Mingles with Jingles Episode 455

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It’s that time the week again where the old man shouts at clouds.



  1. My 710 hours is on my 3rd account 😂 I have 8000+

  2. “Playing support is thankless”. Oh you have no idea. I main healer in WoW. I’m a light main in WoT. Stealth DD in WoWs, etc. I love being support class. But, if you get talked at, not to, AT, then it’s abuse. I’d still play support, as it’s just suit my personality. Despite the ungratefulness. The invisible hand that help you get the good games.

  3. I watched a video on my Nintendo Switch a few weeks ago…the video was 11 minutes in length and i got 5 adverts…3 of which i couldnt skip…like seriously that shit is so annoying mostly because the adverts themselves are just so cringe

  4. Not sure what’s going on but all I get is a 404 page when I try to open your channel on my computer but it works fine on my phone.

  5. 2678 deaths in 24 hours. That’s 111,5 deaths in 1 hour. 1,85 times in minute. So he survived just bit over 30secs/match avarage.

  6. I get YouTube premium to prevent ads from ruining my video watching and music playing. That said, you better be getting some sort of financial compensation for my viewing Jingles, or I will be screaming mad.

  7. I’m old enough to remember buying magazines with demo disks.
    Way I see it… if they’re willing to take my money for something then I can review it.
    “oh but it’s early access it’s not finished yet”, Cool then make it a closed free Beta you have to sign up for OR make it so rediculously cheap (Like £5) people are unlikely to complain.
    Once it’s finished then they can put it to full price and if needed take it away from the closed beta testers and give them a refund, They can decide if they wanna buy it again.
    If you bought an unfinished ford mondeo you’d probably want a heavy discount until they did finish it.
    Otherwise where is the incentive for devs to finish anything ever?

    If someone paid you £600,000 to build a house and you knew you would get the money on day 1 and you had no obligation legal or otherwise to finish it, Literally the people are more than happy to give you the money soley for the promise and if you don’t finish it and bail thier response is going to be “oh well”…. what do you do?
    That is the way the industry currently is.

    Back in 2000 game devs had to completely finish and bug test a level of a game and then gave it out for free.
    It’s not the game dev industry’s fault for unfinished/abandoned games, It’s gamers fault for being stupid enough to be wiling to pay for an unfinished demo.

  8. Jingles acttually for me its better this monday i was working in this weekend and today is my day off =P

  9. It’s a good thing that This new modern warfare is not modern warfare 2 cause that came out in 2009 it’s whatever Activision decided to copy and paste

  10. i always wounder if the people who complain about performance are just jacking the graphics to max everything and bitching thier RTX 2060 ssuper can not handle it?

  11. uk english pronounce Beta weird….

  12. Jingles; it’s pronounced Bayta (“Beta”) not Beeta. You don’t say geet for “get” or leet for “let”. Brits 🤪

  13. 1-Alpha: unfinished, devs only.
    2-Closed Beta: You can’t get it at all, still devs only and people given trial keys by the devs, useful for getting other people to try and break the game.
    3-Open Beta: You *can* get in by giving the devs your email etc and they approve/reject you, its free but its obvious it’ll be broken still.
    4-Early access: You can buy in… but its restricted to limited users before others get the chance (like wows buy-in), SHOULD be working mostly as intented.
    5-Finished release: Anyone can buy the game, it’s done, no more patches required outside of additional DLC style content…. if its still getting updates that are fixing issues alongside the additional content…. its not a finished release.

    There is no such thing as a “closed beta” that you pay money to get into with early access or whatever.
    That’s either a badly finished product using “early access” as an excuse for thier bullshit business OR you’re paying for an open beta that should traditionally be free.
    “I want it now-ism” is overriding “I want it to work-ism” (just like how teslas are sold defective and then fixed later) once we fix that we get good finished games again.

