Mingles with Jingles Episode 436

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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Sucks to be them!

Wait, that's ME!


  1. Jingles i loved that “commercial” LOL

  2. You are overthinking this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much Jingles. I dont give a crap what sort of ads you advertise as long as you get money, it costs nothing to just watch that crap if it means it helps you get some money. Who knows what can happen tomorrow if god forbid you need expensive surgery or your roof needs repairing or something like that. You are giving us entertainment. The least people can do is watch some stupid add and help you get some money. If somebody has a problem with that, they can fight right off.

    Got your money man, you earned it.

    Also you might wanna consider doing twitch, i think there is a lot more money there for people who already established themselves like.

  3. Targetting Influencers? Quick Jingles! Hide in the latest Russian Premium Battleship! No way they can hurt you in there!

  4. The nordpass bit was awesome

  5. To be honest about the Nord sponsorship, I don’t doubt that you recommend NordPass because you like the service. Not so sure about your expertise on the matter.
    Not surpised about the scammers. Good to hear that you are cautious. Why do I feel the need to get some CocaCola? (Don’t worry, I’m safe.)
    I’m always reminded of some advise from Eve Online: “If it sounds too good to be true than it’s probably neither good nor true.”
    What a scammer needs is the target’s trust. They can also appeal to generosity for example. Fell for that one a while ago with someone trying to get donations for some charity. I was a bit vulnerable at that moment.
    Glad to hear that you got someone into reading, that’s (almost) always a good thing. I prefer books over audio books though. Currently reading the Overlord Light Novels and NonNonBa by MIZUKI Shigeru.
    BTW are you planning to talk about Diablo Immor(t)al?

  6. Friedwald der Lebendige

    hello fresh is not scandal free. they have been shrouded in controversy for massive union busting campaigns and bad working conditions

  7. I think HelloFresh would be a good addition to the lot. I’ve had their competitor, Gousto, but it would fit fantastically with your cooking vids (which have also inspired me to cook even more!). It’s a good system, and could provide the boost of being able to cook said meals and tape them for your other channel! Win-win!

    • He could then also do the math of whether the prize is really good or not. Hearing how much they charge extra for the convenience might be important to people.

    • @Kal Taron Indeed. The one thing that put me off them was the fact that it’s almost always multiple-pot cooking. What it gives in terms of ingredient convenience it takes away through the fact that you nearly always tend to prepare several pots and pans to make the dish, which just means more stuff to clean later…

    • @RealTanku OK, that can also be an issue depending on your stove. It’s also one of the few “problems” I have with Japanese cooking. Takes a bit of preparation and planning to deal with but it’s worth it IMHO.

    • @Kal Taron Oh yeah, no, in full agreement. But if you’re just trading one convenience for another due to say… time constraints or simply mood, it’s not as worth it. Which is the same with these sorts of meals. You’re trading the time you’d spend picking ingredients and going out shopping for more hassle in prep and clean.

    • @RealTanku Depends a bit on what you’d normally prepare and how but I can see the issue. Also people with a dish washer might feel different than people who wash manually.

  8. On the “you need to be greedy and an idiot” to be scammed part. Jim Browning (on youtube) who baits and destroys scammers, got scammed himself not that long ago.

    • Just because you’re good, doesn’t mean there isn’t someone better out there. Or rather there likely is.
      Have watched a few of his video, will look that one up. Thanks.
      Edit: Do you remember the title?

  9. Friedwald der Lebendige

    i genuinely think you should do more sponsorships. if you just did a second audible one we would barely notice but you could increase your profits by 33 percent

  10. Jingles, did the sponsors tell you that you couldn’t timestamp the ads like you originally had said? I have to admit this wasn’t one of my favorite episodes. You said you has much to talk about but only talked about the influancer scams. Was interesting to a point and I appreciate your standards but not worth an entire episode. Do you ever edit your cat sounds in or is that always her live? Thank you for the content you make and the standards you hold.

  11. Go get that Pound Sterling dear sir, take sponsors you deserve the income for the decade of free enternatinment.

  12. mynameiswritinwater

    nice subliminal – feeling a sudden urge to not drink a certain soft drink^^

  13. AusTankie Gaming

    Nice I went to the fridge for a Pepsi thanks mate.

  14. I don’t begrudge you doing sponsorships Jingles. You’ve never pressed garbage stuff and its not done in an intrusive or cliffhangery fashion.

  15. The Real Killer B

    Dude; take the Hello Fresh sponsorship. It seems to be a good product.

