Mingles with Jingles Episode 427

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Source: The Mighty

In the week that Russia lost a guided missile I also had some acoustic tiles fall off my wall. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!



  1. Pădurarul Critic și Cinic

    Jingles, Slava class cruisers are conventionally powered, not nuclear powered. You are confusing them with Kirov class.

    • Well, at least he got the classification right, a huge improvement from his usual mis-identification traits often seen in WoWS videos.
      Both Slava class and Kirov class are considered Cruisers…. If they were built after 2000 they would have both been classified as Destroyers…

    • @TheRubidiy yea i’m dumb lol thanks for the answer anyway

    • Classic Jingles Ship Identification at work!

    • Jingles has recounted this story before I’m fairly sure it was a Kirov back then 😀

    • Slava class~ 12000 tons displacement
      Kirov class ~ 24000 tons displacement. Both are guided missile cruisers. But Kirov is a nuke powered vessel.

  2. With everything that I am hearing about Russian military in Ukraine. We all thought they were this massive iron tiger, but they are in reality a paper tiger. Also Jingles, Slava is diesel, Kirov is nuclear. You said this story before, it was a Kirov before, not a Slava.

  3. wasn’t his meme name “comical Ali”. I remember that clip as well.
    “No Americans are in Iraq, we have halted there advance”
    In the Background you see an Abrams going down an Iraqi High street

  4. Guess who makes the Tyne gas turbine engines that the Type 22 used as cruise engines? That’s right Rolls Royce :). The “Boost” engines will have been either Olympus or Spey’s depending on the ship.

  5. There was a theory that the reason the Russians were so adamant that it was a ‘fire’ that destroyed the Moscow, rather than combat, is because (outside of the normal face-saving) that that means the crew on board are not eligible for combat death/danger pay. This means that the Russian government is screwing its dead, loyal soldiers out of their deserved pay in a war THEY started all so they can save some rubles. If it’s true it’s a move of true scumbaggery.

  6. So, Russia wants you to believe some serious ineptitude by a crew member allowed a fire to sink the Moskva. Or, you can believe Ukraine hit her with 1 or 2 missiles and put her on the bottom. Hmm…

  7. I was searching the internet for your take on this. Glad I found it today.

  8. The first victim in any war is the truth.

  9. I heard it was 2 missiles

  10. I’m still thinking that th Ukrainians didn’t achieve it.
    I suspect other forces currently not officially involved in the conflict showing what’s what.

  11. Acoustics is much better, no echo

  12. The sound is much improved. No reverb is noticeable.

  13. I love it that you brought up “Honest” or “Comical Ali” and the scene with the Abrams in the background. I still laugh at the mere memory of that clip.

  14. Yeah … I saw one Russian press release that described the Slava damage as an “ammunition explosion” on board. Of course, they never admitted WHOSE ammunition exploded! It’s entirely possible that the Ukrainian missile set off the ammo on board. And, by god, she was old.

    The missile that hit the Moskva only has a 66kg warhead, which isn’t very large. I have been told that the Slava class has remarkably few internal watertight subdivisions, for what it’s worth, and as you well know, watertight compartments tend to lose their integrity over the years, as new gear is installed and holes drilled without taking sufficient care and design. And, then there’s that legendary Russian maintenance and damage control … not.

  15. the slava’s have a COGOG drive systems of smaller turbines they use for transitting and a set of huge turbines they only spool up if they need to empty out the fuel tanks in a hurry at 32 knots.

    also, the minister of misinformation in iraq was Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf. known as baghdad bob by the american press or also comical ali.

  16. It should be noted that while yes, Black Sea is pretty much a millpond, the conditions there are very similar to the Great Lakes of North America warm, wet air from the south, and massive cold fronts coming almost unimpeded from the north, the flat as a pancake Ukraine. The weather in the Black Sea can get exceptionally nasty for such a small patch of water.

    I still don’t believe Moskva went down with all hands, and the Russian claim that it sank while under tow was probably accurate, but one should not underestimate the place.

    The wreck, at least, will be interesting to study later on. Black Sea is anoxic past a certain depth, so it will be rather well-preserved.

