Mingles with Jingles Episode 450

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  1. Why don’t you post some World of Warcraft games?

  2. Alexa: Execute Order 66!

  3. In my opinion, Project Hail Mary is his best book. Artemis was ok but Project Hail Mary is a great book, even better than the Martian in my opinion.

  4. Jingles, would love to hear your perspective on the topic of cheating services in games like wow, wot, etc. Quickybaby did a video and then claus did several on the topic which were really good imo.

  5. It is not for the ones that cheat in MW2 it is for the WARZONE part that is free play,.. 1 ones cares for the mw2 it is the warzone.. so I understand them

  6. Did anyone else hear Rita in the background at the start ?

  7. jingles pls do wow content where you can shine even more then you do now (and fucking hell you shine rn)

  8. prison? where they not sacrificed for the emperor

  9. I don’t understand how or why WoW players get to 80 so quickly , I prefer to follow the quest chain and storyline to soak up the lore etc and take things slowly to enjoy the game more deeply .

  10. geez, jingles. everyone knows that weapon spec shamans are way better than elementals. windfury totem is op

  11. Sry Jingeles My Friend Call OF Duty 2 isent all Pay WARZONE is free and thats were all online player play and sadly cheat just As todays Call of duty You dont need to buy the game to PLay WARZONE

  12. I still recommend you give “Deep Rock Galactic” a try; it’s solo or co-op (up to 4 players), and a lot of fun.

  13. Michael Søndergaard

    do audible work on none english users. for those living in rest of the world i mean?
    Now i dont want you to stop with wh40k before the final boss. PLZ. but i wouldnt mind seeing some WoW? of your playing. if nothing else then just in the background of your monday video?

  14. Krzysztof Wadowski

    Actually Jingles, vermintide has nothing to do with age of sigmar, it takes place in old world (wh fantasy, before aos).
    Well, correction – it has something to do with aos – it is based on the events that lead to destruction of old world and creation of the “new world” by sigmar.

  15. Just recently finished Hail Mary myself. It was as you might say, bloody brilliant!

  16. May I suggest a new serie. Where You, Rita, Eddie, maybe some other interesting or just funny guest just sits down, have a beer and some crisps. Lets call it “Pringles with Jingles” …

  17. The fact the department is called Human “Resources” says it all, putting the people in the same bracket as machinery/stationery and treated accordingly. Not all big companies are this bad but I’ve had 1 particularly disgraceful experience which took me years to recover from. Fortunately now I have a decent employer.

  18. One look at the kitchen, YES!!!!! that’s why it is energy crisis in Europe, to much electrical-gadgets for a bommer Jingles, but on the other hand, you were in the Navy.

  19. Maybe that could explain why so many wanted to be content creators… because people in big companies, are all dickheads in the top leadership boards

  20. An Old Fogey's Fun

    Thankfully, all of that Warhamme stuff and most of the Blizzard stuff just sailed past me as I was too busy watching the Aliens video Jingo, m8 . . .

  21. The first audio book I tried was “The Martian” (the old version, narrated by R. C. Bray). Still my favourite narrator.

  22. Rita providing background noise from her WARHAMMER 40K Stream.

  23. That Synth was just determined to catch as much of Jingles lead as possible huh.

  24. What? Nothing on the WOWS battlepass? Or the new usn hybrid line?

  25. Yes I would like to play WH40K as an Imperial-guard “grunt” on squad level.

  26. 8:22 i hope they bring back the chainsword and thunder hammer

  27. “Fallout 76 levels of buggery…” and that folks, is why he is known as, “Rear Admiral Jingles…”

  28. i was hyped for Darktide…until i found out it was IG you where playing, and i noped out of there quick.

  29. Jingles, are you using your totems as a shaman? Cause I remember rarely running out of mana in fights because I always dropped my totens (which includes the water mana totem) unless you’re really going at it.
    Also, that gear trick won’t really work for high level stuff (aka, ICC) so just be forewarned that you might find your healing not being able to hold if you go on things that are too hot.

