Mingles with Jingles Episode 460

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Happy New Year! 2023 couldn't possibly be as bad as 2022. Then again, said that about 2022 this last year…


  1. Basag Productions

    Jingles, Happy New Year! Im one of your viewers here in the Philippines, been watching like 10+ years ago. Our secondary language is English. As I understand, most viewers of yours from Philippines are World of Tanks and Warships fans, those games are quite big here in the Philippines. That is how I discovered your channel in the first place, through World of Tanks, your IS-7 review to your hatred on the M3-Lee. Stopped playing WoT and WoW. Stayed watching because of your humor.

  2. Happy New Year Jingles.

  3. Can it possibly be worse than 2022?
    2023 responds with “Hold my beer and watch this!!!”

  4. Hail from Brazil, Jingles!

  5. Cheers from Brisbane Jingles. HONK

  6. Oh the notification bell do something alright: It causes your already overly pestered by push notifications mobile device to be pestered with more push notifications about uploads. And that is NOT what you want to have happen. Push notifications should be for something important, something you need to be made acutely aware off, and potentially deal with immediately.

    My favorite youtubers uploading videos is not such a thing, so I very intentionally DO NOT hit the notification bell. Instead, whenever I have the leisure time, I go to /feed/subscriptions and browse recent uploads from my subscribed chanels. I may or may not then watch some or all of them depending on whether they peak my interest. It is a MYTH that you need to hit the notification bell for videos from your subscribed channels to show up in /feed/subscriptions.

    The confusion arrises because people expect uploads from their subscribed channels to appear on the youtube *front page*, like it did in ye olden days. But subscribing and notifications have no impact on what appears on the front page whatsoever. The only thing that appears there is what the almighty youtube algorithm deems most likely you want to click on that that particular moment in time. This may include subscribed channels, but most often not. So people, bookmark /feed/subscriptions if you want to see what your subscribed channels have uploaded.

  7. Happy New Year everyone and looking forward too lots of time wasted on Jinglesian/Jinglian? videos.

  8. Happy New Year Jingles!

  9. With all this retrospective, I need to thank you because I won a game of trivial pursuit thanks to your South Africa MS Flight Sim!

  10. many of us in asia using vpn/dns and Singapore in most case is the default/optimal gateway.

  11. Mingles with Jingles never fails to entertain me and put a smile on my face. These little episodes or podcasts are much appreciated, so thank you, Jingles!

  12. Happy New Year from one of your old and decrepit viewers (late 60’s). With all the anti-aging research that is going on right now we duffers may be here for a very long time.

  13. The world is in a recession because of corporate greed, Jingles. Not Russia and Ukraine.

  14. 2023: Same shit, new wrapping ^^

  15. Thank you for my monthly reminder to watch the KV2 show again, Jingles. Love from NZ.

  16. All the best to you and the gang for the New Year Jingles.

  17. You know Jingles, if you did start following a certain trend, your views would skyrocket! We need more cat videos! GIVE US MORE AKIZUKI!

  18. I smiled when you mentioned USA having 250mil population. It’s actually almost 100 more at 331mil. I smiled because for years I had the number 250 too, mostly because I heard it some times in the late 80s or early 90s and it stuck with me as “the number”.
    Happy new year Jingles.

  19. Happy new year to you ,Rita, Eddie, and the cats!

  20. Not 250 million, the USA has a population of something like 330 million.

  21. I dont think youtube know how youtube works.

  22. As a 19 year old who subscribed to Jingles in 2015, I have been 18 for many years now

  23. Correction: There is a quite a lot of Filipinos who speak English, since it was a US colony. Yes, it was also a Spanish colony before that, but America made damn sure they knew English. Also, there isn’t too many US servicemen actually stationed in the Philippines ever since Clark AFB ate the full force of Mount Pinatubo and Subic Bay closed down, but there’s a surprisingly large number of Filipinos serving in the US military.

  24. Actually jingles, the Philippines has english as one of the official languages and its the only language that’s officially used in highschools. Also I live there and I watch (almost) all your videos, did not hit the notification button (I hate notification overload on my mobile device) and watch them all through my subscriptions feed.

  25. Aleksander Domański

    Jingles: Philipines are former US “colony”. And then for some time close US ally. So no wonder that they are english speakers.

  26. I’m still here 2023 baby. Just started month 44 after doc said 18.

  27. Brynjard Øvergård

    At least we’re still a long way of singing “Things Can Only Get Better” 😛

  28. At 20.22, actually Jingles! boobies are originally supposed to be for young kids… I show me self out. No need for the shotgun.

  29. We’ve had a lot of crap these past few years, good to hear you talk about it. I’m an 8 percenter I guess.

  30. According to Deloitte insights, the average price of goods in the United States has gone up by 14% between 2021-2022.
    According to the Department of Labor Statistics, the average wage in the United states has gone up by… 5%.
    Wheres that 9% gap going?
    Theres many theories, but my personal pick is ‘oligopolies’.
    Have fun with that rabbit hole!

  31. Jingles i do not have notifications on any youtube page. I actively go check the chanels that i want to see.

  32. Hey, wona watch me tempt fate? CAN tHiS yEaR gEt Any WoRsE!? !?! ? ! ?

  33. I’m 13 as far as Maturity does that count. I will be hanging about for a bit longer you just keep my morning on track and we are good.

  34. Personally, I hate hitting the notification bell. I know if I want quality jingles time, I know where to go 🙂

  35. Yeah, this year you were crap at being crap.

  36. Jeeeuj, Netherlands made the list.

  37. Don’t jinx-curse it… it can always get worse, Jingles. We just don’t know it in advance
    I do get notifications of videos when they’re made, but it’s not all videos I bother watching. The “Mingles…” videos are important to me. At times I could also watch a tanks video in one way or another, but I have decided to give World of Tanks a solid break, for the last few months. It’s not fun being waved at your nose with something you can get, if you’re playing, and then when you’re playing, you get nada out of it. What’s the point then?
    (*call for pappy’s attention, while he’s working*) 😀
    Well for some people, it’s just the shell aging, while the core on the inside haven’t matured one bit since their childhood….

  38. Happy New Year Jingles, thanks for helping make 2022 that little bit more bearable 🙂

  39. 14:38 Born in South Africa with English as my 1st language but currently living in the Czech Republic. Am subscribed and have watched almost every video published last year. 🙂

  40. Vinicius Martinelli

    i watch your videos for 11 years now. I it is just part of my day by now. I can’t believe Akizuki already has 4 years!!!

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