Mingles with Jingles Episode 443

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  1. hey jingles any idea when the flying gnome will be back? There are some cool planes added

  2. I assume it will be said many times, but just incase, you only need to own warhammer TW 1 and 2, on the same platform as 3, in order to play immortal empires, only need 3 installed.

  3. Actually Jingles, it wasn’t Lexington you meant, it was Yorktown!
    Lexington was sunk at the Battle of the Coral Sea, she couldn’t have taken part in the Battle of Midway.

  4. You haven’t lost anything, I was Damage Control. Excellent description of what we used to do.( Mar Eng Tech, 313 Ret. )

  5. R Silver Sørensen

    yes i have 1 computer updated for win11 …. but it was only becouse it was born with it … and it only read up test for me as im wordblind heheh …

  6. Jingles also skipped Windows ME. Just another to add to the list of bypassed Windows versions.

  7. The lessons from USS Forrestal in 1967 have been lost – he who forgets history is bound to repeat it

  8. The USS Lexington was scuttled during the battle of the Coral Sea, Her wreck was found back in March 2018… You must have her mistaken for another US CV that survived thanks to excellent damage control practices.

  9. What was Jingles said about internet documentaries? That they don’t get their facts right sometimes? Then he said that the Lexington’s DCP were so good that the ship made it back to Pearl and was able to be sent back out a week later for Midway. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black,
    or just Jingles being Jingles

  10. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    I think Jingles and an aneurysm when his second self started talking about Nord

  11. The point about the author of “Death Traps” having a limited, therefore incorrect perspective, was not just limited to authors. During WWII, the USAAF (I think) were conducting studies into the effectiveness of German AA defences. They were looking at returning, damaged, aircraft and studying the places that were hit to see if anything could be gleaned about potentially protecting those areas better. The issue was, they were looking at SURVIVING aircraft, not ones that had been lost, so they were getting a skewed PoV and ingnoring areas that might have needed more protection, because the aircraft that had been hit there, failed to survive the mission.

    • Lord-Admiral Thor

      That is a school teaching tool, it is the same with the “study” of after effects of introducing steel helmets, 80%increase in reported head trauma. It is a teaching tool about teaching kids logical thinking and introducing survival bias statistics. The usaaf study did indeed cover where planes were hit but the conclusions from it is intentionally wrong when shown to us in school. It is why if you look at the planes schematics and surviving examples, they aren’t armoured or reinforced anywhere that the study would imply they’d be otherwise.

  12. Windows is becoming more and more like apples garbage. When support for win10 ends, I’ll probably just go for a linux distro with a secondary boot for win10, just in case.

  13. ToughAncientSpark

    Today’s US Navy:
    Crew member: “Fire, fire, fire.”
    Second crew member: “What’s he yelling about?”
    Third crew member: “Thinks he’s in the army.”
    Fourth crew member: “Fire? Not my job.”
    Fifth crew member: “Shut up, I’m trying to get some shuteye.”

  14. towards the end of Windows Vista’s service life. It was actually a pretty streamlined and optimised OS. It definitely was a memory hog in the early days but a lot of the reason behind this was people were going from _’4GB of ram is enough’_ (which wasnt enough) to _’8GB of ram is enough’_ (which was enough) A lot of people were still running 4GB of ram for most things when vista came out. So when they updated to the new OS and found it ate all their memory – thats where a majority of the feedback about Vista being bloated came from. Like i said, it did eventually become a very good OS. M$ tweaked the hell out of it and It was pretty good. Windows 7 had its issues early on but was got to a level that was very very polished. Windows 10 is still an absolute turd, has lots of bugs and the M$ dev team are now pushing windows 12 instead which is also full of bugs.

  15. Jingles answering a question that was not asked…him repeating the entire fire drill spiel was just a waste of breath. This was not a fire at sea with a full crew and the ship in a ready state…which is what Jingles was talking about…this was a fire on a ship in port with reduced crew, the entire ship in disarray, and with all kinds of issues with jurisdiction and finger pointing about who was supposed to be in charge. I am not saying he is wrong that the whole thing was insanely stupid, just saying that the situation he was talking about was completely different than on the Bonhomme Richard. And of course, Jingles had to talk about history and Coral Sea, and we all know that whenever Jingles does history, he does it with silly errors…LOL…they saved the Lexington at Coral Sea ROFLMAO SMH

    • The Mighty Jingles

      I was describing a response to a fire alongside in harbour. The only difference between what I described and a fire at sea is that you wouldn’t be calling the Fire Brigade and you’d have to do it all yourself. A ship being in refit is no excuse, either. When your ship is crawling with dockyard workers is precisely the time when you start paying more attention to fire safety, not less. In the RN under those circumstances most of the ships’ Duty Watch on any given day would be assigned Welding Sentry duties, watching welders to make sure they don’t set fire to anything. You’d have an extinguisher to hand in case they did and you’d stick around for an hour after the welding welding was done to ensure no residual heat was going to set fire to anything both in the compartment where the welding was taking place and anything adjacent. If no-one’s doing that, someone fucked up. If they don’t have enough crew to do that, someone else fucked up. There are a LOT of unsafe practices that have to happen for a fire on that scale to burn unchecked for five days on a warship in a major naval base. None of those issues you describe are excuses.