  30. With 40 years experience working in companies I can confirm Jingle’s assertion that HR is only there to protect the company.

  31. It is just not fair to generalise about HR departments in all companies. As a senior manager some years ago in a large corporation, we DID take such complaints VERY seriously. I cannot say what happens in other companies but in the one I worked for, many employees after investigation WERE dismissed very quickly. We CERTAINLY DID take action appropriately and quickly.

  32. Guardsmen, from the Zapp Brannigan school of military tactics. “Listen, the tyranid swarm can only absorb so much biomass. So, I flooded the field with wave after wave of guardsmen…”

  33. On a second issue – what’s happening to ginger the cat?

  34. When will you post new Stray videos?

  35. Vinicius Martinelli

    i’m going to cut the part jingles explains about HR and spread around.

  36. There’s no cell coverage here so I don’t have a cell phone so I guess it’s a good thing I have no interest in playing any of those games anyway.

  37. I Wish i hade the time to play it.
    Hade i hade the time to play Wotlk i would but im not same me that i where for 15 years ago that time have passed on where u can put in 4-8 h of time in to a game and still have a life left to enjoy afterwards.
    And i know that i cant be the same player that i where when it came out and play at that lvl, and be one of the first to clear all the raids like before i wont have the time to get Shadowmourne this time so il rather just stay clear.
    Just to not find myself liking it that much agien and not being abel to put the time in to it.
    GL on playing the best expansion WoW have ever created.
    From one of the most dedicatied
    Lich King fans around.

  38. Jingles, I remember you once talked about the “hot tubs” category of twitch and how it was just soft porn for a general audience (true). In this context, you also mentioned the most famous hot tub streamer, Amouranth. And you pretty much said what she did required no skill and was overpaid (also true). Well, you made me look her up and since then I occasionally checked on her, not what you think, I’m female, but I was intrigued into how she could be so “cold” and grab all that cash off the guys on the internet.
    Well, there’s another side to the story since yesterday. She revealed on stream that her abusive husband, who also controls all of the bank accounts and pretty much her entire life, is the one making her do it – currently, she not only does Twitch but also the infamous OnlyFans (where she actually gets naked).
    He was heard yelling to her on the phone on stream, she cried terribly, ended the call and she showed his abusive text messages to the camera (verbally insulting her, threatening to kill her dogs, and such). She then reveals the whole truth to the twitch stream (that she is married), and in a depressing turn of events, most guys just get mad at the fact she’s married and ask for refunds.
    After some time, she stops crying, a unseen female voice asks if she’s taken her meds, the door in the background opens, and the stream cuts out.
    Very very depressing and concerning. What looked like just another thot has turned into a very serious story.
    I don’t think this is appropriate food for next week’s Mingles with Jingles but that’s up to you, I just wanted to write this as I know you know her streams too.

  39. 26:00 I would have to disagree here Jingles, or at the very least clear up some of what you are saying. Big corporations yes, have little care about employees wellbeing. To them, they are just another cost. Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs) generally have much better employee cultures and care a lot more. The UK has a load of small coding houses still, as well as many other passionate industries who really do care about those working within them

  40. I remember loving Wrath of the Lich King. Too bad Blizzard will never again get any of my money or patronage.


    As for businesses and laws, it’s why the bastards buy politicians to keep wages low. If employees are too poor to afford a lawyer, the boss can do whatever they want.

  41. Dear Jingles, before your next Audible slot I would recommend trying out The Sandman Parts I, II and III. It’s got a great cast including James McEvoy as Morpheous.

  42. It’s times like this i’m glad i’m old enough to not feel like i’m missing a limb when I don’t have my phone to hand. Bloody things are slowing morphing from a convenience to a necessity.

  43. Thank you for the timenyou take jinglesnit gives at least me some time off thinking.

    Is the stray game on pause is there still videos coming up? I miss that ginger kitty

  44. Vermintide is not Age of Sigmar. It predates Age of Sigmar which is just a cashgrab after they destroyed old Warhammer

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