Mingles with Jingles Episode 432

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Source: The Mighty

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  1. Neo-Confucian Orthodoxy

    19:49 And now we know Dave’s origin story! XD

  2. Your not the only one who never remembers there phone number

  3. Gave Nordpass a shot…. so far I’m starting a greivence against them. Nordpass has THE worst service I have EVER encountered. I’d STRONGLY recommend against them since so far they’ve taken my money and froze all my accounts that I use wtih them. NordVPN is good but since Nordpass is borderline criminal I’ll swapp them too for anyone. also this is within the moneyback “garantee” so far 3weeks and no reply to that either.

  4. I just looked at your most popular watched videos and they are all 7-9 years ago. Seems YouTube is not promoting your work Jingles.

  5. So….we discover the origins of name DAVE from wot videos 🙂

  6. LEX Maximaguy87

    Once you smell that chinese seafood market odor you never forget it…

  7. Never saw the original Top Gun … at least not fully … bits and pieces … Wondering to this date what’s so amazing about the movie … I don’t think it can beat the Hot Shots version of it anyway …

    As for the current entertainment landscape, one has to pick his choices. I refuse to use anything other than Steam and Netflix. I simply do not have the time. The streaming service landscape will sort itself out in a few years. Remember the 3D TV era ? Some of those streaming services will end the same way…. Or they’ll go the free2play model of MMOs. People simply don’t have the money to pay for all of them.

  8. Never trust the rottentomatos critics. Only rely on the viewer score. Top Gun bent to the will of china by removing a Taiwan flag on Mavericks jacket. The critics are not objective.

  9. None of the actors, not even Cruise flew an f18. NONE.

    All the in cockpit scenes were the actors in the backseat.

    There is absolutely no way the NAVY would let an actor fly solo in an f18.

  10. Jingles, if u live by your self, u can claim single person discount 25% off your council tax

  11. TheParallellinial

    Dear Gnome Overlord, I really hope that you will give V Rising a chance. I would be absolutely awesome to see you do a play through of it. I can already see you doing the biggest saltmine in history with a hoard of minions mining away! All the best!

  12. Gosport? Gosport never changes.

  13. 1:00 – Jingles, In case you need to find your phone, just call “Self”. Sorted. A lot easier to remember than all those numbers.

    16:32 – In the long run, you’ll be off cheaper as rents will only increase, rarely go down. Now, since Eddy was your landlord means you also had a huggable good luck charm. 😉

    20:02 – A horror story indeed XD.

  14. Dave’s not here.

  15. I’ve had to give my phone number on so many online orders & other account creation pages, I can’t imagine ever forgetting it.

  16. Matheus Rondel Leite

    I was watching your ghost recon Wildlands playlist and it ends with the Beauty Queen. There are a lot o bosses that were missed. Can you explain, please?

  17. Matthew Anderson

    Dave? is the OG Dave??

  18. Imagine talking about a credible YouTube alternative while Rumble exists. You don’t even have to “leave” YouTube. All you have to do is upload videos on Rumble and mention it. There are already millions of people tired of YouTube’s crap that would gladly watch your stuff on Rumble if it was there.

  19. Regards other video platforms … if you publish the video to other sites _as well_ you’ll make it easier for people to switch – and get a better read on how many people are on the various platforms. I’ve already done this with several other channels who are present on sites like BitChute and Odyssey, mainly because I don’t like giving Google money if I can help it. Regards buying the house … honestly, with inflation the way it is – and the way it’s _going_ – better to buy sooner rather than later.

  20. Only ever had any of the streaming services on initial free month then cancelled them ,I watch twitch and you tube most of the time,even tv is crap filled with reality programs .

  21. Jingles I don’t know my phone numbers either mate

  22. When was the last time you took a look at Star Citizen? Patch 3.17 is really setting things up nicely. With 3-4million current players, I’m sure many of us here are amongst those. You should roll out a few SC videos as a tester. Have a great week!

  23. same Dave that plays on random tank games….

