Mingles with Jingles Episode 448 – Salt Mine Q+A Edition

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It's once again for the monthly Salt Mines Discord Question and Answer session, held at 11am Sunday, but reposted here for those who couldn't make it. This week we're also running a giveaway for 5 Steam codes for Destroyer – The U-Boat Hunter.



  1. I heard, Jingles, that there was a Top Gun (Maverick) movie, coming out. Normally I don’t see that kind of movie, but I saw some behind the scenes kind of video where they were talking about the movie. And one of the things they said, was that the stunts were to be practical, -at least as I recall from having seen it about a little week ago. One who normally doesn’t watch many movies, will be going to see it. Will you as well Jingles?
    Give away code for games on Steam? Meh, not too sad about it. Not playing games on Steam anyway. I have enough in the two games I already play. And banned from your discord, also, that’s reason 2. Or argument number 2.

  2. You can actually get a direct flight from Heathrow or Manchester to Houston. 30 minute drive to Galveston. Fyi

  3. To coax Jingles to stay in a holiday village/site all they’d need to do is have a caravan/cabin built as a Tog replica. . .

  4. For fun coop games I would suggest: Humans: Fall Flat.
    Very simple, very fun!

  5. Anybody who is asking if Jingles is evil is clearly not paying attention. In the last video he sacrificed his team mate so that he could communicate with the death. And anyone who has encounterd a gnome in Warcraft knows that they are the most evil race in the game. Those bastards love to bite ankles and enjoy headbutting their opponents in the balls. And dont let me start about their evil contraptios…………….

  6. Depends on the size of the marshmallows mini 30 normal 6 large 3

  7. People have literally died from trying to fit loads of marshmellows in their mouths. They turn into a thick syrup and clog up your throat if left too long so please don’t try it, stupid way to die.

  8. Friedwald der Lebendige

    in think now that kenobi is done you should revisit it. many of your initial criticisms turned out to be invalid after the last few episodes

  9. 12:44 there is a much better candidate for “GuP but with aircraft”. Try The Magnificent Kotobuki.

    13:35 “It’s for washin’ ya backside!” – Crocodile Dundee

  10. Ready or not is a good coop tactical game, a realistic team shooter where you play as a counter terrorist ops rescuing hostages. It’s like arma but in a smaller counter terrorism scale, might be worth a try since you can play it casually and still have fun.

  11. Italians questioning the hygiene of others is hilarious. I visited almost every city in Italy and for European standards most are a garbage dump. They might be classy people when it comes to fashion but they treat their outdoors like a pigs den.

  12. Galveston is an island next to Houston and we’d love to have you visit.

  13. As a suggestion for a good co-op game might I propose Deep Rock Galactic. It is hilarious.

  14. I really think you would like the game Deep Rock Galactic; solo or co-op space dwarf mining game.

  15. Had an Aussi Captain as an instructor on my Platoon Commanders Battle Course – boy did that guy have a chip on his shoulder….total opposite of the laid-back, ultra-competent character I was expecting.
    Stereotypes, eh?

  16. “Good co-op games that you can play with friends …” … now THAT’s what I have been looking for since deinstalling WoWs some month ago. Not much luck. All those shooters are rather “meh”, the MMORPGs I found mostly not suited for “real” co-op (e.g. in the ELDERrollythingy you can’t actually do quest _together_, you are doing them side-by-side; or you are stuck in the boring old tank-DD-healer mechanic), and all of them are way to grindy for having a short hop into to have some fun.

  17. That antagonist dude from Andor has serious Arnold Rimmer vibes.

  18. I have a rather unpopular opinion, Kenobi was complete horrid fan service and Lea was the worst character in that show. She acted like a fake, shrunken down version of Carry Fisher. So now that means that Lea throughout her whole life had NO growth at all from 6 year old to 60 year old. And She-Hulk gets better in the later episodes, as long as you don’t take it to serious. It is very cartoony, but the visual effects are kinda crap.

  19. As one of my friends said of basic military training “don’t be first. Don’t be last. Don’t volunteer for anything.”

  20. Erik Gudmann Hansen

    yes WOW is taking a lot of times
    break a legg

  21. Good Co-op games that i can recommend:
    Divinity 1 & 2
    Mech Warrior 5 (if you are both interested in stompy mechs with tank guns)
    Borderlands 1-3

  22. Re: turning 40, I found that I could no longer take physical mobility and the metabolism I once had for granted after hitting level 40. I’m the somewhat proud owner of a chronic back injury and a body that wants to pack on fat at every possible opportunity, while ever injury now takes twice as long to heal as when I was 30. YMMV, of course.

