Mingles with Jingles Episode 425

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

6 in the Big Brother House, and the residents are finally getting settled in.



  1. Andys model and stuff

    00:00 Welcome! New home causes some audio issues, will be rectified!
    02:41 Fort Jingles, how things are comming along
    07:19 Lawyers and housesale moving too fast for furniture, and landlord Eddie?! What?
    10:28 The value of true friends: Rita and Eddie
    11:10 Easing the mind of men and cats
    14:16 Day 3: status update
    15:30 Day 5: status update
    17:00 Furniture delivery, time for drinks!
    18:10 Stupid shit Jingles does, Ritas revenge
    22:32 Summarize last few days
    24:02 Guest preformance by Akizuki, signing out!

    Glad to hear things are comming along Jingles, let’s hope the worst is behind you! Soon you’ll lock back on this and laugh!

    Ok, mabye not laugh, but atleast not cry 🙂

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      Fallout 4 gameplay is best ! , I love that game , few weeks back I played game again , Betsy may left “some” bugs , but this is one of the best games I played in my life .

  2. grats u deserve your own place it will all work out

  3. JINGLES…. Just buy an inflatable sofa… keep you going for a few weeks… and then ebay it when you have done with :)… keep the cats off it!

  4. Another episode of Echoes with Jingles! 😀

  5. Wonders if this means Mingles with Jingles will get back to game news……Glad you got to move into your house tho Jingles.

  6. Great to hear Akizuki sound like Akizuki again!

  7. Does anyone know what the game playing in the background is?

  8. Sounds like Eddie is the greatest of friends. Someone like that doesn’t come around very often. I know you are very grateful to have met him.

  9. All the best mate. It will only improve from here!

  10. Just keep reminding yourself, its only going to keep getting better! Looks like you’ve got space for a jumbotron tv and home cinema setup too. You’ll be the envy of everyone before you know it!

  11. Brandon Schroeder

    Glad things are working out jingles

  12. So Paul Young was almost right, it’s “Wherever you lay your cat, that’s your home”?

  13. You seem to be suffering from the same anxiety that people have when they leave home to start their lives. Only in your case you are doing it at a much later stage in life. You will survive it. It is something nearly everyone goes through at some point. It is part of growing up.

  14. Jingles, admist a international pandemic your life changed so much. Remodeling the kitchen, Rita moving out, the loss of dear boo, buying a home and moving out of your other best friends house. Pin another ribbon to your chest … you’ve been to war three times now but your still standing better than ever. Good on you … Rita … Eddie … all for supporting each other on the next chapters of your lives. Your all luck to have one another. Keep pushing, every step forward is the finish line getting closer.

  15. BZ and congratulations on a successful and well earned occupation of Fort Jingles!

  16. Hide a spare key some where outside. I got locked out putting bird seed in the “cat TV” bird feeder. I had to walk around my house, in the snow, in slippers, in a robe, to get the spare key. I’m so glad it was there.

  17. get some accoustic tiles once settled

  18. ToughAncientSpark

    Hang a couple of wall display rugs on the wall.

  19. Hey hey hey, its its its, Jingles Jingles Jingles… 😹

  20. Glad to hear all is starting to work out for you. With 26 years in the U.S.N. and married I do under stand.

  21. ToughAncientSpark

    The most traumatic experience of your life is moving into a house that you just bought?
    Jingles, you haven’t lived life my friend.

  22. Moral of the story, get you a mate like Eddie!

  23. Hi Jingles put a spare key in your wallet I pursume you always take it out with you if not fasten one on your belt

  24. im happy for you guys settling in slowly but surely. a move is always a big deal especially when you are really on your own once one has moved out.

