Mingles with Jingles Episode 456

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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  1. Lol. “Why worry, be happy”

  2. Jingles is at the stage where NordPass have sponsored him so many times that he has recorded himself upselling it 😀 I did wonder how long that would take.

  3. Worst part here is that this isn’t even the first automobile DLC.

    In 2015, someone was showing off a self-parking Volvo XC60 to some journalists.

    Then the car ran the journalists over while trying to park since apparently “pedestrian detection functionality” was a premium feature.

  4. My friends and I were joking around about dlss 5.0 or rtx 2.0 being a subscription model on rtx 5000 or 6000 series like just yesterday. Scary stuff if it happens to nearly every industry.

    However intel did it a long time ago where a “mid range” chip can be upgraded to a higher performance one despite being the same silicon as out of the box high end chip, and even now they have this pay-as-you-go chip thing were server cpus can have certain features activated if you pay a monthly fee. There is a reason why giant corporations have been developing their own chips for their own hardware (Datacenter or consumer), like Google, Amazon, and Apple.

  5. At least in Germany the BMW subscription thing is for when one was to cheap to order it while buying the car (yes the put the things in but don’t activate them). Afterwards you can decide if you want to “subscribe” or by it as a one of for something similar as the add on fee at buying. Only thing I don’t know and what possibly screws over people is if it is still activated when you sell the car or by a used car… No clue how the Mercedes thing works, though.
    Love your videos and cheers from one of your lonely little miners from Germany

  6. Jingles, for the copyright issue, have you thought of filing a copyright strike on your own video? I don’t know how many people can file claims, but it may be a way to get a percentage instead of nothing.

  7. First it was jail broken Xbox 360s and PS3s. Now the trend will be jail breaking electric vehicles.

  8. *Rusty Sherrif’s badge*

  9. Jingles, just a couple of thoughts on Darktide:
    I’ve been part of the Stress Test Beta (though I could not play do to schedule) and the actual Closed Beta Test weekend as well.
    What is currently happening is the Pre-Order Beta.
    Basically what they did is allowed everyone who preordered Darktide to play a LIMITED version of the game for 2 weeks before release so they can do their, as it became tradition in the industry, zero-day patches actually before day 0 of the release. So no, you are not paying to beta-test the game. You are allowed an early access to limited features.
    They even gave us an entire schedule of what you can expect and what you won’t see.
    You’ll have more cosmetics, full-on crafting and almost 3-4 times the locations you can currently access on release. Crafting was always meant to be included but they didn’t enable the feature for the beta tests, etc.

    This was all communicated on their materials regarding their beta not just on their Discord.

    And people still don’t get that and they attempted to review bomb the game even before full release. The mind boggles.

    (edited for better readability)

  10. wait wait wait.
    I thought mingles was always ad free?
    What does my patreon money to go?

  11. Some of the other youtubers that I watch have been complaining that they have been receiving lots of copywrite claims as well. So, you are not the only one.

  12. Jingles; I’ll take 2 weeks off.
    Me; He, wont last past the the 26th

  13. The auto company thing is crazy

  14. Nvidia already had a paid “key” to enable 4 way SLI on gtx1080’s or something if i remember right.
    They also require a paid fee for SLI “certification” for motherboards.
    Intel just announced thier “Software Defined Silicon” which un-disables features in xeon datacenter chips, bear in mind they used to charge an extra $100 or so for SMT (virtual cores) that made the difference between an i5 and i7 or a pentium and an i3.

  15. yea the world is going to shit in a handbasket.

  16. I never heard anybody complain about lack of crafting in Darktide. Heard plenty of people complain about stability and crashes, but that’s PC gaming for you: two people can have identical PC setups and have DRASTICALLY different experiences with a game. That definitely happened here.

  17. Electric vehicles are basically massive phones with electric motors and wheels. Many things that can be deactivated just by using software. Sad thing is some people will indeed pay for that kind subscription BS.

  18. I have one question regarding the 40k universe. Why are light (a famously massless object) producing recoil, isnt that like the whole benefit of laser weapons more pew without kick?

  19. Jingles, if anyone can make a copyright claim on the videos, why not make copyright claim by yourself on yourself. As claimant you win automatically right?

  20. The copyright stuff might be related to something I saw in tic tok. It was a reddit lecture about how to make money un moraly but legally. The one he read was just asking for copyright of all videos on YouTube

  21. I think copyright law should be killed and substituted for something more like the patent system where the copyright needs to be submitted, checked and registered with a government regulator before it can be claimed. Also having the patent released I to the public domain after 10 years is a nice touch. So you can just use music from 10+ years ago and not worry about it.

