Mingles with Jingles Episode 461

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Source: The Mighty

Another week, another few examples of being completely terrible. Except this time their ineptitude is costing honest creators thousands of dollars per month.


  1. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    that short smile you get when a youtuber mentions they’re watching a youtuber you also watch.

  2. the copyright claim system on Youtube has one and only purpose: To implement the DMCA safe harbor provision for Youtube. Nothing more, nothing less. It has nothing to do with enforcing copyright.

  3. I thought the <=7 second sound bite was cleared Copyright claim

  4. Would this work?
    Set up your own fake content management company.
    Make claims against all of your own content.
    Dispute it, and then wait 30 days…

  5. I’m surprised Jinges sis not talk about the Rimmy and RT game debacle with youTube as well. The myriad ways YT is broken.

  6. the Uncaged Kitty was just to Wild for Youtube imagine what mess it can do

  7. If Youtube actually gave a damn, they would implement a system that would allow creators to upload and have a repository of proof of content they have authorization to use which gets checked when a copyright claim is made. If the claim is shown to be spurious, it gets closed immediately. Not a perfect system, but one that’s damn better than the current.

  8. Ebayuk are exactly the same

  9. Regulus Forrester

    So how about a class action lawsuit against Youtube for assisting in copyright fraud?

  10. Same thing happened to mumbo jumbo he had to go through all his back catalogue and remove the intro music from all his videos

  11. YouTubers could unionise

  12. @21:35 The World of Tank map making a sad face about Youtube broken copyright system

  13. Sony became wankers since they launched music publishing business. WANKERS

  14. The YouTube dispute process is a Nigerian prince scam where your email automatically replies with your credit card details

  15. Jingles the last manual review of “Uncaged Kitty”, was done by a Frenchman employed by YouTube to review all English content providers. With the push of a key in some dark cubicle filled with empty bottles of wine, your integrity with YouTube went overboard with the chum bucket.

  16. Youtube not big on free speech

  17. All the creators need to stop saying “Venture” and start saying “Sony” when they talk about the copyright trolls. Start labeling the actual perpetrators of the crime and publishing their names all across the internet.

  18. Could you literally charge them with theft? (Like, get the police or Interpol involved or something?)

  19. I wonder if there is a way to bring class action suits against these wrongfully claiming companies. Banding a group of YouTube channels together.

    Maybe it would have to be against YouTube itself because effectively they aren’t paying the channels for ad revenue they have rightly earned

  20. I think the only realistic way to beat these guys is to delist all of the old videos and start from scratch without the track that was causing problems , then they would be getting zero income .

  21. I have an idea. Every channel member creates a fake music company, and then copyright bombs every major ad or video on the platform, stealing the money from all the advertisers. Youtube doesn’t listen to creators… but they might listen to a horde of angry advertisers!

  22. Youtubes accuracy ratings are clearly calculated exactly how XCOM accuracy predictions are calculated. 99% chance to hit? Miss.

  23. So, no more Corgi Outro on Eck’s channel? That is sad, I really liked it. :'(

  24. Jingles, one could use the Russian method of dealing with those that go against the system. Windows, stairs, a “good cup of tea”, holiday mishaps. etc. The very same electronic intelligence gathering that is used to locate terrorists and other less-than-desirables, can be put into use to physically find the carbon units that are pocketing their ill gained fortunes.

  25. Erik Gudmann Hansen

    the mashine’s are comming

  26. I have an idea why your rating accuracy “might” be low now. Youtube changed its Advertiser Friendly content guidelines & inapropiate Language topic last month. Now they have started to check if videos meet the new guidelines. What might have happened is that your old videos dont follow the new guidelines and that they therefore came to the conclusion that you are bad at rating your own videos. RTGame made a video about youtubes policy change and related stuff yesterday.

  27. Probably a merican who reviewed the video with no sense of humour. Useless tube should have regional moderation.

  28. Jingles: “Not alot to talk about today.”

    *Me looks at timer*: 30:08

    Me: “Yeah, right.”

  29. I wonder what am I supposed to do to protect my original soundtracks if I want to upload them to youtube!?

  30. If I were escorts ladder I’d get a declatory judgment on it through his local federal court. Piss on spending shit loads of money on it. Here’s the dispute, here’s the evidence. The judge will make a judgment call on it and bam. Done deal. But he’s have to sue the company. Get a lyer “lawyer” to draw up some papers and then go do a declatory judgment. Will save tons of energy and you’ll get what you want. And then go accordingly to what the results are. And the beauty if it all… it’s not expensive to file in a court.

  31. Guilty untill proven innocent.

  32. The challenges you have as a content creator may get worse if the pending US court case goes against Google. Thats all about submitted content and a challenge on who is accountable for it and the YouTube end user recomendation algorithm. Fingers crossed for you and the end user this case doesnt impact us all too much.

  33. Youtube is shit, what do you want its an american company. Sony music is shit as well.

  34. With regards to your issue with the video “Uncaged Kitty” and your self-review accuracy being “low”, it is coinciding with a completely absurd change in YouTube’s policy that is retroactively flagging videos from years back as not suitable for advertisers. And because it’s YouTube being YouTube, they’re retroactively flagging videos from years back that are completely benign as not suitable for advertisers.

    YouTuber RTGame has been having this exact issue, and every time he has dared to appeal, he has been hit with an instant denial (without anyone checking the video properly, with rumor going around that the “manual review” is being processed by a bot instead of a human being) ON TOP of more videos being flagged as unsuitable for advertisers. It’s a number of mind bogglingly stupid decisions on YouTube’s part that have all combined into what might be the biggest PR clusterfuck this website has had since the COPPA scandal. Independent journalist and voice actor YongYea published a video on this problem just recently.

  35. Wow, the System Shock remake is almost here!? I thought it’d never arrive. I joined the kickstarter seven years ago.

  36. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time….

  37. Jingles you really need 5o review Horizon Forbidden West. Don’t wait for it to come out on PC please

  38. Until this activity hits YT in the pocket it simply isn’t worth it for them to do anything, they’re laughing all the way to the bank no matter who wins. Now if it were to be proven that they, through their broken system, were actively conspiring to commit fraud on a massive scale against say the US government as the money is going overseas rather than being taxed, then something might happen. I mean, still a joke as they’re a huge corporation, they don’t pay taxes. It’s a nice thought though…

  39. Be careful, seems like creators that bring attention to problems get a bunch of restrictions.

  40. Good show Jingles as per usual. YouTube has turned to crap. I remember back in 2007 how exciting it was. Now with exponentially greater volume they stick their fingers in the eyes of those who paved the way to their success. SHAME.

  41. im starting to be at the point that burn it all

  42. Why not set up a second account and dispute your own videos a second after you have uploaded them.

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