Mingles with Jingles Episode 453 – Salt Mines Discord Q+A Edition

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

First weekend of the month? Must be time for the monthly Salt Discord Q+A!



  1. Sometimes though grind is part of the game – people just want to skip lots of the game…

  2. Andys model and stuff

    Timestamp guy is here:
    01:55 No WOT after Sir Fosch, why still Wows? Also, monetization in games
    07:33 Have you played valkyrian Chronicles?
    09:17 Are you recording? Also, Frontier Developments, what do you think of them?
    13:07 Are you recording? Also, favourite snack
    17:31 Ever sailed on a sailing ship?
    18:19 Best chicken marinade?
    19:12 Opinion on czech beer?
    21:45 Favourite dish?
    25:15 Favourite Home with hte Gnome-dish?
    28:22 Cyberpunk 2077 DLC, Interested? Also, something about anime
    31:58 Jingles classic laugh
    32:58 Are you recording? Also Vermintide 2 free on Steam
    34:50 Ever playing WoT again? Also, Jingles as PM in UK?
    36:58 Afordable housing near Bovington during tank fest
    38:00 How many lnguages do you speak?
    41:26 heard of Lycorus Recoil?
    43:26 World war author recomendations
    47:20 Are you recording? Also, you playing armored warfare?
    48:50 Cold waters, Workshop wednesday, Subnautica, Atlantic Fleet returning?
    50:48 More navy stories?
    53:10 D-day from the german perspective

    That was a long one, now back to the saltmine fellow miners!

  3. Jaffa Cakes… Cakes go hard if left out…biscuits go soft…easy .

  4. That is unexpected. Does UK navy not deploy sailing ship as part of officer training program? I thought that all navies did?

    • Jingles wasn’t an officer. I was going to say he worked for a living, but I’m not sure that was the case either 🙂

    • From what I can quickly google and discern from their website it seems they don’t have a sailing ship in the royal navy proper – the youth cadet corps does have a training ship though.

  5. 79…so close to greatness

  6. Bro you got to import chips and crisps from Canada. Canada has the most and biggest variety of chips. we’re obsessed.. people actually cross the border to buy cases of ketchup chips

  7. Thanks for completing the final race. Played the game 6 times and always ended up allowing Claire to have her revenge. For me she hired me to drive not win races so what she wanted to do was what I had to do.

  8. “everybody speaks english” half word speaks spanish, the other half chinese.

  9. I found the races in Cyberpunk hilarious – Claire goes through all the trouble to kill one dude, while hiring a literal murderer for hire to drive for her 😀

  10. Out of interest Jingles, how do you manage the number of games you get through on your PC?

    I’m asking as when you mentioned Vermintide 2 I went to download it only to find I didn’t have enough space on my 1Tb SSD.

    Had to retire a couple of Steam purchased games to backed up status on a plug-in HDD to make room.

    Is that something you have to do on a regular basis? Or do you have other ways round it?

    • Jingles has mentioned this before. Once he’s finished playing a game, he uninstalls it to make room for the next one. He has a fast enough internet that if he wants to play a game again, he can just d/l it, so has no concerns about keeping it on his SSD.

    • @J Corbett Thanks.

  11. Cyberpunk, especially the radio, is too loud for me to enjoy the q&a

  12. Hey Jingles, if you’re looking for a new game series to do, will you please check out A Plague Tale: Requiem ?

    It’s visually gorgeous and from what I’ve read, it improves greatly on the first game. Plus, my GPU isn’t capable of running it, so I’d still like to see it played on your channel since it’s the only one I regularly watch.

  13. I’m pretty sure that home bargains sells cheetos, jingles. Although why anyone would want cheetos over wotsits is beyond me…

  14. So Jingles, you have video of The Beast in me final race, but did you find the four tankers and a dog easter egg after the Panama story line?

    I got the game because of you, on my 14th play through… since January…

    Btw p*ssing off Claire does not go well!

