Mingles with Jingles Episode 434

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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Discord: https://discord.gg/the-salt-mines


  1. Brendan Robertson

    “There will be a link to the Salt Mines Discord Server in the description below.” … oh, Jingles…

  2. Jingles please when Stray will come out play it instead of Chaos gate … and do marathon , like several episodes of that just recorded as you play it , without editing , I will watch every episode !

  3. I’ve played Diablo 1 through the original III. I didn’t bother with the expansion to III, because by that time it was clear to me that I was playing the same game with updated graphics and some QOL tweaks. All they did this time in addition to what they did before was target a market that’s full of easily-addicted kids who have parents wealthy or financially foolish enough to buy them iPhones/iPads and plant a minefield of microtransactions.

    The last traditional paid-for game I bought from Blizzard was the Nova expansions to StarCraft 2, and since then they’ve been trying to make everything a subscription or microtransaction game. As far as I’m concerned the designers/creators who gave a damn left with Browder.

    • Kholdan Staalstorm

      Loved I and II, something felt off in the III so I lost interest in it.
      Hopefully the coming mobile game isn’t the series swan song.

  4. @The Mighty Jingles. The UK has the easiest Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) of them all, GMT +0. Greenwich is borough in London. This changes during daylight savings time when it changes to GMT +1.

  5. Ive been using it for several months thanks to you. Its been great… well worth the cost. Love the integrstion with phine use as well… so helpful.

  6. RemusKingOfRome5

    I’ll never trust WH , I remember in the 80s, kids being brain washed to buy expensive figurines.

  7. 12:00 There were no Chinese spammers in D2… at least not in the US servers (EU might’ve been a different story). Lots of people begging for gear sets, lots of spammed advertisements by people no doubt looking to make a killing on the (then) real-money loot market. This was a problem with public Battlenet channels in D1 and it only got worse in D2. Public channels were just about useless to do anything, and unless you had a group of friends beforehand, multiplayer was dicey at best because there were so many cheaters and griefers.

  8. Marianne Jensen

    What if you have been kicked off the discord by the mods? That is what have happened to me. I have come up with a question, now. You often say you’re old and crap, right? And in last week’s episode of “Mingles…” I recall you also said that you never call yourself, and therefor don’t even know what your own mobile number is. Has it never happened to you, that you can’t find your phone? Nearest and best solution for that problem, as well as I know, is to call the phone. The ringtone, will sound from the location of the phone, and for that, make it easier for you to find it. -Unless you have it on mute all the time of course…
    11 AM GMT +1. GMT, -I think the letters stand for something along the lines of Grenitch Mid Time, (please don’t hang me up on this as we express it in Danish). But it’s the same as CET, which stands for Central European Time. It also means that you subtract an hour, to have it GMT. BECAUSE, Denmark is one of those countries in the GMT+1 timezone, and Denmark is an hour ahead of the UK. So as well as I know, it will be 10AM UK time, for you, next weekend.

  9. Blizzard is effectively dead by now. It’s not the same company we used to love and trust. Now it’s just Activision wearing it’s skin.

  10. Sardauker Legion

    I don’t want to write here in what body part Blizzard can put her “mobile phone” Diablo…

  11. 17:40 China will probably execute the guy twice: Once for leaking classified specs, and again for humiliating them after they probably scoffed, “Unlike the British or French, we Chinese are loyal to our army and will not leak information that would jeopardize their safety.”

  12. I hope the Chinese Leaker doesn’t “disappear” as a result of this.

  13. Fuck the new pay to win diablo game and get Warhammer 40000 Inquisitor Martyr – Martyr and dlc Warhammer 40000 Insuisitor Prophecy. And any other dlc you might want. SO much better. And btw i think its the same person posting clasified material. And i just noticed that the whole warhammer 40k sale have ended. But thats a warhammer 40k game thats simular to diablo exept it dont suck but it do have dlc. Like a floating baby or a floating skull. And if you want your character to be so toxic that he/she leavs a burning footprint on the floor you can buy that to. Not a joke, well it is a joke and its funny but its still true lol. And later idk when they are adding the sisters of battle to that game, saw that on the games page in my library as news. So thats gonna be sweet. Might start a marine heavy gunner character at some point.

  14. “omg diablo immortal is pay to win anyway here’s a sponsor for a service which is already free on all browsers” lmao

  15. I think its the same person positng all these military document because this person belive he have something to show or tell peopel that he belive peopel need to know that he knows and have this information. Im sure the US military will be more then happy to that information lol.

  16. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    I honestly can’t believe classified military docs have been leaked on WT three times now. I wonder if there’s going to be a fourth?

