Mingles with Jingles Episode 429 – Fat Old White Guy Edition

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By popular demand, Eddie the Incompetent Camera Minion is back!


  1. Do not touch the belly..its a trap..YES-THE MURDER BUTTON😂😂😂

  2. Vanguard Actual 1

    Wow, Jingle’s & Eddie’s true English/British Pompous asses show themselves & I could care less what they say or said about Israel, can’t stand Jews anyways, but Australia man? Damn man that your people & ex colony?

  3. 5 grand!..jesus.. did he come in a jag jingles

  4. Great to see Eddie again! It´s always a good Time when he`s around. Btw. Hellboys Revolver is called “The Samaritan”.

  5. Two old guys talking about video games and cats. Fantastic episode!

  6. Vanguard Actual 1

    Jingles is turning into a weird individual. Most of his collection is awesome but can definitely tell he’s never been a Father. Secondly I thought only old women turned into crazy, senile, weird cat lady. Who is bat shit crazy, scary, disgusting & down right scary! Jingles please when your cats die, Do Not get anymore! Or the Authorities will find your body after you die alone & half eaten by your freaking Cats!

  7. May the Fourth be with you.

    There’s always a bigger Fifth.

    Revenge of the Sixth.

    I am the Seventh.

    I find your lack of Eighth disturbing.

    A Nine addition to my collection.

    It’s Treason Ten.

  8. The two friends need to be on together more
    I kinda miss Rita being with J Man,
    but such as life
    I hope Jingles is happy and he enjoys his new pad for years to come

  9. Observation.
    Why is your skin color relevant?

  10. Hey jingles. I was listening to Klaus kellerman yesterday and he mentioned it he’s worried he might have offended you with some joke which wasn’t his intention maybe you should get in touch with him. He said he misses you.

  11. PissedOffHobbit

    Eddies shirt is epic!

  12. Eddie seems like such a nice friend to have, cheers to you both, you make me smile 🙂

  13. I would LOVE to see Jingles and friends play poker!!!

    Can you imagine how fun that would be to watch 🤣

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  15. This was a good one
    Thanks J Man, and Eddie

  16. Nice to hear Eddie and Jingles together again!!

  17. The titel is true enuff lol

  18. why does eddie sound like boris johnson

  19. 2:40 Kitties advancing from ‘Hefty Chonker’ to ‘O’ lawd she comin’!” 😁

  20. Thanks thanks for the fun though out the years

  21. Branko Jr. Sugar

    I swear, I always pictured you were around mid 30s mate! lol Glad to finally see you. much love

  22. You’ll pay more for your electricity with a smart meter. They measure the current taken out of phase of the voltage differently than the old spinning disk meters.

  23. Eddie and Paul, like a weight watchers advert, before and way before! Please be healthy, we don’t want to lose either of you.

  24. Seeing the gun and cat on the table reminds me of Boondock Saints…. 😀

  25. Blaine Frenette

    OMG some one else has heard of Baby’s Day Out!! I came home one night after work and my wife had it in the VCR. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. We now give that movie to every new set of parents that we know. 😂😂

  26. Eddy is so nice

  27. Lol it not like we left the continent of Europe just by leaving the EU.

  28. Find 2 fault… Spoiler 2 Cider are missing. What happend to Eddys brewery?

  29. Jingles I wonder if your old landlord put up a sign saying that you resided there from year XX to ZZ on the last house your rented? Could it be a tourist spot now? 🤔

  30. CaribbeanOkami - Spaced Out Gamer

    Just the title of the video and eddy’s shirt go together so well

  31. bacon flavoured coke….interesting

  32. Love your pad. Do the Brits say pad?

  33. Camra man Eddie slays the overlord of the salt mines, to take over the saltmines and become the new overlord.

  34. everything is better with eddy in the house

  35. Eddie in the thumbnail = instant like, no need to watch the video first, then watch the video and be disappointed that you can’t like a video twice.

  36. Please do more things like this, its great to see you guys bantering about!

  37. Rainy Day Fencing

    Hiya Jingles – have you happened to bounce across a game called Nebulous Fleet Command? I can’t help but think you might get some enjoyment out of it.
    Also I do rather covet that thermal detonator.

  38. You should be able to make your kitten empire in Catizens! Sadly no release as of yet but there was a demo out that was fun to play.

  39. I think Hellboys pistol is called the Samaritan

  40. That kitchen island looks like a Great War game area 🙂

  41. Good to see proper tea from the foothills of the Yorkshire tea plantations on the counter.

  42. Patrick Dillman

    Kitchen looks good. Now you have space for a proper Gnome at Home episode!

  43. Always Faithful Eddy <3

  44. Note to self, don’t dine at Jingles place. Animals are allowed on the countertops.

  45. jingles can you do a Uboat game demonstration ?

  46. Orson in charge

    1:56 A Thermal Detonator ? You’re my kind of scum .

  47. On the topic of random events reccurring – Destiny 2 sorta does this, redoing events (the dawning, guardian games etc) but also they have *something* every week.

    Most notably Bungie made a big cockup once (double rewards on one type of content) but everyone liked it so much that after they fixed it, they re-implemented it as a special week event that comes up once or twice a month.

    As for Rita’s Hell Girl costume, didn’t she say that the Right Hand of Doom was the stumbling block?

  48. Agent Washington

    Good God….a sequel to a 2019 rehash. THAT’Sthe best they can give ?!

  49. Drinking Amstel? Jingles, please take better care of yourself!

  50. For me the biggest gaming thing to happen this past week was the beta for Overwatch 2!

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