Mingles with Jingles Episode 426

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  1. Jingles you know when your talking about live stream to us / you know we have auto filter as listener so we hear what we want and your sound filter ” no idea what good it will do, we have selective hearing any way. 05:50 to 06:04 So only thing was ps4 4ms Jingles going to live stream…. rest get filtered out automatic… So back to the saltmine and try out the new gnome made unlimited energy automated mining pick and see if that one blow up again ? My hearing is not the best for some reason :p

  2. Are wargaming moving e cause the west has shut off the money coming in from the west via the banking systems?

  3. Yeah changing addresses is so much fun… My email provider pulled the plug on emailing totally leaving a few hundred or so in the lurch…. good ole Gmail to the rescue.

  4. Hey Jingles, there is a program that you can use to mass report comments for you. It does not solve the problem but it will save you time looking for the spam comments. Here is the video Linus Tech Tips posted in Feb of this year using the program: https://youtu.be/zo_uoFI1WXM

  5. WoW should make all “Russian” warships an automatic one shot!

    Auto bots sex sites?? You mean to tell me I’ve been missing out….

  6. Yeah, YT seems to be super crap about trying to give some relief about the spammer problem, I can’t see my previous comment at all. As if they don’t want the spam to go away.

  7. Jingles, don’t send your mannequin to the dump! Send it to the Mannequin Mountain that Tom Scott made a video about!


  8. Ok, you’re promoting Nordpass because they pay you to but you also say that you personally use it. What advantage does it have against free password managers available on the market?

  9. Charles Nicholaides

    To Google and YouTube–spam/bot accounts are those that have not paid them money. Once you pay them the money they require, they no longer consider you to be a bot/spam facilitator, you are now a customer/client.

  10. If I had to guess I would say it has something to do with money being generated by the sites. Then I am an old Cynic as I feel the Internet was built by Porn.

  11. Sebastian Grumman

    WG move to Warsaw is just a shell game. It’s just to get out from sanctions on Russia. Their financial is already in Cyprus. If Cyprus doesn’t sanction Russia then the money/game just flows from Warsaw->Cyprus->Lesta and back. Cyprus is a known off-shore banking/money laundering independent republic.

  12. I’m not so sure that Jingles you should leap to the conclusion “of wargamming doing the right thing” so much as “wargamming is doing this because of sanctions or anticipation of upcoming sanctions”. They are headquartered in the EU after all.

    Edit: I dont know which way it. However the fact it’s taken 7 weeks immediately following another round of sanctions barring investment in those countries makes me suspicious. Investment can make it very hard to do any business in those 2 countries.

  13. Since WG Wargaming owns IP and it also owns a code created by its subsidiary no matter where it is. If you work for a company and create something for it for salary as internal employee created products are owned by company and you have minimal to no say in what company will do with it. In lot of countries (especially in east block) this is even engrained in law (as everything you done back was owned by state and at best you got some useless form of thanks like a medal) or in employee agreements. Times when people working for some one and patent things under their name is long gone. You use company resources to develop (including your salary) it is company ownership. The end. It may take them few weeks to find replacement team, few months to get said team up to a speed, but with normal speed of wargamming to remediate bugs, you will likely not even notice. Sme thing happened when Ubisoft opens and closes its branch which they do like every 3 or 4 years. Code will remain in ownership of Ubi, not development studio who wrote the code. Sometimes if studio created code before and separate may be an agreement to keep code, but that is always decided on merger, and usually you buy you buy all. If they had bad initial agreement they would dissolve it not break ties.

  14. Hey jingles, in regards to the spam, have you seen this video that LTT did?
    May help with your issues 👍🏻

  15. LinusTechTips did a recent video on a 3rd party program to deal with those spam comments. It apparently works way better than YouTube’s algorithm (surprise surprise). The video is titled, “Fixing what YouTube wouldn’t – ThioJoe Spammer Purge” if you are interested

  16. Hey Peoples click here to get “love you long time videos” wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Hahahahaa I wonder who clicks on those things and what they end up with.
    Sorry. folks, I’m not testing that myself, my Antivirus program isn’t all that.

    • If you drag that mannequin to the bus stop and leave him on the bench, someone will claim him. Especially in his Storm Trooper outfit.

