless you’re using it for heating/water, don’t ever bother getting gas installed for cooking; induction cooktops are objectively better. They don’t leak gas and they are more efficient because they don’t lose any heat to the ambient environment. And now you have one less utility to worry about.

  15. The new spring Blockbuster: Saving Rear-Admiral Jingles’ Ass

  16. Thanks for the reminder why I will never use the mailbox that ISPs give access to. Not a chance I would have coped if I had to deal with an ISP switch otherwise.

  17. Smooth move Jingles! Here’s hoping all goes well 🙂

  18. In my experience of moving house, 7 times in 30yrs, the removals firm are usually the most reliable part of the whole process. Really hope you’re finding that out too!

  19. Not sure why everyone is shitting on those mechanics, Arty is better now, not nearly as much utility as they could/should have but it´s a start, even if they´re never gonna expand on that probably.

    The Support carriers are actually a good thing, they should replace the regular carriers, and also have Anti submarine meassures.
    I would make carrier players choose two support role and one attack role planetype.

    You gotta realize that a division of Radar Cruisers can just completely block a cap while staying in perfect cover and still be able to put their entire DPM to use, y’know, because of WG´s poor game design choices.

    So it is nice to have a counter to that, it´s also better than getting shit on by any kind of plane while sitting behind cover in a cruiser and noone, not even two more AA Cruisers, being able to help you whatsoever.
    It´s something, and i´ll take it, and just scrape together what remains of my hope, that WG is gonna expand on the concept and just plaster it all over the Bullshit they call Carriers right now.

  20. I didn’t know you had to change your email address I thought it was with you for ever well you learn something every day jingles.
    Yes I’m just as crap as you 😂😂😂😂

  21. Why is your email address tied to your ISP? Is this is an “Early days of the internet” thing?

  22. Maqywhaq【マッキーワック】

    Passwords are not “virtually uncrackable” even when formatted well and includes the prescribed guidelines/best practices, they’re just less susceptible to social engineering. A determined hacker can always devote the hardware into a brute force approach and gain access that way. The process doesn’t preclude someone who manages to discover/compromise your 2-factor identification(say your main nordpass email and then a different email or phone number) from gaining access to your nordpass password and therefore your entire password library…

    The real benefit to password managers is simply to make it more difficult while being more convenient, but it’s not immunity from being compromised through poor privacy/security habits.

  23. I’m sorry Jingles, but it sounds like your case of Catdaditis is terminal. 🙁


  25. How’s that new wifi working?

  26. I feel the pain of changing your email address. I wanted to change email provider for a while now because I got annoyed with them, but I knew changing it would be a massive pain so I didn’t. Now I’m using NordPass (thanks Jingles), and I thought while I’m at it changing all my account passwords, I might as well take the extra step and change email address on all accounts as well. You know, while I’m at it. And god damn, how many accounts I have registered is mindblowing, especially because for the first time ever I checked my google emails. I was registered to all kinds of services with that thing that I used once and never again, because the “continue with google” option is just way faster than actually creating an account for these things.

  27. Bed check, food check, computer check, all I need….. jingles remember to shower or the cats won’t recognize you. Lol.

  28. 500 mbps, I thought that 151mbps was good.

  29. 5:47 and it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. And I’ve been to war!

    Yikes. That’s powerful

  30. Welcome to the wonderful world of home ownership, Paul. In the end, you will be very happy with it, but just remember owning a home requires constant expenditures on upkeep and improvement. I myself have moved homes five times since 1992. And will likely be doing so again in the next year. The first move was into an apartment after graduating from College. The second was getting my first home (just what you are going through now). The third was moving to a bigger home as the family grew. And the final two were for job changes and moving to different cities. And that is what the next move will be. I am way more familiar than I would like to be with your “Oh my God, what is it now?” situation you are going through. Best of luck with the move. It sounds like you have everything well organized. Just remember our good friend Murphy, and his little Law…..”Anything that can go wrong, will……” Accept that as fact, roll with the punches, and everything will turn out in the end. I look forward to the updates on the move and the setting up in the new place over the next few weeks. Keep up the good work.

  31. You pay rent (management charge) on a house that you already own? AND 9ft is considered a TALL ceiling?? What the hell is going on in Britain????

  32. Ireneusz Ike Głuski

    Good Afternoon Jingles,

    I hope the move will go well.

    I just want to raise the question, if something is happening only to me, or maybe other users have the same issue harming your channel performance.

    Some time ago, I noticed that your videos stopped appearing on my main YT page. Completely. I watch most of your videos from 2013 and am a subscriber not much shorter than that. Additionally, I have the notification bell clicked and trying to remember to click the like button.

    Despite all this, your content is buried for me and without checking the “subscriptions” section I have no hope to ever see your video.

    I know it might be singular, and maybe almighty YouTube knows that I will do it and watch them anyway, but I thought there is a small chance that it isn’t, so I wanted to raise your attention and ask other viewers if I am the only one, or maybe its a standard procedure?

    Have a lovely time settling yourself in and enjoy the new place.

    My Kindest Regards


    PS. Thank you for all these years of top-notch content you so kindly provide.

  33. Jingles … the reason Akizuki is crying about everything is because she is a typical Gen-Z. lol

  34. Some cats really like the sense of movement that being in a car gives. There are some great YT vids of cats up in the front or rear windshield just watching the world go by. But many, including my late fur baby, get very frightened by that. When we moved from one state to another, my wife found that covering the carrier with a towel to block what he could see on the sides and front.

  35. The Mighty Jingles you have a camera man or cidery owner and internet so some live streams… you know you can ask on discord and they will help you…

  36. Very very glad I dropped WoWS when I did, just before the CV rework, which was basically a direct nerf to every single other ship in the game. I remember when AA ships used to fun, mowing down dozens of planes in the Atlanta or the Texas. Now they’re completely useless for their designed role, as carriers never run out of planes. AA ships used to be able to do something once.

  37. a gallon of Gasoline and match. Best way to move. Ever.

  38. With subs and CV’s, warships was basically unplayable already. Stun bombs?? I’m out. Thanks for all the fish!

  39. Hyper Optic is Awesome surprisingly good with problems.

  40. Good luck Jingles. See you on the other side.

  41. If it would be possible I would even pay for choosing the battles I want:

    no CV = 2€
    no SUB = 2€
    no radar = 2€
    No downtier = 4€

    I think WG would double their income instantly

  42. Next video: My bed exploded and Akitsuki declared war on the U.K.

  43. I had a hard time settling and putting the nomadic life style away. I’ve had 30 adresses before settling down in one place, once I got married and kids started spawning all around me. I lived my first 13 years of adulthood as a soldier. I finally took my toothbrush out of my bag 2 years ago after 11 years of marriage. It was very scary for me – and I used to clear mines and cluster bombs for a living. But once I got used to it, it was nice

  44. And for the geniuses at WoWS who thought that we needed stun mechanics, I sincerely hope that you develop an extremely virulent case of hemorrhoids that gives you a bit of insight into the true meaning of “a pain in the ass”.

  45. Please tell me that you changed your email address to one on a domain you own.

  46. Glad your house buying and move has gone a far sight better than mine. Every, “Oh crap,” was fooled by, “Well, that’ll cost more…”

  47. “oh oh” remembers me Tom & Jerry cartoons

  48. Removal sperm.

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