Mingles with Jingles Episode 437

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  1. O Jingles You Tube algortyhm is shit ! , I literally every 6 month create new accout and subscribe my favored YTbears , and I started to do that few years back when I Sia chandelier song nested in my head = I set this briliant song over and over again , so YT algortyh started to give me Sia songs ?, and songs ? … nope I was recomended a shitload of videos where little girls did ballet … dunno who programed that shit … but worst I could not take that shit away , so only way was create new email , and if you will look one kind of videos for few hour , YT algoryth get idea that whole your life is aroud that -_- , one thing that I wish YT had is reset button , to default algorythm.

  2. I can’t afford to pay everyone on patreon for the amount of channels that I watch so I don’t mind the ads if it helps you guys make money. I don’t have premium so I don’t know what that’s like but I haven’t really noticed a difference. Honestly I feel like I’ve been seeing less of them.

  3. As someone who’s never had Youtube Premium and instead just runs an ad blocker, I can confidently say I don’t have this problem. All the videos in my recommendations are things I have watched at least at some point.

    Based on this observation, I think Youtube Premium is the problem. Think I’ll steer clear of that BS.

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking my YouTube subscription got hacked. So tired of all the rubbish being recommended after I clicked not interested.

  5. GermanicInstinct

    At least 50% of my recommended videos are videos that I have already watched…

  6. Like 30 Pencils

    That laugh never gets old, thanks for cheering me up Jingles, have a good one.

  7. youtube sucks digger nicks.

  8. An interesting way ive come up with to fight its stupid recommended stuff come up with 4 random songs in different genres you do like then play a playlist doesn’t matter if you just mute the tab as long as it played a few songs its fine. Search something new oversimplified is good. Watch two and blam all you will see is the music you actually like and mostly more of what you the watched thats “new” though i still have to check the subs tab cause youtube doesn’t recommend you at all.

  9. I am in total agreement with you Jingles. Lately, I have been scanning my recommended videos and see all the stuff that I do not want to watch. I give up and turn YouTube off. Regarding commercials, have you noticed that the commercials are getting longer. I find it ironic that sometimes the commercials are longer than the video that your watching. The longest commercial that I had was actually 45 minutes and I was able to skip it. If your commercial is that long, start a YouTube channel and advertise for 30 seconds to have people go there.

  10. The Youtube ad blitz is EXACTLY why I use an ad blocker. As much as I enjoy your content, I just can’t enjoy any videos without it. And I REFUSE to be muscled into anything! There are many other ways to advertise without swamping people in shit that they could care less about! If I wanted to see a video about VPNs, I’d damn well click on a vid about VPNs!

  11. Elfnessa Alinak

    Close your history!

  12. Eddi or his new renters are using your YouTube premium, but keep your watch history clean. Check your Google logins.

  13. Consider yourself lucky Jingles!
    I’ve been having recommendations for videos on subjects that I’ve never been interested and EVEN if one day I spontaneously had the urge to watch them I can’t because the recommended videos are in languages I don’t speak.

    People that worry about AI taking over have little to worry about.
    [Robot-Overlord] hmmm Humans consistently have adverse reactions to firearms and ammunition. Our algorithms recommend throwing Strawberry flans at them!

  14. I don’t have YT premium, so instead I get double unskippable ads at the beginning, mid roll several times, and at the end. Only time I see a skippable ad is when it is really long, and that is rare. No way will I pay for YT Premium though, they don’t deserve my money. I have tried to reload the video until it skips the ads, but that can take 20 or more reloads.

  15. No Chaos Gate Demon Hunters very sad.

  16. Jingles, please dont give in to youtube premium. Shure, ads are very annoying, but it is NOT worth it. If you just cant hold it anymore, get an adblock or just dont watch youtube. It is the same choise of either having a 44% winrate or buying a premium. Dont buy, what you can have for free.

  17. Well when ya say no means yes not got that problem but also don’t got the prem so YouTube prem be like OK we get more if you watch this than that so watch this

  18. I use adblocker, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I use it on my desktop computer, because on my phone, that I use to listen to youtube-based podcasts etc while I’m in the lab at work, the sheer number of ads recently has become unbearable. Every 2 minutes there’s another pair of unzippable 15 second ads that I have to listen to. If youtube wants to turn themselves into normal TV, you know the type that we’ve come here to ESCAPE, then I have 0 sympathy.

  19. I know that frustration, I am constantly having to say NO to absolutely ZERO positive result, the adds require me to hit the ‘SKIP’ tab to get back to whatever I want to watch and as large an issue this is, I will not pay to go add free, I do not have the cash, nor would I do it if I DID have the cash, ( there are a )(^*%^$*&%%$ boatload of things I would spend it on ). Just for ‘giggles & grins’ I will not spend money to see the new movie at the theater when I can wait 6-8 months and buy the video on a ‘one time’ charge then watch it over and over to my hearts content, this is my two cents.

  20. Jaco Hollebrandse

    Could it be you share your IP address with someone else / someone (guest?) has used your wifi to browse youtube?

    My recommendations are on point. 8 video’s, 4 of previously watched channels and 4 adjacent channels that I understand how they could be recommended of which 2 are quite good recommendations.

    However, google ads tend to be partially shared with my girlfriend, we tend to see some advertisements meant for each other. Perhaps youtube also has some bleedover from other users using the same IP address, even though they don’t share your account?