  22. 10:47 -……and why you hope other school children wants to find other ways of making a living than from making YT videos, right?
    I haven’t experienced it, but also I haven’t made many videos lately either, so that have something to say as well. I have made some in the past though. All own World of tanks replays. But there’s not much dynamic about the game for me anymore. It’s all, full gold, throw away a battle if you have players with bad stats on your team, blame the bad stats on the playerself, because no one has gone in and said it before, even game-riggers are in play, to get people what they can’t get themselves, to make them LOOK like “good players”, which they really aren’t and kill the whole purpose itself of getting said stuff. Yeah…. nothing much in it for me anymore.
    21:17 … like *WHAT?!* As well as I know, that wasn’t even necessary in older times….. these are definitely mad and greedy times we live in now…..!
    21:53 Even more insane! In order for your car to go faster, all you need to do, is step on the gas….!
    Has gone completely mad and insane……! What people wouldn’t do to make more money

  23. I was thinking lately how much influance on Jingles has how good Wot and WoWs is. I mean it feels that Jingles had his prime on Youtube when Wot was still Ok and Wows was new and they were actually making mostly good decisions then. Ever since wows and wot went to shit it feels like Jingles was also affected. I do not mean that Jingles makes worse videos hes still getting better. It just feels like most salt miners have deserted the mines. Or im just talking out of my ass here and am completely wrong.

  24. Ah, Gnome Overlord sir…. um, we don’t ever talk about that last Mass Effect title

  25. I do not understand the Andromeda hate. No, it wasn’t legendary like the original games but the setting, story, and gameplay were pretty good. It’s a game worth playing through at least once.

  26. How does YouTube handle multiple copyright claims? You could make a claim on every video you post. Beat them to the punch

  27. So, about those copyright claim issues… It’s not just YouTube.
    Twitch was hit with their own copyright claim issues a few months ago. This issue mostly arose after many creators turned their streams into reaction streams – them just reacting (ok, not really reacting. Just stick an PNG of them in front of the screen) to various TV shows, or videos other people have made. Their email they sent me was hilarious:
    ‘Most of these copyright claims are on archived VODs, previously recorded. To avoid these claims, we recommend turning off VODs, and deleting previous clips that may contain copyrighted material.’
    Not ‘don’t stream copyrighted material’. Twitch straight told us ‘just don’t get caught, ok?’
    Yeah, instead I pay a monthly subscription to license everything from the Monstercat music label. I only ever had one issue of copyright from them, and they’ve got this handy form to quickly fill out to remove the claim – and it was gone within minutes.

  28. maybe its just me, but Andromeda was the best in the series. the only weakspot as far as im concerned was the design of the friendly and enemy aliens, other than that it was amazing from start to finish.

  29. Howdy Jingles, I do hope you will swiftly recover from your man flu. However, I can also not help but wonder if perhaps it is time again for some Why U Heff To Be Mad? It’s been a while, and they are entertaining every once in a while 🙂 Cheers!

  30. sorry Jingles but could you please shut up and stop giving nvidia ideas no offense to you

  31. Automotive paywalls, what’s next, pay so your vehicle will start? You are just so full of good news Jingles. LAWSUIT TIME!

  32. Ho, ho, ho. Happy Cyber Monday Jingles!

  33. I bet it’s the damn bots doing the copyright claims, almost every time I leave a comment I get a reply informing me that I’ve selected from the shortlist for a new PC or something stupid like that, I report every one of em but apparently YT doesn’t give a damn though because it’s all the time a content creator will post a short or in the community post to not reply to the comments,so evidently YT hasn’t been able to put a stop to it

  34. RE: Refund policy and steam – you can return a game in EA at any point in time, no matter how many hours you played. But you can play only for 2 hours after it was fully released…
    RE: Mass Effect: I would argue, that ME: A was actually pretty ok after all the patches were done. It badly needed the DLCs that never came to resolve the story and I certainly do agree that they could have used at least 6 months of development (if not more)… but it wasnt AS BAD as people claim – it just could never stand to the hyped up dream of what it was supposed to be.
    RE: Mercedes dlc: Welcome to the future, there will be more than enough of idiots that will pay for it. If everything else fails, they will simply buy a few celebrities to promote this stupidity.. And yes, it will sell – you can see it by the amount of people buying pre-orders, paying for nonsensical overpriced DLCs, etc..

  35. ehm… being lonely as of late mr Jingles… I mean Sir TouchMe?

  36. Who ever is doing these compwright claims needs to take the carrot out of their monkey trumpet and do their own damn work!!


  38. Get crappy again soon! Good Bettering!

  39. Rusty Sherriff’s Badge is becoming the Sooper-Sekret catch-phrase.

  40. i enjoy every minute of mass effect 3, but i cant even play Andromeda for 2 hours, lets just say i have no hope for ME4

  41. “Would you like to raise the air quality levels in your enrichment cube today? $9.95”

    Jingles you need a midi keyboard to let the cats walk across then ask on Fiver for musicians to do something nice with it for five bucks. That way the cats legally hold the copyright, like that “monkey that won a lawsuit because it was the one that pushed the button”, srsly eh. But then the cats might hold you to task if their affection(or wet food) level drops too far, heh heh.


  42. 22:00 Kyocera already does that, with their Taskalfa mid-range systems. You have to pay for me to go and get a certain security number from a certain website if you want the machine to print 36 pages per minute, otherwise it remains at 26. That one machine is both models, meaning two different toner cartridges for the same model, the only difference being a single product key. Sharp do this too, but it’s more like lesser things such as permitting Postscript than actually choosing what model the machine is.

  43. Purple Passion Castle and Rusty Sherriff Star? I am on to you, Jingles.

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