  14. Honestly the in video creator done ad spots are so much less annoying than auto playing unskippable crap i dont care about. Plus you get to pick the sponsors and the money actually goes to you!

  15. Its also a “beta” that we paid full price for i so understand people being bothered. The game is coming out in a matter of days, everything beyond some minor balancing and bug fixxing should already be done.

  16. “ThatFriendlyGuy” doing Pacifist% MW2… effectively going full Desmond T. Doss.

  17. Oh god, it’s monday! 🙁
    Good thing Jingles is making it better! 🙂

  18. I’ve been playing Darktide and for me it’s been pretty stable and I haven’t really cared about a lack of content as shooting heretics with lasguns is fun. The wording around the early release is a bit funny though as the do say it is a beta but it is releasing in just over a week. If this is a beta then you need these weeks to receive reports about problems, take the game away for a month at minimum to solve them, then you can release it. As it stands they have gone with a slow trickle of new features right up to the release but problems with things like balance and whether certain mechanics work as they should are still going to be there.
    My current target of ire is the mutant, who can charge you (think the charger from Left4dead 2) but if you dodge him then he will turn 90 degrees mid charge without slowing down and grab you. It looks awful and feels bad as you successfully evade only to be punished regardless.

  19. Jingles “I am not having any performance issues”. Good to know that, thanks for sharing 😊

  20. EFT 700 hours /wo a kill…..hmmm! How many deaths ???

  21. The answer to these gaming woes is to *stop buying and playing actiblizz products*

  22. A person is smart. People are stupid.

    For example: everyone I know and spoken to really likes Darktide.
    People on Steam can’t read the store page.

  23. Regarding the Cyberpunk performance issues and bugs. The only bug I had was the one with trees, bushes etc showing through buildings which was caused by an out of date video driver so not really anything to do with the game. I had similar with Elite Dangerous Odyssey, everywhere it was “the game is 10fps I have a 3090 wtffffff!!!!oneone” yet on my 2080 I have stable fps on high/ultra settings and saw many a streamer having no issues. Is it a problem with the 30 series cards? is it players jumping on the bandwagon and just claiming they have a 30 series because players on forums always tell the truth about what rigs they have and never exaggerate right? right?

  24. These days where Beta tests last for years on end, significant portions of the lived experience of gameplay on a new title happens in Beta, and developers no longer actually pay professional beta testers to troubleshoot their titles, no one should be surprised if the averaged review scores get whacked by a hard-hitting dose of reality.

  25. I‘m using a manual Ad-Block that doesn’t cut into channels revenue: Mute the sound and take off my glasses till the video starts.

  26. Geoffrey Richardson

    There is always a common problem even when it’s not obvious. If it’s not the servers, if it’s not the internet providers, it must be the players machines. Update your operating systems and re-install the game, if that doesn’t clear the problem, upgrade your hardware configured for gaming.

  27. Why so silent?
    Something with sound?

  28. reason for tank damage queue times in Overwatch 2. These characters have created their own problems. I’m just guessing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the two classes in question, have beaten up the healers. You know, telling them they are crap as healers. Happens in many games.

  29. I don´t think Darktide is “marketed” as Early Access, it is marketed as Pre-Order Beta, the Beta is “Early Access” in the sense that you get early access to the game but that is obviously not the same, for some people that is not as obvious, appearently.

    I am pretty sure most of the problems that still exist are down to netcode, and in the Industry as a whole, netcode is kind of the redheaded stepchild.

    We´ve seen bigger companies have bigger problems even WAY after launch, so i am actually quite patient when i hear smaller studios having problems with netcode.

    I had a couple Bluescreens happen so far, hope that gets fixed, the disconnects are not too much of an issue since you can actually reconnect to the same game you disconnected as well. So as long as that issue is reduced a lot before release, i am actually quite happy with the core game.

