Mingles with Jingles Episode 452

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  1. Now you are actually 4 dimensional quantum lord Jingles. I’m not a quantum physicist and if there is any here let them correct me.

  2. Aliens:
    Couldn’t watch the whole movie at one time. Had to watch three times to get through the whole movie.

    • When it was released, i was 13, and even the pictures in magazines frightened me! I waited to be 15-16 to watch it. And i will never watch it again!

  3. Disco Elysium IS one of the all time best games ever made!

    • What makes it great for you, can not get past the art style, started a game played an hour or so and stopped. How long do I need to play to get hooked?

  4. What you’re saying about the Daniel Russev thing isn’t very close to what happened. Both Daniel and the company that wanted to do a sponsorship with him did the right thing and communicated to wargaming about it. WG canned the deal, after it was actually signed, because they claimed that they didn’t know Daniel was a CC. That’s it. For anyone else it wouldn’t have been a problem, but their rules say CCs don’t get paid. And somehow whoever at WG was talking to both parties about the deal “didn’t know” Daniel was a CC.

  5. Wargambling:
    Nothing ever changes.

  6. Anyone who is interested in watching a really good playthrough of Alien Isolation, go check out The Fragnostics playthrough and laugh your asses off 🙂

  7. nord. good vpn.

  8. I don’t understand. Wargambling gives third-party organizations money for sponsorships but they’re not supposed to give it to YouTuber’s that play World of Warships?

  9. Hello overlord Jingles. Heve you though about continuing Breathedge now that it’s not an early access anymore?

  10. The worst part about companies like wargaming quoting the rules at you is that they usually don’t tell you which rule you broke and instead leave it up to you to read through all the rules and try to figure out how any of those rules applied to the situation that they punished you for.

  11. Temporal mechanics, try not to understand it

  12. When World of Warcraft was a great game. Brings back memories of too many days lost playing this game.

  13. So jingles what would you do next time, playing alien isolation or the flu shot? Which is worse

  14. When it came out I got to say Alien was the one movie that scared me too.

  15. I’m of a similar age to Jingles and totally understand his aversion to H.R. Geiger’s creations. They are terrifying.

    • Watched Alien for the first time years after it was out, and at one point I was hiding behind my chair. Never did like horror movies, but Alien was a great movie will never watch again. I think it was when the alien ripped out of the mans chest that got me behind my chair, know it was coming, but still scared the shit out of me. Aliens was just a fun shooter, directors cut makes it way better.

    • @E Hiebert Face Huggers are the things of nightmares. Just thinking about it gives me the shudders.

    • You’re not alone! I had nigthmares just looking the stills in magazines

  16. I feel no pity for people who knowingly buy games with DRM and then “pay” for it.
    I don’t understand why community contributors are not allowed to take sponsorships from WG. What’s the logic behind it? Is it because as youtubers/streamers who already make videos for WG games, they are considered a done deal, a free publicity so why pay them extra?
    Speaking of GOG sales, Alien Isolation is also on sale there for like 80% or something. Not going to get it as I don’t have money, plus I am too scared of it, but good luck to anyone who has.

  17. well done future jingles your past jingles would be proud you played alien isolation

  18. Thanks for the video.
    Picked up Horizon Zero Dawn from GOG this weekend, trying not to bing the game and just play it all day.
    Will give the game a 8.5 out of 10. It lost a point because I watch a 11 hour play throu and watched the spoilers of the ending. Even knowing the ending it is still a great game.

  19. I want KV-1 double barrel 57mm for this years well earned reward.

  20. Arne Pietruszewski

    Hey Jingles have you ever tried the Roguetech mod for Battletech? It makes the game much more playable cause it adds the whole Inner Sphere and the Clans.

  21. Oh man you got the jab plus the booster. Didn’t realize they got you real scared

  22. and the only thing i could think of the entire time watching this was: “OMG he is a clicker” 😀

  23. Morten Hector Dalhoff

    Here is some news you might consider for next week. Frontier Developments has put F1 manager 2022 on life support… Yes the game that came out 2 months ago… Their excuse.. So they can make more F1 Manager games….

  24. The clip playing in the background is from WOTLK, this is the path you travel if you want to get a time lost proto drake. I got the dragon 3 times over the span of 10 years of playing and camping almost every day. Please do not waste your time 🙂

  25. You wanna watch something scary for Halloween? Have you tried the news?

  26. Lol Monday morning it my Friday

  27. Watching you fly through Northrend makes me wanna yell “For the horde!!!!”

  28. 🙁 The info about Genesis Alpha One being free is too late now…
    It was only available for free until yesterday if I read everything correctly.
    Now it is “just” reduced by 80%.

  29. MyopicAutisticMetal

    Already own it, I’m on my 4th NG+ with Horizon Zero Dawn whilst waiting for CP77 expansion/DLC, That Sylens.

  30. What are blizzard planning for wow classic at this point? As far as im concerned Wotlk was the last descent expantion, and im pretty sure ive seen a stats graf out there somewhere, that proves it was all down hill from there.

  31. thanks for the heads up on Disco and Horizon, now installed 🙂

  32. Jokes on you, Monday-Tuesday *is* my weekend.

  33. I would just like to point out that it is possible to get killed by the Xenomorph in the first meeting. Seen it happen to a streamer that paniked and ran around while waiting for the tram to arrive.

  34. “…to that question…” – I-i’m guessing…. not!
    I was otherwise beginning to wonder if you even keep your day off, Jingles, because it had seemed there had been videos up every day of the week….

  35. Altering your body to allow the endothelial lining of the blood brain barrier to be more easily penetrated, what could go wrong? Certainly nothing to do with Charles Lieber, and silicon nanowires.

  36. When I was a kid I played through silent hill 1, 2 and 3 (just when they came out) at my school mates house, all in the dark. That was scary.

  37. I am guinuenly curious, why did you get another covid booster? From the information I have looked at from the country I am in the covid shot does not prevent you getting it nor from you spreading it. A good vax is like rabies or tetnus where it prevents getting it, spreading, reduces severity and lasts for years.

  38. And he did point out that he was a CC for World of Warships @The Mighty Jingles

  39. Jingles it is HIGHLY recommended to have at least 14 days break between flu and covid vaccines! No wonder that the mix made you feel like hell. Next time please be more careful.

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