  16. thank u for your integrity maybe a bit much to make the whole video about this but nicely executed thanks

  17. Jingles, I can tell you that I appreciate your candor. Also complement your timing of obtaining the mortgage . I trust the interest rate is lower than what mortgages are currently being offered charge

  18. “The economy is tough right now, and I have a mortgage.” You also have two additional mouths to feed. 😉

    And the way Akizuki kept “talking” with you during Nordpass was EPIC!!

  19. Themistocles Nelson

    You are not stupid for falllng for a scam. There is something that will get everyone.

  20. gunmetal2003fxdl

    20 minutes of being offered money hand over fist is a bit much, no offense

  21. jokerspet karlsson

    ive been subbed for many years now and i wouldnt mind more sponsorships, i dont use anny of the things you recomend but i doo enjoy and apriciate the offer. as far as im concerned feel free to find more things like this, even hello fresh would in my book be accepteble since it is a good thing. (i wont use it, and i know you wont lol but still a good sponsorship)

  22. I work IT for a small business and you’d be surprised how many attempted scams are floating around out there. Luckily a lot of them are caught by email filters but sometimes they still slip through. One of the most creative ways I’ve seen them try to slip through is using the “contact us” type links and posting an email chain in it that looks like it’s a normal email chain rather than an initial email.

  23. Jingles, feel free to have a single episode every month or even week and call it the Jingles’ Mortgage Special, and you put on every ad you even halfway trust.

    We can let it run on a separate tab on silent until it’s over then type something inane in the comments section.

  24. Anybody else want a Coke suddenly?

  25. OMG, i spit my cofee whith the coca cola logo

  26. Jingles, it’s always great to know people still have integrity nowadays. I’ve been watching your channel for a decade now, and always find reasons that you’re one of my favorite creators. Cheers from Tennessee!

  27. One of the most informative and unbiased MWJ in a long time. Nothing wrong with asking people to help keeping on supporting what you do.

  28. You influence me more and more every day Jingles, for a start I’m thinking about getting a hip operation.

  29. Paramount plus is coming to England

  30. Ahh yes jingles I learned the benifits of subliminal advertising! Had to go out and satisfy my sudden craving for red liable fizzy pop

  31. Akizuki was purrfect.

  32. LOL….I saw your Coca cola ad!

  33. Now I’m craving Pepsi all of a sudden.

  34. Jingles you can do a Hello Fresh sponsorship, I have used the service because of past sponsorships and they were good.

  35. Jingles, how did you get the WaYu skins for Alpha and Beta? I’ve never seen those anywhere but your channel.

  36. Reality Insights

    I don’t think even a small level of greed is necessary to fall for scammers. Plenty of people have fallen for scams that play off their charity and desire to help others.

  37. Take the hello fresh if you truly belive what they deliver is good. Most won’t think it’s about eating healthy more just an easy alternative to a home cooked meal.

  38. I’m sorry you’re going through all of that Jingles. Not sure whether this is safe to bring out in a forum as open as this, but I did send you a mail in the weekend with a link. That was to a research on amazon, for height adjustable working desks. So you could find one on your own, suiting your needs and hopefully in the future, sparing your back.
    Telling you this, time and time again on Discord was what made the mods kick me from there in the first place. I mean no harm at all. I do get eager at times, but I myself love to do creative activities. I draw and do art, when I am not on the battlefields for one reason or another. (World of tanks is one of few games I know, and I am not interested in climbing up through yet another new game, to catch up with someone else, only to discover that they have disappeared, when I have reached a level, allowing me to join in with them. I have been promised, only to be let down, far too many times.) I would have joined in on the discord, but oh well, if you’re kicked, you’re kicked. Nothing more to do about it. And what is it worth anything, if you just get the cold shoulder anyway. Clear signal that you’re not welcome there anymore. Ok, fine.
    I hope you have had a good weekend, Jingles and a good week waiting ahead for you

  39. Another amazing video.
    Please create a twitch so I can give you my amazon sub every month.

  40. I love your interactions with Akazuki….

  41. Something similar happened to me, but instead of asking me to post a link, they got me to download an executable disguised as a word document that stole my passwords and authentication tokens so they could hack my Youtube and social media accounts. I wasn’t aware of all of the red flags, so I was suckered in.

  42. The subliminal messaging at 8:22 made me laugh out loud.

  43. Hello Fresh makes sense, I know for a fact that jingles ain’t driving to the supermarket.

  44. i would choose Water over coke

  45. I would absolutely watch Jingles do a Hello Fresh cooking stream / second channel video.

    And now, as someone who has worked tech support and network engineering at a number of PR and advertising agencies, I’m thinking through all the implications of that seemingly innocuous statement.

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