Mingles with Jingles Episode 446

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  1. so now we need a “server side reticle” just like WoT!

  2. Hey, Jingles! Did you read any of The Discworld Novels, by Terry Pratchet? I have them as audiobooks and I just cant get enough of them. Try Small Gods. One of the best. Have a great week!

  3. Love bobiverse think expeditionary force by craig alanson are slightly better jingles you should check them out on audible

  4. War Thunder has a bug right now where jets don’t face G force consequences. Basically making realistic into arcade all because of the drones

  5. As a coder, I can tell you it is not a difficult fix. When you have a large calculation with many changing variables, you snap shot the values at the trigger event, and use the snapshot values in the calculation. Basically, you hit fire, and it jumps to the calc routine. That routine gas 1 input (trigger event occured) and a couple of outputs with results. The calc routine snapshots all needed values as the first step, taking less than a millisecond, does the calc formats and returns the results. All the changes are in the calc routine. Then it is just an issue of having enough memory allocated, memory and server admins are cheap.

  6. 2 little bugs in the code, 2 little bugs, take it down, patch it around 27 little bugs in the code

  7. World of warshits hahahahaha

  8. He jingles, since you were going back to ALIENS fireteam elite a few weeks ago and like the idea of trying out some more horde shooters, a game called ‘Second Extinction” published by Systemic Reactions is currently in open beta and goes into the full release in about a month. It is first person instead of 3rd person, and instead of aliens, its mutant dinosaurs. You wish this was as safe as Jurassic Park.

  9. To know where the guns are being pointed when the player fires wargaming must have a check to see where the player aiming when they click the mouse. This means that the update rate of the game engine issue is null and void as they must have already circumvented it for aim. Therefore this issue can be fixed by simply moving the calculation of shell balistics to the same point. I suspect it would hurt performance but shell ballistics are very simple compared to the calculations needed for a video game so I would be shocked if the impact was anything more than minimal

  10. was playing the 92 version at school good times 😀

  11. wtf is this player doing with the camera?

  12. I remember a bug in World of Warships Legends where the health of a turret was not separate from the health of the ship. Made trying to angle in BB’s impossible due to the fact that you could shoot their turret and do arguably more damage than a citadel shot sometimes. The best part of that bug: could do it over and over due to turrets being repaired if you didn’t destroy them completely

  13. So sad about the queen

  14. Can 100% back up the book recommendation. It’s fantastic.

  15. mynameiswritinwater

    This bug explains sooooo much of “weird misses ” the last few weeks … well done WG, superior russian Coding

  16. Well here I expected the “fix” to be them just banning people doing it.

  17. ЛентяйЁпта

    God save the Queen

  18. Your analysis of WGs sinister motives is bullshit. You’ve become a whining old man the last few years. Long Covid?

  19. Wait why is flamu bad? I enjoy his content, what sort of drama is it this time?

  20. As a follower of Flampoo, The bug with the shots falling short of the target has been talked about on his channel for many many months. Well before the railgun bug if i remember correctly.

    Im not too sure if the railgun bug was supposed to be a fix for the original bug of the shots falling short of the target. But i think they were two different bugs as even with the railgun bug, the shots still occasionally fell short.

    I think the problem is the age of the engine, the fact that the engine was originally designed for use with MMORPGs, the spaghetti code, not having experienced coders or coders who wrote the original code working on the game and the fact that WG dont test their changes before it goes live despite having something called a _”test server”_

    They are probably making changes to parts of the code that breaks and bugs out another parts of the code that they dont know or care about till the entire community is basically on their back and complaining about it, but even then it depends if the bug is game breaking enough for them to take action…… or if it just affects CVs, because if its a bug that effects CVs then thats a super top priority fix. Like they will overrule Putins authority to fix the bug even if it means that they’ll be executed by firing squad at dawn just so CVs arent affected and can have an easier time.

  21. A thumbs up for the Bobiverse series. It seemed a trilogy for quite some time. Was something of a pleasant surprise when I recently picked up a fourth book.

  22. “Forget it ’cause it’s back to work!” – not for us, Jingles. We’re all busy watching the Queen prepare for her audition in the next G.Romero movie!

  23. I am so happy you recommended We Are Bob. I listened to it on audio book and loved every book.

  24. Another mingles focused on WoWs… my least favorite topic.

  25. Hey Jingles

    Cyberpunk just got anime adaptation on Netflix you might interested in watching.

  26. half a second too late and shooting way off target sounds about right these days.

  27. “Germans love David Hasselhoff”
    – N McDonald

  28. Jingles , Send me your kitchen lol . I like the setup from what I seen of it .

  29. The Bobiverse books are great! Read/listened to them last year, good recommendation!

  30. The way you describe the “fix” to the railgun problem is it not just the other way around now? you aim at the ship then move the mouse down, rather than aim down and move the mouse up?

  31. 1992? Well,, I was born in 1979, but, okay, being in Germany at the time was admittedly something completely different.

  32. Hi Jingles, on the Wolfenstein 3D price of 5 Euro – you don’t only pay for nostalgia factor, but also for GOG guys adjusting the game so it runs fine on the modern PCs.

  33. 7:53 – high explosive citadel

  34. Abyss Miniature Studios

    OK so it’s not just me, with aiming issue

  35. Ever read “A World Out of Time” by Larry Niven Jingles?, cause the premise is basically the same…

  36. CatLover JerryGarcia

    I’m glad I bailed when the exodus happened. They’ve cobbled on so many things with this game by now that even base code stuff from launch is now becoming a problem.

  37. excellent book suggestion Jingles

  38. Still waiting for last cat game video!

  39. Always did love a four-book trilogy

  40. Bobbyvers was the first Audiobooks I got from audible so many years ago, when i was looking for a OP MC / marry sue type of audiobook.
    so glad to see you like them as well old man. xD

  41. Damn you sir! You triggered MY Alexa and it took me 3 tries to get it to shut up! 🙂

  42. it appears that the old farts in Germany are starting to realize games about killing Nazis doesn’t make you a Neo-Nazi


  44. It’s a bit more complicated than just telling people to fix a bug… This bug in particular is to do with the client-server boundary which is historically a very hard part of a game to make changes. This bug may require a whole re design of this boundary in order to rectify this bug. The fix isn’t really that bad unless you’re spasing all over the screen you’ll be fine. Put it this way. If you can’t understand why the bug is happening you can’t have any idea of how to fix it… Don’t judge developers when they add a fix like this they may be working harder than you think behind the scene.

  45. Hiya Jingles. Would love to hear your reaction to navel participation in the Queens Funeral. Do you know anything interesting about the gun carriage or how the sailors are picked for the duty.

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