  24. So here I am sitting here on my lunch break and decide to go take a look at the whole Nordpass thing and…. site is blocked b my company’s IT security policy… Oh the irony…

  25. Dave stuck his torpedo in a nerfed tube and his reload time has never been the same … when your neighbor can smell it, time to go to sick bay or find a new port

  26. Gutz/ColdRevenge

    Jingles intro about not knowing his own phone number and the reason behind it, is proof he hasn’t had to apply for a job in a while, when applying for jobs, you write down your own phone number among other things, so often its hard to forget it…… i know my phone number, bank account number and tax numbers/code by heart now….

  27. Storage of passwords on third party server is bad idea. I recommencement paper notebook instead.

  28. even piracy is expensive, it cost over 1K to buy an African Grey. just don’t be fooled into buying a Norwegian Blue. lol

  29. “I knew the smell, but couldn’t put my finger on it” if it smelt that strong, you wouldn’t want to put your finger on it. lol

  30. The film studios are making a big, big mistake. The music studios has understood it and provide their music to pretty much anyone and don’t set up their own streaming services. But not the movie people, they think that it is a good idea to run their own services. But one has to remember, everything turns up on The Pirate Bay and similar competitors just minutes or hours later, free for all. Oh well, the film studios did this mistake by not providing what their customers want ones before and the pirate sites popped up everywhere, then the music industries understood that what people want is something simple to use, a large assortment for a fair price and music piracy have more or less disappeared. I looked like the film business finally got this by letting Netflix, Amazon, Google and so on get the role of Spotify, Apple etc. and the piracy almost went away. And now they’re carefully aiming for their own feet, just to make pirating popular again. Morons

    Edit: and when finishing listening to MWJ he mention all of this, lol …

  31. “O Dave…” Jingles thanks for sharing that smelly fishy memory but now whenever you call someone Dave in video its all i’m going to think about ha ha. Also how rotten must her insides have been for you to be able to smell it from inside your house?!

  32. I was once dressed in head to toe wool for a reenactment. It was at least 80 something degrees fahrenheit out. My advice is drink plenty of water and the wool will act as a wick. It should keep you at least a little more comfortable.

  33. I wouldn’t follow to another network, at least as things are. I have all my links centralized on Youtube, everything comes up in one place, and the interface works superbly. I’ve tried a few, and each has a channel or two. Great, but …

  34. Disney is now more interested in grooming children, than delivering streaming service.

  35. subtlewhatssubtle

    Poaching releases which had been promised to EGS’ competitors and trying to enforce exclusivity on a platform designed around open access *does* make Epic the bad guys IMO.

  36. Unless jingles have the nose of a drug sniffing canine, either the ‘interactable’ has done a big one or that the apartment was really small to have that level of pungency coming into Jingles room. Either way, whatever transpired is definitely a call to move the heck away

  37. The old trapper woke up with a black eye after a night of drinking and asks his wife if she knows what happened. She says, “You stumbled in and tried to finger me and said “Skunk, killed with a hatchet” so it was me!”

  38. Regard critics on Rotten Tomatoes, they gave The Last Jedi 91% collectively, so it’s entirely possible that they CAN all be wrong. But I hope they’re not wrong abut Top Gun, my inner ten year old demands it.

  39. FYI on a 25 year decision (mortgage ) there is never a right time … the politians and (W)bankers (b is silent) will lead us through a boom and bust cycle.
    part of fiat currency and a dishonest money system based on usury 🙁 . designed to keep the unwashed masses working

  40. catch me next time? YOU WILL NEVER GET ME!!!! AHAHAHAH *madlaughter

  41. Most loyalty programs here use my number as a proxy for an ID number

  42. Hyperdyne 120A2

    Thanks for the story Jingles. Now I have snorted tea all over my keyboard. lol

  43. 17:31 You don’t have noise ordinances in the UK? 10:30 PM is the cutoff time in my part of the USA. After that tickets or arrests are made.

  44. you running past that lever at 8:00 and just looking everywhere makes me upset for some reason…

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