Mingles with Jingles Episode 435 – Live Discord Q+A

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Todays' episode comes from the Salt Mines Discord live Q+A we did on Saturday. Strap yourselves in and get comfortable because we're going be here for a while.



  1. dont know star wars lore so much but arent stormtroopers clones from jango fett?

  2. 29:17

    Jingles, unfortunately they still haven’t fixed the aiming problem. Every gunner on any ship seems to be a rookie and the biggest annoyance is running out of ammo because your ships can’t shoot for shit, even at very close range. However, if you focus on mainly playing the aircraft carriers then you can somewhat enjoy the game because planes are tremendously powerful and effective.

  3. What’s the name of the book jingle’s is recommending? I searched task force 3, but it doesn’t exist.

  4. Richard Winstanley

    57:19 In Episode 3 (the film) it is revealed to Obi Wan and Yoda when they return to the Jedi Temple. in a security recording, they see Anakin attacking the temple and then kneeling in front of Sidious as he proclaims something like “go Lord Vader, bring peace to he galaxy”.
    He was entirely aware that Vader is Anakin, but he didnt know Vader was still alive.

  5. Great to know your opinion on EP3. Bloody WTF moments & fear to watch EP4. Waiting for a couple of more EP’s to binch.

  6. mountaingamerteam

    I love your videos and have watched for years, so in a constructive criticism sort of way the sound on this video is diabolical

  7. Tbh, I am really enjoying Kenobi mainly due to the acting, the story works well enough, if not outstanding, but it is the chance to see McGregor portray a suffering character in a Star Wars IP that I really like to see. It is a much more mature portrayal that I wish Star Wars would do more (especially after the characterisation disaster that was the Sequels). I have always been fond of the Prequels, warts and all, for this reason, and I feel Kenobi pulls off some of their better aspects, but I am reserving any final takeaways for when the series run is complete

    • Personally I don’t think Jingles gets the show… He’s acting like every film needs to be Shakespeare to be good. But personally, I don’t think he’s happy unless he has something to complain about…

    • @Dominic Pizzey Not sure about that, he does raise valid points, I think he is being fair but a little on the harsher side of things. The sequels were rightly panned because they were so clearly lazy, but with this one, while they have made mistakes I think, some of their decisions have been justified, such as Obi-Wan running away from Vader due to him literally being unfit to fit because he is out of practice. I don’t know the mind of Jingles, maybe it is just a case of the series promising too much. There are issues with it I won’t lie, but we need to see how it ends

  8. “Greyhound” is crap.
    Way too “American”.
    OTOH – if you’re from the US you’ll love it!

  9. Gilder von Schattenkreuz

    If you are remembering to give Games another try.
    Maybe also give Fallout 76 another Shake.
    As catastrophic as the Release was. The Game has made more than just some Improvements.
    Its become an Seriously Amazing Fallout Game at this Point.

  10. The most annoying thing Amazon do is releasing their new content with adverts. I’m already paying for Prime Video, now you’re making me watch adverts as well. It’s not like Amazon don’t make enough money already

  11. Now i’m imagining a post-apocalyptic Church of the Holy Jingles :
    Priest : “Welcome my sons in thy hallow place”
    Crowd chanting : “Have thee presseth thy Record Button ?”
    Priest : “Yes, i did !”
    Crowd : “Aaaaameeeeen !”

  12. Lol about 4th episode of Obi Wan…. Lol you’re in for a treat!! Lol the cene were they get extrated by two star fighters is worth of a Police Academy movie LOL

  13. Is it actually possible for you to talk about something without moaning? No? Didn’t think so…

    Not sure what’s going on with you Jingles, but over the last few years you’ve become more and more acerbic and not in a fun way…

  14. Maqywhaq【マッキーワック】

    I got so used to having to make so many leaps of belief/logic while watching Star Wars I actually didn’t notice it being considerably worst than any of the post original trilogy entries…

  15. Lately i enjoy more pirating(i stil have netflix and hbo max) but the quality if i pirate is way higher.. its not the internet ,i have 1 gig ethernet

  16. Oh no, someone has locked Jingles into a tin can!

  17. My first wtf moment in obi wan is the first scene where three inquisitors fail to chase a jedi because he, well ran, and dropped some shades over them.

  18. Friedwald der Lebendige

    i strongly disagree with you about -Kenobi. it isnt perfect but i think many of your points fall short.
    1: Why does kidnapping Leia draw out Obi-Wan even though protecting her is Bails job? thats explained in the show. Bail couldnt find her without causing a lot of ttention, something he wants to avoid. you say he could send alderaans army to find her, first: alderaan doesnt have an army and second bail literally explains why he doesnt do that. it would draw too much attention to leia. so he convinces obi wan to look for her.
    2: the reason he disabled thee gate is that he probably planned to take the car.

    i agree with your other points but i believe calling it “mind-bogglingly shit” is exaggerated. watch the fourth episode, please

  19. Thank God there’s auto subtitles option, otherwise You will be very hard to understand. Have a nice day mate 🙂

  20. Gilder von Schattenkreuz

    Also. Wasnt that Plot Armor actually because the Stormtroopers were Specifically Ordered to NOT Hit these Characters because the whole Idea was to lure the Rebels into the Trap etc ?
    Not a Big Star Wars Fan. So dont Lynch me if its wrong. But somehow I tought the Reason the Stormtroopers were always Crab Shooting at the Importand Characters. Was because they were Specifically Ordered to not Hit them because they were part of the Big Sith Conspiracy Plan to bring the Rebels into that Big Decisive Battle and Wipe em out all at once.