    • @The Mighty Jingles One question I have to ask…completely non sequitur…are you and Rita and Eddie watching Artemis I today? Just curious if it is as big a thing over there as it is over here?

    • The Mighty Jingles

      Yeah, in my head I was saying “Yorktown” but my mouth wasn’t reading from the same script, just for a change :p And yeah, the failures that led to that fire, even if it was started by arson, are something that it’ll take years to address. Someone else was saying that a USN ship in refit has hardly any actual crew onboard other than those responsible for classified compartments and the ship is pretty much in the hands of the dockies! That’s just crazy!

  16. Jingles, sir, your story about your duties and fire control? I’ve always wondered why so many caterers died on board navy ships during the falklands? Seems caterers were the highest death toll, and often wondered why, any insights?

    • The Mighty Jingles

      Aside from ships taking hits amidships where the main galley usually is, the firefighting support and re-entry teams are usually drawn from the chefs.

    • @The Mighty Jingles an answer from the high mighty, himself?? I am honored, it always seemed out of sync somehow that caterers had the highest death toll, thank you overlord for designing to respond to a lowly y/t subscriber rather than some pareon big spender

  17. Mate, there was extensive sabotage to the fire fighting equipment throughout the localized area of the original fire. Jingles, always remember and never forget: When the Leaders stop leading, the Followers will stop following. As someone else mentioned, the Khaki-level leadership curled up and quit well before the actual fire vs. non-Khaki doing what non-Khakis will do without Leadership, rust away.

    Apropos to nothing, how’s the HMS Prince of Wales doing? 🙂

  18. HMS Shefield vs USS Stark us navy damage control

  19. Windows os that I have deployed in the business environment.
    Nt was good. This still forms the basis for many bespoke os builds, think of factory machines for example.
    98se was a good one.
    2000 was good, ME was utter garbage.
    Windows 7 was good.
    Vista and win 8 were no good, though many of the core components went on to be in win 10.
    Win 10 I still have on my own machines.
    Win 11 it’s to early to tell.
    My suggestion would be for people to wait until the first big patch is released.
    One correction though, the account locking thing you referred to is only if the os is connecting into a business environment. For the most part home machines will be unaffected.
    Halon fire systems, I have seen a few used in comms (where the switches and main routers for a building go in) rooms over the years. Glad to say it’s not a thing anymore, they were scary to be in.
    Fire triangle. Something that is starting to be seen out in the wild. Lithium doesn’t obey the triangle, it brings it own oxygen to the party. Think what the majority component is in a lithium ion battery. It’s why they dropped the isle of man TT zero race, as 2 big fires were caused by Lithium run away. It also sunk the Felicity Ace, following the lithium run away of a battery car on board leading to a total loss of the ship.

  20. @Jingles There is a audio overwrite beginning at about 3:45. Thought you would want to know.

  21. The ship was in the shipyard getting a retrofit. In the US navy when this happens the ship is assigned a skeleton crew usually made up of new sailors, the ship will have 100s of civilians working on it and in some cases things like fire control fall to the responsibility of the shipyard.. The crew will be quartered in barracks and only a few will be on board at all.the crew will be in training mode in class rooms no where near the ship.

    • The Mighty Jingles

      Okay, but in the Royal Navy when a ship is crawling with dockworkers that’s *exactly* the time when you pay more attention to fire safety. Most of the ships’ duty watch would be assigned as sentries making sure welders and so on weren’t setting fire to anything. This isn’t the time when you start paying *less* attention to fire safety.

    • @The Mighty Jingles Been through 1 minor refit and 1 major refit. In the US navy as a crew member your not onboard. The crew is in school and the shipyard handles it. The only crew on board are quality control personnel and those responsible for maintaining classified equipment.

    • The Mighty Jingles

      Ouch. You see that’s part of the problem right there. A ship in refit with dockies crawling all over it is exactly when you need more fire safety, not less.