  15. I fully agree with Jingles in that I willingly gave World of Warships real money because I enjoyed the game, played it a lot and didn’t really spend money on any other forms of entertainment.
    But now, I haven’t spent any real money on the game in the last three years and barely play it because it’s just a grind and not fun anymore. 😥

  16. Primula is Kavli. Kavli is Norwegian. Direct your comments to the Norwegians. We Danes take no credit for tubed cheese.

  17. Hahhahaha are you 12, my coffee was flying.

  18. Not been eating the WoT sarmie since Feb this year. Wargaming can go jump into the deepest shithole for all I care.

  19. Music and sound from cyberpunk are way too loud in this one. 🙁

  20. In the eyes of UK law, biscuits and cakes are necessities and are zero rated. However, chocolate-covered biscuits are regarded as a luxury, which means the full rate of VAT is payable

  21. It’s 03:30 now so I’ll be brief. I’m going back to bed now. My cat is calmed down from his zoomies, my old man bladder is emptied, the litter box has been sifted, and it’s another Monday. Have I missed anything else?
    Oh yeah, a new Mingles with Jingles, where today we will be discussing many diverse topics, that I honestly can’t be bothered to listen to right now.
    As I said, it’s too damn early to start my week, but at least I know there’s a friendly voice to help me start it when it is time.
    My favorite chicken marinade would be a Greek style. Lemon juice, olive oil, thin sliced onion, fresh slivered garlic, oregano, salt and fresh cracked black pepper to taste. Combine ingredients and pour over boneless chicken thighs in a Ziploc style bag. Press out the air and seal tightly. Let chicken rest in refrigerator for at least an hour, rotating every half hour.
    Chicken can be sauteed, grilled, skewered and barbecued or baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Discard leftover marinate. Serve over rice.
    I was a cook for many years and I know lots of ways to do things like this. This one is hard to mess up. Just don’t overdo the salt. Enjoy.
    As ever, greetings from the mountain west US and scritches to Hjusie, Akizuki and Crystal from Shere Khan Magnus. ✌️🖖🐈🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛👑🥱😴💤

  22. if you like well written history you should read Stephen Ambrose
    I suggest you start with Pegasus Bridge

  23. Pro tip: Use chopsticks when you eat Cheetos… your fingers (and pant legs) will thank you.

  24. Hey Jingles, my question was too far down unfortunately so will keep trying my luck here. Any plans on doing a follow up series on the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel? The story from the first game was incredible, would love to hear you going around with the big stick smacking machines again

  25. Oh yeeaaaah, you got the new PC and now you can play Cyberpunk on some decent settings.
    To be fair: even on low, the game is amazing.

  26. Assassins’ Creed Odyssey was grindy?
    Oh good lord, that’s a first i’ve heard of that. That game is fantastic.
    It only gets grindy if you beat the original game and kept playing before the DLC came out, and you had nothing to do to level up during the DLC but the DLC missions. Like it was for me.
    Because. There was no way to really get to the new max level because quests were gone.
    I had to finish out the DLC then do a new game + so I could get missions to get XP again.

  27. You can get CHeetos in Poundland in the UK btw

  28. @Jingles – 17:00 The Jalapeno flavoured Primula on crackers…….
    You should try Primula (the plain one) with ‘Chili Heatwave’ Doritos, in a sandwich – Fantastico!
    ‘Seriously Spreadable’ cream cheese (the ‘Vintage’ one) is even better
    ** And for best results IMHO, use Jackson’s brown multigrain bread.

  29. Ha, I did stop watching Jingles vids because the laugh got to me, but then came back and am now immune… : )

  30. Probably I should send you some snack from my country 🙂 Slovak beers are also good.

  31. Heh, I’m old enough to know how does Marcellus Wallace look like… Then again, I do not know and I would like to: living in South Africa, have you ever visited the Rorke’s Drift memorial site?

  32. Only Jingles could upload a 1hr video of him (or someone else) driving around Night City, studiously avoiding the “waymarker” pointing to the next quest. I’m not someone with OCD, but by the end, even I was starting to twitch every time he came to a turn and went the wrong way! lol

  33. We’ve got a Mormon run petrol garage near us that sell all sorts of American food 🙂 love it

  34. Hey Jingles the book you mentioned D-Day from a German perspective sounds especially for me as a german pretty interesting but a quick research showed that there are some historians doubting that the information in the book is real because there seem to be no official records of all the sodliers mentioned in the book. also the author is said to be german so i would think there should be a german version of the book but there is none. Also I could not find any information about the author at all. Do you know anything about that?