  21. Obi Kenobi knows that Anakin is Vader because he saw a hologram od Palpatine “knighting” him and giving a new name.

  22. Thanks for the live QnA Jingles & the Admin/Moderation team o7

    Best Regards,

  23. Actually jingles, Star is Hulu lol.

  24. Jonathon Davonger

    As someone who’s tried to hit a target while SAMs are shooting at you (in DCS), trust me, it’s not at all that easy to guide a bomb in while your RWR is screaming bloody murder. Also, the problem wasn’t *just* the SAMs, but also the Su57 ‘Felon’s… which irl would have no issues beating a F/A18E/F Super Hornet. The idea was to get hit the target without the SAMs engaging, and get out before the Su57s could pounce.

  25. just wait until the Speeder scene in the latest episode *facepalm*

  26. Jingles, I had a thought on Maverick. Why didn’t they use cruise missiles on said missile sites guarding the mission site?

  27. No, but he did in Drachinifel’s series on the Battle of Jutland. He was – very fitting – the captain of HMS Warspite.

  28. Wait, Apple is evil? I wouldn’t object to that, but saying that one sentence after: I pay money to Amazon AND Disney. Sensing a bit of a double-standard there.

  29. gurk_the_magnificent

    @Stefan Pajung Right you are. Thanks!

  30. Black Jack Shellac

    All corporations are evil so you are only punishing yourself not watching what you want to.

  31. The missiles couldn’t track the planes down in the valley (ground clutter and the launchers didn’t have the depression. Who designs anti-aircraft weapons to shoot downward? So even if they saw them, they couldn’t fire. All it would have done would have let them know they were coming and alert the fighters. That was already factored in (timing), hence why they had to get in and get out under a certain time to avoid the enemy fighters. The US Navy and Air Force have simplified their countermeasures now. When activated BOTH flares and chaff are launched at the same time… you can’t really SEE the chaff. This takes the effort away from the pilot having to decide between the two when a missile is inbound (“Is it the one locking on to me? Or is the one about to hit me tracking my jet exhaust?”)

  32. That wavy mirror is so ugly it’s beautiful
    I hope You never take it down J Man
    as it’s one of those things that makes a home a “Home”
    I had an avocado bathtub that was hideous
    but I began to love it after a while
    it always started a funny conversation with anybody that saw it
    and was well worth keeping for that reason alone

  33. These Q & A’s are wonderful

  34. 1:00:38 oh jingle…it doesn’t hit rock bottom just yet, just wait till you watch episode 4. If episode 3 starts digging, part 4 turns it into a mine shaft.

  35. I hate to say it, but instead of paying for all these streaming services just pirate the content. I know it hurts the companies and the content, but money is the only language these companies speak. Do you think we got Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify etc out of the kindness of these companies hearts? *NO*. We got them because piracy was winning, and to beat piracy the companies had to create a superior and more convenient product – the all-in-one streaming service. However, now that they have everyone hooked on the convenience of a streaming service they hike up the prices and offer less.

    Piracy is a short term solution. It’s not a crime in many countries around the world – mainly only the western ones where these companies stand to make most of their profits and thus have bought and paid for the laws against it. These are the same companies that currently abuse YouTube copyright systems to exploit creators for more profit, and fight against updating the laws because it would leave them worse off.

    To be clear, I don’t think piracy is the long term solution and I think everyone should pay for the content they enjoy, but piracy is an excellent form of protest against these multibillion dollar companies that hike up their prices and offer less during one of the biggest cost of living crises in the modern day.

  36. The plot armour talk is so true. Only 1 non-armoured character survives both the battle of Yavin and Endor

  37. Send Jingles to Australia Fund!!!

  38. Tha Campin' Dutchman

    Its kinda ironic hearing you talk about Apple being evil but also hearing you talk about giving money to Disney and Amazon. Expecting them to turn out good stuff. Disney has already ruined Starwars and can’t write themselves out of the pit they’ve dug to save their lives and Amazon is about to desecrate Tolkiens life work.

    Just FYI. They are all evil and we need to stop funding them and stop giving in to the jangling keys. Let these corporations die. I know you are a bit of a normie in these regards Jingles, but you literally giving them cash only for them to flick you off, wipe their arses with it and then moving to the next franchise they can ruin, isn’t helping.

  39. Actually Jingles, on May 1, 1960 A Soviet SA-2 SAM site took down a U2 spy plane traveling at well, no one knows for sure, but higher than 60,000 ft. The Soviets claimed 65,000 ft. I don’t think your notion that flying high and dropping laser guided bombs to avoid modern surface to air technollgy is going to work.

  40. Me: drinking rum at 0800.

    (I’m night shift)

  41. 58:36 Which Alderaan Army? I thought it had been established that Alderaan demilitarised after the Clone Wars?

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