  22. That was a nice Episode of Old British Sailor roasts the hell out of the new biggest Navy in the world.

    I enjoyed that 😛

  23. I tried Windows 11 and all my Assassin’s Creed games stopped working. I went back to Windows 10 6 weeks ago.

  24. I remember an incident while I was in the Navy that dropped my confidence in the abilities of some officers. There was a rag bin that caught fire outside on the main deck, and I heard someone yell fire. I immediately responded and an officer started screaming, “Someone get a fire extinguisher” when there was a hinged lid on the steal rag bin, and I kicked the lid down snuffing the fire instantly. I was shaking my head as I walked away. The standards for Naval personnel has deteriorated since then. Most people back then (1966) were pretty competent, with a few exceptions.

  25. I upgraded to Windows 11 when it first came out and have had no issues at all. It certainly not the train wreck that Vista was and it has been stable from the day I installed it. Go whichever way you want but there is nothing wrong with Windows 11.

  26. Thallium I had to turn on the CC to get that I thought you said Valium torpedoes. Is that how rich people get high when they’re out on their super yachts?

  27. Actually Jingles it was the uss yorktown

  28. I had a computer with 2 op systems (my printer would only run on one of them) so I could select which one to use. I like 10 and have refused to download 11 ever time they have asked me. My dad was in US navy during WW2 and said everyone had some firefighting training. My Youngest brother was in during the 70s and got enough training to get a degree in firefighting. .

  29. WINDOWS 7 was almost as good as XP

  30. I never get a new version of windows util the next-next version of Windows has come out. With the next-next version available it means Microsoft no longer care about the next version and will put all their effort into ruining the latest version instead. Worked a charm for Win 7 and 10, I never got Vista or 8.

  31. I mean can understand the USN having a fuck up like that the whole American military has been on a downward spiral for a while now seeing as they keep lowering the bar for entry.

  32. The US military command is infected by pure fucking stupidity and political ineptitude. They’re so focused on woke horseshit and covering their own asses that we’re having critical failures like the inability to fight a basic fire. It’s downright pathetic and coming from a family of Army and Marine members it’s disgusting to see what’s happening.

  33. It was reported that even hoses were sabotaged/not working at the BR!

  34. I hope Wargaming update World of Warships and give the US Navy a shortened duration damage control. That would be epic

  35. My fairly modern computer has been crashing since I downloaded Windows 11 at the first offering. Been regretting it. Different topic… Everything you said was most likely true about the Amphib BUT,. KEEP IN MIND,. That ship wasn’t fully operational and had just come out of the shipyard after a long refit that was continuing pierside. The crew, if it was even fully crewed yet, was not worked up to deployment tempo. Having said that,. It was a bad scene for sure.

  36. I went to Windows 11 with my new build. Turned off the usual junk and made it look like Windows 10. No problems in the 3 months I have had it..

  37. Someone missed some audio overlap

  38. Damn it Jingles. I had never gotten around to the total war warhammer games. I had always intended to. Now, thanks to you, I (a) discover massive discounts (b) they have massive amounts of dlc….. Now I own all 3 with lots of dlc for when I upgrade to my new gaming rig later in the year….

  39. Unfortunately my work computer was exchanged to Win 11. Arrrrrgh. Not a good step.

  40. Republic of Texas

    If it’s in the US they were probably too worried about offending the fire’s gender to risk helping.

  41. Windows 11 is meh

  42. I’ve never regretted upgrading to a new Windows version. But I tend to not upgrade until I get a new PC that comes with it 🙂
    Only exception is going from Windows 2000 to Windows XP and that was forced because my Windows 2000 was so corrupted it wouldn’t recover.
    I didn’t like XP that much, mostly because of the cartoonish user interface, but it worked well enough.
    Only versions I never used were 98 (but Windows 2000 is the “pro version” of it) and Windows ME (remember that one, it wasn’t on the market long enough for me to get my hands on it).

    As to the BHR: One thing I heard is that a lot of the firefighting equipment wasn’t working because there was no electricity and water pressure, those things having been disabled for the work being done on the ship (major upgrades and maintenance).
    As a result all water had to be pumped in from shore and other ships, and firefighters work in the dark. Firefighters with no intimate knowledge of the ship, as they weren’t her usual complement.
    And of course as the ship was in port without a crew (only some yard workers on board) there was no ready firefighting team available, and the person setting the fire no doubt waited doing so until the risk of quick discovery was as remote as possible, so the fire could spread unnoticed for quite a while before it was detected and firefighting crews trucked in.

  43. Well. The BonHomme Richard incident will teach the navy to reinforce Firefighting training. It’s better to learn in peace time instead of war time.

    I wonder if the Russian navy has learned a lesson with the loss of the Moskova to fire??

  44. I shall not go there: windows 11 is not good enough, sticking with 10 for now.

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