Mingles with Jingles Episode 449

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Source: The Jingles

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  1. The Mighty Jingles

    It has come to my attention that there may have been some editing fails in todays’ video. I don’t know what you’re all talking about!
    I don’t know what you’re all talking about!
    I don’t know what you’re all talking about!

  2. overwatch 2 requires a phone number because of warzone. warzone’s anti cheat was so bad(because it didnt exist basically) that it relied on blocking cheaters from making new blizzard accs by putting a phone number wall. why this isn’t only attached to warzone and not all games on blizzard idk

  3. And media companys whine about pirating……

  4. I received my M41a Pulse Rifle Saturday, have you got yours yet?

  5. Yeah, Activision and Electronic Arts, 2 companies that were started by/with former Atari staff because they were sick of being treated badly, terribly even, by the Warner Brothers owned Atari. Now they are the Baddies…

  6. Good one Jingles. Consider anything bought which is intangible with no intrinsic value to be a luxury and you will not cry yourself to sleep at night. Thank you for the calm, cool way that you broach all issues.

  7. yes bethesda id something terrible lately : they updated skyrim, breaking all my mods !!!

  8. I remember dealing with Irate customer when on Demand Distribution was closed, less than 30 days to migrate to Nokia Music… People had spent thousands and lost it… We were nothing to do with it but as a service provider that used it as the back end of one of our own services, we were equally stuffed. That was 2009!

  9. The lack of physical media for movies is easily solved with a VCR. I was once heavily involved in Pirate Bay until I got caught. I still have all the files I downloaded. I’m not sure if America is the VCR capital of the world right now, I still use the three I have but haven’t heard of anyone else doing the same.

  10. *waits for the ‘Actually Jingles’ for the slipup with who Bobby ‘Evil Incorporated’ Kotick is the CEO of*

  11. I have a solution for Germany and Austria, a bunch of people get hold of some physical DVD’s and send them to someone they know in one of those countries. Take that censors! (They could use Nord VPN)
    Bethesda is back in sheep’s clothing!

  12. The phone thing is all well and good but I changed my phone and number in 2021 and only had chance to change it on one company’s gaming website before being rushed to hospital no one else had the new number, 2 days into my hospital stay I started getting abuse from people saying I’d tried scamming them or their friends/family, according to my phone company it was being used by an offshore user in a certain area and they could not do anything about it other than change my number, just be careful guys.

  13. What do you mean Jingles? Bethesda Just release Skyrim on the Switch for the second time (the Anniversary edition this time), and charged everybody $70 for the privilege.

  14. Nigel deForrest-Pearce


  15. And my computer threatens to update to next windows level, which means I again can’t play my old games.
    I have no idea of how that happened in 95, 98 2000… etc. etc.
    I hate how they make me feeling like an illiterate computer idiot.


    Howdy, Jingles.
    I finished listening to Episode 449 while playing Escape from Tarkov, then started cruising the YouTube Home page when THIS video suggestion popped up.

    It’s not so much the title of the vid nor the content that caught my eye. Read the News Banned at the bottom. It would make a marvelous addition to your weekly segment IF Rita is truen too past form of expression.


    Ray, aka Scorpid Black Dragon

  17. When I was a lad…you mean last century Jingles?

  18. SoS_ Legio_ Primus

    Disappointing one, for me, as no vocal cat is heard ;-p;-)))

  19. Every piece of content that isn’t tied to physical media is effectively a rental, and every record label, movie studio, and software publisher would much rather you pay in perpetuity for a temporary rental of “their’ stuff. They make gobs of money while you only get a temporary license to consume the content, and the people who put in the hard work to create that content get a fraction of a penny. Well, maybe more than that, but it’s a lot less than the executives.

  20. The internet historian did an amazing job covering the fallout fiasco

  21. good point jingles! good point jingles! good point jingles!

  22. Bethesda problem was their CEO – MS has hibernated them until he will leave then MS will cut away the chaff and maybe Bethesday will get better!

  23. Jimminey-Fooking-Cricket

    Just wait until they start editing movies that are digital downloads.

  24. And people still laugh that I still buy DVD’s.

  25. Another reason Bethesda isn’t in te news is because Actiblizz and Bloody Kocktick said “hold my breast milk.”

  26. Physicalised digital media is such a huge enviromental waste I’m glad we have moved away from it. Clearly there needs to be an improvement to laws on digital media so if the distributors licence runs out the purchaser is still able to watch same with bankruptcy of said company that they must release a tool to use downloaded digital media without their servers. Legally we still haven’t sorted out the fact the internet exists and its effect on copyright (why nation locked content is a thing in the west I don’t know) its going to be a long time before we get round to digital media rights.

    Course if all else fails just pirate it.

  27. Jingles, I am surprised you did not say anything about the demonization kick that YT is on, particularly around Ukraine videos. Obviously has not effected you, but you often comment on general YT issues like this.

  28. Jingles, the Overwatch2 phone number thing was an attempt to curb smurf accounts (secondary account of high level players who wanted to go seal clubbing on low level players and thus ruin the game of said low level players).
    I know people who did it, and I know even more people who suffered from it). With a phone number you make sure that people cannot spoof new accounts and ruin the game for everyone.

  29. Imagine getting a new phone number for the first time to play overwatch 2 and finding out the last person who had that number was perma banned

  30. Bethesda is trying to sell skyrim special edition for $70 on the Nintendo store.

  31. Jingles, you are slightly confused. Bobby ‘Fucking’ Kotick is Blizzard-Activision CEO not EA.

  32. I’m in the 1%. .. The 1% that don’t have a cell phone by choice. I still refuse to use or pay for a device that records everything I say and do, and also tracks my location 24/7.

  33. Oh Jingles that monday joke, is not funny:):):):) hhahahah (why do i laugh, oh well).

  34. I happen to be one of the few that still uses physical media. I put everything I can on it. can’t trust the government of the corps

  35. Bobbie Kottick is Actibliz CEO. EA’s is Andrew Wilson

  36. I absolutely love how you do your sponsorships! I started using Nordpass a couple months ago using your link and I’m loving it. I tried to use a different password for every login, but the number of times I would forget one was appalling. The Nordpass Premium Plan your link discounts is cheap enough we’re practically paying pennies for it. Loving how you only do sponsorships that 1) you use and 2) think we’ll find useful. Thank you!

    • The extra tools are great, too. The data brrach scanner tipped me off to a password I’d forgotten I had. Gave me the chance to delete it

  37. I’m still buying movies on Blue Ray.
    Everytime you relocate to another nation, the movies you have seen online are no longer avayable for copyright reasons.

  38. Oh Jingles, you messed up again and got the baddies mixed up. Andrew Wilssssson the hissing snake in the grass is the EA baddie, Bobby Kottick the leeching tick is the 2K guy.

  39. Yeah it’s a Monday, but It’s Also Thanks Giving day in Canada. So that makes it better.

  40. Were Bethesda involed in Deathloop thats a great game?

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