  17. Yeah, it was sunk by fire onboard, so the remaining vessels have been retreated into the open sea to not catch that fire… Soviet scums, they will never learn to stop their lies.

  18. Arne Pietruszewski

    There was a fired caused by an ammunition explosion on Moskwa. The ammunition explosion maybe caused by a missile attack. In either way the russians look stupid losing it.

  19. Jingles, have considered having a height table for your craft/hobby work. This will provide you the ability to take stress off your back during periods of work. I am older than you by 20 years. . Many times I feel better gaming at standing height and switching so seated game play later.

  20. Jingles a professional electrician will be a member of a professional body ie NICEIC or NAPIT etc. you can contact them to get a registered electrician or complain to them if bad workmanship. Also tradesmen pay to be in checkatrade so its not the best place to always find a good tradesman.

  21. Sounds is great! Hope you’re settling in nicely into your new home.

  22. Phoenix point is pretty good too

  23. Jingles I value your expertise in the area of Military hardware. My question is do you think the Ukrainian war has proved Tanks obsolete with the new generation of troop carried weapons?

  24. Wasn’t He called Comical Ali?

  25. Actually jingles!
    Moskva is a normal size gas powered cruiser.
    Kirov on the other hand is a nuclear powered Battle cruiser similar in size to ww2 large cruisers like alaska. I think wou followed one of the Kirovs.

  26. Potter Ender Gaming

    Thanks for the episode jingles, that cold war story was really interesting

  27. Jingles your thinking of Baghdad “Bob” from Gulf War 2 from the Iraq’s ministry of information.

  28. Arne Pietruszewski

    Jingles make some frames for them and hang up the frames put the tiles in.

  29. Ditto. Only the Kirov class is listed as nuclear powered.

  30. christopher shrank

    9:20 Baghdad Bob! Also there are photos of a burning Moskva out there. Sea states and weather doesn’t look that bad.

  31. I heard it was 2 missiles

  32. Why not reach out to some youtuber carpenter or diy guy, like Matt from DIY Perks. Make a cool video project collaboration out of it.

  33. Sound is much better.

  34. Friedwald der Lebendige

    my favourite Moskva joke is
    “Heavy Cruiser Moskva fucks itself as requested”

  35. he calls XCom 2 one of the best games ever.. highly subjective considering TTS genre games aren’t all that popular. The vast majority of gamers would call it unremarkable or crap, if they ever even heard of it in the first place or could even be bothered to care.

  36. *pushes up glasses* ACKTUAALLY JINGLES, the first trailer for cyberpunk 2077 came out in 2013, so the game took almost 8 years to develop and put out. can’t believe we are gonna get some 10th anniversary DLC in 2023 😀

  37. Your sound is fine Paul. Anyone bitching is a prissy muppet.

  38. Hey Jingles have you seen that IEarlGrey is now spouting Russian propaganda. I can’t quite belive how a former British serviceman that he is can be taken in so hook line and sinker by the Russian bullshit machine.

  39. Fun fact about the Moskva but pretty sure you know already Jingles. She’s got a massive air defense suite basically like a Russian equivalent of a US Ticonderoga class minus the Agis systems. She should’ve easily shot down the two missiles fired at her.

  40. Early reports from the Ukrainian side, while Russia still denied it being hit at all, were of two missile hits followed by a secondary explosion.

    The Information Minister in Iraq during was called “Baghdad Bob” around here, and somewhere around I’ve got a DVD that was made from his reports.

  41. Ah i love xcom 2

  42. time forgotten prince

    For some reason, the sinking of the Moskva reminds me of the Hood, not in how they sank, but their positions in their respective navy before they were sunk.

  43. Nacht_Kaperschiff

    Jingles Tariq Aziz was the Iraqi minister that lied about US troops not being in Baghdad.

  44. The audio sounds fine to me, I listen with my headphones so I can hear your glorious voice clearly, anyway best of luck with the carpenter can’t wait to see how the office looks.

  45. Ukraine claiming all hands went down with the Moskva doesn’t surprise me; going by the amount of totally bogus BS news from this war (“ghost of Kyiv”, snake island garrison being annihilated, etc), it’s par for the course.

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