Mingles with Jingles Episode 458

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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  1. im just waiting for the activision MS merger to go through then i will play diablo 4 on gamepass

  2. Shit like what they do with Diablo 4 (as the representative for the modern game) is exactly why I haven’t bought a new game at release in almost a decade. I also have no pity for anyone spending those ridiculous amounts of money, but then still moaning about how expensive it is and/or how much unneccesary stuff comes with the game. I don’t mind waiting a year (or more) and pick up the game for half the price or less (or not at all). Sadly, many people don’t seem to have the patience or discipline or whatever you want to call it to actually tell publishers off in the only way they understand: with not spending money. If this reads like a bit of a rant, that is exactly what it is. Have a good one, everyone!

  3. Of course you can have Boo in the new Baldur’s gate game, Jingles. Just pay for the DLC. You know how it goes.

  4. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    Hey Jingles, did Rita show you Way of the Woods? You play as a Deer which comes out i think in March 2023

  5. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    might be picking up Cult of the Lamb in near future. Is Audience the reason you haven’t put more videos up or another reason?

  6. Dear overlord. I am surprised you did not mention Armored Core 6.

  7. When Jingles said “however” after saying that Diablo 4 is good I automatically and correctly said “Blizzard” XD

  8. What a shame that the era of good warhammer games came hand in hand with the era of unacceptable GW bullshittery. Well, it seems like the Boycott GW movement can easily be ended with a few good Warhammer titles.

  9. Auturgic Flosculator

    I get the impression that Diablo 4 is gonna be a World of Warcraft sorta thing. Kind of like what Blizzard North wanted to make Diablo 3 before Blizzard axed it. Could be neat. Sounds like it might just be another cartoony MMO. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it doesn’t suck.

  10. Self-replicating whatnot

    Battle pass in Diablo 4? So that one is a skip, too. I am not surprised btw, just disappointed.

  11. what game is playing in the background?? thanks

  12. Whoa, that Minsk news is enormous! As long as he’s voiced by the eternally brilliant Jim Cummings as he was in the original BG series- anything else and the world will rise up in armed revolt at that indignity! Wherever Minsk is- Boo is closeby; to have Minsk without Boo is to have day and no night. Played a lot of BG3 and broadly speaking like it a lot, but the level 4 cap drives me wild- looking forward to the full release immensely even if I have to do levels 1-4 yet again…. *sigh*

  13. The worst thing of the “Phantom Menace” was “Roger Roger”.
    Diablo 4: depends not only on the money, but if i need a phone number to play it.

  14. Good to see the companions get in the way of your firing like in any other game, which can be VERY frustrating. Love your videos.

  15. have good way-vacy

  16. Oh Jingles, again knows nothing.

  17. Brynjard Øvergård

    Star Wars_ Good games, but a bit smelly considering where they got pulled out from 🙂

  18. This probably the new Minsc who was resurrected by wild-magic turning a statue to flesh.

  19. Panzer O’ The Lake

    The funny thing about cyberpunk 2077 was that I completed it several times over on my ancient rx580 and it still ran fine with high graphics

  20. Stray was wonderful. I miss your play throughs.

  21. 8:30

    They also shouldn’t get a pass for advertising a game they didn’t deliver. What Cyberpunk 2077 is is a good game, don’t get me wrong, but it just is not what was promised or advertised. Misleading advertising should NEVER be forgiven.

    inb4 some fanboys claim “WIP” absolves CDPR of false advertising despite the fact that they only only permitted promotional material to be used during the review embargo prior to release. They knew what they were doing.

  22. My only hope with Diablo 4 is that it doesn’t launch with the same broken Marketplace feature that appeared in Diablo 3. Who am I kidding it’s Blizzard and Activision running this.

  23. I piad $5 AUD for Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition on steam. 670 hours played. I bought the Fallout 4 Limited Edition + Season Pass for about $150 AUD (I think). 1200 hours played. I paid full price for Skyrim and each of it’s 3 DLCs. ~3000 hours played.

    I do not mind paying full price for AAA games if my hours sunk into them look like this.

  24. blizzard can sell a diablo logo shaped dog shit and people would still buy it

  25. Jingles question with Nord pass, what if you have multiple emails? And multiple phone numbers? Multiple addresses? Do you need to have multiple accounts because that could add up pretty quickly. Just curious thinking about signing up but I don’t want to have to track two or three or four different sets of information. Clarification if you would appreciate it.

    • I don’t see why not. It stores your logins regardless of what emails are associated with them. I’m sure they’ll have a FAQ that will answer that question if you still have any doubts, though.

  26. Jingles, thinking about getting a new gaming laptop, I’ve narrowed it down to the ASUS Strix Scar17, or the MSI GT77, curious if it was you and you had to buy one or the other which one would you pick?

  27. I really love watching your videos and Mingles with Jingles, but I skipped all MwJ videos where you use this Alien whatever on the background, because that game it gets on my nerves really bad. Is like a misophonia reaction, but at images. That game is so f-ing mind numbingly boring, it makes me want to gauge my eyes out or to break the TV with a chair. I didn’t want to post this comment for a long time because I kept hoping you will stop using that game on the background of MwJ and I didn’t want to make a big case from this, but you are still using that game and I keep missing MwJ videos, because I can’t watch them. 🙁 I am really sorry for this comment, because I might be the only one with this crazy problem, but I just want to watch your videos.
    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and Rita and your fluffy babies. 🙂

  28. Eh it’s a good time for warhammer games but saddly it’s a bit of a smoke screen, games workshop is still being greedy shift gits.

  29. Freedan48 Blackstar

    Ah magic is great and all. But now Minsk leads, SWORDS for everyone.

  30. Lord of the Noobies

    2 week Xmas break… mwahahaha… that was the best one, I heard in a while… might have been the best since LAST year’s PSA about a break…

  31. Anybody else wake up every Sunday, turn on YouTube and look for a second only to remember, “Shit, it’s Sunday. No Jingles.”

  32. You’re OK Jingles, beta has an e in it so it’s beeta

  33. Hope everyone here will have a nice Christmas break! 🙂

  34. Yay for Stray!

    It was a lovely game to watch during your videos.

  35. Star Wars the Old Republic was good in my opinion until all the loot boxes and shit

  36. mynameiswritinwater

    the Adeptus Mechanicus game actually called MECHANICUS ? ok that must have been really… if not fiendishly hard to remember….
    (ah I see 13 extra shifts in the saltmines over christmas…. yes oh evil gnomish overlord )

  37. I absolutely loved watching you play Cult of the lamb…that game looked fantastic.

  38. I’m kinda anxious about Armored Core 6!

  39. “Two Week Christmas Break”…
    Looking forward to the mid-break videos Jingles 😉

  40. In the defense of the $70 price point for games, the $60 price point became standard around 2005 (or close enough). In the nearly 18 years since then, there has been roughly 50% inflation, meaning that same game would have cost $90 today. Now, the game market has changed in that time, most importantly there are a lot more people buying games now. Additionally, there are more tools available to speed up development, but on the flip side, expectations are higher as well. With all that in mind, increasing the price to $70 in conjunction with the increased rendering capabilities of modern consoles and graphics cards isn’t unreasonable.

  41. im so old i remember going pail when asked to pay 30 Pound for my games, and 4.99 years before that when they were on tape cassette (see i told ya ) XD

  42. Jingles! What the heck happened to Armored Core VI?

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