  23. Killerfish Games has made Atlantic Fleet, Cold Waters, and War on the Sea. I’ve only played Cold Waters of the three – War on the Sea had some serious issues from what I saw of people playing it, and I never got around to Atlantic Fleet.

  24. We were offered citizenship and employment in the Australian Navy an exchange of Mar Eng personnel.

  25. Re: anime
    They haven’t done an aircraft version of GuP. Strike Witches is a WW2 version of Sky Girls, not an aircraft version of GuP. Music’s fantastic, tho, you should get the soundtrack if you can. A lot of aviation anime focuses on fantasy aircraft for some reason.

    GuP has bathing scenes and swimsuits, which counts as fan service. It’s like 3 or 4 scenes, but it’s there.

    Would love to hear your opinion on High School Fleet.

  26. The Real Killer B

    About British food – I was stationed with the USAF in England for most of the 70’s. I returned to England in the 80’s to do graduate work at a British university. I married an English girl and thus have “enjoyed” British cuisine for over four decades. And to this day, the standing joke in our house is that salt is an exotic spice in English cooking (and forget about what the Scots eat). Dude, forty years after the end of WWII and at least 30 years after rationing ended, English cooking was at best, bland, and at times, inedible which can be summarized in three words; “tuna fish pizza.” 😉

  27. I will always say that cats and dogs never live long enough. Reasons like that, and a few more, are why I’m glad I have a python.

  28. I’m in Dubai at the moment. I don’t know about public restroom stalls in general, but the toilets in this hotel are modern (a cross between a German toilet and an American toilet). There’s also a big ol bidet next to the toilet in my hotel room. At least I think it’s a bidet.

    I’m also seeing Toto (Japanese toilet company) urinals here, so I’m thinking the urban areas are rapidly modernizing. Toto also is selling a lot of their toilets and bidets in the US in recent years.

  29. Yeeey! Destroyer the cold waters on the horizon!!!

  30. YOU had no issues with PC dont mean NOONE does Jingles… Played the game and after 1h of constant Tpose I refunded. You were one of the EXTREMELY lucky few Game was a mess on PC and unplayable on consoles. Also Rita you know what to do… no surprises? … man that’s and insult… try to tumble dry his wallet again.

  31. Jingles I found a British Airways flight from London to Houston for just 395 Pounds!!!

  32. She-Hulk breaks the fourth wall so you know it doesn’t take itself serious – like Boston Legal did though that was really good for other things

  33. I don’t know how many marshmellow’s can fit in my mouth, but I can confirm that one big mac fits.

  34. Just wanted to say, Ghost in the Shell is an _amazing_ anime franchise.

  35. Man this talk about bidets brings back memories of Vietnam. They kinda have something like that is a garden spray hose on the side that use to clean off down there while you’re still on the toilet

  36. Co-op game suggestions SnowRunner and the recently released construction simulator.

  37. HMMMM USS Midway in California???

  38. Totally agree on Andor. I’ve been enthralled by it. Good script and acting. Characters are interesting, even the Imperials. Love the “real life” vibe it gives with people going about their jobs rather than everything being super heroic constantly.

  39. Venus Wars, Tank Police, Robotech, Armitage. Gods, I miss those animes.

    Nowadays, if someone asks me what my favorite anime, I tell them Bible Black, then enjoy watching them hurry to change the subject.

  40. Destroyer: The U-boat Hunter was entertaining and all but I still kinda miss Jingles playing Cold Waters. It was suspenseful.

  41. “Smart home thing”. At first I thought you were talking about Rita but the first word gave it away that you were talking about Alexa, Siri, or some such instead.

  42. Have you thought about doing one of these QnA’s later in the day so more American viewers can chime in? I’ve always wanted to join these but they normally start around 5 in the morning for me. Also, there is an amazing little co-op (You can also play solo) game named deep rock galactic that you should check out. You play as a dwarf who is mining for a corporation who doesn’t really care if you live or die. Oh and the caves you are mining in have lots of bugs. Highly recommend it. ROCK AND STONE

  43. @17:50 – Jingles explains why Jesus told us to turn the other cheek.

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