Mingles with Jingles Episode 445

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The Queen is dead. Long live the King. RIP HM Queen Elizabeth II, 1926 – 2022.



  1. To all I am American but I say ” long live the queen ” may she rest in peace.

  2. The controls for Gunner Heat aren’t much more complicated than WOT. Its fun but needs alot of work.

  3. WOWS of are Painc MODE

  4. These people who spout toxic and vile things have made a deliberate choice to be toxic beings, and when they’re on their deathbed, nobody is going to mourn them. Karma will come due, in time. Though honestly Twitter should just be shut down at this point. It’s become a haven of gremlins. Rest in peace Elizabeth II, sincerely Norway

  5. Busy week in the UK.

  6. Hello Jingles, I’m from the Netherlands and I think that a Monarchy is the better options, because they are just great ambassadors for their country without having no real political accountability and being a republic with a president like France does not fit well in our current political system and a president like Germany? Anyone ever heard of the man?

  7. As a person from a Kingdom, I see no point in keeping a monarchy. It’s just a remnant from the old days, a time in which your birth dictated your social status. I wouldn’t want my head of state to represent that, I’d much rather elect my head of state.

  8. Jingles talking about Operation Flashpoint!!!
    Enemy BMP is history!! 3 target that enemy machine gunner!
    Also the resistance dlc was great.

  9. You know what? With operations somewhat back I might actually download world of warships again… maybe.

    • I suggest you to wait a couple months. Now random ops are a bit of a mess, a lot of PvP dudes got there for the first time and have no idea what to do. I guess in a couple months people would figure them out. When you get a team with people who know what they’re doing though… it’s great fun

  10. The last decent tank simulator I played was a microscope game called M1A2 tank platoon 2 it was fantastic the Libya and gulf war 2 campaign where a great way to improve and promote your tank crew ready to combat Kosovo and the 2 Russian campaigns which where really hard look forward to seeing what this new one can offer

  11. Amazing Woman..She will be missed here in Canada.

  12. In Germany we have a republic, it isn’t better then a monarchy and to be fair, if the king/queen is an idiot you can blame the monarchy, if the voted head of the state is an idiot, you have to blame yourself.

  13. the british empire is something i love and a reason i do love playing as the british in games like total war

  14. Charles the first was the one that got his head cut off. Charles the second was the one with all the bastard kids that was reinstated after Cromwell died.

  15. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing.. especially regarding a person’s passing

  16. Operations: loving what WG did. Typical Jingles moment, though: “Cherry Blossom” was originally T8 allied cruisers only.

    Queen Elizabeth II’s passing: there are a lot of valid criticisms of what she did or didn’t do during her reign, as well as the negative toll British colonialism has had on the world. That being said, wishing a painful death on someone is almost never a good look.

  17. I just refunded your channel after so long I remember being a kid and I always loved your world of tanks videos thank you for being a awesome part of my childhood and im so glad you’re still posting vids :)))

  18. I have Operation: Flashpoint Dragon Rising by Codemasters on DvD. Wow Classic WOTLK pre-patch is great fun. I remember the 1st time round, our guild invaded Southshore, started a raid and started to head to Undercity infecting Horde on the way. This was the only time, in-game, you could invite and speak to the opposite faction.

  19. Nice Video, but was it not the Corrupted Blood Plague in 2005 that caught the attention of the CDC – a completely player driven event of server wiping proportions and that Blizzard attempted to copy with this launch event in 2008.

  20. I remember the plague in WoW very well. Most fun I had after dying in all my years of playing. 😉
    It was total chaos and carnage.

  21. I told you that you were too optimistic regarding the Operations rework … They nerfed the rewards and they nerfed the Operations themselves as the power scaling is unfavorable in any kind of mixed tier situation …

  22. god damn that strv player sucked

  23. Actually Jingles: the Dutch monarch refused to sign a law and sent it back to parliament and the people agreed. And to be honest I think Trump has convinced people that having royalty trumps having a president. (sorry for the pun, I’ll be on my way to the mines).

  24. I don’t use Twitter
    And maybe Boris will comb his damn hair ffs

  25. I can imagine you would be happy with losing the lying clownshoe…..but you cant be happy that he is replaced with an even bigger lying WEF puppet.
    Be carefull what you wish for.

  26. Jingles, did you miss the memo that WG split in two companies? Don’t you think that has more to do with the server thing other than the game failing?

  27. Welcome to the quality education system that is unnecessarily forced on students who can’t afford it, except through government loans. Then we wonder why most of them cannot pay the loans back and are indebted to the government.

    For critical race theory degrees of course. Big Education at it’s best.

  28. Steel Beasts? THE tank simulator used by the military?

  29. God save the King!

  30. Truth: QE2 was bought off in 2008 by the people in Dubai. She is now being walked all over in the Middle East! If possible the QE2 should be honored in WOW!

  31. What Parliament actually do Jingles is at the PM’s weekly meetings with the Monarch, discuss the upcoming legislation – what you didn’t seem to know is that the Queen did in fact kybosh some laws but she did it at those conversations before it was even put to Parliament – thus avoiding the embarrassment of Royal Assent not being given.

  32. My most deepest of condolences to you, the British peoples and the Commonwealth, and my most heartfelt prayers. She was respected across the World. May Her Majesty rest in peace.

  33. Yes I can feel sympathies for a person like Elizabeth Windsor who for most of her life has been forced to play leading role in a rigid state institution theater with rules and musts which are written and fabricated by mechanical and rigid academics where most of them royal rules of etiquette are made up several hundred years ago.
    The alternative to royal houses is not one further expensive and bribeable politician
    like a president when most Westerners so-called democracies already has a elected prime minister, and that’s enough.

  34. I’ve been playing the crap out of WoWS operations. Gotta level my Vladivostok and T8 Brithish heavy crusier.

  35. Jingles I’m surprised you didn’t mention war thunder

  36. Jingles just as a headsup… you can also play tanks in IL2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad.

  37. ARMA 3 is a perfectly fine game with no pr *RANDOMLY EXPLODE FOR NO FUCKING REASON*

  38. jingles please i want to see you try that alien boardgame fate of the nostromo with all chars and including ash from the start for the added difficulty, even if you get crushed i would love to see that 🙂

  39. And today’s deliberate mistake by Jingles to get you all to write in a comment is blaming King Charles the Second for the Second English Civil War (1642-1651). It was actually his father King Charles the First who started the war against Parliament.

    His head did not end up in a bucket either. It was held up before the crowd at the Banqueting House and contrary to popular belief (and the movies) the executioner DID NOT shout, “Behold the head of a Traitor” as was the custom. The reason given that the Executioner did not want his voice identified so there could be recriminations against him for Regicide. The head was held up silently and then dropped into the swarm of soldiers beneath the scaffold. The soldiers gathered around it, dipped their handkerchiefs in the blood and cut off locks of the King’s hair.

    The next day, the head was sown back onto the body and it was embalmed. It was then placed in a lead coffin and taken to Windsor Castle and was buried in St George’s chapel where Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest alongside her husband next Monday.

    Charles II did fight a battle against Parliament in September 1951 after his father’s death in 1649, but he lost it and was exiled to France and returned to the UK to claim the Crown in 1660 after Oliver Cromwell’s death in 1658.

  40. Condolences to all of our friends in the UK and the Commonwealth in their loss of a fine world leader this week.

  41. hope you check out aliens: Dark Descent when it comes out, looks promising
    are you per chance doing some Jingles workshop episodes or cooking with jingles ?

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