  17. Regarding the spam bots, ThioJoe made a script/program regarding this exact problem (also has videos). As to not get flagged by youtube, i’ll let you look him up here and make up your own mind if it’s good for you or not. It basically does what youtube does, but 1000 times more efficient and more accurate. 🍻

  18. Wargaming UK is working on WoS (World of Spaceships) 😀

  19. I stop caring about World of warships after the introduction of the Submarines.

  20. I see I’m not the only one who recently cycled back into Aliens Fire team. I’m excited for the new Lancer class.

    I do agree with you that it’s strange and a let down that there haven’t been any serious expansions. I mean, there were obvious links left at the end for WayYu to send a counter team, or one of the other governments to try come in. But they’ve done nothing with it yet.

  21. so, it seems that the oh so great AI revolution google is so proud of has not yet made it to their own products… Who would have thought….

  22. It almost makes it feel like the bot accounts are being generated by Google/YouTube.

  23. Let’s just hope that they properly try to balance WoWs now.

  24. Anyone remember the Eminem song 3:00 a.m.? “I kissed my naked mannequin man again you could see him in my front window if you look in” jingles you should stick that mannequin right in your front window it would be hilarious. I doubt anyone would break into your house

  25. 15:20 Darn it, Jingles, You were getting my hopes up only to be dashed again at this point! 😉

  26. Observation, likely due to your deleting nasty bot links, no sex links this morning.

  27. Ive sold the armor and kept the helmet mmmh kinky lmao

  28. Just curious. Why did you get rid of the Stormtrooper armor? I mean, when the zombie apocalypse comes, you are really going to miss that protection.

  29. a LOT of channels have put out videos about the bot problem. A a YT creator named ThioJoe coded up an open source script to hunt down and mass report comments in one screen. Linus Tech Tips covered it.

  30. well as long as they still bring back the operations this year like they said they would several months back i’ll be happy

  31. I honestly don’t think YouTube is even trying anymore.
    90% of the ads I get are for medical scams and nonsense.

  32. What i really like about your videos, is all the background information. It makes it easy for a mentally understamped ex army guy like me, to keep up with the current situation in the gaming world, without hurting my brain. :-p

  33. Vanguard Actual 1

    Did you sell your storm trooper armor?

  34. Self-replicating whatnot

    Oh good. Russia is getting more like China is exactly what i want to see happen, being y’know, russan myself. Eff my life.

  35. You might say that YouTube is in bed with the porn-bots….

    I’ll get my coat…

  36. Great looks like my Reply has been flagged and removed too jingles,
    Check out a tool by ThioJoe which will do exactly what you need it to do – on mass and very effectively.
    Recommended by Jayztwocents, Linux tech tips, MKBHD as well as a lot of others. I have used it myself multiple times as well each with varying success..

    It’s a python script that will when you grant it access, run through and find delete and report, all spam comments that meet certain formats or criteria.

  37. To me the talk about Wargaming just highlights the chaos of modern Cooperate Capitalism. It’s impossible to know who owns what and to know where the money ultimately ends up.

  38. She’s back ! Very much. I guess she is comfortable in the new house 🙂

  39. Well I’ll give it a month or 4 more before I re-install all my WG games. I uninstalled I think either the first or second day of the invasion. People then said “yeah you and people like you are really not accomplishing anything”.

    Well in my case
    #1 I felt better
    #2 Glad WG wasn’t getting anymore of my money
    #3 I wasn’t helping them out by adding population to their gaming servers.

    Now it seems our main goal to get even more money out of the Russian and Belarussian economy has worked. Sure I feel for the WG employees hurt by this, but that pales in comparison to my sympathy and sorrow I feel for the Ukrainians. Some WG employees will need to find other work which is no fun but WAY better than millions of Ukrainians who are dead, dying, traumatized and or displaced.

  40. Sell the mannequin to commuter in London for their HOV lanes. Give a non-violent middle finger to the powers that be that are throttling cars in London.

  41. Hey Jingles
    if Aliens: Fireteam Elite gets too repetetive for you, may i suggest it’s hairy drunken Cousin: Deep Rock Galactic?
    It’s one of the best coop-games i have seen in recent years.

  42. to stop the spam bots just tern off hot links

  43. I still can’t gather the issues people have in UK and US with IKEA. it’s the most fool-proof setup that I’ve ever built. bought furniture from a number of furniture producers – IKEA always won. with quality, sturdiness, build manuals … open, lay out, put together picture by picture. that’s it. done. simple 🙂

  44. What a pointless virtual signal. I’m sure Putin is going to be really shaken up over this.

  45. Marques Brownlee covered the comment spam problem in one of his videos recently, it’s worth a watch to get understanding of the sheer scale of the issue. Some 3rd parties are attempting to fight back, but it’ll be a drop in the ocean until YouTube starts throwing resources at solving the issue.

    I believe this is the video in question: https://youtu.be/1Cw-vODp-8Y

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