  17. WoWS Karma team put replay scanner on their webiste, so no need to wait for new patch.

  18. The gameplay trailer of Stray indeed looks interesting.

  19. Got “Stray” on my wish-list as well.

  20. Matheus Rondel Leite

    Another question: Why your Ghost Recon Wildlands playlist stops for no apparent reason on the Beauty Queen? There are lots of cartel bosses that weren’t covered ;-;

  21. Well….guess someone is getting executed in China. Of course thats fairly common under communist dictatorships

  22. Jingles the fucking nord pass is an addddddddddddf

  23. Friedwald der Lebendige

    actually i think it was the 4th time someone leaked classified military documents to war thunder forums.

  24. ToughAncientSpark

    All this proves is all big gaming companies are money grubbing scumbags.

  25. ToughAncientSpark

    @12:36 Free as in you get to keep it forever or free as in for as long as the deal lasts?

  26. TheFinalattacker

    I only have 1 question. Will we be seeing the return of Home with the Gnome cooking anytime in the future? I love that channel.

  27. stormwarrior007

    did you use a mod for the alpha and beta changing into X-1 and X-2?

    • The Mighty Jingles

      Yeah, it makes the bots not completely crap and able to handle higher difficulties better.

    • stormwarrior007

      @The Mighty Jingles what mod do you use? Cause Im playing aliens alot atm and do solo runs as well so having that mod can be usefull

  28. stalkingtiger777

    Please do a playthrough of the Cat game. I’d love to watch you play it. You can also tell us pet stories for us pet deprived individuals during the playthrough.

  29. Jingles, its not the 3rd time it has happened in War Thunder that classified details has been leaked, its the 5th time. Eurocopter and another Chinese round was also leaked in the past.

  30. Hopefully the cat will be Deathwish the Cyber kitty from the campaign book Shockwave and then it should be pretty good.

  31. Jingles, you can just say if you want to take up _Hello Kitty Online_ you don’t need to dance around it…

  32. Van/Gurt/Gp Vanheeringen

    9:39 it just sounds like a loophole that my country and Belgium just said no to

  33. the really depressing part is, that the culture of lies and deceit is NOT confinded to the triple A gaming industry. Look at the big food co-operations (and i mean the really big ones, who own basically 99% of all the other companies you see displayed in ur average supermarket) or ANY big co-operation really, look at most politicians aka gouverments (i mean the UK had and has some prime examples over the last two decades or so, but it IS a global trend).
    One could come to the conclusion, that there might be a connection in what kind of behavior we , as a society, actually reward and who, to a big part, but not exclusively as i admit, become “the winners”.
    I could go on, but i gues i upset enough people alrdy and i am (kinda9 sorry for that, but i am so tired of reading all this “this companys behavior is dickish and that companies behavior is dickish and those companies settle in court and payed a fine for – lets say – price rigging” and it goes on and on and on and seemingly the majority does simpyl not care, when we could – at least – start changing all of this by just giving a shit isntead of bitching and moaning about it.

    again: sorry guys for coming on so strong o *sigh*

  34. To many free to play games, Wargaming, WarThunder, and others depends to much on free to pay to win. Seems like the income methods for game companies is not working well, and depends on unethical enticement.

  35. MelancholicThug

    I was watching Asmongold playing DI and it was insane how much difference was playing rifts with full crests (costing around $20) and with none. 10 of those premium gems vs. a bunch of gold (which is useless).

  36. Jingles,u are still,the old,clever,Dicky!

  37. surprise mechanic – that joke never gets old

  38. Robert Pettigrew

    Not sure if you saw this (may not be your type of game) but Owlcat games the people behind the Pathfinder CRPG games are goin g to do a CRPG set in the 40K universe! It is called Rogue Trader and that is what you play as! The last 2 games they did where great so high hopes for this one!

  39. GMT+1 is just British Summer Time when the clocks change.

  40. GMT: Greenwich Mean Time. You live in the country that defines that time zone Jingles!!
    So most of UK should be in the same time zone as Greenwich. So you’re on GMT or GMT+1 Depending if you observe daylight saving time or not.

  41. They call lootboxes surprise mechanics, isn’t rift exactly a surprise mechanic..?

  42. So Jingles is going to be playing Hello Kitty meets Cyberpunk..this should be interesting

  43. Remember when mingles was going to be ad free forever? Peppridge farm remembers

  44. Diablo Immortal has been calculated that if you bought everything in the game as soon as you login it’ll cost $110,000…

  45. I’ve been using a more secure alternative to nordpass for several years…

  46. Uploading this on june 6th….and NOT mentioning D-Day…hopefully the video was made before and just posted on the 6….

  47. That is why the institution of Darwin Awards was founded…

  48. So, what time is that in my time zone? 😮

  49. Agent Washington

    ” Just a game ” isn’t enough. It’s MORE than a game to millions of players….which is likely why they did what they did

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