    • D-Day Through German Eyes is by Jonathon Trigg. He’s definitely not German. It was a fascinating read from a Brit’s point of view.

    • @Nino Bixio ah I just checked it there are actually two books with the same name. one from Jonathon Trigg and one from someone called Holger Eckertz and the second one seems to be possibly fake

  35. I purchased Odyssey just in case FDev shut down Horizons but as luck would have it Horizons is going along nicely , to enjoy ED just play Horizons as it’s the same old brilliant reliable gameplay . I haven’t played Odyssey because CoD in Space isn’t my thing .

  36. Blame prohibition for the beer as the German’s made most of their beer. Funny how most of these breweries didn’t survive but but the industrial ones did Funny that

  37. The cyberpunk egderunners anime was a great surprise think it’s up there with arcane for me and I also don’t watch anime.

    Speaking of Netflix if your interested all quiet on the Western front Great watch aswell just have some time cos it’s like 2 hours long.

  38. „Microtransactions” is one of most misleading terms in gaming. These transactions ceased to be “micro” long time ago. I think “makrotransactions” is much better.

  39. Sir jingles, could you please put your mark of approval on the aggro Squirrel channel, narrating HSF, really good 👍?

  40. Jingles! I used to work for Usutu Pulp Company! Also lived in Mhlambanyatsi! This was in the early 2000s though so our paths wouldn’t have crossed but eish, small world.

  41. Oooooh, ‘manufacturing the problem so they could sell you the solution’ – that’s a good line of the torture-menticide-indoctrination-murder ‘police’, NE 7 DH/DL. *Or, as I put it, ‘Offer you a hole in the head for the headache they cause’.

  42. Actually Jingles… It was the American craft brewing scene that rekindled love of such things in the UK again after many years of our brewers producing more standard bitter etc…

  43. LOL Jingles i looove Cheetos as well lol even my Kids love them! Here in Portugal they are very easy to get, but expensive as well. Lol but from time to time we fall in the “sin” lol.

  44. Stop making me feeling old with the alien reference’s I was double your age when it came out :-p

  45. Thanks for sharing, I have a quick question though: are you doing the video editing yourself prior to upload or have you delegated that process to one of your cats? Because the audio levels are mixed so close to each other that hearing your responses to the questions is nigh on impossible in parts of the video

  46. Jingles will you be playing any of the “Last of Us” series?

  47. Jingles – music WAY too loud. It’s you so I’m gonna listen, but damn. Really ruins the experience.

  48. Warning D day through german eyes is a fake a lot of historians consider it suspect or in the words of military historian Jonathan Ware it’s Warnographic horseshit!

  49. correct on the food, jungles. its actually quite appalling how low some of our food standards are in the US. We have allowed corporations to cut every penny and essence, real food out of the stuff we eat. Its all good as long as it doesnt make us sick. For instance, a product called cheesewhiz… its a jarred semi liquid cheese spread. is canada for instance, it is still made with cheese. In the us, its made with water, oil, whey powder, food coloring and emulsifiers.

  50. I will say this for Wargaming: they’re a lot more generous with their free stuff than a lot of other games of their genre that I’ve played. You can get the following items by doing the daily missions that are free for everyone, without needing to pay for premium time or purchasing the improved battle pass:
    – Credits
    – Allotments of Free XP
    – Garage slots
    – Demounting kits
    – Blueprint pieces
    – Bonds
    – Consumables (both small and large)
    – Battle Pass points (even if playing under tier 6)
    – Class 1 Equipment (tier 8-10 equipment) and a day of premium time (when you complete enough missions)

    IMO the garage slots are the most important because they are the only items that can’t be bought elsewhere, and which give free players the option to research and buy more tanks from the tech trees. So at least good on WG for genuinely making the basic, tech-tree-only game an option for free players.

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