    It looks amazing, it plays amazing, the mechanics are super nice. I mean, i can have a Light weapon loadout and immensely boost my mobility, giving me so many options when it comes to playstyle.
    I didn´t even know that i needed that dynamic in a shooter, but now i will hold future games to this very standard, that´s how much i love it.

    The People whining and bitching about Vermintide are probably the same that now carried over into Darktide, a loud, stupid minority, that shits on a more than fair, good developer, for no appearent reason other than spite and ignorance, because they don´t get that one thing they personally wanted the devs to do and don´t understand why they can´t have it, even after being explained to them on multiple occasions and platforms.

    Same old, same old.
    As of now, Fatshark is on my very short list of trusted and loved Developers, by the sheer quality of their games and fairness of their monetization. I am quite confident that they won´t vanish from it anytime soon. Fingers crossed.

  30. As a TF2 fan I cannot help but laugh everytime I hear that OW2 is screwing up again.

  31. is there a problem with your YouTube channel? I regularly go to the main channel page to watch old episodes before bed but for a week now it tells me there is an error and shows the monkey message. I can still go and look up individual episodes ex. Mighty jingles assassins creed odyssey and watch it. Multiple devices are doing same thing.

  32. @9:25 Jingles, not sure but maybe Win11 is also having fun with this, I’m not saying it’s bad, but, it’s been removed as an option at my work on new laptops because of ‘connection & communication issues’…….

  33. I have no problem at al with you picking up as many sponsorships as you can/need. You need to put bread on the table and sponsorships are a valid option. You don’t spam the sponsors either – I REALLY appreciate that – which means that you don’t distract from the subject matter of the video. Crack on my friend.

  34. Oh, Jingles…. For the first time in nearly 30 years… Airfix 1/24 A17001 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc

  35. All i can say to you bohemian eagle, is just play 1-4 tier in wot and then wanna try “explain the 5% rule” you will never get it when you havent played it yourself and yes in t1 its gold spam no excuses what so ever

  36. people cant get in ..oddly using a vpn is letting you in.

  37. A closed beta less than 2 weeks from release that crashes every 10 minutes deserves the blame. The game just isn’t finished. The reviews blaming missing content.. jingles said it best, what do you expect if you sell a full price game on steam, hope everyone goes to your website and reads your roadmap?

  38. I’ve been playing Overwatch 2 on a friend’s account for a few weeks now and I love playing healer. I main Mercy and usually get multiple endorsements every battle. Granted, some of the teams are quite shit, but if you can get dps that keep the enemy off you being a healer can be very rewarding.

    Also, super fast queue times. 😉

  39. Heard Warhammer was going woke. Such a shame

  40. Isn’t the objective of EFT to get better loot so that you can kill people better? Same as any game really

  41. it’s not a closed beta if it’s available to anyone outside the internal beta team.
    It’s an OPEN beta if it’s available to customers.
    Heck, I’d probably call it a customer acceptance test if it’s that close to release.

  42. my first time ever watching mingles with jingles.. 455 episodes late lol, been a long time fan and I’m glad I finally got to have some mingles with grandpa jingles

  43. Shajalyn Velendriin

    Overwatch 2 feels like total garbage. I already booted it from my SSD without even finishing the battle pass. OW1 was absolute fun, but hey, Activision ripped a full price game right out of our hands with the “Patch” of OW2.

  44. I couldn’t stop watching that pyotr player derp his way to a win. So painful

  45. “My game is so unstable and crashes all the time” he says while playing on a laptop with an Intel pentium and integrated graphics. Most people would rather blame the game than their terrible computer

  46. In WOT it’s super easy to play good without killing opponents. You can play a scout.

  47. Pre-ordered darktide myself, had a few crashes, but always been able to reconnect to the battle again, not so much that it’s annoying, and a handfull of server issues, tbh minor issues for an otherwise great game, and as an old time gamer/player ( since 1995 C&C ) kind of what i expect from a beta/pre-release.. honestly some of the snowflake kiddo’s playing these days just expect to much 😅

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