  25. Derrick Dinwiddie

    It’s ok Jingles. I have locked myself out of my old apartment before… with no one inside… and I basically had to curl up at the foot of my door till my landlord came and unlocked it… I felt like a homeless person curled up outside of my door. So it could be worse! 😁

  26. Hey Jingles,
    I feel for your relocation challenges and can totally relate with almost every issue you had or still have.
    Due to my job, I have to relocate to another country every 2 to 4 years , so I had a few hiccups and worse over the years. Weirdly enough, it doesn’t seem to matter how much experience you have with moving or how well prepared you seem to be. Things will go wrong, over the years I’ve just became better at dealing with epic moving fails. Still not looking forward to my next relocation though.
    So don’t worry Jingles, you’re not alone 😉

    Worst one was Covid-19 related, when I was forced to go on a “short business trip” back to my home country in the EU. In March 2020. tl;dr I was stuck with a small suitcase and couldn’t return for more than 3 months. Worst thing was that I couldn’t even get my dog over, luckily I had friends who took care of her.

  27. Moral of the story, get you a mate like Rita!

  28. This is a really good opportunity for some sponsorship from a sound company? you’ve got a huge channel and a clear problem that they could showcase their solution for.

  29. Really glad that things are getting better! Love your work!

  30. Animals are more intuitive than most people. Therefore when they can feel the anxiety from you, they would feel unsafe at the new place as they did. As soon as you feel settled, they will follow you. Im sure this is what happened, and as others already said, it will get better!
    Again my friend, welcome home! 🙂
    I am happy for you!

  31. You sound very happy, Jingles. Hearing Akizuki was a delightful surprise. The elder J-Ginger clearly has shown her adaptability. Hats off to her. But We knew you could do it, too. 😉

  32. Jingles, your home is going to feel even better and more ‘your ‘ home in short time. The Fort Jingles updates are fun and everyone is looking forward to more videos.

  33. If you ever want something a bit smoother for your streaming services, Google TVs dongle is great. One remote, connect all the streaming services to it, one interface to look at them all. Highly recommend.

  34. so good the hear Akazuki again

  35. buy a key safe and put a key in it

  36. Luís Henrique dos Reis

    So very happy our gnome is doing well at his new place.

  37. Great to know the ladles of the manor are becoming more comfortable in their forever home. Keep the faith. Peace!

  38. Take your time Jingles we will be here supporting you man!!

  39. It was great to hear Akizuki’s familiar meow’s in a Jingles video. Another sign or normality starting to return. It is said that buying a house is one of the three most stressful things you can do in modern society, and I think this is yet another example that proves that it is indeed so.

  40. If you have anything like a bean-bag seat, tossing them in the corner(s) will help.

  41. Good to hear things are improving. Moving house sucks.

  42. Jingles. It is a good thing that you have the time to wait for the furniture…..it means you can calm down and relax a bit from all this stress before you can begin unpacking everything. Gives you a moment to breath. Enjoy it.

  43. The cats were not terrified, they were just bothered because there was change.

    Cat owners who use this kind of hyperbole are fucking pathetic

  44. Wow, now our mightly Overlord comes with echo. That actually gives it a very castle-like feeling. Fitting to the Fort Jingles theme 😉

  45. Hummmm… Jingles, could you build a portable audio reflection kit to surround the seat and microphone? Kinda like the way Quickybaby set up his green screen kit?

  46. When we moved, we had desks, office chairs and a bed. And the next day we went into “two weeks to flatten the curve” lock down, and all the stores which did not sell necessities were closed. 2.5 months later they were allowed to open – you want to ask me how necessary furniture is???!!

  47. I hope do something nice for Eddie and Rita, go out somewhere and have fun. I’m glad your getting settled in, for me didn’t feel so bad cause I to move out an apartment so bad I was so much rent on. Anyway thanks for keeping us updated and glad your doing ok Jingles.

  48. Always have a hide-a-key around the property somewhere incase you get locked out.

  49. Hopefully all the furniture turns up a little bit early but it’s good that everything has settled down and the cats are happy

  50. Douglas Campbell

    Jiingle’s get yourself a neck lanyard to put a spare house key on.
    I did that for years.

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