Mingles with Jingles Episode 454

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  1. 0:54 oh oh let me try : Armor piercing Biggus Dickus XD

  2. I had the original Flight Simulator on my ZX81, and I think I still have the cassette.

    Also, Day of the Tentacle – Dude, spoilers!! 😛

  3. I’m gonna make my password: “Jingles_huge_caliber_arty_69”.
    No one’s gonna guess it

  4. I was sure the story would end with Jingles making the second jump and being so panicked he didn’t see he was opposite charge.
    somehow it was worse

  5. Sins you know a bit about warhammer 40k wtf do the humans with bright blue glowing eyes mean/represent on the peopel that can use “the force” inquivelent of warhammer 40k? Or is that something warhammer 40k darktide made up??? Nobody knows anything about the blue glowing eyes.

    • It’s called psychics or the power of the Warp. And there can be many side effects of using it. Glowing eyes or lightning out of them isn’t uncommon.
      It gets really interesting if someone overuses his powers or is simply untrained or weak-minded.

  6. What I got from this episode is that The Day of the Tentacle is a game about overly complicated hamster torture.

  7. Shit. Jingles guessed my password.

  8. a little bit of math for the 200 years drying cicle: 200 years x 365.24 days = 73048 days;
    assuming one drying cicle takes 3 hours (it’s probably shorter but we’ll just go with the best case scenario) that’s 584384 cicles. So you’re telling me this madlad took the time to carry more than half a million quarters to that drying machine? That’s over 3 tons of quarters (584384 * 5.67 g)

    • Not to mention that the machine didn’t break or stopped because the tentacles changed the power grid. Many of the puzzles don’t really hold up to logic but are meant to be funny.

  9. I should replay DOTT.

  10. On Point-and-Click Adventures:
    I can recommend the Deponia-Series and Harveys new eyes (Daedalic), especially for german speakers, since I havent played the english translation.

  11. The cherry tree story didn’t happen. It is a myth. It isn’t even based on anything it’s just completely made up.

  12. Benny…. Franklin, was alo one of the founding Fathers, of the US, wasn’t he?
    I remember I spent a full night, learning just to jump, in the dungeon nearby Ashenvale, Blacfathom depts, I think it is. It sounds like, this bossfight, in Naxx, is sort of a step 2, learning to jump, in world of warcraft….

  13. Dissapoint, no mention of Zack McCracken and the alien mindbenders

  14. The password thing…. I have a fantastic memory for car number plates – always have…. So I use those…
    I’ll associate certain cars with certain websites – My own cars mostly, but also some that belonged to relatives – And I keep a backup in excel for those times I forget.
    But the Excel file will say, for instance…. abc-forum – – Silver Cavalier – Mum’s red Fiesta – I know all the number plates… nobody else would.
    Anything involving money (Bank etc…) I use 3 number plates – and I have a system for capitalising a few of the letters.
    Works for me – Totally unguessable to anyone else.

  15. Talking about Day of the Tentacle and Star Citizen, you should be able to playing DotT and ask Laverne “is Star Citizen is out of Beta, yet?”. I mean, 200yrs from 1998, there has to be a chance, right? lol


  17. No idea about WOWC Jingles, but it was quite the electrifying tale you’ve spun here?

  18. Computer magazines, yes … First I bought and read all the Swedish magazines. Then I bought and read all the ones in English I could find. And if there weren’t any more around I went for the Germans (if you know Swedish and English you can read and understand written German quite well – they just place the words in a weird order :p ).

  19. Damn you Jingles for talking about WotLK the other week, now my wife are back in the game AGAIN lol.
    And, of course, I’m playing a shaman because we have a totem for literally everything.
    Someone casting spells at you? Got a totem for that.
    Someone sending a pet after you? Got a totem for that, too.
    Need to watch your back? Totem. Getting CC’d? Totem. Elemental damage? Totem. Need mana? Totem. Need more totems? Totem. Need to remove your totems? Totem.

  20. Jingles! Do you follow the Claus’s campaign against the game rigging cheaters in wot?
    Do you plan to say anything about it?

  21. Rusty Sheriff Badge:
    Is that Hershel Walker’s on line screen name?

  22. Jingles is meant to be add free but we still get sponsors.

  23. Jingles here trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in a games not made by WG. Never change.

  24. Please note: multiword passwords as described are NOT secure. The English language set is VERY low entropy, and using three words does not help much. There are only about a million total English words of all forms, and only about 200k that are in actual current vocabulary. If you use three words, that’s only about 600k combinations. A computer can do that check in less than a second.

    If you want to use passwords like this, break one or more of the words with a random number or character. This forces a vastly larger search space.

    • Or just use a longer sentence. I agree that three words is a bit too low. You can also judge it by the length of the password.

  25. @11:25 “I say, we can dance, we can dance.
    Everything’s out of control.
    We can dance, we can dance.
    We’re doing it from pole to pole.
    We can dance, we can dance.
    Everybody look at your hands.
    We can dance, we can dance.
    Everybody’s taking the chance.”

  26. I remember playing Day of the Tentacle back in the 90s, I was only about 10-13 at the time, it took me a few weeks but I did manage to finish the game, it was the cherry tree puzzle that stumped me for most of the time. Guess I was just really good at puzzle games as I also completed the monkey island games and Loom.

  27. The hamster is so fun…it makes me think of Hampton the hamster.

  28. Don’t worry too much about that raid performance, I guarantee that Fred had an amazing time – especially since the boss went down!
    Plus, you’ve learned that you can toss out some lightning bolts while Fred heals the first half of every boss lmfao.

  29. Hi Jingles,
    do you know the raid boss Xera in GW2? Judging by your WoW story, you would love her. Or the Largos Twins.
    The earliest example of “older game in new game” that I remember is Day of the Tentacle which included Maniac Mansion which is kind of it’s predecessor. And it seems you’re the same.
    Also great was how you had to give someone a left-handed hammer to change a statue.

  30. But jingle, how if my nordpass got breach instead?
    Isn’t it even more dangerous?

  31. Jingles: ‘They said I was mad to take on Thadeus with at least one newb as a Healer over a pit of slime.’ ‘First jump, I fell into the slime. Second attempt, I watched half the raid nearly explode before falling into the slime. Third time I still fell into the slime. But the forth time… I couldn’t jump.’

  32. a) You have played the game.
    b) Jingles has already talked about it. Probably multiple times.
    c) Both of the above.

  33. Prescriptive Reasoning

    Back in the day, before the instance nerfing began, we ran ALL of the dungeons with only three characters. We even got attuned and ran MC, part 1. However, when we entered part 2, the bouncer threw us out on our asses.

  34. I think my favorite game within a game is playing Zork in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It’s setting appropriate!

  35. Unbearable Suffering

    Beware of Paradox, they will likely hold back 80% of the game behind a DLC paywall. “Oh want to complete the story? buy the finished game DLC”

  36. I really miss WH40KDH

  37. Jingles you are so shit. Also, 10 man naxx is about the same difficulty as UBRS was back in vanilla so its not that big of a deal that Fred kept everyone up. But still, could of been worse I guess. Fred could of gone to the same “Prometheus school of jumping” you did.

  38. @Kal Taron definitely option b. Game came out quite a few years before I was born

  39. i am crap at remember codes

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