  21. It sounds like Youtube is trying to drive engagement by pulling more content from your demographic or area. Their end goal is always, and creepily so, to keep somebody “engaged” with the platform as long as possible.

  22. Checked my recommendations in this video. Half are videos I’ve watched already and most of the rest are stuff that I’ve subscribed to and would watch anyway.

  23. @Martin Hohenauer me too. I get clickbaited into watching one video on a topic I dont care about, and suddenly half of my home screen is all of that crap I dont want to see and it is deepening my addiction.

  24. They’re trying to push diversity/alternative social environments to “help” us become better humans.

  25. Youtube: Hey Jingles, how about the an hour long video on mining navel lint? No? But I thought you liked all things naval?
    All kidding aside Paul, what kind of future do you see for content creators on the platform? I know the “golden age” has already passed.

  26. “do not recommend channel” is the thing i use, and my recommendations are squeaky clean! 😉

  27. Did the change in your recommendations roughly co-incide with your house move? Perhaps Youtube is Geo-locating you and trying to match interests with one of your neighbours?

  28. behonest, i did not have that problem mine salt mines overlord. because i ignored the videos and than shall youtube also less intresting into me.

  29. Christopher D'Erasmo

    Hit the three vertical lines and say not interested

  30. This whole recomending crap you dont care about has happened to me as well. It is desined to have you clickbaited, maximize your watch time so that youtube could show you more ads and earn more money. It has a side-effect tho. If the user falls for this trick, they will slowly start to drown into addiction from youtube, untill their watch time is 24h a day.

  31. Instead of paying for YT Red I just got an adblocker instead.

  32. I had the same issue with youtube being weird with recommendations. I found the best thing is not to say that you don’t like the content, but that you don’t want to see the channel. It helps me at least but now and then the algorithm will still suggest some grade A BS to me, but it’s back to my game videos now. Hope this helps!

  33. Have to agree. The YouTube algorithm seems messed up just now. I am subscribed to your channel and they used to pop up in the regular YouTube channel, but that has stopped for some reason and I now have to go to my subscribed channel to see your videos. In regards to advertising, they win both ways, either you pay for a non advertisement option or they get paid for all the adverts they show, and I saw last week a channel that as you said had adverts almost every 2 minutes in a 20 min video.

  34. BigTallLankyDude

    Sectioned benches, ledges and the like are also to prevent skateboard grinding.

  35. RemusKingOfRome5

    UG !!!!

  36. it seems that most ads at the start of videos now will not let you skip them like you were able to do in the past and even the ones in middle of videos also will not

  37. AnzacKiwiAstrix

    They flood my home page with shorts, and it like pulling teeth with rusty pliers trying to clean it up. Not once am i happy to see a short of a kid being stupid, for fame or what ever looking like a fool give them now days. I have changed my link on the toolbar to go straight to my sub page. It’s so much better to not even look at the home page. What ever google call it self now, i think they are pushing teen trends on everyone forgetting that over 30 couldn’t give two a crap about those trends. I think they forgot over 30’s have bugger all money to spend on kids stuff till they have payed off the car they got in there 20’s thinking it was a good deal…..

  38. I run a Youtube ad blocker that eliminates the need to pay for YT premium.

  39. I can’t be the only one using Adblocker and/or NoScript, can I? I haven’t seen a Youtube ad in months and are not paying for premium. Not going to pay for that. My yt recommondations are still shit though.

  40. Whitechapel_1888

    I wonder if the recommendations you get on your youtube account take your geolocation into account. Since you moved recently, your new IP address could be a reason. As to why your account specifically would get these recommendations, I have no idea.

  41. I think they pay more money to push there feed out to more people even the people who dont give a crap about what they are pushing

  42. I’m getting only a small number of irrelevant crap suggestions. Maybe 5%. I have a habit of clicking “don’t recommend channel” when I see something that just insults my intelligence. I gave up on just dismissing the videos. I don’t mind a certain percentage of random stuff – I DO get bored with the usual channel lineup.

  43. Ok I will tell you what the answer is on recommended videos.
    YouTube , is whether You like it or not, forced in showing media that is covering it from western perspective, and however as most of us haw some type of war search ( mostly games in history ) is actually pushing the media choices which have nothing to do with actual situation in Ukraine that has popped up in recent month about lies from the mainstream media and US, and that Ukraine is loosing tremendously and all we were served before were lies , and staged massacres when in fact, horrific discoveries of mass civilian executions by Ukrainians have been discovered in regions occupied by Ukraine.
    So in other words here look at this let me have Your attention elsewhere while shit happens on other side, has nothing to do with commercials thou only recommendations.
    Few of my friends confirmed that , no matter how much they are trying to see some specific videos coming on the subject YouTube just removes subscription from that channel or it doesn’t show updates.

  44. My recommended videos are almost always just videos I’ve already seen and don’t care to watch again…

  45. I am still resisting the YT Prem, and I may spend more time than you on YT……but I am losing this battle.

  46. I can’t say I’ve been seeing the same thing you are with Youtube recommendations. With the notable exception of Youtube’s movie and TV show section, I’d say 90% of the recommendations I’m seeing are at least somewhat related to what I’ve watched on Youtube, either content from the same creators, or similar content from different creators. I also pay for premium and watch several hours of video every day.

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